One of our bucket list items in Japan was
to spend a night in a capsule hotel.
So before leaving Tokyo we booked a night
at 9 hours.
A futuristic capsule hotel that pretty much
looks like a spaceship.
This pod hotel is located by Shin-Okubo station
right in the heart of Korea Town and in this
video we’re going to share the whole experience
with you guys.
So we are just waiting for the elevator now.
The reception is surprisingly on the 8th floor
not the first.
The eight.
So up we go.
The check-in process was simple and straight
We were each given a card with a qr code which
would act as our key for the duration of our
We checked out the views of our neighborhood
and also learned that the capsules for men
and women are on separate floors.
So this is the part where Sam and I have to
go our separate ways.
Different floors.
Different floors for men and women.
So I’m on the 6th floor and I’m on the 4th.
And yeah I guess we’ll each take our own camera
and show you are own experience.
And we’ll meet back here in a bit.
I went up to the 6th floor to find my locker
and store my belongings.
All of the lockers have an overnight kit to
make each guest stay at the capsule hotel
a little more comfortable.
A look inside the bag coming up soon.
I also discovered that my suitcase was a little
too plump for my locker so some pushing and
prodding ensued.
So yeah I was able to finally squeeze in the
main suitcase.
I feel like these lockers aren’t designed
for square rectangular bags.
And inside I had this little bag already waiting
for me.
It looks like we have a towel, some slippers
and PJs.
So we’re going to take a closer look and see
what we actually got in this bag.
It looks like we have slippers with the 9
hours logo.
We have a towel.
We’ve got some pajamas to put on.
This is going to be fun.
And what else is there?
What else is there?
Oh okay toothpaste.
All set.
That is our kit for spending the night at
a capsule hotel.
So yeah let’s actually go check out my capsule.
So before going into the dorm with all of
the capsules we have to take off our shoes
and put on slippers.
So I’m all set.
The Spaceship.
Even though it was the middle of the afternoon
I was ready to explore my pod.
First up a little stretch test to see just
how much space there is in one of these capsules.
Stretch Test.
Not bad.
Not bad.
I definitely didn’t feel claustrophobic in
there so that is a good start.
So here is the guy’s elevator.
In we go.
So on the 4th floor.
Fourth floor I go.
This is going to be such an experience.
Time to scan in.
So I’m just given this card and apparently
I just swipe it like this.
See if it works.
Open sesame.
Open sesame.
And inside here guys I’ve got some kind of
care package which I’ll show you fully in
a bit.
I have hangers.
I have storage space down here for my bag.
And I have a spot for my shoes.
Up here.
Guys I’m not sure if my bag is going to fit.
I’ve tried once but couldn’t quite get it
in there.
So I’ll try to unpack a bit and see if I can
jam it in.
I had to put it in upside down.
It is time for me to get out of this and into
official capsule hotel wardrobe.
So apparently I go to the 7th floor to change.
Bathroom Tour.
And here is the shower room.
Let’s check it out.
Oh wow.
Look at that.
So a quick tour in here guys.
My care pack of course.
I’ve got my tripod which I hope to get some
shots from.
My slippers which I’ve yet to put on.
My gear.
My hotel capsule gear and last but not least
the shower.
Oh check that out different kinds of soaps
and shampoos.
That is pretty cool conditioner.
Another conditioner.
That is a shampoo.
And to adjust the water pressure and heat.
Let’s get changed.
Check it out a little short in the arms and
on the legs.
Look at that.
It’ll do though.
It’ll do.
Time to check out the sleep pod.
So here is my pod 436.
Look at that.
So before I go in I’m going to give you a
walking tour.
Look at this.
These are the different room numbers and you
have lower level and upper level.
This is crazy.
Check out this guys.
Stretch Test 2.0.
Alright guys so we are all checked in to the
capsule hotel.
We’ve had a snoop around.
Um but it is like whisper quiet.
I almost feel like we can’t even speak.
Basically everywhere there is signs to be
So we’re in Koreatown we’ve decided to go
out for Korean food for dinner.
So yeah we’re going to tell you a bit more
about what we’ve seen and experienced over
Two kinds of cheeses guys.
Well it looks like we are ready to eat.
We sure are.
We ordered the exact same dish we had last
time we were in Korea Town.
Because it is so good.
So we’re having Cheese Deok Galbi.That seems
to be the Korean specialty in this neighborhood.
Featured at most restaurants.
So yeah it is basically like a spicy chicken
with lots of ooey gooey melted cheese and
rice cakes.
And some veggies.
We have two kinds of melted cheese here.
We’ve got mozzarella and cheddar.
Show us how big that cheese stretches.
Look at that.
Look at that.
But anyways this is not going to be a food
video today.
We actually want to talk about the capsule
hotel where we are staying.
And share some of our impressions so far.
So yeah first things first.
It is so quiet and there is already people
sleeping in there in the middle of the afternoon.
Like we checked in at one o’clock.
And I went straight to my little capsule and
some of the doors were already closed.
Like people were in there.
So my first impressions were when I stepped
into the sleeping quarters the actual capsule
area I felt like I was on a rocketship.
A futuristic rocketship.
Like those were the sleeping quarters on my
And the other thing that really surprised
me too was I thought that the actual capsules
would be smaller than what they were.
Like I fit in fairly well.
And I could sit up and like you know kind
of move around a little bit.
Put my arms out like this.
And so that really surprised me.
I thought it was going to be bit more like
a coffin.
Oh my gosh.
Do you know what I mean.
Sounds horrible.
Yeah but so it was a bit more spacious than
I thought.
I have no idea what it is going to be like
to sleep there overnight.
If it is going to be noisy or quiet or what.
And the other thing that I wanted to mention
as well is that I’ve seen a few capsule hotels
that have a lot of amenities in the capsule
Kind of like TVs, radio, headphones.
Yeah kind of like a sauna and a spa area as
Bathing areas.
Yeah like some of them have fancy spas.
I’m being a little loud in this restaurant
aren’t I?
Um but anyways this one is quite basic.
So you basically just have like a little shelf
where you can rest your phone.
And they have a USB port where you can charge
your phone.
But aside from that there isn’t a whole lot
inside the capsule-like you have your duvet,
you have your pillow.
And that is about it.
But it seems comfy enough.
I can stretch out.
So yeah the test will be how well do we sleep
tonight but I’m excited.
I’m looking forward to it.
Okay so we are back at the capsule hotel.
Once again my plan is to actually crawl into
the pajamas they gave us and maybe do a bit
of work on my computer.
I’m crawling into the pajamas and I’m going
to take a nap.
I got up at 5am to feed cats this morning
so I’m pretty tired.
Sam has been feeding stray cats.
Local stray cat feeder.
The Lounge.
After dinner we went back to the 8th floor
which aside from the reception also holds
a lounge area.
This is a communal area with seating space,
a big shared table and individual workstations
where you can plug-in and charge your electronics.
We spent a bit of time here until it was time
to go to bed on our separate floors.
It is now finally time for bed.
I went to the 6th floor.
Sam went to the 4th.
And by the looks of it someone was still pretty
amazed by the size of their capsule.
Good Morning.
What the?
So if this place wasn’t cool enough they have
a toilet that greats you.
As far as the experience of staying in the
capsule hotel here in Tokyo, Japan has even
exceeded my expectations.
It has just been it has been surreal really.
The showers were also pretty nice.
They had individual stalls complete with body
wash, shampoo and hair conditioner so you
didn’t have to worry about pulling out your
And there were also enough stalls that you
didn’t even have to think about standing in
line waiting for a shower to free up.
And this is where you dispose of your slippers
when your stay is over.
And other garbage too.
Checking out.
It is time to check out and why yes we are
wearing the same clothes we had on yesterday
because it is going to be a sweaty travel
Let’s go down.
And just like that our stay at the Nine Hours
Tokyo Capsule Hotel was over.
Okay so it is time for final thoughts on our
first and only capsule hotel experience.
What did you think?
How was your night?
Yeah because we were sleeping in different
I had a great sleep.
I went to be about 11 pm woke up at five and
I slept continuously.
I do have to say when I woke up I was noticing
What kind of sounds?
Some gas.
Some farting.
A little bit of coughing.
And so yeah it kind of has that dorm kind
of atmosphere.
It does.
So there wasn’t any coughing or farting on
my dorm but like there were lots of girls
on their phones right before going to bed.
So like you could hear them chatting in different
You know like goodnight blah blah blah.
So yeah it did take me a while to fall asleep
just because when everyone is getting settled
into their bunks it kind of like makes yours
shift and shake a little.
Um and you hear all of the sounds.
Argh but yeah I did sleep well.
I slept all the way through until seven thirty
in the morning when Sam texted me like where
are you?
I was up much earlier than you.
Overall I would recommend staying in a capsule
hotel but I think just for one night.
I don’t think you’d want to be in there for
multiple nights.
I would agree.
I would want to experience it once here in
Japan but I don’t need to sleep in a capsule
for a week or a month.
Like no way.
Yeah, exactly.
Book a hotel or an apartment or something
So yeah that is it for now we’ll see you guys
in the next video.


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