Tiverton Casino Hotel opens to public

IT WAS A BIG DAY IN TIVERTON… AS THE NEW TIVERTON CASINO HOTEL OPENED TO THE PUBLIC! EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER JULIANNE LIMA WAS THERE WHEN THE DOORS OFFICIALLY OPENED. SHE JOINS US NOW WITH THE STORY… FROM THE EAST BAY MOBILE NEWSROOM. THE CASINO OFFICIALLY OPENED FOR BUSINESS AT 10 O’CLOCK THIS MORNING. BUT HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WERE LINED UP OUTSIDE WELL BEFORE THAT… WAITING TO BE THE FIRST TO CHECK OUT THE NEW FACILITY! WITH CHEERS AND EXCITEMENT…. THE VERY FIRST GUESTS MADE THEIR WAY INSIDE THE BRAND NEW TIVERTON CASINO HOTEL. “Win big!” BAMBI GABRIEL ARRIVED AT 5 A-M SATURDAY! “I was excited until they told me I couldn’t come in until 10! haha” “Instead of me driving alllll the way home, I just sat in the parking lot and put all my lucky jewelry on ahahahah!” SHE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST TO TRY OUT THE ONE THOUSAND SLOT MACHINES… 32 TABLE GAMES… AND MORE. “It’s gonna bring a lot of jobs a lot of revenue into the town of Tiverton, I think it’s great.” “Instead of going to Lincoln rhode island, I come over the bridge, 10, 12 minutes I’m here.” A NEW BUSINESS — THAT MANY EXPECT WILL HELP EXISTING ESTABLISHMENTS. “I think it will be good for everyone.” RENEE BLAKE IS A LIFELONG TIVERTON RESIDENT…. AND THE MANAGER AT COUNTRY KITCHEN. “I think it will do wonders for the business here there is no breakfast going into the casino so we’re literally across the street so I think that will do wonders for us.” “I think it will help I mean with the taxes and everything, I think it’s going to benefit the town.” WHILE SOME WERE CONCERNED ABOUT A POTENTIAL INCREASE IN CRIME AND TRAFFIC THAT THE NEW CASINO COULD BRING… THE GENERAL OPINION ON OPENING DAY WAS POSITIVE. “There might be a little bit of a traffic problem because I think this roundabout is a little too small, but other than that no, I think it’s great I think it’s real good, yes.” 550 PEOPLE WILL WORK HERE AT THE TIVERTON CASINO HOTEL… AND THAT INCLUDES NEARLY EVERY EMPLOYEE FROM THE NOW CLOSED NEWPORT GRAND CASINO. REPORTING IN TIVERTON I’M JULIANNE LIMA, EYEWITNESS NEWS.

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