The World Series of Poker Main Event Day 4

let’s talk about something that you
won’t see on a Andrew Neeme vlog or in any poker book really I call it the anti
sweat for instance if you’re in the tournament and there’s one good player
and a bunch of recreational whenever the good players in a pot instinctly you
want to anti sweat them you’re gonna root against them deep down so you can
be surrounded by more recreational players that’s going to be more
profitable for you in a cash game it’s the same thing you
want to root against top pros and route for the recreational players so they’ll
have a better time and they’re more likely to give you their money in the
future predatory but keep in mind the anti root
is a fun thing to do in moderation if you get too emotionally invested in the
anti root it can really hurt your game if you’re constantly rooting against the
other Pro at your table and he just keeps crushing it will bring you down if
all the top pros are losing and the recreational ZAR winning that can really
boost your spirits and make the game better for everybody the anti brute is
most prevalent at final tables you’ll notice that if a short stacks all-in
they might not say it out loud but deep down everybody is rooting for them to
lose they want them to lose because there’s a big pay jump guaranteed money
on the line and you’re one person closer to winning the whole tournament of
course they all shake their hand and say good game when they do lose but deep
down they were rooting against you don’t get it twisted it’s okay to anti root
but just like anything in moderation anti root with me in the main event day
four I hope all the recreational is run good and all the top pros run bad let me
get that easy money it’s my time to shine
Dave for $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event we’re in the money
five hundred and eight thousand chips 8k big blind let’s do some damage the World
Series of Poker Main Event $10,000 buy-in day four we have just over
500,000 chips over 60 blinds Gus Hansen at the table bunch of other veteran
players tough table draw but we’re gonna make the best of it it’s our tournament
to win its time we worked harder than these guys
there is no deserve in poker but we deserve this shit let’s get it the main
events a very special tournament you get people from all walks of life to pony up
$10,000 to play a little poker the Brio does accommodate over 8,000 entrants in
this event over three days to do a good job of that of course there’s gonna be
problems along the way but I think everybody should play the main event at
least once in their life if they’re somewhat proficient in No Limit Hold’em
overall I’ve had pretty low hopes coming into this World Series main event old
414 down one hundred and forty thousand dollars lifetime it really hurts when
you’re it’s the one tournament you look forward to the most every year Johnny Marino busts on the very first
hand and one hand later we’re joined by Cliff Joseph he also known as Johnny
backs online legend poker x-factor backer extraordinary he’s on our
immediate left and of course to his left is the Great Dane Gus Hansen it’s gonna
be a great summer hopefully it’s a great summer for us over the next hour or so
very cordial table chatter good time had for all we tell stories and my friends
at had encounters with Johnny and of course Gus and we’re really hitting it
off but blinds at four thousand eight thousand Scott Blum Steen Schultz all in
for 84,000 the middle position I’m on the button with ace Queen of Spades
putting the flag call Johnny backs and Gus fold the blinds are up against East
nine the board comes King eight 8 deuce deuce for the chop pot everybody loves a
shot pot except me with blinds at four thousand eight thousand Asian male from
the middle position age twenty to fifty makes it 17 thousand ago I’m in the big
blind with Jack eight offsuit we defend the flop comes ace nine deuce rainbow
I checked to him and he bets thirteen thousand he’s gonna be doing this with
all of his range repping the dace one thing I learned recently from talking to
a few Asian guys at the table is they’re scared to death of the number four for
in Chinese sounds like death so they want to avoid it at all costs I’ve been
trying to implement this in my game betting an amount that ends in a four or
has multiple fours in it to get more folds this may sound crazy but I think
it’s gonna work if I want a call I’m gonna bet something like twenty eight
thousand or eighty eight thousand facing a bed of thirteen thousand the only
sizing I can choose is forty four thousand he thinks about it in puts in
the call we’re pretty much giving up unless we turn a straight draw the turn
is a seven we turn our gutter we’re wrapping strong and I bet eighty four
thousand a mix of both worlds this time let’s see if it works
he asked how much n I announced a Oh thousand goes deep into the tank and
folds I showed Johnny backs my Jackie we get a nice Bluff through after the hand
I tell Gus and Johnny about my theory with four or four and the eight eight
and they they they laugh and they think it makes a lot of sense and we now have
five hundred thousand chips a few orbits later I raised it up to
eighteen thousand at for eight thousand with Jack nine of hearts in middle
position Gus Hansen puts in the call and we’re heads up to a flop the flop comes
seven seven five two hearts a good flop for me I bet 20,000 and in Gus in under
one second it says I can’t resist and he makes at forty four thousand just
splashes it in there I’m kind of feeling this for weakness I think you would have
thought a little bit longer usually does like the chip dance and everything so
definitely a standard call here but I think we can take the initiative and
make it 94,000 just a 50k on top a huge sign of strength pretty rare to three
bet a flop at 775 unless we have specifically an overpair or the random
seven he eventually puts in the call he has us covered with about 500k behind
the turn is a six we could have eight nine we could have a
boat pocket fives pocket sixes it’s time to continue the story I don’t want to
check call and I sized up to 130,000 with Jack hi Gus goes deep into the tank
and he folds who take down a nice pot he asked to see one and we show them the
Jack of Hearts could be pocket jacks it could be a Jack of Hearts we’ll keep
him guessing feeling good office 600,000 chips in the World Series of Poker
$10,000 main event thank you ESPN camera crews there I might be on ESPN who knows there’s ward my keys thanks buddy I
appreciate it how’s it going – creeping up on subscribers you almost got as many
as me coming to my spot there’s dog I’m coming for his spot his youtube spot job
dog I’m coming for your YouTube spot I’m coming I don’t know if you know who I am
yeah what’s your spot
Jeff posting on YouTube okay I’m good at what I do and I have I love
doing it’s hard work yeah it’s still hard work videos it takes like 15 hours to do yeah
like five hours of filming in like an hour to editing it’s incredibly pretty
card dead I did pick up Queen Jack suited an off suit a couple times in
middle of late position I raise it up I got three bet once I got flatted by Ace
King and ace high flop came once so we lost both of those pots and were
chipping down to just under four hundred and fifty thousand at this point with
blinds at a 5k 10k action folds to the button a French kid that looks like
stealth monk makes it 22 thousand ago I’m in the big blind with King ten King
of Hearts ten of spades I could three bet but I think it’s fine
to defend putting the call and the flop comes ace eight seven three hearts good
flop for us we got the nut flush draw check to him he bets 20k and calls fine
but let’s take the aggressive route we can repin utt flush we can we can wrap
some two pair of combos we got the nut flush blocker he cannot have it so let’s
put on max pressure I make it fifty five thousand and he puts in the call the
turn is a five of diamonds time to continue the story I don’t want to check
call hopefully we can get a fold here I sized up to 110,000 putting the pressure
on putting all of his a sax combos in a bad spot he eventually puts in the call
let’s hit a hard on the river the river is a deuce of clubs I have about 260,000
behind we got to continue with our story could check and give up but this time I
feel like going for it I don’t wager all my chips I wager just
to clean 200,000 chips big Bluff in the main event
in order to live you have to be willing to die he thinks about it for about 2
seconds and throws in one chip which tilts me because it’s a call and the
stupid one chip call we show our king hi and he shows us ace of diamonds 5 of
Hearts turn to pair pretty bad run out maybe he would have folded if he didn’t
have two pair in reality he’s not beating any of my value hands just naked
King of Hearts probably a bad call for him long term but Congrats we now have
59 thousand ships 6 blinds in the World Series of Poker Main Event I had we get one shot through the blinds go
through us we go on break blinds are now six thousand twelve thousand I have
forty nine thousand action folds us in middle position I have nine ten of
diamonds a premium I make it three x two thirty six thousand there’s about six
hundred and eighty people remaining 666 is the two thousand dollar pay jumped
from 20,000 to 22,000 action folds to the same asian male in the big blind who
puts in the call the flop comes jack eight five good flop for us he checks
and we check behind we might have some fold equity on the turn the turn is a
five I believe he checks I bet twelve thousand and he puts in the
call the river is a nine we made a pair very good but he says all
in we have one one thousand shit behind a part of me wants to stall and hope for
the pay jump because I can just wait they don’t update the clock so I don’t
really know how close it is to the six six six mark sign of the devil I think
for 30 seconds and throwing the call he shows six seven I was ahead the whole
time and he hits a miracle river hello guys and I’m out of the World
Series of Poker $10,000 main event four days 33 hours of play 40 hours at the
Rio just over double my buying hundreds of messages from fans asking chip counts
updates endless questions barely any time to sleep and now I have to tell
every single person that I busted pretty tilting there’s a huge payout line and
the icing on the cake is is this line to the pet yeah cool just
in line for the payouts you know this is the line for payouts right oh sorry you
in line for the pants I’m going to do that to you people
oh that’s why boys trippin you people what the hell you mean you people just
beauty all the kidding he keep crazy face that’s directly yeah it’s so fun I
do I love this bit it’s my favorite bit come on I love it it’s fun for me that’s
all that matters no come on it’s fun for me that’s all that matters so it is nice to get the monkey off my
back get that just over min cash I know what it takes to get deep we’re here on
day four didn’t make it to day five but it’s a learning experience and it’s an
experience I’ll never forget shout out to the REO World Series of
Poker and all the crew behind the scenes doing great work see you guys next year
leaving the Rio safe and secure thanks to this fine gentlemen protect
yourself better safe than sorry preparedness is next to godliness we’re
not getting robbed today one hour wait in line to get paid our twenty thousand
two hundred dollars an hour out of the Rio possibly for good pretty devastated
pretty exhausted time heals all wounds but an Asian massage might heal my
wounds a little bit quicker let’s go to see see you eat foot spa one hour full-body massage $40 supposed
to $20 tip great value highly recommend it
I’ll give it a 9 out of 10

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