The World Series of Poker Main Event Day 1

poker X Factor in the house the original
og training site 1 for 15 this year
that’s all we’re asking just a min cash
we’ll start small
yeah our 150 to break even we got it the
World Series of Poker Main Event $10,000
buy-in of course we roll for 14 but
there is no history when it comes to a
singular multi-table tournament today is
our day a week long journey to greatness
we’re not here to memcache for here to
win millions we’re here to change lives
not only mine but others let’s play
tight aggressive not too many three bets
we’re gonna stick with a small ball
approach bag and tag around midnight the
World Series brings out all shapes and
sizes even recreational Cowboys giddyup
table 34 35 I’m 500 something all right
stay focused you got this man
see my local reg buddy John in the
hallway ask him what table he’s at and
507 seat 1 directly to Jeff’s left could
be a problem
currently 10 feet away from my table
gathering Intel I want to see how they
react without them seeing me and
possibly asking their friends Who I am
how I play stuff like that so we’re
gonna sit down at the very last second
give him a little surprise oh shit we
got keV man I got a question yes what’s
the question is this event re-entry no
no reentry this you’re stuck for some
reason dammit dammit alright thank you
thank you over 14 is pretty impressive
or hilarious depending on how you look
at it but I bet a guy an old school
online reg that has been equally crushed
in his World Series of Poker Main Event
dreams none other than Tony Gargano
listen I’m over 13 that quite as bad as
over 14 that’s one veteran Jeff Kowski
online tournament legend live tournament
legend the YouTube phenom so this year I
think it’s gonna happen from both of us
stuff one day at a time we got one day a
time that’s right
but blinds have 100-200 I’m under the
gun plus 1/8 handed make it 600 to go
big blind defense 30 year-old real
estate mogul X online player putting the
call on the big blind my pocket 6 is to
come just 5 4 3 great thought for sixes
good flop for the big blinds range also
each X and I bet 600 each ech raises in
2100 pretty easy call here were drawn to
the nuts we still have an overpair he
could be sent my bluffing with worse the
turns adduced a beautiful card and he
checks it to us I’m putting him on a set
or possibly a hand like ace deuce so
I’ve got 3300 and he puts in the call
the rivers a brick it’s a king he checks
to me and I want to target all of his a
sex combos and he might even hero with
this set so I bet 5700 and he puts in
the call and we win a nice pot we’re now
over 70,000
waiting in the bathroom line with Ben CB
welcome to America the bathroom lines
never end with blinds at 200 300 300
Vulgarian proa the tanks every decision
makes it 800 to go under the gun plus
one I’m in middle position with King
Jack of Clubs we put in the flat we’re
doing a specific no three bet policy on
day one of the main just like last year
where it’s great no three betting range
two more callers behind the flop comes
King ten six one Club action checks to
us should have the best hand here unless
someone at randomly has like king queen
king 10 or pocket sixes so I bet 1600
folds to the cutoff who thinks for quite
some time in puts in the raise 50 200 to
go action folds back to me is he bought
a burglary alert on us or alarm bells
going off what’s he rapid kington pocket
sixes we got a king queen jack on the
semi-bluff I eventually fold offer him a
dollar to show he says okay I give him a
dollar Annie shows 9 7 of spades nice
Bluff bro now I got a timing tell on you
do we go leave in the back and you can
go it’s pretty much all yours what do we
got the chicken it’s seven they’re
labeled by seat I got mo
with blinds at 200 400 400 I’m a middle
position with pocket queens
hello ladies that make it 1,000 ago but
calls we’re heads up to a flop the flop
comes eight eight seven two diamonds
good flop for us to see bet I bet 1000
any calls you can have a lot of small
pairs flush draws 910 Taipans the turn
is a queen we bow it up we’re not
worried about that shit anymore we hope
he has trips so I bet 3,000 building the
pot and he calls I hope he doesn’t have
quads the river is a queen
we got quads is this quads / quads got a
bet big so he can just rip it on us I
think he’s got about 40,000 behind
I bet 10,000 and you won’t believe what
he does he folds and I do not show my
why do you paid
with blinds at 200 400 400 middle
position makes it 1,000 I’m in the big
blind with 10 6 of diamonds easy to
defend flop comes 9 8 8 to diamonds
straight flush draw only at the main
event he bets 800 I make it 2500 we got
way more eights than him range vers
range but he does put in the call does
he have an over pair will we hit our
combo draw the turn is a King of
Diamonds now I know what you’re thinking
Boesky bet for value no I’m good on that
I’ll let him bet I check any bets big
4500 does he have a bigger flush is he
boated I don’t see any reason to check
raise we put in the call and the river
is a 9 double pairing the board on the
surface it seems like he could have a
full house but unlikely he’s gonna bet
an 8 on the turn or a 9 mainly flushes
and Bluffs so we check it to him and he
checks behind we show our 10 high flush
and he shows ace Jack of Diamonds flush
over flush didn’t lose too many chips
most ski let’s fucking go baby I raise
it up with pocket jacks and I get a
horrible feeling in my stomach and it
feels like I’m hallucinating but no it’s
just a seven magnitude earthquake we
should go in the doorways
shouldn’t beer
our eyes dealers hold up please
I was on 38 for two days ago man I’m
like holy crap
play stops and we go on an early dinner
break because of the earthquake play
will resume at 10 o’clock
boys sticky ones oh yeah he knows what
he’s doing he made a boat against Mike
and the three bet plan of no three
betting has gone out the window
found a good squeeze spot with ace-queen
got it through found a good cold for bet
spot with Queens couldn’t really flat
there took it down anyway now have about
75,000 chips
with blinds at 300 600 under the gun
plus one recreational player who’s happy
I brought a bottom Emil makes it 1,200
he definitely has an opening sizing tell
he likes to 5x Jack’s
4x ace queen men race is more
speculative holding so when it folds to
me on the button I got a taste for off
my three betting’s been almost 0% so
time to put it in the 3 bet on the
button with the ace block or I make it
4000 folds back around to him and he
puts in the call the flop comes ace
Queen 8 2 hearts
good flop for us he checks I bet 4000
any calls the turn is a king some
concern that he has king queen but I
think we can still go for value against
his flush draws and queen x combos Queen
Jack Queen 10 Kington King Jack so I bet
6000 and he calls the river is a queen
pairing the board and he leads out for
6000 he’s quick out of rhythm blocker
bets on the river had been weak in the
past a high percentage of the time he’s
just blocker betting with a sax also or
he could just be clicking a button with
a king so he put in the call and he
shows Queen Jack offsuit any scoops a
monster pot from us and we now have
40,000 chips one hour left in the day
no real hands of note for the last hour
of play perfidy lers once again and head
back through your table please
and we beg 37,200 chips
I don’t think they Iijima flush them not
very happy with that considering we
peaked around 85,000 pretty frustrating
day and no one busted from our table the
whole day on a solid play and the one
recreational ended a bag at over 120,000
for the chip lead at the table maybe
I’ll get a better table draw on day two
or we can just make the best of it
however the dice are rolled I’m
it’s 1:30 in the morning we survived an
earthquake we survived 20 minute
bathroom lines only at the Rio only at
the World Series of Poker Main Event
stay tuned for part 2


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