The Walking Dead: Something to Fear Card Game | Game the Game

(energetic music)
– What’s up, friends?
I’m Becca Scott and you’re
watching Game the Game
and today we are playing The Walking Dead,
Something to Fear card game.
Let me introduce you to
my incredible guests,
of course we have Markeia McCarty.
– Yes, I’m ready for some
zombie survival horror.
– You know her from DC
Daily, and of course,
stuff here at Geek and Sundry and Nerdist.
Kelly Nugent!
– Hi!
I can’t wait to stock up on walkers.
– Yeah, what, yeah, don’t we all!
You know her from El Rey
Nation and, of course,
her podcast Teen Creeps.
– Not to be confused with Teen Crepes.
– No, no, no, they are mortal enemies.
There can be only one.
– Hmm, absolutely true.
And Tasya Teles, who of
course you know from The 100.
– Hi, guys.
– Hey!
So glad you’re here.
– Thank you for having me.
– Well friends, the Walker
Apocalypse is upon us,
but don’t worry, we’re all
working together to survive.
We’re gonna try and keep
the number of damage
that we all accumulate from the mob down,
and maybe we’ll be accumulating
victory points as we go.
Now friends at home who don’t
know how to play this game,
we got a helpful, handy,
how to play video,
a link to that is in
the description below.
Just scroll down, you’ll find it.
I’ll give you a pause
pause face while you pause.
(suspenseful music)
Great, now you watched
that, now you came back,
and now we’re just gonna jump right in.
All right, so everybody has their deck
of nine identical cards.
On each one is a character
from the comic book.
We’re each gonna play one of those.
Now give ’em all a shuffle,
grab three, and that’s your starting hand.
And then we’ll flip
encounter row of five cards,
because there’s four of us plus one.
All right, one.
We’ve got a walker, Neegan, saviors.
They don’t look too friendly,
but I swear they’re here to save us.
More Saviors.
– They’re everywhere.
– And another walker.
Now what’s gonna happen is
we’re each going to flip a card
and in numerical order of highest
to lowest on our character card,
we’re gonna take a turn grabbing
one of these cards from the encounter row
and putting ’em in our stash.
There will be variations on that.
We’ll see as we play.
Quick thing we gotta do first, though.
Somebody’s gonna need
this tiebreaker card.
Of course, the Governor’s Eye Patch.
He’s what breaks all ties,
and if other people get the
Governor card as we go on,
you can take this tiebreaker card.
But to start out, it goes to the player
who most recently read a comic book.
Tasya, when was the last
time you read a comic book?
– Ooh, guys, it was a solid 20 years ago.
(all laughing)
No, that’s not true, actually.
One of the writers on our
show writes comic books,
so she was showing me some
stuff a little while ago,
but so that was maybe
like a year or two ago.
– Oh, that’s awesome.
– Yeah, yeah.
– That is very cool.
– Very cool, all right, Markeia,
what was the last comic book we read?
– That would be right before we started.
It was Steve Aoki Neon Future comic.
– Ooh, so you’re in the lead for now.
Kelly, when was the last
time you read a comic book?
– I am not currently
reading one right now,
so I would say I probably
lose out to Markeia.
(all laughing)
The last one that I read was this morning,
around 10:00 am, if people must know.
I was reading Doom Patrol, Grant Morrison.
– Yes!
– Oh, yeah.
– So you read a comic book this morning
and you still didn’t get the tie-breaker.
That’s gotta be hard.
– I still wouldn’t get it
because Markeia is here,
and you are the Queen of Comic.
– I haven’t read a book
in probably like a month,
but I will say that the
first big series I got into,
this is a true fact, that I
like really, really dug in,
and was like oh I love graphic novels,
Walking Dead, no joke.
It was Walking Dead.
– Nice!
– Awesome.
– Yep.
– All right, Markeia,
here is your eye patch,
let’s get started.
Everybody look at your
three cards in your hand
and just put one face down.
We will all reveal who we’ve
chosen at the same time.
This is hard, I wanna save all my powers
for when they matter more.
– I should have shuffled better.
– Three, two, one, flip!
(imitates whip lashing)
All right.
– Ooh.
– We got Maggies!
– Double Maggies.
– Good choice.
– All right, double Maggie situation,
and then Carl, and Andrea.
Now if any of our player’s characters have
a lightening bolt on ’em,
that’s triggered automatically.
So we’ll read Carl first.
– All right, on reveal,
turn order plays lowest
to highest this round.
– Ohh.
(hums dramatically)
So Carl is number three,
that means Carl goes first,
but we’ll come back to you
because we’ve gotta handle
these two Maggie
lightning bolt situations.
– If this is the lowest,
if this is the lowest character revealed,
you may cancel another player’s character.
You choose which card that person secures,
they choose which card you secure.
– Oh man, that sounds so fun
and I wish we could do it.
Our Maggies are not the lowest number,
’cause Carl was in play.
We just get to chill and
take a card all normal-like.
Okay, and then Andrea is number eight,
so we’ll get to her last,
’cause Carl switched the order up.
Carl, what ya wanna do?
– I am going to, so on my turn,
I can secure a card,
and then I may destroy a card in my stash.
I don’t have anything
in my stash, so oh well.
(all laughing)
I am going to,
I’m gonna take a walker.
– Ooh.
– And so if I get,
if I have the most
walkers, I get 25 points.
If I have the second most, I get 10.
– Sweet, all right now we should mention
that everything in your stash
that is for victory points
only count at the end of the game,
and that’s only if you survive.
– Ooh.
– If you have 20
or less damage at the end of the game,
you survived and your
victory points matter.
More than 20, and you didn’t make it.
Now there’s both our personal damage,
of which nobody has any yet.
And then there is cumulative group damage
that comes from the mob.
The mob is any cards we
didn’t take in that round,
all those will go to the mob area,
and then we’ll add up the damage
in the upper right hand corner,
and that damage goes to
everyone at the end of the game.
So let’s see, I’ll go next
because I’m next in clockwise
from the tiebreaker,
and I’m thinking so
Neegan is pretty crazy.
He gets 10 points for
one, minus 20 for two,
and 40 points for three.
So first turn’s the charm.
– No!
– If I’m willing to try,
I gotta go early and go hard.
– Okay, okay I’m going in for a savior.
– Yes, and I’m going to think of the group
since Neegan is already gone.
(girls chuckling)
And I’ll do the other savior,
so we’re only taking two damage.
Well, two possible damage.
– You know Neegan’s a bad guy, right?
– Yeah, but he’s a cool bad guy
and it kinda flips the script a little bit
later on in the series.
So I kind of really appreciate him.
– I am gonna say, that’s where
I stopped reading the book.
That’s where I fell off.
– Really?
– So I don’t know a time
when Neegan’s not a bad guy.
I only know negative 20.
– You only know negative 20 Neegan?
– Yeah.
– Oh.
– I know 40.
– You see this baseball bat?
Covered in barbed wire?
– He looks pretty,
pretty friendly guy.
– Yeah, he looks friendly,
but he’s got a baseball
bat covered in barbed wire.
– He’s smiling.
– So now we’re a the end of round one
and we have eight more rounds to go.
We’re gonna slide this walker left over
in the encounter row over to the mob,
and flip five more,
then everybody will draw
one more card into their hand
and pick a new character
to lay down this turn.
– All right.
– Ah!
– Let’s let them a little closer,
back again.
(girls giggling)
– Is Neegan in there?
– Oh, an old friend.
– I did not shuffle well.
– Three, two, one, flip!
I got Carl.
You all played Michonne.
– What?
(girl yelling)
– Wow.
– Well friends,
Carl says it’s lowest
to highest yet again,
so on my turn I will secure a card.
I could also, I’m taking Neegan.
– I gotta,
– Why?
– ‘Cause I–
– She’s goin in strong.
– I wanna win, Markeia.
– Yeah, I understand.
I understand this means undead war.
(girls laughing)
– We are the living.
Now I could also destroy
a card in my stash.
Obviously don’t wanna do that right now.
Too early in the game,
but I thought I needed
to go for the first pick.
Okay, Markeia, you’re
first up in tiebreaker,
so read us Michonne.
– Yes, so Michonne, on your turn,
look at the top three cars
of the encounter deck.
You may swamp one with a
card in the encounter row
and return the cards
to the top of the deck.
Secure a card.
– Now since all three
of you play Michonne, I
believe you’re just gonna
be recycling the same cards,
’cause they go back on top.
– Mm-hmm.
– Oh, we are definitely
gonna be doing that,
and it’s, you know, these cards are fine.
There’s nothing wrong with, you’ll see.
– Okay.
– We’ll see.
– We’ll see.
– You’ll see.
Yeah, sorry about that, sorry.
– I don’t get to see?
– No, no you don’t get to see.
– Why, let me in your Michonne gang.
(girls chuckling)
It’s like you all dressed
up as Michonne for Halloween
and forgot to tell me,
and I’m Carl!
(girls laughing)
– So if you will put these back
on the encounter deck for me
and if you will, I will
take the survivors.
I’m sorry, the saviors.
Did you trade one out?
– I’m a survivor.
– So yes.
– Oh, you were sneaky.
I didn’t even see you.
– Yeah.
– Okay, hey now I get to do it.
– Yes, because you are clockwise from
right here, the tiebreaker.
– Oh I see what you’re saying.
– Yeah.
– See?
It’s just like, okay, these
are very polite cards.
– They’re, innocuous at best.
I’m gonna take, so do
I have to put it down
and then take it or do I just–
– You switch first, and then you take one.
– Okay, all right, so then
I’m going to switch out,
how many more people have to go?
Just you?
– Just me.
– Just Tasya.
– Okay.
– Uh-oh.
(girls chuckling)
– Well, then I will, you know what?
It’s fine.
– She’s got access to it,
as well, though.
– Yeah, that’s true.
So it really, no, nothing.
I’m gonna get rid of that one,
I’m gonna put this in here.
– And these go on top.
– Back in there.
– And then you just get to take–
– I’m talking a walker.
– Plus, she has to take,
okay, okay, so these
are basically mine now.
– But you know,
you get more to choose from.
– Let’s see, I mean, well.
See, okay.
– I’m never gonna find out.
Nobody’s sharing their Halloween candy.
♪ I don’t know what I wanna do ♪
♪ Do I wanna save ♪
Some damages from the pile over here?
– Well, weapon’s always a great choice
’cause you’re stashing up for later,
you see something that got put
in the mob and you want it,
it’s yours.
– I’m gonna do this one.
And then I will select this one.
– Excellent, you left a wound.
– Yep.
– And took a weapon.
– Took a weapon.
– Okay,
what are you swapping out?
‘Cause you have to swap something out?
– Well I swapped it.
– She puts the wound.
– The wound in.
– For something else?
– So that would go back into your?
– Well, isn’t that?
– Okay, so you’re trying to–
– Oh that would go back here.
– Hold on.
– Or wait.
– Here, what you wanna do is
swap out wound for supplies,
put supplies back in the deck.
– Leave supplies, yeah.
– And then you pick.
– Yeah.
– Oh yeah, we got it.
– Okay, here we go.
– So those go back on the deck.
– Yep, and then this one.
– Sweet, now you have
contributes zero to the mob.
Well done.
– Yeah, thank you.
– Well done.
– We’re unscathed this time.
– Okay, ready for a new round.
Let’s see what you guys have
been hemming and hawing over.
(girls laughing)
Some supplies!
– Some supplies!
– Yeah, some supplies.
– And some supplies.
– Yeah, supplies and supplies.
– It is.
– Oh, all supplies.
I’m so supplies-ed.
– We really liked that.
– She’s not a Michonne.
– No.
– No.
(girls laughing)
– Oh my god.
– Figures!
– Okay.
– Yeah.
– Woo!
Don’t use your good card now,
’cause you’re gonna get supplies.
(girls chuckling)
– Okay.
– Yeah.
– It’s a very tough choice.
You know, what kind of
supplies do you want?
– Or a savior.
– You know?
– I am my own savior.
Ready, three, two, one!
– I got Andrea, number eight.
– Woo!
– Rick goes first.
– Two Ricks.
– We’re playing the same game, girl.
– We are!
– We’ve got this going on.
– Why would you do this?
– Nice.
Well, you’ve got your Eugene,
so you do your action first.
– Yay!
– What are you doing?
(dramatic music)
– So, on reveal,
I can shuffle my discard pile
and reveal a character from it at random
to play instead of this one.
I have two cards there,
so it’s either gonna be Carl or Michonne.
(Tasya laughing)
– Shuffle shuffle.
– Come on, Michonne.
– Carl.
– Carl!
– Oh, so you have reversed
the order of things.
Good thing we did that first,
’cause the lightning bolt told us.
Sorry Ricks, that means you’re going last.
– Carl!
All right, I’m gonna secure a card
and I can destroy a card in my stash.
I don’t wanna do that,
so I’m just gonna secure.
– Which one would you want?
– I’m gonna do saviors.
– I completely understand.
– Yes, I do, too.
– So if you get three of ’em,
and you divide it by three,
then they’re each worth 10 point,
– One?
– 10 and 2/3.
– Yeah.
– So they are slightly
more valuable than supplies,
if you get three.
– For the long run.
– That’s my math game, all right.
Andrea’s number eight and up next.
You may secure a card from the mob
or the encounter row.
There’s supplies over there,
but you know what?
I see walkers that are
looking right at me.
They look delicious, so
I will take these walkers
from the mob instead.
– After you.
– Oh, sure.
Yes, oh what, what shall I hmm?
Okay, ’cause Rick says on your turn,
you may swap a card in the encounter row
with a card in the mob,
and then secure a card.
– You don’t have to.
– You don’t have to, but hey, why not?
Let’s go ahead and swap
one of the supplies
with the wound.
– All right.
– I think Rick is just
asserting his authority here.
– You know, sometimes you have to,
and then you go get supplies.
– All right.
– All right,
I’m gonna do the same thing.
You may swap a card in the encounter row
with a card in the mob,
which just seems redundant at this point,
so I’m just gonna.
– All right.
– Grab this.
– The round has ended!
I’m gonna put the wound
and supplies into the mob.
Our mob is now at four damage.
It will come to us all in the end.
Round four.
– Hmm.
– But for real, who
would you guys wanna be
with in a walker apocalypse?
– Like hook up with?
(girls laughing)
– I mean, it’s Rick, obviously.
But if not Rick.
No, like what kind of a
survivor would you be?
– Sarah Connor.
– Ooh, okay, okay.
– Yeah.
– Little franchise crossover there.
– I’d love to be at that level
where it’s just like, you
train the people around you
to then everybody is going
to go through that one goal,
and then think about it?
The undead, they can be
like machines, you know?
So a little bit of a crossover there,
but yeah, same thinking.
– Yeah, yeah totally.
– I psychologically am the
person you wanna be with,
like I’m gonna kill everything.
I was talking about this with my husband,
and he was like, yeah you think that.
But you’re gonna be like,
don’t worry guys, I got this,
and then you’ll just walk
out and forget your gun
and like–
– And then die horribly?
– Walk right back in.
– Or make some ridiculous mistake.
I do, I think I go too
quickly to killing someone.
(girls laughing)
Like I’m just like, well they gotta go.
– The humans?
– Well just like,
if someone, if there’s a
chance that they’re infected
or anything, I’m just
like, well they gotta go.
They just go, ’cause you know what?
– That’s good, that’s a good quality.
Because if somebody gets
bit and they don’t tell you,
– You’re in trouble.
– I’m in trouble.
But I’ll find out, too,
because I’m really good at investigating.
– So you’re the lone wolf?
– I am psychotic and no
one should be around me.
– No!
– In one of those situations.
– I think you sound like fun
and I would let you in my party.
– Okay, choices?
– Okay.
– Hmm.
– Checking out everyone’s stash.
– All right, that’s fine.
It’ll work.
– Three, two, one, flip!
Eugene’s going first, dudes.
– Aw, darn it.
– It’s me, I’m gonna shuffle everything up
and pick one because I didn’t
wanna save my cool cards.
Okay, which one?
Oh yeah, that’s the one.
Andrea, eight.
– Andrea?
– Andrea!
– Andrea.
– Oh, so mine is the lowest
card played, then.
– Ooh, you got a Maggie, huh?
– We have a Maggie.
– Well go ahead
and draw the Maggie.
– We’ve already, have we,
we’ve already said what Maggie is, right?
– We have.
– Well, no,
because we didn’t really
have it in an action,
so go for it.
– Oh okay.
– We’ll do it again.
– Maggie, on reveal,
if this is the lowest character revealed,
you may cancel another player’s character.
You choose which card that play secures,
they choose which card you secure.
– It’s getting a little dicey now.
– Yeah well let’s see,
we’ve got two Ezekiel’s, and an Andrea.
And Andrea just picks from
the encounter or the mob,
while Ezekiel is, pardon your stash,
ooh, swapping stashes.
I kinda want that to
happen, but not to me.
So, I’m gonna take one of
those Ezekiel’s out of play, just–
– So maybe make a deal
with the other person
that they won’t swap with you?
– There you go.
– I don’t expect
for deals to happen.
Since you’re across the way from me,
I’m going to choose for you
and you choose for me.
– Perfect.
– So.
– I think, I hope.
– Yeah, well, we’ll see how nice
we’re about to be to each other.
So for you, you already
have a weapon card, yeah?
– Yeah.
– Then I’m,
well you can’t have, you
could have more than one.
I’ll go ahead and choose
a Walker card for you.
– Ooh.
– So, since you already
have a weapon, why not?
– What kind of a survivalist are you?
Are you gonna do well
in a walker apocalypse?
– I think I’m going to.
I think I can get pretty crazy.
– I believe it.
– You know what I’m saying?
– Yeah, yeah.
– When I’m boxing, for instance,
and they’re like go for it!
I’m like, okay!
(all laughing)
– Unleash my inner demons?
– Love it.
– Okay.
– You box?
– I do.
– Cool.
– That is very cool.
– We should all go.
– Yeah.
– Let’s go.
– I’m down.
– Well, the Michonnes can go.
– Okay.
– Yeah, just–
(all laughing)
– I’ll hold you towel
and I’ll wipe your face
when you’re sweating.
I’m Carl.
– Do I give?
Do I pick yours right now?
– Oh yeah, you do, you do.
– Okay.
– And if you wanted to give
me a weapon, that’s cool,
but whatever it is literally your choice.
– Hey, I’m into peace making.
– Yay!
– There you go.
– Aww, thank you.
– Guess we need an alliance over here.
– Wait a minute, this one’s
ready to kill anybody.
(girls laughing)
– Okay, dangerous.
– So.
– Okay.
– We go next, and I’m Andrea,
and I’m number eight, so I’ll go next.
I can secure any of these cards.
There’s supplies, weapons
are pretty awesome
because then I can, who
has got the most walkers?
You have two?
I want a weapon.
I love a good weapon.
– Okay.
– I don’t.
I’m not with that, okay.
– Only in this sort of situation.
– Right, right, of course.
– Is it necessary.
– Sure, absolutely.
– Okay, me.
– Yeah, Kelly.
– Okay, I wonder what she will choose.
– I’m going to swap a card in my stash,
well first I’m gonna secure a card.
I’m gonna take a walker.
And then I can swap a card in my stash
with a card in another player’s stash.
– She’s hiding her cards.
(all laughing)
– All right walker weapons.
– Hey and hey, I’ve got
10 in supplies right here
if you wanna do swappy swappy.
– Now I can’t tell if you’re actually,
– Oh no, I don’t wanna give you that.
I don’t wanna give you that.
That’s gonna give you super saviors.
– Look at this, I have a weapon card.
– Nuh-uh, don’t do it.
– Nee nee.
– Mer mer mer mer.
– That’s 16 points.
– I’m going to trade a,
actually I’m not gonna do it.
I’m not gonna do it.
– Okay.
– Actually, no, I am.
I’m gonna trade the
saviors for that walker.
– All right, securing the top walker spot.
– I’ll take it.
– That works for me.
– Next round.
So I’ll move this wound
over here to the mob,
and the wound just for funsies sake,
it’s three damage to whichever
player you give it to
and it says, when you secure this card,
give it to another player instead.
It’s a real gotcha situation.
– Hmm.
– I feel like only a Michonne
would make that move.
Y’all ready to party?
– Mm-hmm.
– Three, two, one.
I’m Jesus with a two.
– Anybody beat the? (sighs)
– Carl has reversed order.
– Ding dang.
– Yeah, I just saw there was a Carl.
– Okay.
– Well, that makes Jesus first,
and I will take Neegan.
– Ooh.
– Where are you at with your Neegans?
– Nowhere, nowhere.
– Looking at three Neegans.
– I may steal a card form
another player’s stash.
– Are you hiding your stash over there?
– No.
(ladies laughing)
– So you’ve got four cards?
You’ve got, everybody’s got four cards?
Okay, I mean everybody’s gonna
use a Jesus at some point
so I’ve gotta steal one
because we’re all gonna
steal at some point.
So if I don’t use that
ability right now, you know?
I think that means I’m coming for saviors.
– All right.
– Yeah.
– Thank you Markeia.
– That was a good play.
– You know we’re all
gonna be Jesus someday.
– We are.
– It’s the idea of karma
where we all live all lives at some point.
– Oh yeah, yeah.
I totally believe in karma, I understand.
– Karma is not what people think.
It’s the philosophy that
the universe has gone on
for so long that we have
all been everything,
from me to you to a ladybug,
we’ve lived every life.
And so if I were to squash a ladybug,
that’s karma, because that
was me in a different life,
you know?
– Hmm.
– So Markeia’s gonna take my card later.
(all laughing)
– All players are gonna do that.
– All right, Carl goes next.
– Secure a card, you may
destroy a card in your stash,
which I probably will not do.
However, I’m gonna boogie
on with the saviors.
– They’re pretty sweet.
– You’re liking saviors.
– Yeah, I am.
I need all the saving I can get.
– Okay, so since we’re
going in reverse order,
I pulled Ezekiel, so my
first order of business
is securing a card.
So I, what is that wound card,
when you secure this card give
it to another player instead?
Okay, so I’m gonna secure
this and give it to Becca.
– That’s deserved, I get it.
(group giggling)
– But then I’m gonna,
I’m gonna swap a card in my stash
with a card in another player’s stash.
I’m gonna take my Neegan.
– You just got me.
That’s not how karma works.
– Oh, I didn’t give her that Neegan.
– What are you giving me?
– It’s either gonna be
supplies or the weapon,
but since you have a, yeah,
I would give you the weapon.
– All right.
– Yeah.
– I got struck by–
– two weapons now,
just remember that.
(women chuckling)
– I just want Neegans, so.
– Is it my turn now?
– Yeah.
– It is.
– Okay, I have Rick.
On your turn you may swap
a card in the encounter row
with a card in the mob, boop boop boop.
I’m going to, well I don’t
really wanna do that.
– You know who’s cool?
Neegan, just saying.
– Well I did want to take the Neegan,
but I’m afraid that you’re
gonna steal him eventually.
– I will.
– Save the Neegan.
– I will–
– You just letting it pass?
– Yeah, I think I might,
they’re both worth 10 and I don’t think
I’m gonna have the persistence
to try and collect them,
so I’m just gonna take the supplies
and I’m letting him just go to the ether.
– To the ether!
Now he’s in the mob.
– Four group wounds.
– Yeah.
– Yikes.
– We’ll see, things might change here.
I mean what are we looking
at now with the group wounds?
– Eight.
– Ooh.
– All right, new round.
New possibilities, so don’t get more
than 12 personal wounds or you’re dead.
– Oh!
– Another Neegan in play.
– And the governor.
– And the governor is in play now.
– So the governor is gonna
bust out the tiebreaker,
whoever gets that.
Ready, three, two, one!
– I knew you were gonna Carl!
– Of course I was gonna Carl.
(all laughing)
– Ugh.
– Is that Andrea?
– Yeah.
– Okay.
– All right, Carl goes.
– No.
– Jesus goes first.
– Mm-hmm.
– Always.
– Carl will go second.
(solemn music)
– Secure a card,
you may steal a card from
another player’s stash.
Hmm, I’m gonna go with,
this guy.
– Oh.
– Also take the tiebreaker.
– I sure will, thank you.
– Awesome.
– Red us the governor,
or his points.
– 20 to 10,
if you get two cards, two
governors, down to five.
When you secure the governor,
take the tiebreaker card,
and I put this here?
– Anywhere.
– There we go.
– All right, sweet.
– And I’m gonna, oh.
Don’t I get to also steal a card
from another player’s stash, correct?
– Yep.
– You do.
– Fantastic.
– You certainly do.
– Fantastic.
– Interesting, interesting.
– Here we go, here we go.
I’m just gonna look at my own pile
and see where I’m at with my walkers.
– I don’t have any.
– Ooh.
– You don’t.
– I’m gonna take one of your savior cards.
– Okay, okay.
– Cool, cool, cool.
– Carl?
– Okay, so I’m gonna secure a card,
and then I can destroy a card
in my stash if I want to.
I don’t have a lot of cards in my stash.
So we’re not gonna do
that destroying anything,
but I am gonna chance
grabbing another Neegan,
so right now it gives me a negative 20,
but I’m willing to try and see
if I can get another Neegan, so.
– Sweet, yeah.
That makes Ezekiel next, number five.
First we’re gonna use a weapon.
This is now destroyed,
and I shall take the Neegan from the mob.
– Ooh.
– Yeah, yeah.
(group giggling)
Yeah yeah, okay, and then
I get to secure a card,
and then swap a card in my stash
with one from another player’s stash.
So, I’m gonna take a walker
and then I’m gonna do a walker swapper,
may I have Neegan, please?
– Whoa.
– You know, he was mine, and I just.
(girls giggling)
– I miss him.
– My mark on him.
– I am not doing well in
the undead apocalypse.
– Aww.
– With like my little
four cards and just some points.
We’ll see if I can turn it around
in the next three rounds.
– Yeah, we shall see.
– You never know.
– I think I know who
people are coming for.
Okay, Kelly.
– Me!
Andrea, on my turn I can
secure a card from the mob
or from the encounter row.
I’m going to pick, what is this one?
(blows raspberry)
(group laughs)
Boring, snoring.
I’m gonna take another walker.
– Walker down.
– For me.
– Locking down the walkers.
– Mm-hmm.
– It’s Kelly Nugent and the Walkers.
And then, that’s it.
– It’s like a surf-punk thing.
– Yeah.
– Soft rock.
– Yeah.
– Soft rock and very chill.
(imitates musically instrument)
– Yeah!
– That’s what it’d sound like.
– Kelly Nugent and the Walkers.
– Thank you.
– Okay, cool.
And then did you do, oh, you could also
have taken it from the mob instead?
– I did not wanna take from the mob.
– We are a, yep, you talked it through
and I forgot, and then
I asked you about it.
All right, we’re moving one wound over.
But don’t worry, that’s zero damage
and now there’s just four
over there in the mob.
I’m flipping a governor.
A walker horde counts as three walkers,
another Neegan, see there’s enough Neegan.
Another another Neegan.
– Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
– And then the governor, okay.
– Wow, oh my god.
– Wow.
– See, we can all be happy.
We’ve got a lot of Neegans going on.
Options for everyone.
And oh my gosh, only three more rounds.
‘Cause I’ve got three more cards.
– Okay, all right.
– Oh jeez.
– Oh jeez.
– Okay.
– Okay.
– All good?
– Ready.
– Three, two, one.
– Ahh!
– I played a seven.
– I have two.
– I have Eugene, so I’m
going to shuffle and play.
– Ohh, well played, well played.
– Because the cards in your discard
definitely affected my decisions.
And, let’s see if you get Carl or Maggie,
it’s gonna change everything.
– I got Maggie.
– Ooh.
– If this is the lowest card revealed,
then you cancel another person’s.
No, we have a Jesus right here.
– Oh, okay.
– So.
– So she’s just a regular card.
– Yep, she’s a regular card.
I’m four in the lineup.
– Dang.
– Jesus!
– Dang-er!
– Oh wait, you’re not first.
Okay, we are tied for Abrahams.
– And I got the card,
I’ve got the tiebreaker.
– Totally.
– So here we go.
Secure a card.
If you secured a walker
or a walker horde, hmm.
– Now Kelly currently has five.
– Yeah.
– You would have
three plus one, so you’re at four,
but we still have two more rounds.
– And where are you at?
Where you at?
– I have none.
– Oh, okay, I’m gonna go with Neegan.
This takes a bit.
– Interesting.
– All right, right on.
– You may swap a character in your hand
with one in your discard pile,
if, only if, I get a walker horde.
And therefore, I will do that.
– Good call.
– Yeah, that is exactly
what I would have done.
– Okay.
– Mm-hmm.
– So do I do that now?
– Yeah, unless you need a
minute to think about it.
– I might.
– Okay, you take your minute,
and then you pull one
of these discard cards,
put it back in your hand,
and then I’m next up.
I was gonna do that, as well.
– Okay, so I shuffle
these little bad boys up?
– No, it’s up to you.
You just pick your favorite.
– Oh, I get to pick.
– Yeah, my plan was,
I was gonna take Carl
and get rid of my wounds,
’cause he can destroy a
card, but I played him first.
Anyway, I’ll just take a governor,
’cause that’s exciting, yep.
– Mmm.
– I’ll take the tiebreaker
even though somebody else
could also take the governor.
– Yeah, at this point in the game,
I admit I was hoping for like the Carl
or maybe do a Michonne or whatnot.
But Maggie’s cool, too.
I get to do something with her.
So I guess I will try points wise,
Neegan’s are fun, but I’m gonna go ahead
and do the governor, so I’ll take the.
– Oh, there you are, indeed.
Your eyepatch.
– Yeah.
I feel like that’s the start
of a cautionary Chinese proverb?
– Oh, indeed your eye patch?
– Neegan’s fun, but you
don’t want too many.
– Oh yeah, no, no, no.
– I’ll work on it.
– Okay, workshop it.
– Yeah, I’m gonna workshop this.
I’ll take it to open mic
night, it’ll be fine.
– Okay.
– All right.
– I think I’m gonna,
I think I made my decision here.
I’m gonna go with secure
card, swap card in your stash
with either an Ezekiel
or you may steal a card
from another player’s stash.
Do I steal or swap?
– You steal.
– Steal is better.
– Yeah.
– Steal is–
– Because you don’t have
to give up anything.
– Is it too late for me to change my mind?
‘Cause I realized that I’d rather lose
with two Neegan’s than have a governor,
and you can have the
tiebreaker thingy back.
– Only ’cause Kelly hasn’t gone yet.
Right, you haven’t gone yet?
– Yeah, I haven’t gone.
– Okay.
– I’m gonna stay true
to my Neegan roots.
(girls chuckle)
And yeah.
– All right.
– Him and Lucille to the end.
– So, Kelly?
– Yes, it’s my turn.
Okay, I am Jesus.
I thought that was
gonna be really awesome,
but it wasn’t.
(ladies laughing)
Since I have been canceled,
I’m going to just take a card.
– You haven’t been canceled.
– You haven’t been canceled.
– My card was canceled.
– Why was your card canceled?
– You canceled me.
– No!
It said if I’m the lowest character,
then I can cancel another.
– Oh you weren’t!
Oh, yeah!
– No,
you’re the lowest character.
– Oh, oh, Jesus is back.
Jesus is back.
He is back.
– You can–
– Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, 2019.
– Wreak havoc.
– Okay, I’m gonna do.
– Awesome.
– Yeah.
– Okay,
then I am going to do so
many things right now.
I am going to secure a
card, I’m taking governor.
– Nice.
– He’s coming over here.
– Yeah, have an eye patch.
– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.
– And then I have to steal a card,
and that is going to be to take a Neegan.
– That is exactly what I would have done.
– And I’m done.
– No, no!
But then I’m gonna be
left with negative 20,
because Markeia has
plan that she still has
a number two card in her
hand and she’s gonna play it
and steal it from me.
– Yeah, I was counting
out her cards, I was
counting out her cards.
– So why didn’t you steal it from her?
I invited you on the show!
– I mean, I am literally–
(all laughing)
– All right, that’s fine.
– I have the least amount of points.
– Why are you scared?
Don’t get scared, Becca.
– Because I went on the Neegan
train, full on, you know?
That’s all I got.
That’s all I got.
Okay, next round.
One, two.
– Ooh.
– Four, five.
Okay, we got a walker,
saviors, the governor,
walker horde, and supplies.
Okay, second to last round.
What’s it gonna be?
– Okay, yeah.
– Oh, one, two, three, flip!
(group giggles)
Zoning out.
– What you all got?
– I have got a two with Jesus.
– Gotcha, all right, seven, eight, nine.
That’s why six ran away from seven.
All right, you know what?
It’s my turn and instead,
I’m gonna use Rick,
but first I will use a weapon
and I shall pull Neegan
from the mob.
– Neegan’s back.
– Yeah.
Okay, next up, Rick is
going to swap a card
in the encounter row
with a card in the mob,
then take a card.
Shit, can I do that?
(beep) please.
So, Rick, on your turn you may swap a card
in the encounter row
with a card in the mob,
and then secure a card.
Hello, Neegan.
Goodbye, maybe we’ll just
get rid of the saviors here.
– Who needs ’em.
– Who needs ’em.
Okay, so I’m putting Neegan there,
put the saviors in the mob,
and Neegan is now with me.
Party on, number eight, Andrea.
– Well, who needs ’em?
I do.
(girls chuckling)
You may secure a card from the mob
or from the encounter row, yep.
– That’s not the walker horde,
is it, yes it is, okay.
– That is the walker horde.
– Now, I mean six, seven.
– Seven, here I go.
– It’s me Abraham.
– It’s me, Abraham!
Okay, I’m taking this walker
’cause I wanna do this thing
that I’m doing right now.
I can swap a character in my hand
with one in my discard.
I’m gonna do that.
I’m gonna bring, I’m gonna get,
– You know you want that Jesus.
– I want Jesus.
I’m putting him right there.
– Think Jesus is the best card.
– Cool.
– And I’m done.
– All right.
So I’m gonna secure a card.
I’m gonna make it the governor,
so if I can have whoever
has the tiebreaker card.
Awesome, and I will take the
extra Neegan that you have.
– What?
– This one I got just for you.
– No you seemed so about
the fact that I was gonna take your Neegan
as opposed to anybody else’s,
so I didn’t wanna disappoint you.
– You’re all very nice.
– Yeah, no I literally was
gonna take somebody else’s,
but she was like–
– Really?
– Yeah!
– I just assumed that,
anytime on this show,
that there’s somebody
you’re gonna come for,
anybody’s gonna come
for, it’s gonna be me.
You know, you’re allowed to.
That’s how it works.
– Mm-hmm.
– Becca,
you play a lotta games,
you can take it, right?
Okay, that’s it.
Supplies going to the mob.
– Ooh, where are we at with the?
– It’s not looking great for humans.
– We’re doing pretty well.
– Five, six, seven, eight, nine,
so, but nobody has that,
I think we’re okay.
So final round, final card.
Let’s do some encountering.
(dramatic music)
Saviors, walker horde,
weapon, walker horde.
– Ooh.
– My my my.
– Supplies.
– I mean,
we all have just one card.
I think that’s the point.
– You’re right, you’re right.
Okay, I played Michonne even though
it has no purpose in the last turn
’cause there’s nothing to look at,
but I really wanted Rick to
get me that Neegan before.
– Yeah, I’ve played Abrahams.
I would love to be able
to secure walker horde
and then swap a character in my hand,
but unfortunately, we have no
more characters in our hands.
But it does look like
I have the highest one.
All right, cool.
So I’m gonna secure the weapon,
and then immediately destroy it
to get the saviors card from the mob.
‘Cause then that takes down the number
and gets me some points.
– No wrong way to combo.
– All right, I’m next up
with Michonne, number six.
Can’t look at the pile,
but what I can do is, (imitates gunshot)
shoot off my weapon.
– Ooh.
– I do, okay.
So strategy, we got saviors over there,
but no second saviors here in the pile
to make it worthwhile.
I don’t want the wounds.
There’s nothing good
except supplies over here,
so I’ll take the supplies,
and to pair with that,
you guys already have
first and second for walkers locked down,
so I don’t want the walker horde.
Saviors is worth eight points to me,
so I’ll take more supplies.
Hmm, okay.
My turn has ended.
Now, you both have Jesus,
but it’s gonna go clockwise
from the tiebreaker,
which is Markeia, which
means Kelly goes next,
which means that’s better for you,
’cause you get the last chance to steal.
– Man oh man, I did not
want that to happen.
(all laughing)
– Choose wisely.
– So talk out your–
– I mean–
– Yeah, okay, so what I’m trying to do is,
’cause my instinct, right,
is to grab the walker horde
and then steal something
else from somebody,
but I feel as if that’s setting myself up.
– There’s a way.
– I think there is a way.
– Yeah
– I think maybe there is way.
– I mean and actually look at the points
that everybody has in their stashes.
Here’s what’s gonna happen.
I’m going to take walker horde,
and then I can steal from
someone else’s stash.
I’m just gonna steal this walker horde.
– All right.
– I believe that locks
up walkers for Kelly.
– All right,
final play of the game.
– Can I play this card, too, my weapon?
– Oh yeah, you can do that right now.
– So I’m gonna do a
little swaperoo over here.
– I think supplies is
all that’s worthwhile.
– Yeah, I think you’re right.
So that’s happening.
Get some more supplies.
And what I’m gonna do over here, though,
like if I take this, this,
and that, then I’ll have nine, 10
and you’ll have–
– You’ll be up by one.
– Okay, so that’s the
move then, I feel like.
Unless I wanna cripple one of you guys.
– What would that make you, really?
That would just–
– I’m just gonna do that.
– I’m just saying, points
wise, I’m not in the running.
– Dang, dang, dang.
(women talking over each other)
– Yeah.
– See I knew I was gonna be
put back in the same place.
– So hit me.
– Just one?
– Yeah.
Thanks, buddy.
– Okay, so we have one more set of saviors
heading to the mob, and
now the mob is coming at us
for a total of five.
(girls chuckle)
Not too intimidating.
I have a wound, so I’ve got
a total of seven damage.
So I’m still alive.
You’re the same.
– Seven.
– Yeah, and don’t–
– But you’ve got six damage,
you’re still alive,
though, that’s only 11.
– I thought I was close.
– Nobody got killed by the mob.
– No.
– Okay.
– We survived the mob.
– Mm-hmm.
– All right, so now it is
a matter of victory points.
Tasya, do you wanna go first?
– I’ll try.
I got 20 with the governor,
I got the first most walkers.
– You did.
– At the end of the day,
so that’s 25, so I have 45.
55, 65, and then 65 and 32.
– Correct.
– 97.
– Yep, okay.
– Woo!
– Wow-wee, wow-wee.
– All right.
– 97 is a very high score.
Okay, okay that’s gonna be tough to beat.
Let’s see, Markeia?
– This game did not go well for me.
The practice game was much better.
– But was it fun?
– Sure, games are fun in general.
– Yeah.
– Yeah!
– How about the time we spend together?
– Yeah.
– So for the Neegans, I had 40,
and then 20 with the
governor, which is 60.
I wasn’t in the walker game,
like other people were
really about their walkers.
60, I got 70 for the supplies,
and then another 16 for two saviors.
So that puts me up to 86.
– Nice.
– Wow.
– Oh, one more savior
and you would’ve had 102!
– Unfortunately, it just–
– I was just counting 102
and I was like what do
you mean you did bad?
I, numbers.
(all laughing)
Oops, okay.
Pretty solid, though, pretty solid.
One savior away from winning.
– Yeah.
– Aren’t we all?
– Kelly?
– Okay, I wanna,
you know the thing with the walkers is,
you bet on ’em, and if
you don’t win, you lose.
– I was counting.
I thought you had it.
– I thought I had it.
– I had forgotten that
other one was up there.
– And I was like, that’s why I’m stuck.
– I was like, Kelly, no go for it.
– I know.
– I’m so sorry.
Never listen to me.
– You were like, god,
drink that mystery soda, Kelly.
– Oops, it was poison Kool-Aid.
– Okay, I have the second
most amount of walkers.
– 10 points.
– Second place is
basically losing, though.
– What?
– Aww, wow, don’t tell that to children.
– I got, yeah, true.
No, I’m just kidding.
It’s all about the game.
So I got 10 points for my walkers,
plus 10, 20, 30 for
Neegan, 50, wow that’s bad.
– No that’s–
– 50 for the governor.
– It’s a positive 50.
– And you’re not dead.
– Oh, but about half
what everyone else got.
– Hey, think about it this way.
You could have been killed by the mob.
– True, I’m alive and I’ve got
a ton of walkers around me.
– Yeah.
– So that’s really tight.
– There you go.
– You said in your personal survival plan
that you will shoot any
living people around you.
– Yeah, I will end them.
– That’s why you’re
surrounded by all walkers.
– True.
– It makes narrative sense.
– All right, I did my Neegan game,
I secured extra Neegans so
Markeia could have them.
So at 40 points there.
– Who didn’t want her Neegan,
let’s just establish that.
(girls giggling)
– Keep my mouth shut next time
48 with some saviors,
the governor gets me 68,
and supplies put me at 88.
Not enough for the win, Tasya!
– Yeah!
– Yes!
– Nice!
– Thank you.
(girls applauding)
– How do you do it?
– I don’t know.
If you guys were here
for the practice round,
you wouldn’t have, they
were all worried about me.
– But you won the practice round.
– No, I didn’t.
Did I?
– Yes.
I think you did.
– No.
– Oh no, Markeia did.
– Oh, Markeia did.
– Yeah.
– I thought you did.
– We don’t talk about practice games here.
We talk about what is on film,
’cause it will be
recorded through the ages.
– Yes, the real win.
– Yeah, this is going in a time capsule
to be sent to Mars.
– Amazing.
– And everyone’s gonna
remember how you won this game.
– They will, everyone will.
– Yeah.
(all laughing)
– You’re basically Alpha in Walking Dead
because you had all of the walkers,
all around you, so you’re
one of the whisperers.
Read Walking Dead comic, it’s really good.
(girls chuckling)
– Well, friends, this
has been so much fun.
Thank you for coming
in and playing with me.
– Thanks so much for having us.
– Yeah!
– Thanks to you guys
for watching at home.
We’ll see you next time on Game the Game.
– Bye.
(energetic music)
(upbeat music)


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