The Student Hotel: Boutique Hotel meets student dormitory

I knew that I wanted to do it differently the lack of soul the lack of personality lack of design the lack of effort the whole thing about student accommodation was it was it was student accommodation and who cares they’re just students I was like well we are kind of young and I kind of like design and I like nice things and I want to be in a nice environment so maybe my customers would also be so I saw it as a real opportunity to start from up from a blank page that people are saying oh do you need a separate entrance for the students and a separate end and I was like no man just everyone together it’ll be fine I mean we get on in the street don’t we we get on in the Starbucks okay but what happens is of course is the students walking around young people from 17 years old to maybe 21 years old the short-stay guys are a little bit older the hotel guys are ranging in age groups from sort of the 70 year old ladies walking around with their little red umbrellas and stuff like that indeed you have a community a common space which is much more based on reality much more basis when you’re in a pub or in a bar and a bus or in a metro whatever and everybody just kind of merges together that’s one of the real benefits of the the hybrid model that we’ve got with students with hotel guests with short guests they all come together and they all kind of meet in the middle and there is a very natural meeting point indeed everybody is welcome to the party it doesn’t matter who you are let’s all get together and let’s say let’s all have a nice time so what gives gets me little sort of goosebumps because that’s that’s that’s form and when we turn on the news there seems so much conflict and you know when you’re when you’re here and you’ve got 70 nationalities all living side by side accepting each other for what they are and if we can try to in our little micro world if we can try to encourage that then fantastic maybe we can change a little bit and a little contribution to world peace would be everything Thanks


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