Greece, December 24, 2024

You asked to see me tonight ,im listening

It’s been 3 years since that night
i have the right to know
why did you do that?

Greece 3 years ago, INS computer enginnering & software

Im listening
Their device has almost the same features as ours..
they have improved motion compared to their previous device
and they hit the market 2 weeks after us
that’s all about the device, nothing special
there is a serious problem though..
what’s that?
somehow they have knowledge of our financial status
They know that we are evading taxes
They can’t harm us, it’s all set..
i have my own people in the goverment to block tax inspections
we just can’t trust no one
as you know the amount of money we ‘ve hidden is huge
so the problem will be no less!
we have to do something soon
after new years eve we will transfer our money to our subsidiaries abroad
we do business globally now
we won’t stay suffer taxes here
ok..i have another line,we talk later
Hello Steve! how are you?
all good
im calling to remind you our game tonight
Yes i remember, 11.00 pm right?
That’s right
see you tonight
buy Steve
Mr Dervis, you are kindly requested to go the test room, thank you
Im on my way!
where were you between 11pm and 3am last night

in my house
and what were you doing exactly at that time?
i was playing poker
who did you play with?
with my friends
their names?
place the nervous system sensor

textures are good
activate 1 minute of mandatory connection to control proper function
we have artifacts in vegetation
computer graphics are awesome

im in

what you got?
im sorry
all yours
You have always been a fine player since we were in university.
and you re still doing well!
Nah! There is no time now
working and business travelling occupies most of my time
you have high prfits though , right?
no complaints
you are an INS member right?
im the major shareholder!
It was obvious even then that you would have a bright career in your life
however i dont know if you have time to do anything else except working
but i guess you have no time to think about it!
you are right
you have a lot of free time
and i can have whatever i want
i ‘ll keep the second, i think
i wonder if you ever feel complete?
we always want something more than what we have
human vanity!
you can keep philosophies for yourself
i can and you can’t …accept it
come on guys,relax..
we gathered tonight to play and have a good time
do you play often?
almost every week we organize a game
we like privacy here
we can play, talk freely
you know..they are watching everything now!
Yeap, only gambling and porn rooms preserve privacy now
come on, lets play..

im in

im in

lets keep it low guys
speak for yourself, you can pass if you want

keep it low! ha?
ofcourse, when you earn 100.000$ per mounth then 1000$ is low!
calm down guys
everyone bets as they see best
Its my turn?
i call
Steve im not afraid of you
as for you, i think you are bluffing

im out
im in
i pass
im in Vangelis
im in
are you going to show us your cards or i can take it already
i ll show you my cards

To tell you the truth, it seemed strange to me I always won.
but I just thought I was lucky that evening.
All hands were fixed
Not all of them
Don’t forget, we couldn’t fix anything
We could only fold even if we were winning
Ok, stop
I think we should start a timed game
Do you think I will run away with the few measly dollars I just got from you?
Ok, then why not? It won’t make any difference. One hour?
Absolutely no problem .The most possible outcome is
that I will have more money in my bank account.
Don’t be so sure


John listen to me very carefully.
What happens next is linked to your safety.
We’re locked into a one-hour mandatory connection
and no one can leave this room,
unless someone else disconnects us because of an emergency
But it’s not likely to happen to you becouse you are home alone
we checked it
Within the next hour, we will acquire most of the money
from the company you are the main shareholder
by taking advantage your access to its bank account
Am I understood?
What kind of joke is this?
You can’t even physically touch me in here
you are also locked into a room for the next hour.
Yes, that’s true
we can’t touch you in here. But out there?
Soon my wife will disconnect me.
You do realize what it means.
If this is a joke, it’s a very bad one
I advise you to stop now.
I realize it’s too mush at once. But it’s not a joke.
The faster you cooperate,
the sooner we can guarantee your safety.
Emergency: End of mandatory link has been asked for the user 32189
The user 32189 can now be delinked with safety -I’ll ask for a communication link later
. See you out

Create a new table
Pantelis is heading to your home
It’s time to take a very important decision
There are two scenarios..Scenario one:
You give us the password for the INS bank account
we take a few millions
we don’t touch your personal accounts and everything is fine
Scenario two: You don’t cooperate
Pantelis hacks your door
you are injected with calcium gluconate and you die of heart attack.
For the transfer to happen, we need fifteen minutes
You can decide until then, If time passes
we immediately move to the second scenario.
Is it possible? What’s the point of it?
There’s no way to hide the transaction
All transactions are monitored
Rethink what you’re doing..
..and I will forget all that have happened.

Stefanos, I’m outside the house
I need the password
I’m also starting to break into the lock in case he refuses to cooperate. It won’t take long.
You have exactly nine minutes to decide what happens next.
As you’ve heard, soon Pantelis will be in your house.
We’re listening carefully.
Are you crazy?
It can’t work out.
You have little time left to make the right decision
After that, he only gets in to take your life.
Pantelis, how are we doing?
I need about five more minutes.
As you’ve heard, bad news for you.
The moment Pantelis breaks into your house, it will be late for the transaction
He gets in to kill
You have your fate in your own hands.
Time is up!
Pantelis, you go in, you do the injection and leave.
That’s the entrance password
If you hadn’t given us the password, the story would have progressed otherwise
We didn’t have the means to break into the house ,since the lock’s technology was unknown to us.
And that’s when we risked more
. If we hadn’t got into your house,
besides everything would fall apart
, we couldn’t erase the communications and digital footprints
so we were practically finished.
Wise choice, really.
Pantelis, did you hear? 33 47 98
The entrance code.

I’m inside.

Stefanos, I need the bank password.
John, we need the bank password.

Input your fingerprint
You have selected to delete all communication. If you choose YES, you won’t be able to undo
Deletion of all data has been successful.
Standarts and Royals bank, 24h VIP support, how may I help you?
Hello, can I talk to the manager, please?
-Your name please?
John Dervis
Just a moment, I’ll put you through
Mr. Dervis, how can I be of assistance?
a few minutes ago, a transaction from my INS account took place.
Please tell where the money went to.
Just a minute, please
This account belongs to the Ministry of Finance ,Tax Authority Office.
It’s a state account, belongs to the Hellenic Republic.
INS controlled bankruptcy
Tax Evasion involving Millions of dollars
The Board of Directors of INS are led to court to testify for the huge amount of money
transferred to a state account. A tax inspection is underway in INS
as the amount of money is inconsistent with its revenues
INS on its behalf, points out 3 individuals to be behind the transaction
The Minister of Finance predicts a bankruptcy as the tax evasion is estimated at $150 million dollars
INS has declared a work stoppage as the total amount of money has been withdrawn from the company
opposition party is talking about a scandal since scheduled tax inspections never happened…
Do you recognize this person?
Yes, we were classmates.
When was the last time you saw him?
Many years ago…
I think…15 years ago?
Maybe since university.
Yes, it was 15 years ago.
Who did you play poker with?
Pantelis Vlezos, Stefanos Politis and I.
The other two have already confessed.

Will it take long? I have things to do.
Why do it? What did you gain from it?
Do you recognize this woman?
we used to work together
She’s my wife, John
Fifteen years ago, Greece was hit by the crisis
She used to work with you back then , in INS.
You were both senior executives
The company had to dismiss one of you
because of your high salaries
You knew you wouldn’t rise to the occasion
so you decided to get rid of her.
You embezzled on her behalf $1 million
and you pointed a finger at her to your bosses
Anna was sentenced to a ten-year imprisonment
whereas you were promoted
and finally after years… you became the main shareholder of the company.
Go home, John
It’s Christmas Eve tonight
Let’s stop feeling bitter tonight
I carried a burden because of you
you made me live without her for ten years
and for that reason i made you live without your company
If you consider it , you didn’t deserve your position in the company.
You built your empire by destroying my family
You still have enough money to live a good life
Let’s say you’ve paid for your mistakes and forget all about this.
John left and went home
having got all the answers for what had happened in December, 2021
The truth is, reality is not always so romantic
Maybe revenge was enough for me to risk everything on that night,
but not for Vangelis or Pantelis
New York, two months before the game.
SD computers, Center of Virtual Reality Research, Manhattan, New York


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