The Networks | Game the Game

(upbeat music)
Good evening, I’m Becca Scott
and tonight on Game the Game we are playing The Networks.
On my far right we have
the ridiculously good looking Kate Elliott.
If you go to @KatersTweets on Twitter,
you’ll find pictures of our LARP experience.
You will.
Tell ’em hi.
Hey, hello, My name is Flora Bottom Basket
and I’m an executive and a karate, ha, master.
Oh I had no idea Flora’s extracurriculars.
Hector Navarro, hello, welcome back.
Hey, what’s up everybody, hi.
Hector is the host of Comic Book Club
and Book Club on Project Alpha.
That’s right, and today I’m gonna be playing Chaz Power.
TV Executive extraordinaire.
I know what all the young people like, I’m 76 years old
but I’ve had a lot of work done
but I know what young people like, I’m Chaz Power.
Tapped in, now.
And a very special welcome to Vikram Patel.
So nice to have you here.
Great to be here, Becca.
And Vikram, I hear tell
that you are a podcast producer for Neon Hum.
It’s true.
Tell them another fun fact about yourself, now, go.
I used to live in Alaska.
That’s what I tell people when I run out of things to say.
Oh, thank god. Okay now that that’s out of the way,
we’ll just bring up Alaska at anytime guys, are you ready?
Do you know, I’ve heard of that place, I have yeah.
A lot of good reality TV there.
Yeah, there is.
Ooh yeah.
And tell us your fake executive’s name.
Gerald Garden Basket, no relation to Flora.
You guys both are Garden Baskets?
I’m a Bottom Basket.
Bottom Basket, Garden Basket.
Half siblings.
Incredible, it’s just the name of people
who are successful, I guess.
That’s not the way half siblings work.
Is that a hybrid name?
It is in Alaska.
Oh, if it’s a hyphen, yeah that makes sense.
(laughing) In Alaska.
I’m an executive as well.
My name is Kitty, Kitty Katz.
(imitates cat meowing)
You can call me Ms. Katz or Kitty.
Is that spelt how it sounds?
Kitty Katz?
Okay, great.
Katz is a K.
Could be a Q U.
Oh Q U on the Kitty.
Quitty Katz.
All right, so today we are playing as network executives.
I’m so excited because this game looks really cool.
I like an engine builder, which is what we’re doing,
there’s engines, they’re being built, we’re chugging along.
And based on our random turn order placement,
looks like the green player’s going first and that is Flora.
Flora Bottom Basket, karate master, Ha!
So I’ve started with some very interesting shows.
I have Grilling With Milk.
As you do.
I have Know That Rash, you gotta know what it is.
And Shopping Bag Review Hour.
I can’t believe those don’t have viewers.
I mean, I’m shocked, Grilling With Milk sounds thrilling.
I am so curious.
So, I think I might replace one of these shows
with something different.
There’s some action shows,
I think I might get an action show.
Even though they have a little bit of upkeep.
I kind of like those numbers, I’m gonna do it.
I’m gonna pay one million dollars
and I’m going to get Awesome Industrial Accidents.
How American.
So I’m gonna replace Know That Rash,
and it goes into my reruns.
Yeah, are there any baking shows in this game?
Because then that would be the British side of it.
But if there’s no baking shows.
Absolutely there are are, and you know what,
There’s an expansion to this game
which is all British shows, yeah.
Unfortunately if we put them in
we couldn’t show off the base game
because it replaces a lot of the elements, so.
We’ll just have to do it again.
We’ll just have to.
And then have all British guests
except for one American guest to make up for the
how Kate is the one British guest on the American,
does that make sense?
Yep, well I would be the token American in that case.
Yeah, okay then, all British people.
I gotta be on the show, it’s my show, Hector.
I didn’t say otherwise–
Don’t kick me off my show.
You could do such a good British accent,
I though you could blend in.
Thank you, no problem.
Go on then.
Oh, it’s really good.
Yeah, right.
You just got a , it’s a little bit
Aussie there at the end but that’s okay.
Ready to play, all right.
Yeah, now Hector, ’tis the time–
That’s Australian
That you go down under.
That’s 100% Australian.
Where am I going, down under, great.
Okay, it’s my turn.
All right, now,
You could do so many things,
develop a show, sign a star, land an ad, what will it be?
Tonight, on MOO TV.
I know what young people like and that is a show called
Old Folks Complaining, I’m Chaz Power.
I’m gonna buy this for two million dollars.
Two million?
Get rid of this, I’m gonna put it in my 8pm slot,
which is it’s preferred slot.
I automatically get, boom, eight viewers
for that, so I’m going to move this up to keep track myself.
And then Wide World of Forks is gonna go into reruns.
I get one more viewer from that.
By the way, all of the base shows,
they all look like YouTube shows.
They would be on YouTube.
I’d watch it.
And I think I’m also going to, while developing that show,
unless I can’t, tell me if I can’t.
You absolutely can.
I’m going to attach a star,
to Old Folks Complaining.
Who’d you get?
I have a Moonlighting Travel Agent.
That’s fine, I’ll take what I can get.
Starting out as a young, hungry, 76 year old network exec.
So with that I get one extra viewer.
So I’m up at 10 and I think that’s it,
I think that’s my turn.
Brilliant, well done.
I forgot to tell you, brilliant news.
When I bought Awesome Industrial Accidents,
I had to assign an ad to it, is that correct?
You did, yes.
Pizza, is going under Awesome Accidents,
very, very American.
We’ll just put that in there so we know that
that was there on my turn.
British people have pizza.
It’s not as good.
All right, perfect.
Well here’s the line up tonight on VCK.
We got Let’s Pickle, followed by
Biannual County Bubble Wrap Popping Tournament,
that’s a sports show.
And then we got our reality segment at 10
which is Get To Know Your Lower Colon.
Pretty nice.
Again, all of those, they look,
they feel like YouTube shows is what it feels like.
Absolutely, yeah it’s true.
All right, I am gonna follow the trend and recruit a show.
But you know what I’m really excited about?
An Hour of Shouting.
Yeah, look at how, argh.
I love it.
They’ve got a lot of teeth showing.
It’s gonna cost me two million to develop this show.
And it’s gonna go in my nine p.m. time slot, that’s goodbye
Biannual County Bubble Wrap Popping Tournament,
so I turn it upside down so that
it’s rerun points are showing.
And that’s gonna give me eight points
and this would allow me to attach a star
or an ad if I would like.
I think I’m gonna get some
Gen1400 Sports and Hobbies on there.
It’s gonna be plus one million later on.
Okay, so.
Nice turn.
Thank you.
Here on ICS, we have an exciting line up
of YouTube based shows.
eight o’clock you can click on YouTube
and watch Name That Stain which is,
it’s actually I think one of your shows.
It’s probably from Grilling With Milk.
I think it’s from Grilling With Milk.
Know That Rash?
Or Know That, yeah, they were all developed
by the same production company, actually.
Yeah, and hint on Name that Stain, they’re all blood.
Well, I guess you can wait till nine, now.
And at nine we actually have our one British show,
it’s Cooking For Your Gerbil.
You were asking about it Chaz, so if you’re interested.
I don’t know if this game has show trading,
but, we’ll find out soon.
That is a real show on Instagram and it is really good.
Wow, I’m just glad it’s called Cooking For Your Gerbil,
not Cooking Your Gerbil.
Yeah, it’s sort of to–
Season two.
It’s sort of to honor the gerbil before 10 o’clock
where it’s Litter Training Weekly which, you know,
cats are not nice to gerbils, that’s my understanding.
I don’t want to watch that.
So here on ICS, we believe in characters first.
So I’m actually gonna get a star before
and worry about network programming later.
I think that makes the most sense.
Living on the edge, I like it.
I’m gonna get the most expensive star available.
Tabloid Fodder?
Tabloid Fodder.
Oh my. (gasp)
Five million?
I’m gonna pay five million dollars to hire Tabloid,
sign I think is the word?
Signing yeah.
And then Tabloid Fodder’s gonna
just go here in the green room
and is gonna wait for a show to be attached to later.
Perfect, love it, I love that
even her animal’s eyes have a sensor block.
Yeah that’s right.
All right, Flora Bottomfeeder, no.
Bottom Basket.
Oh, you were speaking about my rear a lot.
I’m going to continue with the action
because I’m ha, a karate master.
I’m gonna take this Very Charismatic Explosions.
This is my new favorite show ever,
for one million dollars.
Oh, wait, I can’t because I don’t have
an ad to attach to it.
I wanted that, take that back.
All right, so I’m gonna go for an ad instead because I
apparently am going to need that later.
I do like Brilliant Brooms, I think that is fantastic.
That’s very British too.
It’s very, very British.
But I think, this is worth more, sports.
Ratings dip after 10 p.m.
I will take the brooms please.
All right.
Brunhilda’s Brilliant Brooms.
Thank you, Brunhilda’s Brilliant Brooms,
and that gets me three million dollars.
Oh, I think you go a, oh, that’s an advertisement, yeah.
It is, it is, I’m gonna put it there.
And then I get that right away. correct?
Yeah, you do.
Or that later, great.
Brunhilda’s paying you three million dollars
to advertise on your network.
It’s very good. I like it, I like the brooms.
They’re sturdy, they do the job
and they look beautiful whilst doing it.
Just like Kate.
Good for karate demonstrations as well.
Exactly, exactly.
Ooh, love that.
What’s it gonna be MOO TV?
I think I’m going to pick up
what my competitor is dropping.
Which is Very Charismatic Explosions.
Oh, ho, ho.
Bam, for one million dollars,
I’m gonna need four back from the TV bank,
and I’m gonna set this at 10 p.m.
which means that You Too Can Play The Recorder
is gonna retire from YouTube and go to reruns.
That’s my favorite show.
So I get that there and that goes here.
And this requires an ad, so I’m gonna put
Shaggy’s Rugs and Carpeting, put that on there.
So I get a million dollars at the end of the season?
Is that how that works, okay great.
So with a Very Charismatic Explosion,
with an ad attached to it,
it cost me a million dollars, I get 10 more viewers.
So I’m gonna go from 11 to 21.
Bam, that’s how many viewers I have.
21 whole people who’s watching my stuff.
Chaz Power ugh.
Dang, Chaz Powers, you’re outta control.
All right and you’ve touched on something
with that action show Very Charismatic Explosions,
genres are a thing in this game.
So the genres are gonna get us bonuses
every time we’ve collected three in a certain genre.
Even if they’re already a rerun or an archived show.
Yeah it would’ve been nice to get that second action
on my network wouldn’t it Mr Power.
I bet it would.
Ooh ouch.
Wouldn’t it?
Ooh, it’s tense in here.
Well, since on that note, it’s my turn.
And I would love to develop a little Celebrity Rhinoplasty.
Because we love drama here on VCK.
Now this is an 8 p.m. time slot show
and it requires a star immediately.
We feature this Delusional Singer.
So that’s happening.
Let’s see, Let’s Pickle is retired, reruns.
And so I’m gonna get eight more points,
so I’m going up to 16.
But it cost me a million dollars to do.
ICS is intimidated by its competitors successes
and wants to catch up in the viewer game
so we’re gonna pick up the show
with the most immediate viewers available
which is Chainmail Bikini Warrior
and that’s gonna cost us a million dollars.
And we’re gonna put it into the preferred 10 o’clock slot
and Litter Training Weekly is now gonna become a rerun.
And so if I’m doing my math right,
think that means we get 10 viewers
for Chainmail Bikini Warrior and one for this rerun,
so we’re gonna be at 11 viewers, right.
Oh wow.
Does that look right to you?
Yeah that looks right.
All right.
And you need to attach a star.
Oh, yeah I do.
And I got a star, that’s great.
Thanks for the help.
That works out.
Learning this game.
All right, Tabloid Fodder on the Chainmail Bikini Warrior.
Does that mean I get five more viewers?
You sure do.
Yeah she’s popular, she is popular.
People love to hate her, you know.
All right beautifully done.
And now you’re gonna be in the net negative later,
’cause you don’t have any ads attached.
But that’s okay for now, you got the money.
All right Kate.
I have a question.
Am I allowed to get an ad sponsor
on my Shopping Bag Review Hour?
No, because Shopping Bag Review Hour
at the bottom in the prerequisite area
doesn’t have any symbols which means
nobody’s gonna advertise on that thing.
They’re recyclable.
Good question though.
Made of reused materials.
I get it, yeah, no, I think it’s wrong, I do,
’cause that’s a great show
but the advertisers, they’re not buying it.
Well you know what, that’s terrible.
In that case I’m going to pay five million dollars
to sign, what’s the name?
Zooey Deschanel.
Yeah, that’s it.
Ah, Adorable Hipster, that’s exactly,
look, she’s dropping all her books, ah.
She should come to karate lessons, ha!
That’d make a good episode of whatever show she’ll be on.
Yes it will because she’s adorable.
Alrighty, whatcha gonna do, Chaz?
Well, I know exactly what I’m doing.
I’m the person who sold Young Sheldon to CBS so I,
Yeah, that was me, baby.
Bravo, bravo.
That’s right.
I know what the young people want, Young Sheldon.
So, I feel like though I am kind of
a little bit at a loss here,
the show that is available to purchase,
Cyberslug vs. Mecha-Earthworm requires an ad
and I don’t have any right now.
And and they like it at 8 p.m.
and you’ve already got Old Folks Complaining.
Yeah, exactly, I’m not moving that slot,
that thing is bringing in the bucks, bringing in the bucks.
But do I want to get rid of What’s in My Pockets?
Yeah, I don’t like working with that guy.
He’s real creepy.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do,
I don’t know what I’m gonna do, maybe I will,
’cause if I buy a star and they sit in my green room
the next turn I’ll have to assign them to something
but I can’t do that to What’s in My Pockets.
Yeah, you know what, that’s it, I’m calling it,
I know what I’m doing, I am dropping and budgeting
which ends my season, thank you, thank you very much.
Brilliant, so that’s gonna be
eight million bucks in your pocket.
Cha ching, thanks TV bank.
Well done, good season, good season.
Great season.
All right.
All right, we got rid of him, let’s play.
Okay, oh, my turn.
Now, Cyberslug vs. Mecha-Earthworm
is the only show left and I already have an 8 p.m. slot
so you know what, I’m just gonna
pay for this Cult Sci-Fi Actor for later
and he’s gonna cost me three million,
so I’ll take two back and that’s my turn.
Vikram, whatcha doin’?
I’m gonna take the last show before Flora does.
And it’s Cyberslug vs. Mecha-Earthworm
and it goes in the 8 p.m. slot
which turns Name That Stain into rerun, always available.
All right, one million to the bank.
Oh, except then that requires an ad
so I can put Hipster Gaming Consoles.
You sure can.
I can attach the ad,
is that the right word, we attach ads?
You sell the ad, land the ad.
Land, I’ll land this ad here.
And so I believe that means that’s nine more viewers
plus one for this rerun.
Yeah but just to keep things in order
if you would pay for that show
I tried not to pay for it but
Becca Scott’s here, host and police.
I won’t let it happen, not on my watch.
Thanks, Becca.
All right, so you put it at 8 p.m,
that’s right, that’s a nine viewer kinda show.
All right, so.
Brilliant, 26, crushin’ it.
That’s impressive.
All right, Kate?
I’m dropping out, give me that money.
Ooh, dang, all right.
I need it, I need it.
From TV, seven million, that makes it my turn
’cause Hector’s already out.
I got my sci-fi actor for later,
I’m think I’m ready to drop out as well, but then again.
Ooh, I could just stay in and keep buyin’ stuff.
I’m gonna go with the Crazy Pete’s Discount Plutonium.
I just landed that ad and I will take two million for it.
All right.
All right, I want an ad too.
Here’s Conspicuous Watches,
rotate unless the show is sports.
My other option is American Beers,
rotate unless show is sports, the same constraint
and all the same numbers.
I’m gonna go with the watches.
And if you just land that ad you still get the money
even if it’s not attached to a show.
The thing on the right gets you the money
only if its attached to that show.
Only if it’s attached, so I get this money now.
You get one million!
I don’t have a sports show to attach it to.
And that would be an additional turn anyway.
Anyways, whatever, yeah,
so I’m just gonna tuck it over here.
Back to me, okay, okay,
I’m not crazy about that Retired Athlete or American Beers
so I will just call the season,
I’ll take six mill, no biggie
and I’m out of this season.
I think I am crazy about that Retired Athlete.
One million.
Sign ’em.
All right.
Gonna green room ’em.
And then I guess my turn is done but it’s my turn again?
That’s correct.
Then I’m gonna drop out.
Vikram, I’m gonna recommend
you take that American Beers because–
I’m gonna trust your instincts instead of mine
and take the American Beers.
All right, one million in your pocket.
Cha ching.
Now there’s nothing left to do so
you gain five million by retiring right now,
finishing your season.
If I ever end up appearing on What’s in My Pockets
I want you to know it’s still all the money
that was on here.
In this pocket, wag of cash, in this pocket–
Hey, I sold Young Sheldon, okay.
Guys, this is such an exciting time
because it’s the end of our first seasons of our networks
so we’re gonna balance our income and expenses.
So if you look at your three shows,
either they’re gonna cost you money to have that show,
like a star may cost upkeep
or an expensive show may cost upkeep
and then you’re gonna gain money from your advertisers.
So for me it’s a net of gaining one mill so I’ll take that.
Nice, for me Very Charismatic Explosions
cost a million dollars to upkeep it but guess what?
Shaggy’s Rugs and Carpeting got me covered
so I break even with that.
I also break even with Awesome Industrial Accidents
and my pizza, one million each.
Very cool.
According to the color coding here
I owe three million dollars and I only get one back
so I have to pay two million dollars to the old TV bank.
That hurts.
All right, next up is score, line up, and reruns.
So, Kate, do you wanna start?
Yes, so on my line up I’m gonna get 11 viewers
from my nine p.m. slot of Awesome Industrial Accidents
and one viewer from my rerun of Know that Rash.
Always that one guy watching that show, I’m at 12.
So you’re at 12 and you are the green player
so I’m gonna move you up to 12 viewers, Hector.
With me I got Old Folks Complaining
getting me eight viewers, nine because I’ve attached
the Moonlighting Travel Agent star to that so I’m at nine
plus, go down to Very Charismatic Explosions at 10 p.m.
Which nets me 10 extra, so that’s 19
and then with my two reruns, 20, 21.
So I have 21 total viewers is where I am at right now.
Wow, look at you.
I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna
pretend that it’s 21 million people watching our, right?
I think so.
We should just start saying million from now on.
Everything’s millions, millions millions millions.
One million.
All right, I’ve got eight viewers on Celebrity Rhinoplasty
and seven viewers on an Hour of Shouting,
that’s 15 plus two for reruns is 17.
Well done.
All right, Vikram?
Cyberslug vs. Mecha-Earthworm
has nine viewers, nine million viewers
and then Chainmail Bikini Warrior had 10 million viewers
but because Tabloid Fodder joined the show
five million more viewers came
so that 24 million and then two reruns, 26 million.
Dang, 26, okay, pretty good.
Next up we will age our shows.
So let’s let the black cubes down one row
on each of our shows.
Some of ’em get more viewers with time, some get less
and then the next thing we do–
Some stay at zero.
Yep, that too.
Those old YouTube shows.
It’s so sad when they perform for no one.
Now we’re gonna set up for our next season
so time speed up!
(light music)
Okay, guys, we’re ready for season two.
Now I flipped our rightmost score tracker
because now when you drop out
you get to choose whether you take the money
or you take viewers, last person can only take money.
We’ve also revealed some Network Cards.
Now networks are one time abilities or continuous abilities
or you could use ’em later abilities
or end of game scoring abilities
so they’re things like, just get straight up five million,
draw a star, keep it for free, cool stuff like that.
We’ll get into them once we draw them
but you guys can also now claim a Network Card as your turn
and our turn order has changed
because it’s based on how many viewers we had last season.
So Kate, you’re still goin’ first and then me.
All right, interesting.
You know what, I’m gonna grab it before anyone else does,
I’m going to pay five million dollars for,
what is that top let one?
Dextrous, brilliant.
Wow, would could they be referring to, what show?
That’s amazing.
Well, someone’s juggling knives and disembodied heads.
How strange, how strange.
And that is a 10 p.m. slot
so I’m going to get rid of my favorite show.
Uh oh, can you afford it?
I can, can I not?
Did you already pay?
I did pay, ha ha!
She had nine mill to begin with.
Shopping Bag Review Hour, sad times,
that was my favorite show.
Oh, I’m sorry, there’s one more thing
we needed to do to set up,
we’re gonna move our reruns to the archives area.
And now all that matters is the genre
so you can hide everything,
you can turn ’em right side up again
and just have your genre showing on top.
Got it.
So Shopping Bag Review Hour will go in reruns
’cause I just pulled that
and Know that Rash goes to archives.
I’ll then be putting Dextrous at my 10 p.m. slot
and I have to assign a star
and I can also assign another star or an ad to it
so let’s have a look here, great, Adorable Hipster.
You can be Dextrous’ sister.
You’re gonna go over here.
For a few episodes at least.
Oh, wrong one.
Wrong one, this one.
And I’m also going to attach Broomhilda’s Brilliant Brooms
to clean up after Dextrous’ mess.
Nice, all right.
There we go.
So it’s gonna cost you and earn you cash later
but right now it looks like you got 11 viewers.
I do, I have 11 plus the seven over here,
that still counts, correct?
It will if you keep it there for the end,
make sure it moved down to its second season.
And we can take off our counters
on our personal counting scoring track
’cause that’s just something you reset each turn
so you don’t have to do the math at the end.
All right, Chaz, whatcha doin’, Chaz?
Chaz Powers’ turn, it’s Chaz Powers’ turn.
We gotta make good decisions, Chaz,
all right, we gotta get rid of What’s in My Pockets
but you can’t buy a show without a star, arg!
Every one of those requires a star
and I have none in my green room.
Fine, I’m forkin’ over the cash, five million,
let me get two million back
which means I spent three million dollars
on a Cable Series Star, that’s who I’m getting.
I like that.
This guy just got killed of on Game of Thrones,
come over to–
You got Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
That’s right, that guys, Nikolaj whatever whatever,
come over to MOO TV, he costs three million dollars,
and he’s going to cost later a million dollars for upkeep
but I got my star, I signed a star, that’s all I’m gonna do.
All right, I want a 10 p.m. show.
Ooh, yeah, dramas are my jam, I see a 10 p.m. show,
we’re gonna get Pullyage, it’s go a bunch of pulleys,
it’s gonna be five mill right now
and I have to immediately attach a star
and I can also attach an ad.
Okay, we’re getting rid of Get to Know Your Lower Colon
and I’m putting my Cult Sci-Fi Actor in Pullyage.
Yeah yeah yeah, that’s 11 viewers right there
but if I put an ad on it, oh,
rotate unless the shows on 10 p.m.
Guess what, it is on 10 p.m.
So Crazy Pete’s Discount Plutonium’s goin’ in there too.
Yeah, yeah, that’s right, so I’m gonna be at 12.
Oh my gosh, wait, hold on just a second
because that is my third drama genre
and now I get my genre bonus, baby.
So if you reach three or five like genres
gain five viewers, thank you.
So we’re gonna go up to 17 and I also get to
either draw three stars and keep one
or draw three ads, keep one and take money from other two.
That is awesome, but I’m looking at the shows up there
and they all require stars.
You’re gonna draw three, keep one?
I’m gonna draw three, keep one of these stars
and while I decide go right ahead, Vikram.
I’m gonna develop a nine p.m. show, Communisty.
I had my eye on that one.
Sorry to snipe that from you.
It’s gonna be really relevant.
And it require a star
so I’m gonna attach Retired Athlete to it.
And it has an option to add ads
but I only have ads that are sports ads.
They don’t really work,
then you have to rotate them and what not
so I’m just gonna do this,
turn Cooking For Your Gerbil into a rerun,
so it’s still available for the rest of this season
and I think that is my turn.
Sweet sauce.
Well I’m going to acquire a sponsorship
from Hairy Hamburgers, try our new hairy meals.
Yeah, I’m gonna pick that up,
I’m gonna get two million for picking up the sponsorship
and then that’s gonna go in my green room.
Cool, don’t buy what I want.
Don’t buy what she wants.
Mr. Power don’t you do that.
Stop it,
I have a feeling I know what you want.
No you don’t, you know nothing.
Yes I do, it’s color coded.
Ah, I wonder if that will help.
Nope, not at all, it wouldn’t help you at all.
I think it kinda would it’s just, ah, no.
You already, yeah, mm-hmm.
Well, I had a plan but then I remembered
that now we have Network Cards in play.
I like them.
What are some of the Network Cards?
I can take a Network Card, well you got Sweeps Week
and as a TV professional Sweeps Week is very tantalizing.
Very tantalizing, play at the start of your turn,
you either take an extra action at the end of your action
or you draw two Network Cards and keep one
but to take a Network Card would be the whole action
and then I would have to hold on to it.
But it looks like that one happens immediately.
Well that one, no, this one does.
That one does, it yeah.
These three do,
but this one would be one to save, to hold on to to save
and I wanted to put a show on nine p.m. but I got
stolen, you know, snatched, that show got snatched.
Sorry, guilty.
Like how you took mine?
Yes, exactly.
So I think I am going to, hmm,
I think I’m gonna get an ad.
Do it.
McTaco’s, bam!
I’ll get this ad, that’s an extra two mill
and I cannot also assign it to a show
in the same turn, right?
Sure can’t.
This is just landing an ad
which now is just gonna sit in my green room.
And question also, if you have a star attached to a show,
obviously you can put an ad also on top of that, right?
Depending, so Old Folks Complaining can have one of either
because there’s only one symbol you’re limited.
Ah, that makes sense.
Okay, I got a plan, I’m pickin’ up Split Season.
I picked up Spit Season, this says,
immediately score viewers for one of your shows
then age the show.
So now Celebrity Rhinoplasty got me eight
but now it’s only worth two.
So that’s done and that is my turn.
Wow, that is what I was gonna do for my turn.
Oh, that is a bummer.
I was shaken
that I had that Network Card stolen from under me
but I’m gonna fight through this setback.
What is the Sweeps Week thing again?
Extra action, at the end of your action
draw two Network Card, you keep one.
You can do it now or you can do it later.
Oh, at the start of your turn, you wouldn’t do it now.
So you hold on to it and then later
you can do one of those two things.
I think I need another star so instead of buying a star
I’m gonna take this Network card that
immediately let’s me draw a star and keep it for free.
So you just get whatever’s on top.
Oh all right you don’t get to pick.
Do I have to show you guys?
You can if you want to.
Soap Opera Star.
Rotate unless the show is drama.
Thank you.
Okay, what’s it gonna be Kate.
My show is not stolen from under me, haha.
I’m going to buy or develop Criminal Mindfulness.
Brilliant, I love it and that’s gonna cost me five million.
One, two, three, four, five.
Thank goodness I picked up that sponsorship
because I’m able to attach a star
and if I want to an Ad. I’m gonna do both.
So Grilling With Milk, love that show.
It’s gonna go down into reruns under
the Criminal Mindfulness in my 08:00 slot
with the Failed Mayoral Candidate starring in it
sponsored by Harry Hamburgers.
This is nice, very nice.
All right, it’s gonna get you nine viewers.
Oh yeah.
I know what the kids want.
They want crude animated programming.
So that’s why I am going to for my 10:00 PM slot
now help me out here because I’m not entirely sure
how this is gonna work.
Gonna retire this into rerun town.
Now I should let you know the Ad goes with it
and you’re not gonna get those 10 viewers.
Give us any two.
My plan is start building a comedy lineup.
And if I go for the other show, The Cubicle
that’s at 08:00 PM I’ve already got All Folks Complaining.
If I put The Cubicle in my 09:00 PM slot
it’s only gonna get four million versus the nine million.
So I’m looking at what if I get that six million viewers
attach a star to it get an extra two milli
so I’ll have eight million with my
how great will this be?
Cable Series Star doing
a voice on North Lawn.
That’s it.
Seems like a waste of space.
That’d be great.
It is a waste of space.
Or whatever you think.
Just when like you had George Cloney voicing a turkey
on SouthPark (laughs)
I’m just gonna try it out, whatever.
I know what I’m doing, I was the creator of Limewire.
Remember Limewire?
What I thought.
Do you mean the Not as Good Napster?
How dare you?
How dare you.
It’s Limewire, Napster ripped us off.
So when I do that when I retire this show
Very Charismatic Explosions what happens to the Ad?
Your Ad is discarded forever and this pile over here.
So first up buy this for three million dollars.
North Lawn, I’ll take that.
Okay, so I’m purchasing this putting it over here
and I’m attaching a star to it which I can do.
It actually requires it.
it does.
And I have an option to also put an Ad on it.
You’re gonna put that Ad on.
McTaco’s because all the stoner kids
are gonna be wanting tacos McTacos is gonna be
really really excited about that.
So now that I have that, I have my rerun.
Ow oh.
What else?
If you don’t put this Ad on an 8:00 PM show.
Oh that’s right.
It gives you less money.
Darn it.
Put one million instead of two.
There we go one million instead of two.
Whatever, fine that’s fine.
All right.
that’s fine.
I have an announcement.
Just a real quick one.
We’ve decided to brand ourselves as an action network.
That means you get five viewers.
Would you like to draw three stars and keep one?
Or draw three Ads keep one
and take money from the other two?
Oh Ads, bring the money.
Shall I go ahead while you’re deciding?
Thank you, yes.
Okay. Guys I am so pomped because Celebrity Rinoplasty
they got that split season
there’re worth nothing to me now.
So we’re gonna put in another drama Upton Crabby (gasps)
So pumped about this, so discarding Delusionals.
See here she’s had her time.
Turning Inter Celebrity Rinoplasty into a rerun.
And now my 08:00 PM slot has Upton Crabby
but it requires a star.
So we’re putting in my freebie I got from my genre bonus.
This guy he always dies in everything.
Now here’s a cool thing I can choose to rotate or not
it’s my choice.
Here’s season bonus of one two and then four
or I can flip it being at four zero zero.
And I like that.
Now I’m gonna get 12 more viewers
plus another two over here.
So that’s my turn.
I’m gonna land a 10:00 PM Ad.
And get two million dollars for this Ad landing immediately.
And that’s my entire journey.
So picking my Ad I think I’m going to keep
after the break Promo which says I have to rotate
or pay five million, it’s very interesting.
But I get views out of it.
And then I’m gonna cash in on these bad boys.
All right, that’s gonna be four mil for you.
Thank you.
And then it’s back to your turn.
That’s from here.
Genre bonus.
And I think I’m just gonna go ahead and take
this network card it gives me five million.
So I don’t have to wait take that card when I come back.
All right, Hector what you got?
I gotta get rid of what’s in my pocket
but I don’t have a star or an Ad.
Well there’s no time slot for oh you could.
I could I could put it there
but I’ll just grab this Ad.
This gives me one million dollars
Seat in my Greenroom and it says rotate
or pay five million dollars, yikes.
If you pay five million you’ll be able
to cash in on those viewers.
I see.
If you don’t it’s just money.
Oh wow and Ad that brings in viewers, unspeakable.
Well well well what’s left?
Let’s say I could steal the Cubicle from you
but that would be rude.
Go for it.
He stole my action show
I did.
I demand retribution.
Steal it forward.
Oh man, I’m gonna take a Popular but Unpredictable Legend.
He’s gonna cost me five mil one two three four five
and I’m gonna have to rotate him unless
he’s attached in season two or four.
(gasps) So there you go.
You can put him here but that’s season one.
You put him on Uptown Crabby.
No no no no no, it’s season two for all of us.
Oh is it?
It’s that shows for a season.
Shows for a season, gotcha.
Season two overall.
Got it got it, our season two.
You have a sign Shakespeorian Trained Star.
Nice inimical.
That’s right.
All yours.
I’m gonna put that in my greenroom.
That’s my turn.
And you paid for his holding fee?
Paid five million.
I would like to have a star because
I don’t have a star in my greenroom right now
but I’m considering dropping out to get that money.
What does this say? Rotate unless the show is sci-fi.
Oh yeah, okay.
So my choice is I’m curious about taking
this network card that let’s me do something next time
but I think at this point I’m going
to drop out and take the money.
Fair enough.
I’m gonna do it.
Or the viewers if you want.
I’m gonna take the money.
10 mil all yours.
Thank you, great.
All right, Hector.
Yeah, regular Scrutch McDuck over here.
All right, I’m gonna get a star.
And I’m gonna pay five million dollars for this.
Science fiction legend.
And that’s it.
Cool, I didn’t notice that there was
a Police Procedural Mainstay over here.
Oh my gosh, he’s so good on dramas
and we are the drama network.
So I’m gonna pay one mil for him.
PCK, we know drama.
Yolup, it’s my turn.
Think I’m gonna try this last network card.
It lives for one day.
It says play at the start of your turn.
Not this turn, it’s already started.
Either take an extra action at the end of your action
or draw two network cards and keep one.
That’s so nice. I like that.
So this I already used.
Hector, what’s it gonna be?
One card left on the table.
Chaz power Chaz power, I’m may get that comedy lineup.
This is gonna cost me five mil, I can’t.
Oh no, you only have four million.
It is awkward, I cannot afford this program.
Wow, I can’t attach a star to my YouTube show.
I cannot attach and Ad, I’m locked out, I’m hopeless.
What happened to the master?
I know Limewire, Limewire.
That’s what I mean.
All right, I’m gonna drop the budget.
All right orangy.
You get eight million or three viewers,
what’s it gonna be?
I think I’ll take eight million dollars
’cause I need the money.
All right, it’s my turn, I have a tough decision here.
Either I can drop now and get four million bucks
if I don’t Vikram’s probably gonna drop next
and get the four million.
But the difference between two and four negligible I say.
So I’m eyeing those viewers
and because my popular but unpredictable legend
does best in season two or four
and I don’t wanna rotate him I am going to use this turn
to attach a second star to Uptown Crabby.
It’s a period drama about crabs.
So I’ve got two stars on the show and it’s gonna get
me a hell of viewers, so that’s gonna be five more for me.
And that’s my turn.
I can use my turn for the same.
I think I’m gonna attach my star to a second star
to Communisty ’cause it’s gotta show to three seasons
on air it doesn’t drop off after two like the other ones.
I wanna really invest in my 09:00 lineup.
And so that’s gonna add another three viewers.
And I’ve not been keeping track of my little black squares.
It’s okay we’ll add it up.
At the end.
I am, did I pay?
Staring context Becca this is gonna–
I think I’ve got nothing left to do
because all of my spots for attaching stuff into my show
is taken, I love my whole lineup, we’re crushing it.
I don’t want The Cubicle and I’m gonna drop for four million
I will take a five and put one back.
Kinda wish I had dropped now.
I have looked at my Ads and I looked at my stars
and I think I’m gonna look at my shows
and I think I’m stunned to stock.
I’m just gonna have to drop that too.
All right, so you get two million
now it seems you’re back.
I accept that money.
Oh guys it’s the end of a season.
So first things first income and expenses, Kate.
Okay, income and expenses.
So on the right side the plus is a minus.
So my Criminal Masterful Masterfulness
it costs one million upkeep but
I have a two million sponsorship on it.
So I’m up one there.
My Also Industrial Accidents cost a million for upkeep
but I also have a one million dollar sponsorship there.
Dextras cost one million to upkeep
as does My Adorable Hipster one million.
It’s always expensive.
But then The Brooms give me one million.
And so I’m square.
You are square, super square.
This costs upkeep.
It all zeroed up I double checked
It does, wow.
Ninja accounting.
So shocked.
You okay?
Yeah, I’m fine.
Did yo break your wrist?
I sold Young Sheldon I’m fine.
‘Cause your bones are old.
Not that I missed having to break my wrist.
All right, budgetdy,
North Lawn the show doesn’t cost anything
but my cable series star cost a million dollars
but thankfully I’m getting that Twity Main from McTacos.
That’s actually what McDonald’s is trying out.
Cool, so your net zero.
Gross, yeah I know it’s zero.
I net one million plus, I’m not gonna
go over the details just trust me.
I had a couple of meetings with my accountant
to render numbers try to lie a little it didn’t work
and I owe three million dollars. No TV bank.
Have money to make money.
Sure does. Next score lineup and reruns, Kate.
Lineups and reruns for viewership.
So Criminal Mindfulness eight viewers plus
an additional one from my stars so that’s nine.
Plus seven ’cause this is in second season
plus seven here plus four for the star.
Till on reruns.
I think that is a 29 help me if I’m wrong.
I think you’re right.
So we’ll score that for you.
Let’s see you are the green player.
29 plus 12.
I believe you, since you both decided, 41.
Okay, here’s the math, Old Folks Complaining gets
me seven plus one because I still have that.
A Wonderful Moonlighting Travel Agent so we’re at eight.
What’s In My Pocket is nothing
we go down to North Lawn it would be six
at the 10:00 PM time slot but because of the cable series
star that’s an extra two million in viewers.
So that’s eight, so eight plus eight is 16.
It bumps up to 18 because of my reruns
of Very Charismatic Explosions.
Crushing it.
So 18.
Where was I before?
You were at 21, so that’s 39.
That’s right.
Okay, pretty good.
So let’s just look at turn order,
I think Kate’s gonna be last.
Okay, my turn, guys this is gonna be insane I apologize.
All right, so Uptown Crabby at 08:00 PM
this is the first season on this network so that’s eight
plus four so that’s 12 plus another five is 17.
For one show I’m amazing.
Next up this is in its second season
it’s An Hour of Shouting and that’s gonna be another eight.
My heart is pounding I’m so excited.
Okay, Pollyage, in its I think that’s the first season.
Yeah, that’s the first season ’cause
I added these two this time.
And Pollyage is seven plus four it’s gonna be 11 viewers.
(gasps) So that puts me at 36.
And then another three for reruns one two three
but wait you forgot about my split season didn’t ya?
I got to immediately score for celebrity Rinoplasty
it also had a delusional singer on it.
So in its second season it gave me another eight.
That cannot be right.
47 point single turn.
Cleaning up over here at VCK.
Plus hang on a minute the fact that you got these
you also got five viewers for your three like genres.
Did we consider that?
No we didn’t.
We didn’t for me either.
One two three four five, I’m at 52
and let’s add Kate’s first I’ll do in a second.
One two three four five 46 Kate.
Thank you.
Thank you for noticing it.
You’re welcome.
52 plus my original 17, 69.
That is the best viewership you’d ever have.
Are they watching the show though?
They’re not watching maybe it’s on the background.
That was very impressive.
Thank you.
My 8:00 is providing 11 viewers this year.
Cyber Slide grew in viewership, 11 million excuse me.
First season of Communisty was just six million
There were two stars on it turned into 11 also.
So that’s 22.
And then the second season of Chainmill Bikini warrior
with Tabloid Folder is now at 16 so that’s 38.
I get 38.
Wanna rerun is 39.
Brilliant good turn.
Very nice.
And it’s a cleaner act.
Okay, so 39 plus 26, that’s like 25 plus 40, 65.
Looks like I’m going first.
It goes Hector Kate Vikram and me.
We age all our shows, is that right?
Let’s all age our shows one season.
Well this is the tricky part ’cause I get a little slide.
I slipped the slide around.
I don’t like that.
All good.
All right, now guys next up next season.
Speed up the time.
(electric music)
Guys, you’re ready to crush it at this network exec thing?
Great, great great great.
So first up, wow Moo TV looks like
you guys get to go first in turn order.
We gotta switch things up,
I got the board breathing down my neck.
And I have to keep reminding them I sold Young Sheldon.
You sure did.
I sure did.
I sold it to CBS, okay? For so much money.
Ridiculous amounts of money.
But I crashed that car because I was under
the influence of something, I’m a Hollywood executive.
All right, first off we’re gonna switch things up.
Moo TV no longer comedy, I’m not feeling it.
We’re gonna try to go sci-fi fantasy.
I’m buying Agents of SHAMPOO, love it.
It’s a shared universe what all the kids are talking about.
Buying that putting it at the 09:00 PM slot
sorry What’s in My Pocket get this old guy out of here.
Boom, this is on its first season
and I’m gonna attach a Science Fiction Legend to it.
So you rotate it unless the show is sci-fi.
Oh it is so I don’t have to rotate it.
But boom he’s only gonna cost me how much
he’s gonna boost me with four million extra viewers
and just for the heck of it I’m also
gonna put a promo in here ’cause I need
help with my struggling network.
This is rotate or pay five million dollars.
So I rotate it or I pay five million
to keep the promo the way it is.
Otherwise ’cause with this I get a three million bonus
otherwise I get two million at the end of the season
by paying five million right now.
Is that how it works?
Yep, you got it.
Plus I get viewers,
It’s kind of worth it for the viewers.
I am, boom, five million to get that promo
locked onto Agents of SHAMPOO, what’s it stand for?
Strategic Homeland Aeronautical Multinational
Power Organization Overwatch.
Very nice.
Agents of SHAMPOO.
Great show, I’m a fan.
I’m freaking out.
You’re doing great.
No, you’re doing great, that was an excellent move.
I’m 76 years old I know what kids want.
Yeah you do.
Well An Hour of Shouting is a popular show
and I hate to retire it before it’s time but–
Hang on, I’m going next you missed.
Sorry, I’m so used to a turn order you are so right.
I’m gonna return five million
and I’m gonna get the Sultry Sexy Lead.
She’s gonna go in my greenroom.
Brilliant, I think it’s my turn.
It is.
I’m gonna get this network card.
Oh I wanted that.
It says play when developing a show
ignore one prerequisite star or Ad
or develop a show for no money.
I’m good at having no money.
Crushing it love it, okay.
You know what I need is money.
I like money and I will take money.
Let’s go with Reflux Orange Juice.
Oh gosh.
For those people that love that feeling
of wanting to vomit I get two million right now
and it’s going in my greenroom.
Okay, back to Moo TV.
Back to me already?
Fantastic, I’m gonna get
this ThumbStation Video Game Console.
That’s gonna be an extra two milli for me.
I’m just gonna go ahead and land that Ad
it’s sitting in my greenroom and that’s it.
I’m going to develop a show I wonder which one.
For five million I’m gonna get Person of Disinterest.
She doesn’t give a shit.
And that’s a 09:00 PM slot. Becca, would you tell
me what happens to the 09:00 PM slot that’s already here?
So you’re gonna discard your Ad.
You’re gonna flip it
and put the show in your rerun.
Great, perfect.
Person of Disinterest requires both a star and an Ad
which I have set up, thank you.
So it’s Sultry Sexy Lead is going to be
the Person of Disinterest
so is the sexy person who doesn’t care.
And then after the break we’re gonna add premier.
It costs five million Not of Living.
I’m gonna pay back ’cause I have the money
and I’ve got a lot of views on there now.
Tasty tasty tasty.
I get it.
I think it’s my turn.
I think I have like a rules and honor request.
I have an idea I don’t know if it’s gonna work.
But these network cards you can just play whenever, right?
You can do then in a single turn yeah.
I might do them together.
So I think I’m gonna play Sweeps Week, which says
Play at the start of your turn
and either take an extra action at the end
of your action which is what I wanna do
it’s only with the rest of it.
Great, this card this sucker.
So it will be a two action turn, right?
So first thing I’m gonna do is develop
an expensive 08:00 PM show I think I wanna do this one.
You Reek, aagh.
I get it.
And this is an 8:00 PM show so I’m going to
what I’m gonna do is play this righter card that says
play when developing a show develop the show for no money.
So I’m not gonna pay for it, cool?
That’s nice.
Cool, I’m not cheating yet, great.
So I’m gonna do this put this here
and put this guy on that first season.
Yeah so discard that old Ad.
Reruns because this one would have only been one viewer
that was the logic if anyone maybe cares.
Good call.
We care.
I know I meant our viewers.
They care.
And then–
Discard that.
I discard that, right?
‘Cause you developed your show for free.
And then I’m taking this like an action.
But instead of ignoring a prerequisite
you just develop the show for no money.
You do need your star.
I do need my star.
So I wanted to put my star here and I just forgot.
Now that star needs to be rotated if
they are not on a drama.
That’s not a drama so rotate, great.
Is that a waste of this star? Should I just put my repeater?
What’s the differential to one?
Three to two, it’s not that much, you’re right.
I’m so old Becca I’m poor network executive.
I’m a good exec what can I say.
Yeah, taking advise from my rival execs.
Yeah, perfect.
And you could place that Ad on there if you wanted.
I see you have a bunch.
I do.
I’ll place one of these sports heads down here.
Since it’s called Conspicuous Watches.
Awesome and perfect.
I rotated it so just it becomes one million
instead of three million, right?
But at least I’m using it.
You crushed it.
Walking around with Ads in my pocket.
You’ve so many Ads in your pocket.
What’s in your pocket?
Solid turn, that’s excellent.
Well I wanna do a second that was
my other network card I played there, right?
I was to do two turns on it.
That was your first turn, you’re right.
It’s been so exciting I forgot that
you had a whole other turn.
I wanna also replace my 10:00 show with the !:10 here.
The Baccalaureate.
That one requires one Ad, I could have two is that right?
That’s right.
So I’m gonna pay two million to acquire the show.
Do the whole grouping my role here.
Get rid of this Ad, I mean this star.
I wave a goodbye to that.
Chainmill Bikini World becomes a rerun
and this one requires an Ad
and rotate unless the show is on 10:00 PM.
So I guess I could keep it, that’s convenient.
Wanna pretend like I planned that one —
That’s nice work.
And you can add a second Ad to this
and I’m just gonna do it, just gonna tuck it on.
I’m gonna rotate because this is not a sports show.
Okay, so you have your third fantasy show
so you immediately gain five VP
and so we don’t forget to count it
like we almost did last time we gonna do it right now.
On the score sheet.
Yeah, so blue, you’re gonna be at 70 points now.
This doesn’t change our turn order.
So my other thing for three is
I’m gonna draw three Ads keep one
and take money for the other two.
Good call.
Not a bad idea.
Someone is pretty broke right now.
Brilliant, good turn.
I believe that’s end of my turn.
It is my second turn
thank goodness no one took Once Upon an Enzyme.
Okay, it’s gonna cost me three mil to develop it.
So Once Upon an Enzyme requires a star attached immediately.
I would rotate my Police Procedeural Manstey
unless it’s a drama but it’s a drama.
Okay, so that gives me nine viewers there
and I can also add an Ad.
I will rotate unless it’s on 09:00 PM.
Oh guess what? I did plan that, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No accidents here.
Not on VCK.
So we’re on our first season of the show
and I feel pretty good about that.
So back to beginning of turn order.
Okay, it’s my turn. I know what I’m doing,
I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m doing.
I’m gonna go ahead and snatch up this Showrunner card
which I will use later for this network card.
This is not something I have to use immediately
but I will use it at the end of my season
to prevent one of my shows from aging
’cause it looks like the way things are going
I’m gonna need it, okay not my turn anymore.
Let me just stand up and get this orient.
That one.
you have to pitch five you’ll need one more.
I do and that’s drama.
Rotate unless you have unused Ads in your greenroom
or I can do a promo, I’m going to take this promo.
I’m going to gain one million immediately.
And I’m going to put in my greenroom.
You’re up.
I need to finish my genre bonus from before
and I think what I’m gonna do is keep
this Krakatoa Instant Coffee
and then you get money from the other two.
Do you know if the money comes from the–
Top left.
Top left.
So I’ll have three million.
That’s very nice.
Actually you needed that.
And then for this turn it’s time to get a star
it’s been a little while.
Sci-fi or drama? I have drama. Is that what this is?
No that is reality TV.
Reality TV.
What’s a drama, all the cards are stars.
I’m so stuck on this one that I’m going
to shift course and get this promo instead.
Okay, that makes it my turn.
Oh you get one million immediately.
And speaking of forgetting to take your genre bonus
so I have five dramas I will immediately
take five points for purple put me at 74
and woo if you reach five like genres
draw three network cards and keep one in.
That’s true.
Oh my gosh that is baller.
Then you could do an extra thing.
I was gonna use my turn to take a spin off card
but I’m gonna take the spin off card right now.
And I will just discard those and then
because I haven’t done an action yet
my action is gonna be the drop the budget.
The other thing you can do when you hit five like genres
is that now apparently you can exchange money for viewers
at a rate of four million for three viewers.
You can just do that.
Okay, so now I either take 10 million or five viewers.
Isn’t the end goal of the game
to have the most viewers, is that what we’re going for?
Those are them shit.
So I’m gonna take 10 million and then
I’m gonna do, oh shoot.
I was supposed to have done this on my previous turn
and I only had five in my pocket at the time
so I can only do my exchange four million for three viewers
with the five million I already had.
So I will do that, I’ll put in this five so
I have change of one and I would have gotten three viewers.
You do right now, you get three viewers.
I’ll go ahead and take them so I don’t forget.
One two three, 77 and then at the end of this turn
I needed to take that 10, there you go.
Okay, all right, that makes sense.
And now I’m out of the round
and it goes back to Hector’s turn.
Okay, I’m gonna invest in my stars here.
I’m gonna go ahead and three million–
Don’t take the one I would–
To get the Creepy Vampire.
Creepy Vampire actor is just such a fan favorite.
So I’ll do that and once I have signed a star that’s it.
That’s with the one action I can do per turn.
All right, Kate.
All right, thank goodness.
I’m going to buy That Kid From the Commercial
that’s the card.
He costs one million to sign and I have to rotate him
unless I have an unused Ad in my greenroom.
So he’s gonna go in my greenroom for now
and we’ll see how that works out next season.
I just wanna read this star.
Rotate unless this show is reality it fills the Ad slot.
So you putting it on there if it required an Ad
You can do a Reality Show Vote Collector instead.
But may I recommend instead of this Director card
I think it may be very useful to you as you’re using
a lot of Ads you have to rotate
and that lets you rotate them back at your will.
It’s only this one.
Rotate the stars and Ads as proffered.
So you’d rotate one two three cards like–
Wait where are my other
oh my I’m just not reading my cards as I did the other time.
Good call yeah.
You just got a lot going on.
I take your advice.
Hey, really I think that’s a good choice.
Thanks for the help.
I promise I’m not leading you to disaster (laughs)
And that says any time on your turn
Rotate the stars and Ads on all
your active shows as proffered.
Can I just do that right now?
You can do it now, yeah, at any time.
Oh snap.
That is better, wow you’re right.
I owe you a million dollars.
Thank you I’ll take that now.
Very nice.
As for Chaz.
Chaz Power is losing it, losing it.
I’m gonna drop out, that’s it. I need the money.
Okay. So yellow–
Eight million dollars
Eight million, go for it.
Yeah, thanks.
Back to Kate.
I kind of wanted the money.
But it’s only four mil.
It’s either that or I take the network card
but I only have one star assigned to each show
then some of these stars are really nice.
Let me read that for one second.
Play to keep up to two stars from a single canceled show.
Darn, if it was two that’d be great.
I’m gonna drop out and I’m gonna take four million.
That was really wasn’t sure what I was doing.
Well I say the word for myself.
Yeah you do.
Great I’ll take this network card
and hold on to it forever.
And then on my next turn.
You do have two stars on one show that is good.
Yeah, I’m gonna hire
this reality show collectable collector.
By the way we didn’t miss anybody’s genre bonuses did we?
No, no Becca.
So Hector just to be clear you have how many zeros.
Just, I wasn’t.
So just do it just do it.
Vikram’s turn again.
I think I wanna hire one more star.
That’s the right thing to do.
For three million dollars.
Man, star network.
And I think that’s all I’m doing.
All right, so you get two million for being the last drop.
Thank you for the money.
So guys end of season three I’m so excited.
End of season three.
So let’s start backwards this time, shall we?
Vikram income and expenses, what’s your net?
Plus a million minus a million plus five million.
The Vacalorian has so many Ads
you are totally right on since we’re going backwards.
You’re welcome.
Yeah, that was well played.
So I’ve got a net of two million in positive.
Take that, Hector.
I break even, my Agents of SHAMPOO show
cost two million dollars, one of the stars cost a million
but then I get three million in Ad revenue
and then with North Long another million dollars
to upkeep that one HBO Game of Thrones star
but then I get that million from McTacos.
So I’m breaking even.
You’re show’s shaperdly break even, that’s amazing.
You’re on top of that budget.
I am losing the most.
But the cleanest.
You look the best so that’s what matters.
Chaz has had a long great career, Limewear.
It’s time to move out of the way
and let the next generation.
76 years old, I know.
The next generation.
So my upkeep is a lot because I have action shows.
I have one two three million on upkeep.
But then I have six million for sponsorship
so I net one million.
Nice, well played.
Okay, next up score line up and reruns.
Let’s keep this back we’re doing the thing.
All right, so you got season one of the 08:00 show
is six plus three that’s nine million in reruns.
09:00 show we have six plus five that’s 11 million
oh no, sorry this is season two Communisty.
So it’s nine 10 11 15, all right so nine and 15 that’s 24
and then another seven so it’s 31.
Two reruns should be 33, I think that–
Those reruns are two viewers each
Oh they’re two, 35.
35 let’s add them up.
Okay, so you are blue so 35 plus 70 is 105
and you get your 100 point token.
It’s like having one of those YouTube signs on the wall.
You’ve reached 100 million viewers.
Well then well done.
All right, Vikram’s first breach.
I’m gonna go, let’s see Uptown Crabby
in it’s second season has 11 eight plus three.
So that’s pretty good that’s pretty good.
Okay then next we’ve got Once Upon an Enzyme.
We love drama on this network.
And that’s gonna be seven eight nine again.
So that puts me at 20.
And then Pollyage comes in in
a whapping 14 so that’s 34 viewers there.
And my rerun gives me two more 36.
Baby, feeling good feeling good.
36 so I’m at 77.
113 that’s what I got.
113 I guess.
Basic addition.
This addition is so tough but guess what I have broken
100 thousand viewers.
I’m not gonna break 100 viewers.
It’s okay.
100 thousand oh no.
At your own pace, we each go at our own pace.
Season three, is my turn next?
All right, shit, whatever.
Old Folks Complaining is gonna give me six plus one
because of the star at 07:00.
Agents of SHAMPOO is gonna give me eight
plus the star an extra four plus the Ad an extra three
so it’s eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 there.
I put it at 22.
Sure, and then Northline I got seven
’cause I’m in the second season plus
the HBO star is bringing me up to 11.
So I’m at 33.
Plus your one rerun.
34, aah, 34 plus.
That’s it 73.
We both did that so will trust it.
And I get no bonus, okay.
Hey it’s not a bonus it’s just–
Stop putting your hand on my shoulder.
Do you want me to teach you Karate?
I understand now why every CEO in every position
in Hollywood has a crazy drug habit.
I get it now, I get it.
I wish there was a line of cocaine here on this table
because I would probably snort it.
Oh there is.
Just a coat.
Does that come with the game? I hope not.
Do it, it comes in the box, it’s in the box.
I need to do it behind closed doors
and then go do like a shareholders’ meeting
and just be like everything’s fine, everything’s great.
Sweat’s normal.
I sold Young Sheldon.
Show your hieing.
I recommend watching it on Limewire
we do give you that.
Yeah, thank you.
But not illegally, you can’t do doubles up on Limewire.
Right, Criminal Line for this is going to get 11 viewers.
Person of Disinterest is going to get
eight plus four plus four.
Dextrous is going to get–
Hold on, wait where are we now?
Plus my two reruns 37.
We trust that we trust that.
I checked it three times ’cause I wasn’t sure.
Awesome, so 46 plus 37.
So I’m gonna add one two three four five six seven
plus 30 is 83, yeah.
Yeah, as long as you get the correct answer
it doesn’t matter how you got there.
Thank you.
That’s advice I got from a maths teacher.
It’s true.
But show your work.
Show your freaking work Kathleen.
You can’t do it in your head.
Okay that is score line ups and reruns. Age your show.
Oh my God third season Uptown Crabby needs a work on there.
I’m gonna use my Showrunner card.
You play at the end of a season to prevent
one of your shows from aging.
I’m gonna keep the Old Folks complaining from aging.
Oh that’s a good plan
because it goes from six to one
I know, I know.
Seven to one even.
So you aged your other shows.
Yes I did.
Okay, awesome.
You really love those Old Folks Complaining.
No I don’t they’re all I have.
You’re all they have too.
I know.
So now three two three.
Just a mental note, okay great.
So next thing–
Is we set up next season.
Do our reruns go into your archives?
Reruns go into our archives and speed them up boys.
(light music)
Ready for season four’s lineup?
I’m pumped, I’m pumped.
And exact same turn order.
Another thing to be pumped about.
That’s also what I’m pumped about, yeah?
So that means I’m doing very well.
All right, Hector.
What does he mean about–
You got other qualities.
Oh yeah, good, good, good good I’m glad I’m glad I’m glad.
This is the most stressful game.
First up I think I’m gonna purchase a show
for five million dollars.
Which is the Limping Treated and Released.
The Limping Treated and Released.
It’s the opposite of a popular show.
The Running–
I’ve never heard of the show.
I’m gonna go ahead and stick it in my 10:00 PM time slot.
Which means I’m retiring North Lawn.
My cable series star goes away forever
and so does my McTacos Ad money.
Oh sad and I needed a star for this
and I’m gonna go ahead and put a Creepy Vampire
and I would rotate this unless the show is sci-fi
an honest rotate, so that stays there.
And I also have the option to put an Ad on it
instead of another star and I’m gonna go ahead and do that.
So I rotate this unless the show is
on its preferred time slot which it is.
So I’m keeping that right there
and this is season one 10:00 PM seven million viewers
plus the stars an extra three million
and then I get two million dollars.
Okay, that’s my turn.
Good turn, Kate.
We’ll see.
Holy beans, I had a plan but then it changed.
You were gonna buy that?
No actually it wasn’t that it was
so I’ll tell you what I was going to do.
I was going to get Flexible Schedule
because that allows you to play during show scoring
to consider a new show as being in its preferred time slot.
And then I was gonna get one of these sports shows.
But then I looked at the numbers on the sports shows
and the viewership doesn’t differ that much
if you change the time spots.
So instead I think what I’m going to do
that’s three million to upkeep
that’s also three million to upkeep
both require an Ad.
All right, I’m going to pay two million to develop
Monday Night Football.
Oh that’s Foosball.
Foosball, one of them sport things.
And that’s actually going to replace Criminal Mindfulness
which has gone down to seven viewers in its third season.
And that means that my Failed Mayoral Candidate
can just die I guess.
My show gets flipped and put in reruns
and I lose Harry Hambugers Try Our Hairy Gross Thing.
May I add that just because an actor show was canceled
doesn’t mean they have to die.
He’s dead now.
It’s true.
He’s dead now.
That’s very true.
Cut the tape.
That’s the textbook.
Yeah I guess you do have to die.
Okay who’s turn is it?
I’m developing hit action show Found.
No planes crash and no islands get swallowed by airship.
Sorry about the spoiler.
I’m gonna develop into my 09:00 PM slot
retiring Communisty but I’m gonna play the Spinoff
to keep up to two stars from a single canceled show.
Woo, woo, woo.
Very nice.
I might just do that.
I can’t keep them under there or is that another order?
You have to play an Ad but you can’t keep both those.
So I’m gonna like–
This basically they go to your greenroom.
Let’s say you did the Spinoff move first.
Okay, does that make sense?
I have to cancel, I don’t know.
Doesn’t it keep–
Well you know what?
It’s kinda tricky ’cause it all happened simultaneously
but you do need to add at least one star and one Ad
and then an Ad or star of your choosing if you want.
And I’m gonna say that you can add the ones
that you just pulled off on that Spinoff.
Even though still need to check if you can on the timing.
Well ’cause why did I cancel the show.
I have to remove this in here.
It all happened simultaneously
so yeah, they stick around, they’re on your network.
‘Cause I could also just add these in tens.
Up to you, for the best.
I can do that.
Can I upgrade to Mantis Dramatic Actor.
Rotate unless the show is drama, let’s do that.
And you have to put an Ad on there as well.
I’m gonna put an Ad on there.
Let’s do this Instant Coffee.
Rotate unless you have stars left in
the greenroom which I do.
Okay, great.
I think that all feels like I didn’t cheat a lot.
I kind of cheated a little bit.
I forgot to put an Ad on Monday Night Foosball.
Oh I didn’t check you that’s my bad too.
It’s all right, I’m gonna put this promo on.
I’m gonna pay three million not to rotate it.
So I keep the viewers, sorry about that.
Stay tuned.
Thanks for the help with my turn everyone.
Hey you’re doing great.
Past the control now.
Ooh that makes it my turn and there is so much I wanna do.
Mostly it’s time for a new show
but all of these shows except for one require advertisements
and I have none so I’m gonna pick something up.
And they all say rotate unless
you have Ads left in your greenroom.
And they’re gonna give me zero money.
(gasps) Oh bamsville.
Seems like you have to buy it too.
Yeah, I do.
Well we’re gonna get Blast Radius Pure Sugar Cereal
and it’s going to make me two mil now.
And that means it’s back to Hector’s turn.
Chaz Powers.
I need money.
I’m gonna get Bloop Blue Jeans.
I’m so sad this game is crushing.
It’s so crazy how true to real life it is.
I understand TV production on an incredible new level now.
Okay that’s it I’m done.
What you got Ketus.
I was thinking about getting an Ad
but same problem you just have.
I don’t have an Ad in my greenroom ready.
So I’m probably going to take Good Grounding.
Which is a network card.
At the end of your game score two viewers
for every show you have in one genre of your choice.
Question, does it count reruns?
Kick ass.-
Thank you, that’s my turn.
‘Cause you’re genres count till genre bonuses
from your archives so it’s gonna be the same
for the end game scoring.
Everything you have had in your archives.
Archives too, fantastic.
I’m gonna do the same exactly
and take a Good Branding card.
I was gonna take it.
See my plan was as soon as someone takes the first one
I’ll take the second one and I’m insured to get that card.
Well that didn’t work out and now I’m in no rush
for anything else.
I’m gonna go with a little Gunmetal Chewing Gum
’cause I need to have stars left.
These weren’t the same, hold on. That says Ads left.
Oh men.
Son of a D.
Because the next one next to you is another
Ads left one I think.
Rotate unless you have Ads left in your greenroom.
Yeah but I’m gonna, this is gonna help me.
So I’ll take the Gunmen on Chewing Gum anyway.
I was a dummy.
I should have taken those in a different order.
I will have two million now.
That’s too much higher level than I am.
There was like a lot of words in that reading.
I’ve learnt the secret of playing games well
is read your cards.
Do it for a living on television.
You’ve come a long way.
You were the biggest player in the beginning.
Don’t touch my shoulder.
You game me a massage.
I just gave him a patronizing hand.
Too much?
No it’s good, feels good.
My turn is it?
That’s my turn so yeah.
I need to get this Diet Sugar Cola.
I need money.
I need money, Kate.
I’m gonna read this really quickly.
What does it say?
At the end of the game score two viewers
plus one viewer for every one million received
from Ads on shows.
Hello, at the end of your game score two viewers
plus one viewer for every one million you
receive on Ads or active shows.
I’m gonna take that bad boy that’s mine.
That was my move.
Well done.
That cost me like 11 viewers.
That’s really good.
I don’t know what plan is.
Get a plan.
I’m working on it.
Oh I love that Former Comedian Gone Dramatic.
Probably really good moments with that actor, really good.
This is full, this is full.
Oh boy all my shows are full.
That must be nice.
That’s rubbing it in.
I’m gonna drop out.
Wow that’s a first.
woo I did not see that–
Okay, 10 million.
I’ll just take that.
Needed the money but nothing to do.
Okay my turn and I got a plan.
I’m psyched I guess I’m super stoten psyched.
Here’s what’s up.
We’re gonna claim Flee for five million.
Yeah, it’s yet another it would be so great for me
if I had good branding but sure don’t.
Really should go for some sports though.
Sports is not gonna do it for me.
Sports is not good.
I’m going to also play Spinoff.
Play to keep up to two stars from a single canceled show.
I’m canceling Uptown Crabby keeping Masters
and Flee is going in the 8:00 PM slot.
So I’m gonna put that in rerun.
And Flee also requires a star and an Ad and something else.
So I’m gonna go, I have no choice.
Rotate if the star is attached to, no.
Okay great, that’s happy day, happy day.
Season four yeah.
And this would rotate unless
you have stars left in your greenroom.
Shoot, rotate unless you have Ads
left in your greenroom looks better for me.
Okay, so we’re on season one.
Flee is crushing it they’ve got a little bit of
the guy who Always Dies in Everything
for four viewership right off the–
You rotate him or does he stay?
I get to choose if he rotates.
And I’m gonna have him start rotated
because he’s either four immediately and then nothing
or one to four and we’re not gonna have that much time.
Plan D reading the cards.
And then I have to add and Ad
Blast Radius Pure Sugar Cereal.
Don’t have to rotate because I have an Ad left.
And then we’re gonna add
the Popular But Un-predictable Legend.
And I don’t have to rotate him
’cause he’s attached in season four.
All I can say is I’m crushing it.
Thank you guys.
Flee is popular, just say it.
Feel like I jammed the signal card we’re in trouble.
Yeah corporate espionage, yeah.
All right, I was last in turn order
that means Hector’s turn.
Okay, I’m gonna spend two million dollars
and have to resort to buying some sports
Ultimate Fainting Championship.
I’m gonna get rid of my Old Folks Complaining.
But you love that.
My Moonlighting Travel Agent is now
a full time Travel Agent she’s like a television base.
I did love them, so we’ve retired them.
I love that she’s in period dress as well.
She’s got like a fancy gene heir dress.
People from the past.
Have to add an Ad to this I’m gonna add Bloop Blue Jeans.
I rotate unless I have Ads left in the greenroom as well.
So I get to keep that so that’s gonna make me some money.
But I don’t have the preferred time slot at 10:00 PM.
So it’s only giving me nine million viewers
which is more than I’ve ever had in my life for anything.
Sports, pretty good. Sports are good.
And you could add a second add if you wanted.
I will not, wait a minute
’cause then I’ll rotate that one
and it will make me zero dollars.
So I was right there’s no point in doing that.
Good call, now you get a strategy.
Now you’re getting it.
I don’t know.
All right, Kate’s turn.
Speaking of strategy I am dropping out.
Give me that eight mil.
All right, eight mil.
Kate I have a question,
did you consider taking the viewers.
Did you consider taking the viewers instead of the money?
I thought about it the first time.
I’m very low on money right now.
Well I have five million and my strategy
is next time I wanna buy more shows
because I only got one this time.
So I need some money to buy them.
So I’ll take the money this time.
It’s back over to me.
No my turn, don’t skip me, don’t skip me.
Did we skip? I’m sorry
I just saw that and I just assumed never mind.
You’re the man.
It’s always your turn.
Thank you.
Are we closing in?
Dropping out?
No freaking way.
One viewer four million, yeah right not worth it.
Sounds great.
Play during show scoring to consider
a new show as being in its preferred time slot.
Well of course there’s no point for me to–
But nothing is in a bad time so it’s not for me.
But it might be next turn.
So you know what because Hector really wanted it
not because, that was already my plan.
That is exactly why–
I might need it later. Now I have a backup.
It was only one viewer for you you know .
It’s true.
Don’t be mad.
I’m so mad all the time.
That’s how I describe you to other people.
The guy is just so mad.
So mad I can’t even hmm.
Do you wanna get a star so you have one?
Do you wanna maybe get a star.
That’s it, is it the end of your turn?
That’s the end of your turn, right?
Yeah, that’s one thing.
You do one thing, it’s easy.
What can I afford to get?
Six million dollars I can get a show
that can get me some more viewers
let me see eight nine 10.
That’s a killer viewership right there.
Can I get nine, no I can’t.
Not in any way shape or form.
Why would I want a star? Why would I want any of that?
For the next round.
I’m gonna drop out.
Wow, really?
I’m gonna take the one viewer please.
One immediate viewer.
I’m giving it to you now.
Thank you, thank you.
Now it’s on me and I’m gonna take my sweet ass time.
So fun to go last.
And I feel like I was hogging it.
Yeah, that’s very thoughtful of you.
Such an execs get ahead.
It kinda works.
That’s so nice.
Nice okay, so (gasps) okay, sorry.
Stress of it.
Yeah, I really.
Here is what I would like to do.
Oh my gosh, I don’t have any sitcoms.
Oh it’s sitcom not comedy.
Okay, I’m gonna purchase the services of
a Serial Award Winner
and that’s gonna be five million right there.
Hey star, hey you star.
Now it’s my turn again.
And I think it’s time to retire Pollyage.
So I’m putting a new show in my 10:00 PM slot.
Oh my gosh, for reality if I don’t go with
the 09:00 PM slot that is bonered.
You can get that Broken Worse to the third season.
Cool that’s a killer.
I’d say.
Here’s what I want.
That’s accurate to Breaking Bad.
Jumped up another 13.
So Pollyage is staying put.
Once Upon an Enzyme is retiring.
And we’re gonna put it Babylonian Idol.
Now I need to put an Ad on this.
Rotate unless you have stars left in your greenroom.
Oh guess what? I have a Serial Award Winner there.
Yeah, you do.
That was the plan. That was the plan.
Okay now I can put a different Ad but I don’t have one.
So that’s what I got there
it’s first season and it’s at 9:00 PM.
So baller me. Then Once Upon an Enzyme
is going into reruns but it gets three viewers at reruns.
So that’s dope.
Sorry Police Procedural Mainstay well you are retired.
He’s gray haired he’s happy
he’s got grandkids to take care of.
And Reflux Orange Juice is gone forever
but that’s fine by me.
Play during a show screen to consider a new show as being,
I don’t need it.
And that is my turn.
And do I want another star or another show?
Don’t want that show.
Do I want stars in my Roster for later?
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
I don’t have much money and I need it for a new show.
So now it is time for me to call in into the season.
Here’s two million.
Thank you, that was kind of you.
Okay, Kate, income and expenses.
All right, Monday night Freezball
is going to cost three to keep up.
I have a two million Redsman on
so I am one million in the red.
My Person of Disinterest and my Soldier Sexy Lead
are going to cost two million to keep up
and I got three million on the Ads
so I’m square now, right?
And then Dextrous and My Adorable Hipster
cost four million each to upkeep.
And my brains give me one million sponsorship
so I need to pay one million for upkeep.
Perfect, Hector.
Dang it, dang it.
You owe nine and you earned seven.
Oh God I thought you were just gonna stop at you owe nine.
So yeah, that’s basically it.
I have to owe two million dollars.
Ultimate Fighting Championship cost me three
I get two back so I pay one to the TV bank.
Agents of SHAMPOO–
Oh sorry, that’s Ultimate Fainting Champion.
Oh it is.
Faining Championship?
Oh what did I buy?
We answered just love it.
Great, I did not mean to buy that show.
Agents of SHAMPOO breaks even and then down here
for the Limping Treated and Released
it cost me three million but I get two million back.
So I have to pay a million.
All right.
I earned six million Ads but I paid two back
so I’ll take four from the bank.
I’m gonna put one in and take a five.
Man I’m so bad at this.
I earned 10 million I had to pay five.
So I get five.
Well done.
I feel like I’m playing season two
and you guys are on season four.
No big deal I think it’s our dark colored jackets.
Yeah, that’s what it is.
All right, score lineup and reruns,
Kate, what is your lineup?
All right, so let me see.
So this is going to be 11
because it’s not in it’s correct time slot.
But that’s fine ’cause it’s a difference of one point.
So 11 plus 13 is 14.
I’m just gonna give you all of the numbers
and then you can do the thing.
11 plus three?
11 plus three is 14.
Yes it is.
And I also was adding at the other time.
Plus 11.
Plus another 11?
Plus five, plus four.
14 plus 20 so 34.
Know what? You’re next one’s 13.
This one?
Oh, time slot.
Yeah and this is going to be nine until that 20.
Then wait 34 plus nine is 43.
And then I’m going to have my network card Good branding.
At the end of the game–
End of the game, don’t worry about it now.
Is that, oh end of the game.
This is all at the end of the game.
So now you got three additional points
for your reruns so it’s at 46.
Thank you.
Okay let’s give you 46.
You are green so six is 89 plus 40 is 129, is that right?
I think that’s right.
29 and here we go.
You got 100 points token you got a bling.
Ooh, can we please do a bling on her tooth.
Yeah like that like the Orbit’s girl.
I’ve got a dirty mouth.
question with these reruns do we count
the number that is darker or the number that’s lighter.
What is facing you.
The one that’s facing you, oh they are aren’t they?
Oh man, I’m really bad at this.
My main problem is that I don’t know numbers.
So let’s do some math, ready everybody?
Nine plus 19.
Okay so that’s–
I was getting there.
No no no you’re good at math I love it.
Kind of a shouter.
Hey, you’re crushing it.
38 plus five.
43, I know you had that faster.
Well never know.
That’s okay for orange.
74 plus 43.
One two three plus 40, 84 94 104 114.
You tell me.
That means in essence great.
If you remove the three forms that’s–
Ooh 117 and welcome.
Oh you’re stressed okay.
It’s not gold.
No it’s not.
It’s just a plastic award.
And you feel good in your heart.
Wait somebody can get to three–
When you flip it over that’s when you’re 200.
Now you’re with–
Don’t do that now we’re hungry.
Oh my God.
I’m just gonna go next ’cause we’re going this way.
Okay (gasps) Flee gets eight plus four plus five that’s 12
plus five is 17 for one freaking show.
Plus 10 for Babylonian Idol.
Thank you, well done.
Yeah, Hector wins that one.
And then another 10.
Well done Hector you’re doing great.
Another six.
You haven’t got that for that 100 card.
37 plus 6.
It’s a 60 no 43.
Yes, okay and that’s.
Did anybody reach a genre and we forgot to count it?
Okay, I’m at 43.
So that’s gonna be one two three plus 40 is 156, Limy.
Swing it all out.
16 plus 40, yeah.
Hey, this is the fun part of the game
where I’m technically not losing yet.
Should we take some time for me to count.
One two three.
You’re doing great.
Putting me on my nerves.
You Reek at 10:00 had 10 million viewers.
Founded 09:00 had 15 million viewers.
That’s 20 with five.
And then the Baccalaureate at 10:00 had 10 more so that’s 35
and some reruns make it 38.
38 pretty good, pretty good. Clean it up, clean it up.
Okay so 38 and here you are at 105, so 143.
Sounds right to me.
Oh my gosh so turn order I’m last.
We have basically same turn order.
Then Vikram then Kate then Hector.
Guys we gotta age our shows.
We’ve got season two season two season four.
You got season four?
Yeah Pollyage is not pulling its weight.
Don’t make that noise again.
Set for next season, ready guys?
Archive your reruns and let’s…
(light music)
Wow, wow, wow guys this is season five
and stuff’s getting real real.
Our turn order bases on current points is still the same.
Oh, oh I don’t have any money.
Oh, oh well it’s your turn.
So do what feels best.
What can I afford?
What TV shows can I afford.
I can’t afford a single on except for one TV show.
So You Think You Flare On, I’m not buying that.
So I feel like I should probably get a star for later.
What stars will give you the most viewers
for your most buck unless it’s a reality?
Darn it, first we have Drag Queen.
Okay, a cheeky friend unless
it’s the only star in the show.
So is when you make a decision.
This is it, this is where I make it.
Don’t take the one I want.
You’re pretending.
Each of your reruns I don’t have any reruns.
You could get reruns as Randa.
I could.
It will make sense.
So what is it? Reruns Escore’s Editional.
Each of your reruns is yeah I’m gonna get this.
Woo Syndication.
We’ll see how this pens out.
I’m gonna take Clem’s Clearance Firearms.
Rotate unless it shows on 10:00 PM.
That’s gonna go in my greenroom.
And I get two million.
You know what I wanted that one but now
I realize I don’t want to advertise for firearms
because our network isn’t taken.
Just for guns.
Well then I do want it I don’t believe now.
Hang up a show.
I know you are and I don’t want this.
Is all I needed, we both needed reality.
You could have taken the fantasy but you know what?
Maybe I’ll take it just to F with you.
Yeah in fact that’s what I’m doing.
Maybe you should.
I think I’m gonna do that.
You could–
Really I’m fine.
That’s why I need some help with the rules but it’s okay.
And the Silver for Targets is retired,
She’s so retired yeah.
And then that’s three of these reality shows so–
Did you pay your two million to earn it?
Gave my two million there.
Yeah, you’ve been doing great.
I think I want to draw three, oh no.
I’m gonna give you five Insta points.
One two three four five.
Oh and I have to put an Ad here.
Right over here before I do all that stuff though.
I put this promo here and I’m gonna pay
three million to get the extra viewers out of it.
So I pay five and I take two back.
Just wanna take three Ads and keep on
taking money from the other two.
Is that how it is? This one?
I can do it.
And if you want we can go ahead and go on to my turn
’cause now that my heart is broken
doesn’t nothing matters any more.
So because we’re on the final season
all I would also be able to get
a three genre combo of was in that reality show.
I guess all from five.
She’s trying to block the way guys.
There was a smart move.
Look at the move.
You already got five, so.
Maybe just drop out.
Yeah, it’s good advice.
Yeah, get 10 million, five viewers.
Let’s see time slot doesn’t matter.
I’m replacing my 10:00 PM time slot
but I can treat anything as if it is 10:00 PM
So the most points, got it, noted.
I don’t have an Ad to go with that.
Just because you’ve been hurt
it doesn’t mean you have to hurt us.
Just keep that in mind.
So you’re saying it’s a way to hurt you?
Look how fishy she is.
Well, I see you need all the actions that are out there.
I don’t need anything.
But I was already gonna take it since it’s the most points
but I don’t have an Ad yet.
So you’re safe for now.
I think I like Sweeps week because
I can’t afford the 10 million for the advertising push.
That’s just a little out of my budget
but 10 viewers is so good.
You know what F it we’re doing Advertising Push baby.
Gonna bounce in a while and I’m spending
one two three four five 10 billion dollars
no it’s a million.
It’s about to get 10 viewers.
Instant 10 points. So 56 to 66.
166 million viewers.
Wish that can be seen.
VCK, VCK, that’s my turn.
That’s back to me, I need money.
I’ve had you say that.
I need lots of money. I can’t do anything without money.
I can’t do anything at all.
Without money.
Without anything.
Dr What?
It’s a good show.
The PotatoNator, I’ll take three million please.
That’s my turn, I landed an Ad.
Perfect, I’m going to develop a show.
Thank goodness none of you could–
Yeah I almost took it.
I was so worried.
It’s granted.
And that is at10:00 PM
so I’m going to take Dextrous into reruns.
That means My Adorable Hipster goes back into the pool
of forever trying to get costs.
Bring Helda’s Brilliant Brooms
we invented the vacuum cleaner
and NCI has has has has is gonna go over there
and it requires a star and an Ad.
I have an Ad and it needs to go in the 10:00 PM slot
which it is so I will put that right side up.
This little guy however that came from the commercial
rotate unless you have an unused Ad in your greenroom.
I do not so that turns that’s fine.
There we go.
Well done.
And one two three four five.
It’s time, let me move your points right away.
29 that’s 34, 134.
And then would you like a star?
Choose your favorite of three or would you like
three Ads keep one get money from the others.
Or would you like to draw three network keep one.
That one could do.
Good call.
All right, enjoy take your time bank
and we’ll just jump to Vikram.
I’m gonna do the same thing she did.
I’m gonna pay a five million for Doctor What.
Put it in–
That’s what you needed?
I’m gonna put it this time in this slot
it’s a wrong time slot I get that right?
Just take fewer viewers.
You can.
So I’m gonna rerun this
put these two Ads away put this at season one.
I’m at five spaceships now.
Woo five by five.
I was like three board cards and five viewership points.
One, two, three, four, five.
Oh my gosh you’re crushing it, okay.
So good thing I did that deal I just got last round.
You’re at 53, 153s bazillion viewers.
And what would you like?
The network cards, same.
One, two, three.
I just gotta keep one of the three?
You keep one.
And while you’re deciding I’ll take my turn, Kate.
I chose a network card.
I’m going for five viewers please.
Thank you.
All right and you are green
you’re at 34 so 39.
Thank you.
Okay, my turn.
I think I’ll also do mine if you don’t mind.
So I’ll put these two back.
Oh no you got it.
What did you get?
Immediately Split Season.
So immediately score viewers for one of your shows
and then age the show.
So I wanna score this 14 to get 10, right?
That makes sense?
You actually get 15 plus 4, 19.
You just crushed it, you just crushed it okay.
So one two three four 72.
Baby, you beat me can I make it up.
Money coming so looks fine.
I think you might have just won the game man
I need this.
Sorry I forgot I didn’t put my–
You got Doctor What and you had to put a star on there
Who is it gonna be?
That’s retired I’ll put it back there.
I didn’t wanna be cheating
any more than I’m already cheating.
Since you’re cheating anyway, just kidding
did you wanna add a second thing?
Oh, I shouldn’t be helping you just surpassed me.
Why are you so, you’re so nice.
That’s what they say.
They call me the best, it’s my nickname.
I’m gonna find that’s it’s never BT on the show
because of hanging out and all.
Oh that will have to repeat didn’t wanna win.
Oh bless him.
Bless his heart.
Okay, my turn.
I think I’m gonna do some programming
because Pollyage is really stinking it up.
It’s only got two viewers now.
So that’s gonna get retired.
Now my 10:00 PM slot is open, good.
By Cold Sci-fi actor and Crazy Pete’s Discount Plutonium.
So I–
I don’t know what happened.
there is one 10:00 PM slot.
Okay doesn’t matter because I have a flexible
schedule so I’m gonna do whatever gets the most viewers.
And that is gonna be Quiver.
Because you know what it doesn’t matter what genre now
I’m scr scr screwed on that second genre.
You didn’t pay for it.
Oh suck a D.
[Kate] Oh, I know what you did.
I know.
I didn’t mean to let you guys know what I was gonna play
but that is a good point it was part of my plan and I forgot
and I’m going to take the Ultimate Apple Corer.
And I’ll get three money now so I can buy a show later.
Thank you that was the plan.
Got a little excited.
Okay, now it’s time for Hector to go.
I ran the numbers.
There’s no point in me being at this table.
Okay, do you wanna get up.
It’s been great.
Playing Mario Car Boming like messy
you guys have been no difference either.
I’m also trying to figure why would I want a new show?
All of those shows have less viewers
than the ones I already have.
Then you wouldn’t.
Well, because there’s a final–
There’s a final what?
There’s a post season scoring phase
where after we score our final turn
we just score our shows one final time.
All of the shows or the shows that you have currently?
Yeah, you don’t have to balance your budget or anything.
I’ll just do your current not without your agent
and then after you’ve been aged
then you score one final time.
So the point to get a new one
is that it’s newer than an older show?
Yes, so if something’s gonna age out right now
like Agents of SHAMPOO.
Yeah, okay, well then I need.
Get an actor first it can help you.
Yeah, because that’s what I need.
So I’ll go ahead and get the only one I can afford.
The Reality TV Judge and she’ll just sit in my greenroom.
That’s my turn.
She’s got a good career.
I mean is she?
Reality TV judges they’re the worst.
But I’m going crazy but it’s fine
because I’ve already decided I know what
I’m gonna do in the other season.
You know that scene from the Game of Thrones
where the guy just, I’m just gonna go ahead and —
We’ll moan you.
Successful executive, no you won’t.
No you will not.
Blazer will flat breeze in that breeze as you fall down.
What’s Shoppies little bro’s name?
You’re a Tomin.
I think I’ll just retire and become a teacher.
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.
You’re 76 though you can just retire.
Yeah, I really should.
This proves it, I should not be in the game.
76 years old so I don’t know what teenagers like.
That is true.
Learn every day.
Is money worth any points at the end
or it’s not is it, just viewers??
Just let’s see what is worth points is a star.
You’ll get a point for each star in your greenroom
at the end of the game.
Oh, you know what, I could do that.
Sorry a viewer for each star.
What does this say, what does this say?
Rotate unless you have stars in your greenroom.
And that’s worth nothing.
I’ll be doing a star I think.
It’s a good call.
Three three five three.
It doesn’t matter I’m gonna pay three,
great I’m gonna go for the Fierce Drag Queen.
Brilliant, greenroom with you.
Okay Vikram.
This card.
What’s the name?
It’s a Sweeps Week play at the start of a two turns
or draw two networks cards and keep one.
That’s a great card, okay, my turn again.
And now I can do it so sorry.
Tried to retire Pollyage too soon
now Pollyage is retired and we are replacing it
with Quiver baby.
So Quiver is five million dollars
one two three four five oh my gosh I’m so broke.
And I’ve got attach a star well I’m at it.
I will also attach an Ad.
Oh my gosh we’ve got a Serial Award Winner.
Oh excellent.
Look at this beauty.
He looks so good in his tux.
Can’t wait to get him in some spandex.
Yeah, he’s gonna play Quiver.
Because let’s see.
I’m gonna play this during show scoring
it’s gonna mean it doesn’t matter that
I put a 09:00 PM show on a 10:00 PM slot.
And that’s gonna get me 13 points.
So I’m pretty–
Get a little ahead of yourself there.
You’re gonna afford me?
There’s no way.
Mathematically it’s physically impossible.
So that’s my turn and it’s back to Hector.
I think my problem was that for every single one
of my turns I did the exact worst thing I could have done
to be good at this game.
That’s still at the center.
It is it’s almost like you have to know
all the answers to be able to get 100 percent wrong.
I used to get 50 percent right.
Just got to laugh at your misfortune.
Yeah yeah that’s good.
I’m gonna buy a show.
I’m gonna buy How I Left Your Father.
That’s gonna be great, I know what the kids want.
Okay that means that Agents of SHAMPOO
is being retired or it’s in reruns now.
And these things are gone my Science Fiction Legend is out.
This promo is out.
How I Left Your Father and I’m gonna attach
the Reality TV Judge to it because I have to, I’m sorry.
Why is she in a sitcom?
I don’t know it’s the worst idea I’ve ever had.
But at this point who cares it doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters, I barely have a hundred dollars
in my bank account at the network.
That’s all I can do.
Okay, Kate’s turn.
All right, guess what I have in my greenroom.
I have a star, so I’m gonna take this
and it would take two turns to apply
to which it already exists, correct?
So this goes greenroom and then it can go over.
Great that works.
Okay, and did you get your instant two million.
I didn’t, thank you so much.
Oh and you know what else I forgot.
I guess three of the like drama, my first one.
Well done.
Now you did get the five million, right?
Yeah I did, I’m broke.
So let’s give you five instant points.
And you are yellow.
Great, five viewers, yeah.
Where I’m I at now?
22, 122.
And then I have an option of either drawing three stars
or drawing three money, I need drawing three money.
Now end of game points the star
will get you a point viewer.
But you don’t care that’s good.
What’s that?
A star will get you a viewer?
If they’re in your greenroom just chilling
that’s one point.
Well I need, what does the money do?
At this point.
Well we don’t know yet.
So I’m gonna let you work on that
if you wanna do stars instead.
Well let’s see what else can I do.
There’s three stars left on the table to shows.
Do you need a new show?
There’s no way a new show could help me in any way.
And it would cost me more money.
If you get a new show then you get five rerun
points for your show so you could actually take
a small show.
It’s true.
Spoken like a true exec.
So I can rid of a show
that right now gives me 15 million viewers
turn it into reruns and I’ll get–
five million rerun viewers.
Five plus an additional four is nine million.
So it’s hypothetically turning this one over here
so it’ll go from five to nine instead
and then I could get seven nine million over here.
So what’s the math on that?
15 you get rid of 15 but you gain nine so I’m losing six.
It’s a bad feeling.
What’s this?
You can immediately lose your How I Left Your Father.
Just like ditch that one?
Ditch 10 and turn that into a nine.
That’s the move.
You got canceled right after the pilot.
Yeah, but you got all the viewers from
Point of Power while it was successful
But you can think of that.
For any of that I’m gonna need money
so I’m gonna go for what I picked.
That’s fine.
You know you get whatever you discard you get that money.
And then you keep the other.
Yeah sure I guess I’m keeping this one
and then I’ll discard this for six million.
I’ll take it from over here.
So that makes it Kate’s turn.
All right, I’m going to take
my Aztec Chocolate Bars and put them under
Monday Night Foosball for some extra Ad revenue.
And that’s my whole turn.
Okay, awesome.
Well actually I wanna play my Sweeps Week
so I can draw two network cards
but I think that doesn’t count as my turn right?
And then I’m gonna take that other network card
that’s saying that when I’m done I just do
a little maneuver.
I’d love to know what you got from those cards
I never picked that myself.
What are your options?
Two Ads choose one to keep.
Get the landing bonus from other and put it
on the location of the Ad deck.
That’s what’s called Ad acquisition.
Or viewers get five viewers.
So I’m gonna do get five viewers.
And then for my turn I’m gonna take this
Flexible Schedule card to make easy work.
Two plus five 77.
I took the last network card
that’s gonna make my 2:00 PM show.
That’s my turn.
I see what you did there and I don’t like it.
I accept your displeasure.
Well on that note I’m on drop in budget y’all.
I’m on dropping budget.
Oh shoot let me think about it though.
Because we were talking about
I get to have point everywhere.
So that’s gonna earn me 13 points as a show
and five points as a rerun.
So it’s a difference of seven.
So if any of those get me seven.
Breaks even.
Unless you’re gonna get tired just start at least.
That’s several turns away.
I think screw it, I’m dropping and budgeting.
I’m living my life you know and I want five million viewers
yeah, in my pocket.
Plus 10 million dollars or five viewers.
Oh thank you. (laughs).
Very nice.
Nice turn.
Good luck.
I feel good about it.
You did the right thing.
I fucked up.
That makes it Hector’s turn.
Money makes no difference.
I can’t afford a star and a show.
Again I’ll repeat I cannot afford a star and a show
which means I can’t use anything left on the board–
You’re one million short.
There’s no reason for that.
You can buy a star.
Your syndication means you should definitely–
Retire a show.
I could give you a show to fill that time slot.
I wanna give you this star.
Don’t do that, don’t do that it’s not real.
That’s so fucked.
How would a real TV exec handle this situation.
Blame it on somebody else who’s directly under me.
There should be a network card about
like a scandal in the media.
Yeah absolutely.
Okay, I guess I’m gonna add Crikey Sneakers
even though money doesn’t matter to my sports thing.
I didn’t have to turn it because it’s sports.
So I get an extra three million at the end of this thing
so that I can buy a yacht when I quit television.
It’s all just green for me baby.
I’m going to drop the budget and get
those three viewers please.
All right, three viewers for you.
I’m just giving to you right away, one two three.
Well that could have actually helped me.
No, wouldn’t have made a difference.
I’m going to bring on the Satirical News Anchor
as one of my newest stars.
I just wanna pay five million and take two back
and add him to my bench and that is my turn.
Nice, okay, I’m out, Hector.
Not seeing anything worthwhile in my future.
It’s worth it to buy a star.
Yeah, I’ll go ahead and buy this.
Writer Director Editor Star.
Yeah, why not?
Hanging out in my greenroom.
Back to Vikram.
I am going to hire last star into my greenroom.
Good call.
Okay, I’ll go ahead and drop the budget
and get one extra viewer please.
Yes you will.
123, okay, Vikram.
I’m going to add this star
what’s the word for that? I’m gonna attach
and in place of this network VP
I’m gonna find my son back to the while
to get a few extra points.
You can absolutely replace.
We didn’t do that throughout the game but–
I’ll spend some more money later
and it’s my last turn still kind of thing.
Still your turn everybody else is out.
If there’s any other ways of getting points.
Oh I should have done all of that.
I should have replaced a star.
Do you have any network cards that will help you?
This ones will rotate at three
doesn’t really make sense.
Oh I think, I think I’m done.
I’m gonna drop and get my dollar.
Okay you get two million dollars.
Great, guys it’s the end of a season.
We love this.
It’s not quite because we still have so much to score.
So Kate do you wanna start by balancing
your budget for us income expenses.
Sure okay, so I have three million to keep up my Foosball.
A million for Person of Disinterest
and the Sexy Star in that so that’s five
plus another one million for NCISICPOMOMGEONG.
So that is one two thee four five six and outgoing.
And I have two four, six, nine incoming.
Great three to you.
Three to me.
This show cost three million dollars
I make three million plus two million on budgets
so I’ve got two.
Nothing here and initial cost one million for the star
so that cost me three million
but I get two million on the budgets
which means I have to pay one which means I get one.
Is that correct?
Yeah that’s right.
I get five incoming and three outgoing so that’s net two.
And I think I owe four million
I might owe five million because
this rotated card cost money but I rotated
so I think still good.
No, not if it’s rotated.
All right, goodbye money.
All right Kate, let’s score your lineup.
Let’s do it.
All right, so I’ve got 16 viewers.
On my Monday Night Foosball.
On my Person of Disinterest I have 13.
On my NCI has has has I have 11.
That is my viewership.
And reruns.
I have my reruns at three, now should I do this?
Not yet we’re not at the end of the game.
So 43.
You know what’s crazy I’ve hit 41 I’ve hit 43
42 is my favorite number.
Let me just see it comes at 42 again.
85 thank you, 185.
First place.
Very nice.
Onto your end game scoring card.
Can I go next?
Look at how far ahead everybody else is.
You’re gonna catch up right now.
There’s no way, all right everybody.
Stick with me on this one, sports show 15.
How I Left Your Father, comedy show 10.
The Walking Deadly Bath 15.
Plus three.
But I’m gonna play this card during reruns
scoring each of your reruns season
score four additional viewers, so–
That’s where I’m at, 47.
So you’re 30 plus 40 is 170, nice.
Oh I moved till last place.
All right I didn’t even–
Buy one–
Last adjacent.
But we’re still scoring so we’re good.
Are you gonna get negative points on this one?
We don’t know yet.
Are you gonna be so in the red with your budgets
that you’re gonna be like oh I’m down
with 10 million viewers?
No everyone’s doing a great job.
So Flee in my 8:00 PM slot
I don’t know what this show is based on.
Flee, he’s scared rhymes with glee.
It’s Glee they’re singing, yeah is that high school type.
17 points for Free because it’s got that fancy actor.
Then another 13 for Babylonian Idol that puts me at 30.
And 13 for Quiver, puts me at 33 43.
And then I did play Flexible Schedules to make it
so I got more points for Quiver because time slot who cares?
Everybody loves Quiver.
And then an additional three for my rerun puts me at 46.
I don’t think it’s enough though.
No you definitely beat me Becca don’t worry.
77 plus 40 107 117 is that right?
So 217?
Yeah, you get to flip your card over–
♪ 217 billion viewers ♪
Keeps going up.
Nobody made it to 300, wow.
Yet, because Vikram you’re about to crush it aren’t you.
I have my Flexible Schedule card so that makes
this one worth the full amount.
08:00 is So You Think You Can Flail is nine viewers
oh no that’s just money it’s nothing, right?
No no its two viewers, promo, promo viewers that’s 11.
And then Found at 09:00 PM is in its third season
with 10 viewers plus two stars, I think that’s what that is.
It’s rotated, yeah.
Two stars that’s 16 more so that goes to 27.
And that 10:00 PM Doctor What from the 08:00 PM slot
with a special part is seven million viewers plus two stars
making it 12 million total, so 39.
And two reruns at three each so that’s 45.
Oh you beat me.
One two three four five plus 40, 122.
But we’re not done yet because something special
happens at the end of season five.
Everybody archive your reruns and age your show.
But we’re not done yet guys
because we are going to score our shows one final time
then we’re gonna add up our actors in the greenroom
and then we’ll do your end of game scoring points.
And then that’s it.
This could be interesting.
This might be my moment because I was ready for this.
It’s what I tried to warn you guys, okay.
I was not ready.
My Person of Disinterest went from a lot to nada.
So Monday Night Foosball still going strong at 15.
Person of Disinterest three.
Okay you’re at 18.
And then Nchasahasahasa has 14.
So we’re at 18 plus 14 is 28, 32.
Okay, so 32 for green.
Thank you.
One two 10 20 and 30.
117, oh tie.
We’re not gonna say that.
I almost said she’s sitting on my face.
That’s why I didn’t say it.
Why didn’t you say it.
You’re sitting on my square piece.
That’s worse somehow.
Hector, did you age your show?
I did.
Okay, what do we got?
Let’s do it together to help me with my math.
First up Ultimate Fainting Championship 12.
Plus How I Left Your Father is 10 plus 2 which is 12.
So 12 plus 12.
24 total.
You gotta say total at the end otherwise it doesn’t count.
And lastly the Limping Treated and Released
is nine plus four–
That is correct 37 total.
And do we add the star and the thing?
We didn’t do Kate’s so we’ll do it in a sec.
So 37.
Okay, and that’s 77 plus 30 is 107, 207 flip it.
I made it to 200.
Vikram what’s your final season?
Final season is 17 for So You Think You Can Fleul
One for Fad.
Sorry two for Fad so that’s 19.
And then 12 no 16 so 19 and 16 and 35.
Did I do mine?
I didn’t do mine, I skipped mine.
So that’s my bad.
So do the math I’m done.
five and so 57, it’s 35 total.
Great I believe you.
Okay, and that’s the game, Vikram won.
No we’re not done.
I’ve got 16 for Flee.
Oh that’s actually really good.
I’ve got 10 for Babylonian Idol that’s 26.
That’s good math.
I’ve got 15 for Quiver so that’s 41.
Yeah, accurate.
So one and then 40 is one two three–
Oh snap.
Oh no but now we’ve gotta add stars.
How many stars are in your greenroom?
Okay Kate is one.
How many stars?
How many stars?
And I have no stars.
And now we do network cards,
Kate what are your network cards?
Oh my goodness, so this is helpful for me.
I’ve done the math but I think it’s about 21 or 22 points.
I say I’ve done the math and I don’t know the answer.
Big game, at the end of the game score two viewers
plus one viewer for every one million you receive
from Ads on active shows.
So that’s two four seven.
Wait wait wait.
No one for each that’s active.
And two each million.
That’s one viewer for every million you receive
from Ads on that (gasps).
One two three four five six seven eight nine.
10, 11.
That’s 11 viewers.
And then 10.
My second network card is at the end of the game
score two viewers for every show you have
and one genre of your choice, I choose action.
And that’s two four six eight 10.
That’s an additional 10 viewers.
And there was two for each.
Five times two is 10.
You’re good at math Hector.
Well played.
Well done but gosh we were tying Vikram.
Same card I’m like spaceships.
I wanted that card.
So you get an extra 10.
How much is that?
Because you had five.
Five spaceships.
I guess you want me to wear my last
I got picked on at the least time.
Well done Vikram bravo.
Vikram you crushed it.
Good game guys.
Final scoring I had 159 bazillion viewers.
Kate had–
259, Kate you had 239 bazillion viewers.
And Hector you only had 208.
Proportionally you could say all high.
208 million viewers, that’s great.
Your yacht is a little smaller than our yacht.
You still have a yacht everybody’s happy.
Guys this was so much fun.
This was fun.
I really thought I was doing excellent
and Vikram you crushed it.
You comment on strategy at the beginning
you were rating all the cards this whole time.
Whole time.
Final thoughts would you like to relate to the camera.
I really enjoyed this game.
I think it would be good to play
with people that are our age,
you could play it with your parents
you can even play it with people.
I think it’s a good game
it broaches out across a lot of gamers
and it’s very interesting.
It has a lot of interesting mechanics.
I love that you gotta build on stuff
in three different ways with the stars and the Ads
and the different types of shows and the time slots.
I think it’s a winner. It’s a good game.
Ultimately it doesn’t matter what happens
but do know this remember this when you play
viewers are what’s most important
but secondly I sold Young Sheldon to CBS
and I used to be Limewire.
You were Limewire?
Is that like lime disease?
I’m trying to take more credit for it.
Just like Justin Timberlake in the social network.
All I did was suggest the name, that’s all.
I’m not a programmer, I don’t know what I was doing.
Honestly he was my favorite part of that movie.
I had fun, I’m really excited to play again
now that I know some of the rules and understand
and I’ve started reading cards.
I’ll never play with you again.
I was trying to get invited back but I can’t.
They told me just don’t be back for the first time.
You should reflect on that statement.
Thanks guys. What did you think?
It was a great joy, thank you.
Thank you, no one has ever asked me.
I just always just talk.
How are you Becca, are you okay.
No, I’m really glad you asked.
It’s been a horrible year.
Oh it’s okay.
Just kidding it’s been an awesome year.
And guys I love this game, I was so convinced
I was winning the whole time
and that’s what makes a game great for me.
It’s that adrenaline of like
oh I know what I wanna do in my turn
and also the comedy up here.
All these spoofs on names of shows we know.
Pretty great.
Nailed it, crushed it.
Love this game, love you guys, thank you.
It was so great to have you here.
And thanks to you guys at home for watching Game the Game.
We’ll see you next time.
(electric music)


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