The Mind | Game the Game

(upbeat music)
Hey friends, welcome to Game The Game.
I’m your host, Becca Scott,
and today we are playing The Mind.
Let me introduce you to my guests, Rachel Seeley,
welcome back.
That’s me, thanks!
How ya been?
Pretty good, how you been?
Pretty good!
Erika Fermina, hi!
Welcome back!
Thank you!
You’ve been busy as well.
You guys still Girls, Guts, Glory-ing?
Yeah, every Sunday.
Love it, love it.
Justin Baker!
Great to have you back.
Thank you.
Comedian, funny guy, actor, you know, moving to Atlanta.
Guys, are you ready for our minds to meld
into one super-mind?
Do you get my answer?
Are you getting it?
Maybe tomorrow?
Right now!
I knew you’d get it.
Perfect, just took two tries.
Guys, this game is very simple, you all know how to play.
We have four lives, we have eight levels,
we have one ninja throwing star,
and we have more that we could earn,
should we do good stuffs.
Questions, comments, concerns?
I feel very connected with all three of you right now,
so I’m very excited about this.
All right, well,
now our best friendship of the foursome of us will be put
to the test, because I’m a-shufflin’.
I’m a-shufflin’, and for level one, we each get, get this,
one card, and our only goal is to place them
in ascending order, without talking, or doing any kind of…
Was that a bad shuffle?
You made a face!
This is how we communicate.
You can’t do that!
We’re trying not to!
Okay, get ’em out.
That’s what the face was about.
Okay, just do a range of faces, yeah.
Yeah, that’s the level of silence.
When we can’t talk, can we not do bits either?
We’ll do bits between.
Silent bits with your eyes, not moving your face at all.
It’s a true test of comedy.
So, yeah.
See how well comedy translates without any, yeah.
Okay, well, remember,
there’s the rule that at any time anyone can say, “stop,”
we all put our hands on the table.
Now this rule in the rule book is meant to re-sync us,
re-center us, bring us back to the one mind.
But, you could also use it to do bits.
(Rachel laughing)
See, I knew you were going to say that!
(Erika laughing)
We’re so connected!
So connected!
(clock ticking)
I’m dealing one card.
The Mind!
The Mind!
(eerie music)
(snorting laughter)
(cheering and clapping)
We done did it!
33, 63, 87, 92!
(Erika laughing)
I cannot believe the spread of those cards!
Well, it’s one to 100,
so I feel like that’s pretty reasonable.
We’re learning.
That was good, that was good.
We’re learning.
We felt each other out.
We did level one, you guys.
We won.
We did it.
And now we rip it up!
No, no!
It’s a legacy game!
You can’t play the game–
Don’t rip the cards, no, please!
It’s not a legacy game!
I can’t do this.
Now we discard it.
That’s better.
And we shuffle these numbers back in,
they could come up again, as happened in our practice round.
I hope not, yeah.
Four twice.
Which was crazy!
Two fours.
You guys did.
Yeah ’cause we’re connected.
I am winning.
I am winning.
No, we are a team so we cohesively win or none of us win.
It’s true.
We’re all winning.
Dropping some knowledge on you.
So, we have to have an antagonist,
so are the cards the enemy?
Yes, absolutely.
Okay, cool.
I think this freakin’ bunny.
I think the bunny’s the enemy.
This hippy bunny.
Ah man.
We are twinkling.
Now we’re getting two cards.
It’s stressful, right?
What’s gonna happen when we get up to eight?
Eight, no.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my Lord.
Tears, crying, sadness.
All right, hands, one hand on table,
(inhales sharply)
(eerie music)
(breathes deeply)
(nervous exhale)
(Justin laughing under breath)
(Laughs maniacally)
(loudly exhales)
(quiet giggling)
Oh stop.
No no no!
We were so close!
Okay, we gotta discard anything
lower than 81 that hasn’t been played.
It’s the last card.
Discard it?
If it’s lower than 81.
It is.
Then we …
Oh, 79.
Lose a life.
We have three lives remaining.
I shoulda just done it.
It’s okay, it’s okay.
That’s how we learn.
Guys, I thought that was pretty awesome.
I saw you saying 97 in the brain, I was like, I had it,
I’m dyslexic with numbers.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It’s okay, sometimes I am too, so it probably just like,
doin’ this.
Yeah, it was a lot of flipping.
There was so much flipping happening.
I was like, I don’t know what the number is.
My bad, man.
You turn it upside-down and it was like a 6-L.
But you know what, it doesn’t even matter,
because you guys did great, and guess what?
Level two, c-c-complete!
Do we still get our reward?
We get another star, right?
We get another ninja star because
we have finished level two.
Or I should say throwing star.
So the purpose of this, if anybody,
at the beginning of a round, or a level,
wants to raise their hand,
that means you think we should use this.
If everybody agrees we will use it
and that means everyone throws out their lowest card.
But we’ve only got two of ’em.
For now.
My favorite part of that last round was,
when I had 25, and you played 23.
Oh, it was perfect.
That was great.
And we had 79 and 81.
I know, it was so close.
Ugh, that was also so close.
We’re so connecting.
You got it, we’ve got it.
Forming plans.
These cards don’t stand a chance.
No they don’t.
That bunny, he’s gonna be so dead.
He’s gonna be road kill.
(jazzy music)
Okay, strategy.
That is very true.
On level three.
Speaking of threes,
good Segway.
We’ve got this.
Bringing it back around!
That’s called a callback.
That’s a call forward.
That’s a predictor.
THat’s because I was clairvoyant.
It is clairvoyance.
That’s not how you pronounce that word.
Yes it is.
How else do you pronounce the word clairvoyant?
Becca, what is your middle name, Scott.
Becca Clairvoyant Scott.
How did you say that?
‘Cause you said it fast enough
that I can’t tell if you said it correctly or incorrectly.
No, there is not an A there.
Doesn’t need to be.
This show is going to turn into
Teaching Becca Scott how to pronounce the word clairvoyant.
See, but, I say ‘intresting’
because in-ter-est-ing sounds stupid.
No, it is interesting.
Yeah, but there’s another e in there.
Silent e.
We could literally go through the English language
and point out a word that doesn’t work for everything.
It’s true.
English language does not make sense.
Like, yeah.
Read and read.
Name, neighbor.
Lead and lead.
It doesn’t make sense.
Okay, we have three cards each and now the talking ceases.
Hands, hands.
We’re not the mind.
The mind.
(orchestral music)
(Becca laughs)
Oh, oh no.
No, no!
So this is a tricky thing because
this should have been revealed before that was played
and then we would have taken another life,
and this is discarded.
But you still would have played that.
But Rachel is so quick.
You would have immediately played next,
and because they’re all sequential, that was coincidental.
We should have used the shuriken.
They were too close together.
I agree.
(Inhales and exhales deeply)
(orchestral music)
(sighs of relief)
Oh, stop.
Play it down if it’s lower.
Wait, yes.
Oh, that’s another life.
Good Lord.
It was a 65 and a 66 after 33, 34, 35, also in this.
(breathes deeply)
(dramatic orchestral music)
I didn’t know we were starting again!
I thought we had to take our hand off the table
when we were going.
Erika Fermina!
Oh well.
Well, we have lost this game.
I was about to put it down when Becca stopped
her breathe out, because I thought that was the indicator
that the round has begun.
You got a great card there too.
Do I just– I know.
I didn’t even get to put it down, look.
Hey guys, you know what?
That’s the beauty of it.
Well, that’s our episode.
Thanks so much– no just kidding.
We’re going to play again.
I need to win.
We’re going to play again.
Can we have–
Well guys, don’t worry, okay?
Because now, we’re going to do a better job of utilizing
our simultaneous hand lift to signify we’re going.
Remember, you can say stop at any time,
we all put hands back on the table,
if you feel like we’re just not in sync.
And we’re back at level one.
Good ol’ level one.
We got this.
(clock ticking)
Just wanted to do it.
I was gonna do it.
You’re ahead–
Collaborate and listen.
(eerie music)
We did good.
We did it.
We did it.
The bare minimum of level one.
We done did it.
Yes, nailed it.
Uh-uh, ‘ey.
Some people never ever get past level one.
Some people stay in level one forever.
They’re not as in sync.
That’s a life lesson.
Yeah no, I didn’t mean in this game.
In life in general.
All right, now we’re onto level two,
and should we complete this we get another…
There will always be comments
about my pronunciation of Japanese words.
It’s just a thing.
There’s gonna be someone in chat that’s like,
“Rachel’s wrong.”
(jazzy music)
(inhales sharply)
(eerie music)
(breathes deeply)
I shoulda gone.
We were doing so well!
I was so proud of my achievement, that I forgot that I–
I took a risk.
Alright, hands.
Alright, I miscalculated, but boy, am I bad at math.
(deep breathing)
I don’t know if that’s math.
I don’t know if that’s math.
I took a calculated risk,
It was a pun.
But, boy, am I bad at math.
I was there.
That’s why I was laughing.
I know, and don’t worry, we’re good,
it’s fine.
If you throw out a joke, I’m always there.
Come on, we gotta stop and sync back in.
It was just so well delivered.
Yeah, that’s what makes it a good pun.
(inhales sharply)
(eerie music)
I thought I got away with it, no.
Ah, so close.
You know as they say,
never put the 55 before the 52 horse.
Yes, they do say that, absolutely.
Is that, am I the last one?
Oh yeah, that is…
98 is a high number.
It is a very high number.
The percentage of that was 1%.
But guys, we passed level two.
We did, and we get an extra life.
A life card, oh is that?
No, its…
Oh, it’s a shuriken.
No, it’s not a life.
It’s not a life, it’s a throw out one card each.
(jazzy music)
Level three.
Level three.
This is what got us last time.
Yeah but, it’s the best level, you know?
’cause three’s the charm.
It’s a magic number.
♪ I’m just a bill ♪
♪ On Capitol Hill ♪
(suspenseful piano music, “Moonlight Sonata”)
(Justin laughs)
Drop your lowest card.
Oh, nice.
Okay, well now we know.
Good, oh yes.
42, 31, and 44.
(Inhales sharply)
(stifled giggles)
We done did level three!
We did it!
Oh wow.
We used this guy, right?
We did, we used one of them.
We did, thank you.
Okay, so, two, five, 11, 48, 72, 83, 86, 95.
That 83 and 86, ooh!
That was so fun.
Ooh, tight squeeze.
I’m really glad that we got rid of the 42, 44.
And the 31.
I loved that it was just like,
oh hi, I just played 89 guys, just so you know.
So we earned a life, we discard level three.
I didn’t realize that the shu-ru-ken?
The shuriken would also help us in such cases as like,
“oh, you got a real high card.”
Yeah, a little process of elimination.
It’s smart to do that with only two cards left each.
(jazzy music)
(inhales deeply)
Level four.
(eerie music)
Ah, stop.
Uh oh.
Discard anything below 42.
Anyone, anyone?
Okay, okay.
So that’s one dead bunny.
(inhales sharply)
(exhales in relief)
(inhales sharply)
Dang it, dang it, dang it.
Okay, that’s okay.
Got one life.
Dead, dead bunny.
We got this.
Oh, stop.
Oh no!
We’re dead, we’re dead!
Oh no.
Well guys.
We should have recollected.
We made it to another level though.
We did.
We made it to level four.
Yeah, we didn’t breath, we didn’t breath.
New high level.
New high score!
I feel good about new high score.
Live, die, repeat.
Live die, repeat, or edge of tomorrow.
Guys, we’ll wait on the edge of tomorrow.
How we feelin’?
Stressed or you know…
A little bit, with that 14, 15.
Ooh, that was good, that was good.
It was real close.
Can you drop two cards at once?
Can you?
No, because everybody’s gotta have the chance to stop,
and the chance to mess up,
’cause I almost threw that 19 down.
It’s like whenever you get that two and you’re like,
“Nuh-uh, I gotta get it out immediately”
if someone else has a low card.
I was tempted to throw out that 11, but I didn’t.
Guys, three is the magic number
and therefore, this is our final game.
So let’s see if we can make it all the way to level 8.
And I think we can, you little stupid bunny.
I like that he quickly became the antagonist,
by being there.
We’ve gotta have a common enemy.
THat’s how we align ourselves.
(inhales deeply)
(eerie music)
(stifled giggles)
Oh, nice!
We crushed it!
This is when realizing is so hard about the one card each,
is that you could all have above a 50.
Right, easily.
Yeah, starting with 39 and everybody being like–
I’m like, 39’s not a low number guys.
There are 38 other numbers below that.
I don’t know if you know how math works, but–
Are you counting zero?
Obviously I didn’t get the joke.
No, yes.
No, I can’t do math.
No, one is one, yeah yeah.
I got it now.
Just had to take a second to recalculate.
We completed level one.
Speaking of ones.
(jazzy music)
I want to take a picture of this.
(inhales and exhales)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(inhales and exhales sharply)
(exhales sharply)
It’s just us.
We’re best friends.
We’re here just two best friends playing a card game,
being recorded,
we got this.
whisper your numbers.
Blink it.
Blink this one the large number, blink this the small one.
Yeah, at this point, yeah.
Oh wait, no, that’s wrong.
(breathes deeply)
It’s just us.
Now, can I play mine out of order?
No, you have to play the lowest.
Now, you can’t play two at once, Justin.
I know you’re the last one left, but…
(vocal explosion)
Can we just take a second to appreciate the fact
that my cards were four, and 44.
So I had four four four.
I wanted to take a picture so bad.
That’s magical.
Nice even spread of four.
I had 91 and 93.
I just looked at my cards and went,
“I won’t be playing this round, ever.”
That’s amazing.
We crushed level two.
You guys, we did it!
We really did level two well.
We still have all of our life.
All of our life and two shket–
Ninja stars.
(imaginary shuriken being thrown)
This is it.
Alright, I believe in us this time.
All the way to level eight, baby!
(jazzy music)
(record rewinds)
I need to elucidate for our viewers
what the f we’re talking about.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I just want to talk about the fact
that you can’t say clairvoyant
but you can throw out elucidate?
But I probably put an extra syllable in there,
let’s be honest.
No, that was good.
We had it, it was there.
(calm jazzy music)
(deep inhale)
(sudden exhale)
Oh, we’ve thrown out a 55, a 32, a 35, and a 34!
And you where the one who instigated
the throwing it away, but–
We did it at the same time.
Mind meld.
Good mind meld guys.
Excellent throwing out of cards.
Wow, that was really close.
It was really really close.
(inhales sharply)
(eerie music)
(excited squeals)
(clock ticking)
We haven’t used a single life!
I need to go lay down, this is too much!
Level three, new life.
We have five, guys.
We should just get stuff wrong for fun.
Lightning round.
Just for fun.
Yeah, lightning round.
I’m going to play a 99 first.
No, that’s not a good idea at all no that’s not–
Then we immediately discard–
Do you know the parable of Casey at Bat?
Because that’s how that goes.
No, please tell.
Casey was at bat.
And Casey thought he was going to hit a grand slam.
And so he let the first pitch go by,
’cause the bases are loaded.
And he’s like, “I got this.”
And then he let the second pitch go by, ’cause it’s Casey.
Like, it’s his hometown.
Casey always hits homeruns.
Who’s this pitcher that sucks so much?
It’s just the way it is.
Just always straight down over the plate.
And sure enough, that third pitch comes out,
and Casey swings.
Casey struck out.
Bases are still loaded for the next person though, right?
No, because it was the bottom of the ninth, two outs.
Oh my gosh, baseball.
Baseballs are good, yep.
Absolutely, on board.
I totally understood all of that.
Actually, baseball, I probably know the most about
because I would go to the games as a kid.
(jazzy music)
Okay, guys.
Level four.
Did you come up with new things
that you think about the number four as a number?
Isn’t it the lowest number you can get the square root of?
If you want a whole number, sure.
An integer.
Man, we throwin’ out lots of number words in here.
An inter-integer.
It’s not my realm.
I love the maths.
I love math.
Not good at maths.
Maths can leave me the heck alone.
I was pretty darn good at math.
Yeah, I did well.
I was passable.
But you’re a nerd!
You’re supposed to be good at all things school.
English and theater I could do.
You’re not that kind of nerd.
And history.
Art history.
Greek history, Greek mythology.
I could do that.
That is very specific.
It is really specific.
It kept going down–
There was a specific class in high school
about Greek mythology and I knew more than the teacher
and I still feel really bad.
Oh, you were that student.
I was, I feel very bad.
He did not know how to pronounce Aphrodite though,
let’s just say that.
Yeah, same difference.
Yeah, absolutely.
Same realm, same person.
What’s mythical what’s real?
(mimics buzzer)
Dang it.
Dang it!
Everyone discard anything lower than 27.
And we lose one life.
That’s okay we wanted, we didn’t even like that bunny.
We got plenty.
We were like, too many lives.
Hard to keep count, five.
(inhales sharply)
(eerie music)
(laughs nervously)
Late to the party.
(inhales sharply)
(inhales sharply)
Oh stop!
What stop?
Okay, so the 79 stays, everybody discard
everything below 79.
Okay, that’s one.
Anything also below 79 will also be discarded at this time.
Hey, we had too many lives.
We’re so close.
We’re good, we’re good.
We got this.
We’re about to get further than we’ve ever gotten.
It’s true.
Gonna go to fourth base!
We’re good.
We can’t possibly lose.
Yeah, that’s really good.
Teenager’s dream.
(excited gasps)
86, 96, and 99.
I was off by one number from one of your cards
and one of your cards.
That was awesome.
Well played.
Very impressive.
And the fact that it really helped
that I had to come back and get that second card,
’cause like, 50, 51, 53.
I was like, there’s no way there’s not going to be
something between 50 and 53.
I mean, I have to play these before someone else does.
You were quick.
I was here.
And there was one where I snuck in before you.
I didn’t see yours, but you were goin’ and I was like
(fake growls)
You were like what now?
We’re up to level five.
I’m going to say Rachel NVP on that one,
because you had a lot of quick draws.
You didn’t miss a beat.
That was very very close.
I’m actually glad we didn’t use the shuriken, you know.
We did it by our own accord.
Still lost a life, but now we’re, yeah.
We did that of our own accord.
We did that, breakin’ the rules.
We didn’t need weapons.
(jazzy music)
Oh my gosh this is more cards
than anyone’s ever had in their hand at one time.
There’s going to be a lot of instances, I think,
where we’re one away from each other.
You’re laying the groundwork, I see what you did there.
You’re saying, “Justin, slow down.”
I think you put something into my mind.
I can feel it, I can just,
I’m clairvoyant like that.
See, how did you just say that?
Sounded to me–
No, not clair-a-voy-ant.
No, definitley did not.
A woman named Claira and her voy ant.
Clair, like the name Claire,
voy, like voyer?
To go, I go.
Voyish, yeah.
(sharply inhales)
I have an aunt named clairvoyant.
(suspenseful piano music, “Moonlight Sonata”)
(inhales suddenly)
That worked.
Oh, I need to lay down.
Well played.
It worked, it totally worked.
You did it, you did it Becca.
Your the real MVP.
(impressed laughs)
I got real anxious one of you guys (muffled by laughter).
I can’t get back here in time.
(laughs in relief)
Ooh, shuruken!
Oh no!
We have 57, 63, 64, and 69,
which has come up a lot, which is nice.
It’s true.
Great, good move, good move.
(inhales deeply)
Blankin’ out.
(joyful squeals)
97, 98, 99, and we did it!
My favorite was playing that 92
and seeing your eyes just go, just knowing that
the other three cards on the table were all 90s.
We had so many that were so close.
Oh gosh.
Oh yeah.
So close.
Best part is, we got a new throwing star.
We didn’t lose anything that round right?
We did not, no.
And we’ve complete level five.
We’re at level six.
We can do this.
Oh my God this is the best day of my life!
This is how we win.
I completely forgot I had the 80 and then the 81.
I sat back and I went, “Oh, no!”
Yeah, that’s how I felt about the two.
I was like, okay, now we’ll start,
oh my god I hear Rachel moving, no!
I’m so glad you beat me to it.
It slid underneath her eight.
It was Indiana Jones act.
Yes it was!
It was very.
It was honestly such a smooth…
Can we watch that back in slow-mo?
Is there a replay?
Yeah, there is.
Let’s go to the replay.
(recording in slow motion)
Wow, we went better the next time.
That was good.
We totally just watched it, right now.
(jazzy music)
(clock ticking)
(soft giggles)
(excited laughter)
Oh, stop.
I didn’t put it down.
No, we saw it.
It didn’t leave my hand.
We saw it.
We saw it.
Okay, one bunny dies.
I had a 28.
Anybody else?
Okay, great.
Okay, wait.
(deeply inhale and exhale)
(eerie music)
Okay, throwin’ out a card.
I wasted 69.
69 is never wasted.
It’s never wasted.
48, 35, 42, and 69.
No, you gotta put it down.
Oh, sorry.
But, we discard everything, and we just lose one life.
For three cards down, so pretty good trade off.
You guys, I took a risk everyone.
Even if we don’t win, we got so far.
I’m so proud of us.
We’re gonna win, we’re gonna win.
We’re gonna be just great.
Just a recap, so, you played a 67, I put down a 64,
or discarded, and then Justin discarded a 61 and a 62.
I think we’re doing great.
I think its great.
Okay, we’re good.
We got this.
(exhales deeply)
You were so hesitant!
I was.
I was afraid he was going to have like a 72.
I was like we have so many already up there.
I was going to go next.
No, this would’ve been…
This would have been fun.
Oh no!
Yeah, we were screwed.
Okay, so left we– call out what you have left.
The 74 and the 76 were wasted.
We had an 87, an 88, a 90, a 91, a 93.
Yeah, that would have been real fun.
We were doomed.
It was doomed from the start.
I think I may have suggested the shuriken too soon.
It’s okay.
Hey, this isn’t you.
We’re a collective.
There’s four hands that have to go up.
Yeah, now we either all win–
Or we all die trying.
Or we all die.
You know what?
I think we all won.
Yeah, just the bunny dies.
Okay, got it.
Just a bunny slaughtered.
Guys, I’m so proud of how far we got.
We got to level six!
We did really good.
It’s a feeling of great accomplishment, you know?
When you finally get past level four.
We did better than 50%.
And I feel very connected to all of you right now.
I know.
Aw, guys.
Guys, you wanna go to Disneyland right now?
Don’t even joke!
Well, we’re going to Disneyland.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
Thanks to you guys for being here,
but we’re going to continue hanging out.
Thanks for having us!
Oh, Disneyland.
Such a pleasure.
We’ll see you next time on Game the Game!
(upbeat music)


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