The Las Vegas Strip – America’s Scenic Byways

Today we are driving down the Las Vegas Strip.
This is a video for my playlist called Americas’
National Scenic Byways,
where I try to visit as many of these roads as I can.
And the Las Vegas strip are actually one of these roads.
There’s a link in the description for the
playlist and info card in the upper right corner as well.
While many people consider it to be part of Las Vegas,
the strip are actually located just south of Las Vegas city limits.
Today we are driving down the strip at daytime
and so you get a different view than at night
and it is at night that this road becomes
really interesting.
If I ever get back to Vegas again, I might
try to do a night drive, record that and put it up on the playlist.
Usually when I make a video like this, I make
it as timelapse, but I think there’s so much
to going on down this road so I have just
sped up the waiting at the intersections 20x instead.
Have you ever driven down the Las Vegas strip
and if you have, did you actually enjoy it?
You can cast you vote in the poll in the info
card to the right.
There wasn’t a lot of interesting sound going
on in this recording so, I have added some music instead.

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