The Grove Resort Room Tour & Review – Orlando, Florida

What are your first thoughts of this place?
It’s a place that I would live in.
I really like the full kitchen, the living
It’s amazing how many places don’t have a
table and chairs to just do stuff.
In general, it’s just new, gorgeous, clean,
This place is more of a house living, you
can come here and relax.
But the fact that you have a full range, dishwasher,
ice and filtered water in the room, and then
on top of all of that there’s a pantry so
if you’re actually setting up shop or this
is where you’re staying.
Ta dah.
For all of you moms with kids out there Ta-dah
not just moms sorry, moms and dads.
They have lots of coffee stuff that’s what
I was worried about I was like I hope they
know that I like more than one coffee in the
Now to the master? to the master.
And here’s the master a nice king bed.
One thing I also like is they have oh Ben’s
already got his stuff in there you told me
to hide my things.
They have lots of drawers to put your stuff
and another big closet in here with a safe.
So we have a nice oh hello.
They have Tommy Bahamas uh things…toiletries?
Thank you and then a tub and a nice big shower.
So here is the second bedroom which is lovely
with the transition to the ensuite, so it’s
a second bathroom and ensuite.
So you have access to both.
So every bedroom and the living room have
a widescreen TV.
So as we go along I keep finding things that
I get excited about.
Anybody who’s got tons of phones will understand
And look at this thermostat.
Sometimes this hurts.
But not today.
Medium firm.
This is like a home, so when you come here,
get comfy.


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