Wendy: So we have a lot planned out for these 7 days that we’re going to be here in Cancun
we are going to see one of the 3 most popular pyramids
We’re going to see Tulum,
we’re going to see Chichen Itza
and we’re going to see Coba
We’re planning to go to the city of Cancun
We wanna go snorkeling, we wanna go see some fishes
So it is only day 2 and I am excited for what our next adventure is going to be
These bridges just keep going and going and they’re amazing, they give us the most amazing view
Wendy: This is so gorgeous
Anyways guys so I got these glasses here in Cancun and they’re roughly about
three hundred, how much was it? Three hundred….
So these glasses were $313 pesos which is equivalent to $17, $18 actually
So I paid $18 for these glasses right here
I like them, they look pretty cool
Wendy: These are some of the clearest waters that I’ve ever seen
It’s hot
in Cancun
the sand is not even hot, it’s, the sun is very warm and
the sand is fresh
It’s so gorgeous. It’s perfect out here
So, it’s pretty fresh outside
it’s windy, its cold, its fresh and
most of the people here have to wear a sweater because it’s getting pretty windy
but yet we wanna go swimming, right now
Wendy: Is that a raccoon?
Wendy: No way Andy, it’s cold?
So Andy says that this water is really cold
How cold is it?
okay, let me rate the cold
So for this shot I’m just gonna use the GoPro because my Canon is not waterproof
it says it is, but I’m not gonna risk it
Wendy: You guys we’re lost
and this place, must I remind you, this place is HUGE
and, we are lost.


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