The Goonies Adventure Card Game Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for the Goonies Adventure card game and for starters I might as well just lead off of the fact that I don’t know if you may have noticed this it was certainly something that jumped out at me the very first time I even read the rules for this game before I even had a copy of it is a lot of the gameplay here it could be very easily redeemed into pandemic the card game I mean there’s so many wonderful elements of pandemic which is my favorite game of all time that work here just as nicely the multi-use card where you either use these cards to fight obstacles or you know fight you know remove virus cubes or to move around the world and here you’ve got you know five location you got North America South America Africa Eurasia and Australia so you can instantly make this map out to be the world instead of these Goonies locations these obstacles are actually viruses and you know instead of curing diseases you map paths instead of finding treasures you obliterate viruses and what if you’re wrong there’s certainly a lot of things that are different as well I’m just saying that as a fan of pandemic I am instantly a fan of this game as well I would actually put this kind of on par with pandemic The Cure which is basically the dice game version of pandemic both pandemic secure and Goonies The Adventure card game capture the you know the wonderful intense no 1 nail-biting but you know very very exciting and fast-paced feel of pandemic deal with it would be moving around fighting hot spots all over the place and always those tough tough decisions of how to use your meager resources do you use it for short-term firefighting or long-term problem-solving you do that here and the decisions are just as tough maybe sometimes even a little bit tougher because man this game is nasty this is ending I mean right out of the gate the difficulty level this game is through the roof I’m young you spend the entire name just barely scraping by on a Razors Edge hoping with every card oh please don’t be the thing oh okay we’ve got one more round to pull this together every once a while you might get a little bit lucky like you saw in the extended playthrough but for the most part I mean this game just pushes hard hard um in a good way like playing pandemic on hard um but like I said it does unique stuff as well you know the notion that like the pandemic equivalent of finding a cure which is finding a treasure well first of all it’s not guaranteed after you find the cure and you’re trying to obliterate ie you’ve cleared out all the objectives you then have this like little minigame that’s a element of a 33% chance of obliterating or finding the treasure um but and if you fail well you’ve now got a 50% chance next time or 100% chance on the third time you try it but in the meantime that failure gives you the opportunity to move to other places which if you plan around that gives a nice extra level of weight I mean you know who you saw a bit of that in the extended playthrough I was thinking okay I’m likely going to fail here I have a 60 degree chance to fail let’s plan for that failure so we can get over there because then we can get into that area where we won’t have to pay the extra cost because there’s effectively an embargo you know oxide you know so there’s really cool combos you can do there but certainly the biggest difference that the Goonies adventure car game has over any previous implementation or really almost any other co-op game on the market is much represented by here the fact that the team sticks together we never split up and I’ll go handle this over here you handle that over there we are always working together it’s almost like this is at its heart a solo game because of course I’ve actually played this solo and had a really great time playing it solo as well and okay instead of playing solo we can basically all share the same marker but we just split our hand up and then we have to work together to try to figure out how to leverage our hand now there are other games where players do all control one central element in a co-op space and I mean it works well in those games it works very very well here Jen I’ve definitely enjoyed it and you know I think for some people it actually makes this game a little bit easier to pick up and play it makes this maybe even a bit more of a gateway than pandemic or pandemic the cure or anything of those other ones because everybody’s together um ed Neil and the main co-operative element is alright here’s what my hand is here’s what your hand is how are we going to be most effective as a team working together sharing cards to do wild cards you know ativy to be able to travel where we wouldn’t only be able to travel and also the more players you have the more special powers you have so you know if you’ve got mouths in you know he’s the guy who should really be moving because he has more flexibility about moving but if you have Andy well she’s really awesome if she finds who’s in the notes because of you know the movie she was a musical prodigy so she can use music to solve any problem so sometimes she’s very very powerful because she’s got wild cards to only take one instead of two cards and sometimes she’s not so powerful you know data he can actually move obstacles from one place to another so it was a little one more here so really heavy one we can’t do it data we’ll just move it over there and then we can do the search brant he’s a really cool guy I mean he was kind of a bit more of a loner in the early part of the movie I guess you hadn’t really been come part of the Goonies that’s represented semantically here by if he clears a path by himself nobody else contributes to the three he gets a huge benefit that’s actually a common thing work even though we’re working as a team if you can build a strong hand several of the characters have special bonuses if they can do an action without the contribution of other players so that becomes a really interesting balancing act up right I want to help you do this action but if we don’t do this action right now and wait next turn you might draw the card you need to do it yourself and then it’s ten times more powerful but if we don’t do it right now it might explode in our face but we have other things we have to do as well so there is a surprising amount to think about and the fact that we all work together does not create any kind of circumstance where you know the game is lesser because it’s still a very cooperative thing everybody’s working together everybody’s trying to leverage their own strengths their permanent ones and their temporary ones and it’s really sharp I very much enjoyed it now that said it’s definitely not a perfect game um one thing probably my biggest complaint about I’m surprised is the rules I don’t really complain about rules very often most the time you even rules that a lot of people have a hard time with I user I can play the game this one definitely has some huge oversights though the rules never make it clear that you can do these in any order the rules are very unclear about how these escalate I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking ever every time because the rules don’t make this clear they think every time this escalation icon appears they have to escalate which makes the game impossible and you’ll you’ll lose in like two rounds but that’s not the case again the rules could be clear I really don’t like the fact that a lot of the most important elements of the rules aren’t actually you expect to find something about some feature in the section of the rules devoted to that but it doesn’t mention it there on the next-to-last page there’s an FAQ page in the rulebook where you have to go and read and say oh by the way here’s a special exception to that main rule why isn’t it in the main rules why is it here on this FAQ people will get a fake use if they think they need to ask a question but the fact that it was never there means I didn’t know there was a question so the rules I was really surprised how poor they were I mean hopefully the run-through if I didn’t make too many rules groups myself can help you work through some of the that was a big complaint um yell I would like to see I mean actually if there’s one thing I miss from pandemic it is the notion that I don’t you know everything’s purely random you have no idea what’s coming so you can’t do any kind of probability guessing you just have to hope you know that was the same thing that is true for pandemic curious why pandemic the cure and this both fall short of pandemics uber greatness because the thing that really makes pandemics so magical is the fact that you have limited advanced knowledge of what’s coming and you can plan around that here you can’t really do that that’s kind of a shame one other complaint is I mentioned this earlier this game right out of the gate is uber hard and the interesting thing is there are in the back of the rules there’s variants it’s a here’s how to make it even harder and here’s how to make it even harder and still there’s like two extra levels to create it heart there’s normal which is what you saw and then hard and super hard I don’t understand why there is no set of rules for here’s how to play it beginner mode here’s the introductory the easy mode this game desperately needs that because I would think The Goonies is kind of a gateway draw a lot of people know and love the movie and they think all board game and we get to work together that’s awesome teamwork was the theme of the movie let’s get it and then they’ll just get destroyed by this game if they’re muggles to board gaming if they’ve never played another cooperative working because you really have to bring your A game this game crushes you right out of the gate and I am stunned stunned that there is no here’s the easy version of it because the base game is not easy I mean easy ways to do that I mean is an easier way to get make the game easier get rid of booby trap twos so you got a 50/50 chance you have a much or Hecky arrow the boot wraps all together or start with only one obstacle instead of two and you know there’s a lot of things you could do to make this game just a smidge smarter Oh another thing actually it kind of bugs me well I’ve lost a few times with the mule actually it’s the most common loss you’re going to get to have five you know five things fill up an area and then you just instantly lose no matter what I am really not keen on that because what I think is the turn order by the way I’m talking about something it’s weird they call around a turn that’s just whatever but the fact that you end every turn by escalating which means then oh boom the thing fills up and you don’t have a chance to fix it I think that’s a big mistake I think the turn order the round order should start first thing you do every round is escalate and you know what if that means something filled up to five that means you’ve got this round to fix that so you’ve got like your your last-ditch effort I mean if something like that we’re in the game I think it would be much more user friendly much more approachable and then you can play on the hardcore mode where no escalate happens at the end or know the hardcore mode would just be what the rules are currently it’s instantly at the instant it happens you lose I think the game would be much much better much more user friendly if when it happens because of an escalation you still have one round to fix because often that will be a situation where okay we look at we can fix that so easily we could it was impossible for us to fix in the last round because of the situation area now we can fix it easy game why don’t you give me a chance so don’t get me wrong I like this game I enjoy quite a bit this is for me and Jen a total keeper I’ve enjoyed it playing solo I’ve enjoyed with playing with Jen I’ve never played it with more than two being sure I’d love to try it someday with three and four players to see how the team dynamic works but um it could have been better I mean I’m talking about the things that would take it from a seven on a ten-point scale to an eight I mean because this game have been innate with a few little tweaks and it’s kind of a shame they didn’t get them heck maybe someday the publishers will circle back around and do a second printing and then they’ll say hey now that I’m saying my ideas are the correct ones but I’m just saying these are the things to keep it a solid seven which for me means it’s a very very good enjoyable game and you know it’s it’s late it’s literally I mean you don’t have to use this you could use a quarter to indicate where you’re moving around actually the game even comes with you know a card you can use to indicate where you’re moving around the whole game is a deck of cards and these I kind of wish these were cards as well I would like this game to be 100% cards so that forget the box just literally here’s my stack of cards and I can bust out a of a lighter more introductory version of pandemic anywhere this would become an excellent excellent travel game under those circumstances it were just a deck of cards and they because they had made these things as cards instead of these wooden tokens if you again these are minor complaints these are just the things keeping it from a 7 2 & 8 because even still it’s a 7 it’s an enjoyable 7 I like it a lot for that in large part that I love pandemic so much and this gives me that academic buzz in about half the time in a super portable package that’s it folks that’s Goonies the adventure card game and thanks for watching now if you have any questions comments concerns as always please let me know apology ensuring groups I made but hopefully have a pretty good idea what the game feels like to play because honestly that’s all I care about who cares what I think my subjective opinion about the overall gameplay quality is immaterial watch the run-through imagine yourself that’s why I film from first restrictions you can imagine yourself playing the game and decide whether it looks like fun to you because who cares which end I think have a very nice day everybody talk to you later so on


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