The Gaylord Palms Resort Tour 2019 in Kissimmee Florida

Welcome to the Gaylord Palms Jared
Lindsay here in Kissimmee Florida and
we’re gonna go in here and we’re gonna
check out the Gaylord Palms Hotel now we
are big fans of the Gaylord Opryland
Hotel and Nashville it’s just this
awesome hotel it’s got all these
different atriums and different you know
trees and flowers and stores and just
awesome cool fun stuff to do and what I
discovered there was one and just semi
and there’s also one in Grapevine Texas
I believe in somewhere in Maryland so
there’s actually four of these cool
hotels in the country but anyway as soon
as I discovered that there was one down
here I was like oh man we have to go do
it because we’re in Kissimmee all the
here we are written inside and I can
tell you already while similar to the
you can tell it’s there’s a lot of
differences too it’s just has a
different feel completely different
I don’t know I mean what I mean by smell
is like whatever polish they have
like I can’t quite place this one but
it’s very pleasant
you see by the map I am right there
where the little red paint pulses so the
map is a little confusing we think we’re
in the st. Augustine atrium
still for this out real quick
Gator Springs oh my gosh are there
Gators in there well the girl there is
Gators here
and turtles
so instead of coy we’ve got Gators and
turtles very big ones but yeah which is
actually good I mean I knew it
to be a little bit scary you know they
had 14-foot Gators here
accordian it looks like we got like five
different turtle species
now I just love these hotels
whoever came up with the idea to do
something like
whoever it was thank you
looks like there’s a little restaurant
in there
it’s a little little dungeon life inside
there but you know what
and in and of itself as a charm I’d even
there for sure she with him back out of
the Gators and Turtles
what lore
here with some little friends me a
little mushrooms or maybe drum cymbals I
don’t know
over here we just got some various jobs
you know coffee house up there
it’s um saying I need some sandal okay
delicious ramen
it’s tempted me dear
there you go I’d love to get in there
and walk around but it was closed for a
private event that’s what always gets me
is just how awesome it must be real to
walk out on your balcony
and just see all of this hit I mean yeah
hang out every
read a book whatever we got ourselves a
nice little herb garden here on here
some mint let me smell the mint
I can’t smell it man I don’t know what’s
going on here but some rosemary it’s a
lot of glare on these signs but I assure
you it’s rosemary this table and chair
we’re sharing table is completely
covered in moss
oh and look back there certainly got a
little mushroom decoration how we do
have some koi this in a separate area so
the Gators don’t eat them I don’t
this is
I’m just talking
as you can see here some more of the
architecture here
and I really want to get up there but
it’s closed
in this private event who’s lucky enough
to have a private event
up there later just some of the
restaurants eating income
some people are finishing up their
that’s a little allowance eating out
here if you just kind of hear my little
relax you see some people on laptops
doing work
now whatever it is that you won’t feel
like doing right here coffee out here
the sun shining down
the atrium is just you
probably was koi where the Gators were I
just didn’t see anything
we’re gonna head over to the Everglades
section that out
so far I’ve liked it you’re this
it was bar
well I very much dig the little swap
Shack type style architecture over here
in this tree full Spanish moss a lot
safer than the real Everglades I’m sure
how many different little pathways there
are through this here’s one we head
or we can keep going this one doesn’t
this atrium doesn’t look quite as there
I think we’ll keep going and then I’ll
double back and head downstairs dig in
the whole treehouse right there
I don’t know what the restaurants called
didn’t see a sign or anything I’m gonna
go this way
oh wait can’t it’s the wrong way I don’t
know if it’s coming over the bike but
you can hear frogs and insects you know
whatever little creatures inhabit the
sure it’s speaker dead I hope down to
the lower level the Everglades to go so
instead of street lamps over here
they’ve got these lanterns that they’re
hanging from trees well if we even have
a wild accordance neck here hanging out
in the tree
it’s like the sounds of the Everglades
at night during the
I seem to have lost my wife hoping she
didn’t get eaten by a gator or something
down here that would suck
there’s a couple of grunts in there why
is there some snakes in there
well it’s all right are they loose
crawling around on the floor this looks
like one of those that’s that we would
have built at our haunt although I don’t
know what I would have put the rubber
boots there what a nice touch but uh
yeah I have all that same fishing
equipment to go any releases or snakes
what do we got here oh I like it
where we got a corn snake okay everybody
it’s a rat snake
Oh a king snake is this the one yeah
baby now this thing isn’t there one like
some kind of a snake that people get it
mixed up with the coral snake when I’ll
see the Florida white pine snake I must
look at the rest of this little swamp
sack oh cool one right here red-eyed
slider what does that as a turtle
perhaps so he’s hard to see there’s a
lot of glare maybe if I stand right here
hey you got a little better shot out of
this little turtle I dig this I really
like this swamp shag it reminds me of
something out of a haunted house my own
house somebody else’s one of those I
don’t know I really like it
so far I really like this place it is uh
it’s I don’t think it’s quite as big as
the one in Nashville and I don’t think
it has quite as many little pathways you
can go down a kind of explorers the
but what it does have I think is
stronger theming you know I mean I think
they’re really going on you know the
Florida type look and they’re sitting in
a swamp Shack so I appreciate the theme
in a lot more
in Opryland what I think
you know I might like that one better
but it’s hard to say it’s like you have
two great things does it really matter
which one’s slightly better than the
other you know what I’m saying yeah go
ahead Lindsey going to Key West you
gonna want to go to Key West for a few
years now haven’t you
and not quite the same thing
and it’s got a little shop here see me
in the window
all right what do we got here what’s the
big reveal Oh a sailboat civil
restaurant I like it I’m kind of heading
down to this observation deck area and
see what we can see well there’s some
different fish floating around in here
and I’ve already kind of could see him
from where we were standing
this is the welcome to the Key West
Lagoon join us for fish feedings Monday
Wednesday Friday the rest of the week
they starve so I may get these wrong
because I’m kind of just going off the
pitchers but I think that one based on
its fin might be a tarpon and that one
over there and kind of turned away see
if I kidding
this one is hard to see from where he’s
but I think he’s a red drum fish and I’m
guessing I could be wrong apparently
there’s a maybe a better one
red drum just based on the fins is what
I’m guessing like I said I could be
wrong I’m not sure if the sailboat which
I’ll show after this is the more or the
restaurant behind me is the more but
here’s the menu it’s kind of hard to see
I can’t give you an idea of the prices
and sort of what they have
and I’m not sure if that’s the more
or this one’s the more I tend to think
it’s the boat Lindsay thinks this is an
Italian restaurant I’m pretty sure it’s
the boat is the more I got an idea why
don’t I walk over there and see if I can
see a sign another you have it mystery
solved the more is the boat no no they
were outside we’re gonna go ahead and
walk over here to this lawn see what we
can see there’s also appears to be some
fireplaces and seating in different
areas you can actually reserve these
little areas for your party kind of hang
out at it’d be really nice at night
right set out here from this fireplace
you know just talk relax and visit
alright look relax you feel all the
stress feel your stress and tension
melting away here relaxing in front
right in front of this fireplace that is
off and that you probably wouldn’t need
anyway because it feels like it’s about
80 degrees well I think we’re just not
ready to wrap up here the first one I’ll
just show you this giant dolphin
and this dull
but this was a really fun experience I
really like it here
yeah it’s not yeah very peaceful it’s
not as large as Opera in fact I would
think its largest atrium is probably the
size of Opryland smallest I mean I could
be wrong I don’t know these next where
footage I’m just kind of going off of
what I think but everything is themed
really really nice it’s very very
enjoyable I liked a lot that’ll really
I would love to stay here
one of these I’d love to say one of
these gaylord results and it’s still a
goal of my own someday – what else this
maybe Nashville maybe Texas who knows we
don’t know maybe we’ll do them all we go
Lindsay little Disney’s section many a
little mini half I don’t really wear
hats so
I think that monkey’s gonna be awful sad
when he goes up to the top and realizes
he can’t go anywhere I also find that
all trees that have outlets and them are
the most useful of trees I was a really
good time when it is time for us to go
outside to our car
so after walking in there around there a
little bit out here I’m curious where do
they hold their ice event do they hold
it in one of those do they freeze one of
those exhibit rooms and hold it in there
is there another building like that one
of Nashville’s got a separate building
that they hold it in but it’s on the
hotel property well if anybody I know a
lot of people went to that if you kind
of just tell me where that is held here
that would be awesome it’s a wild
darting grey squirrel
maybe those we have squirrel in our
neighborhood tons of them but they’re
like four times the size of that thing
they’re like more like cats yeah they’re
pumpkin eating like me if your pumpkins
out for Halloween they eat them maybe
grow stuff and like we grew gourds one
year and they ate every single gourd I
just snatched them right off the vines
obviously four times larger than the
squirrels an exaggeration but I would
say not exaggerating they’re at least
double that size right they are very
large squirrels well-fed fat giant
mutant squirrels I hope you enjoyed
seeing the Gaylords palm as much as we
did I just I loved discovering unique
places like that and
know about that one until I had made the
video on the Nashville one people were
telling me about the gala her though
because semi one
anytime anybody has any suggestion
there’s a I think you might like
I look it up
everything that people suggest now in
the meantime thanks for watching

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