The Duo Bar-bar I : Bukan Sekedar Prank – SHORT MOVIE

Halo guys, Virzal here
And now, I will reviweing One of the new phones
It’s been released in 2020 And now, I will reviweing this phone How the reviews gonna be?
Lets to the video. Ok, Cut!
Ok, Cut? Good? Ok, Den? Ok?
Ok! – Watch it!
– I wanna watch Good isn’t it?
Good! The video is okay?
Good! Good! Nah, now we shot the phone by close range For view the dimention Here, we shot by close up! Done! Lets watch!
Wacth! Eh, Wait!
Lets watch the previous video Good!
Not Bad! Its not here, Its gone!
Yes, where is it? Get him! Get him! Woy, my friend’s phone! Wheres the key house? Oh no! Woy, my friend’s phone woy! He’s far away Owh, run out of energy.
Just run! Bro! My friend’s phone bro! Return it! My friends gonna be mad You want it?
Come and get it! Den, whats going on? Lah, Where have you been? Lah, I am in the house looking for my key house
I forget where is it! Are you priority your key house or your phone? Ya, both of them Where? Eh, I want help Rizal! Gotcha now!
Hmm! Did you steal my phone? Wheres my phone? Eh, return my phone! Eh Zal, your phone burnt by him! Hah, burnt? Just ask him! Hah?
Are you serious? Sorry bro, sorry bro! Waw, you’ve gone too far! Please don’t bro, !
Its just a prank! Here, bro!
Its your phone! What does it mean? No, I just prank!
Sorry bro! This is my phone right?
Chek it, make sure! Where is he?
Ya, Zal, wheres the thief? Theres a timer?
Run, Zal! Naufal, Hows about our plane? Yes, boss..Our mission going so well! Good, continue! Well, bos! Ok! The explotion was so amazing! Welcome! Den?
Where is he? I don’t know, hes gone. He just here You hear that? Lets see! That is, Zal…Bomb, Zal! Run, Zal! Run!

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