The BIGGEST Poker Tournament of MY LIFE!

a viewer of the vlog is in town and he
wanted to treat me in a lady friend to a
nice dinner at the wind I recommended
the lakeside restaurant it’s right next
to the SW steak house and has a very
similar menu which is with more seafood
selections so let’s see what lakeside
has to offer
the Russian caviar comments with
traditional accompaniments Bellini and
toast points area
we all enjoy a shot of tequila to get
the party going this pound of king crab
legs were some of the best I’ve ever had
they were juicy and tender and I highly
recommend anybody that goes to lakeside
give them a try
and I think to myself
it’s a beautiful Saturday in Las Vegas
75 degrees and partly cloudy my kind of
weather as you know usually I’ll play
the Saturday win 225 25k guaranteed
rebuy but they got the wind poker
classic going on
it’s an 1100 buy-in that’s kind of steep
kind of feel like gamblin let’s see what
else is going on around town looks like
there’s a $25,000 buying High Roller at
the Aria poker ghost studios popping off
at two o’clock that’s about one so we
could be there just in time to Ridge
let’s go to the Aria and play a $25,000
buy-in tournament field should be soft
let’s see what happens I know what
you’re thinking Oh ski how you playing a
$25,000 buy-in tournament that’s pretty
good question not gonna lie
maybe I’m just gonna yellow it and
gamble maybe I sold some action you
never know hopefully I win and I’ll
discuss the details at that time keep
you guys on the edge of your seats but
we’re doing it $25,000 buying I can’t
believe it an excellent opportunity one
too good to pass up we’re gonna play
fearless aggressive against these gto
bots these high stakes crushers my
strategy for this tournament is to not
say a word
maybe half of these guys won’t really
know who I am I’m not gonna wear my ACR
patch I’m just gonna wear a dress shirt
sunglasses and be as stoic as possible
if they want small talk I’m just gonna
smile and nod they’re not gonna find out
who I am I’m not gonna tell them who I
am I’m not going to engage in any
conversation I’m just gonna stick to the
game and play the best game that I know
how to play it’s gonna be tough the
edges are going to be small so we can’t
pass on small edges we have to go for it
you can’t win every tournament
it can only memcache about 10 to 20
percent of tournaments so failure is the
most likely scenario but in the case
that we win is going to be extremely
14 players have officially entered with
a few hours of late reg we’re about to
start the field looks pretty tough not
surprisingly Ike Haxton Justin Bonomo
or Jason Koon
Brin Kenny Sam sore hole carry cats
a few recreational xym not too familiar
with but we’re gonna play our a game
stay focused stay in the zone and make
the best decisions possible a little bit
of luck and a little bit of focus I
think we can take this one down let’s
win this guys we’re playing five handed
table looks pretty good for a 25k I’m
not right as Jason Koon on his right is
Ali Elsa Munich it’s been on the heater
I think you won the poker masters green
to my left is a recreational computer
guy and to his left is a woman named
Cathy not libert so I’m feeling good I
got in the middle seat let’s run this
125k into millions i fold for the first
couple orbits no playable hands that’s
okay and we blind down to about a
hundred and ten K but blinds at 500 1000
1000 Cathy opens under the gun to 2500
action holds me in the small blind and I
looked down it to black
aces I love aces so I make it ten
thousand big blind folds and Kathy
thinks about it and puts in the call I’m
putting her on a mid pair or suited
Broadway type of hands the flop comes
Queen ten seven rainbow pretty good flop
so we’re gonna see bet eleven thousand
she puts in the call
I’m putting around something like king
queen queen Jack King Jack maybe King
ten something like that
the turn is innate which is a pretty
harmless card unless she has
specifically jack nine her pocket eights
were still ahead no reason to play
scared we’re gonna go for value I’ve had
22,000 she thinks about it and puts in
the call all right pretty sure we’re
ahead down the plan was believe it or
not to a fold if she raised because any
hands she raises actually as his beat
unless she’s this over reppin
overplaying East queen or king.queen
pretty unlikely so let’s go to a river
the river is a seven pairing the board a
great card
she was slow playing her Queen tenants
now counterfeit I don’t know what hands
were the seven that she’s still haven’t
arranged so he bet big for value forty
thousand the plan is to fold through a
jam because no one ever Bluffs here was
like King Jack or whatever she has to
see my stack and puts him to call I
proudly show my aces and she shows eight
seven of diamonds for the boat she
didn’t raise cuz she thought I had tens
or queens possibly that one hurts that
one hurts and we now have about forty
thousand ships
I get to squeeze through with a stent
off and pick up a few small pots lose a
few small pots blind vers blind 5 handed
there’s a lot of action for now one hour
and twenty minutes into it blinds are
now 1,000 1,500 1,500 still 5 handed
still 14 entrance action folds to me on
the button and I have a screen off soon
21,000 couldn’t been raised but I think
a jamb looks more bluff II might get
called by any pair in the ACE maybe some
student Broadway’s sweet Jen for our 13
blinds the computer guy and the small
blind puts him to call he’s got about
140,000 he can afford to gamble we
should have him crushed big blind folds
we show her a screen and he shows King
10 off suit all right the flop comes ace
jack 8 all right he’s got a gutter but
we got top here that’s good the turn is
a 10 that’s fine and the river is a 10
and we’re out
$25,000 tournament still in shock
we didn’t make first break
it’s time to go home and play on
America’s card room I think there’s a
good $10 10k about to start those are
the swings in poker sometimes you take a
shot he missed thanks for watching hit
the subscribe and alerts button it means
a lot
help grow the channel comment below and
enjoy the simulation you only get one of
them this time the pain of busting a
tournament never ceases to exist maybe
that means I’d still care a lot but
after all these years I figured I’d be
numb to it but it’s just not the case
it’s a rage like I never feel in my
normal day-to-day activities it’s like
my heart’s been ripped out of my chest
shortness of breath
horrible horrible feeling almost like
you lost your wallet or you just found
out your girlfriend was cheating on you
rinse and repeat over 99% of tournaments
you play and you wonder why you come
back for more
every day is a new opportunity and this
was a very unexpected opportunity
unfortunately didn’t go as planned I’d
rather regret taking the shot than
regret not trying at all I gave it a
shot it didn’t work out tomorrow’s
another day
sign up at HC are using bonus code
boesky 100% deposit bonus and I’ll see
you on the Virtual tables


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