The Biggest Loser || Bingo and Lindsay Face Their Fears

Bob gave me some recipes so that we can
at least take baby steps to integrate these vegetables into Bingo. And the key
to these recipes is the vegetable puree that you put into the food. So tonight
we’re having ground turkey meatloaf integrated with the spinach and broccoli
and peas and sweet potatoes and carrots. I mean there’s a lot of vegetables in
the meatloaf. Growing up as a kid we didn’t make him eat them. You know as a
mother it’s disheartening. I mean I feel like I failed and if this doesn’t work
then I don’t know where to go from here. What are these? It’s meatloaf, it’s turkey.
What’s this? It’s a crust. I’m like oh my gosh, he’s getting ready to eat that meatloaf. I know what’s in it. I can’t believe it. Bingo takes the first bite and I’m
thinking oh my gosh this might work. It’s good? You already ate the whole thing. I know. I’m hungry. I wanted to jump up and down. I wanted
to dance. I wanted to go over there give him a high five. You enjoyed the dinner? Yeah it
was good. Well the reason I’m asking is because in the meatloaf there are
carrots, and sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli, and peas. That’s nasty.
My mom tells me you know there was vegetables in your meatloaf. I’m like
you’ve got to be kidding me. I mean of course I want to eat ’em, I just don’t
like them. So it’s like… if you hide em in my food and I get them down somehow it works so..That’s what we’ll do. In the 13 years that Bingo has been alive, he has never
eaten that many vegetables in one sitting. So this might be the answer to
our prayers. Hi. Hi mija, how are you? Good. I’m the Filmore
Middle School guidance counselor, and Dolvett contacted me to help Lindsay
because she’s pre diabetic. I heard that I did have pre-diabetes and I just
don’t want it to get worse and I’m just like I don’t know who to talk to.
You’re right on in being afraid of diabetes. Not a lot of people here in the
school know but I have diabetes. Food it was my best friend at that time, and so I
started eating more and more junk food. Before I knew it, I was just not at a
healthy weight, and my doctor said Norma you have diabetes. How did you
deal with it when you when your doctor told you that you had diabetes? I was
pissed. I like to eat, I like to cook um this was not for me.
This is not fair you know? Right now I take five pills twice a day, I prick my
finger for blood testing two or three times a day, and at night I give myself
an insulin shot. I don’t like needles okay? I’ve always hated needles. Me too. So you
know this is my little kit. You don’t mind seeing? No. I don’t want to scare you
but this is reality. I want you to know and I want you to take this seriously.
I’m scared of needles. I’m like a cat in water with needles. This is the part I
really hate. You have to make sure you get the bubbles out. Okay here.
And just go in there put it in. It just scares me because what if I get
diabetes and I can’t live through life like a normal kid, and have to go every
other hour, every hour, injecting myself with insulin. At this point you’re not
there, isn’t that something? You’re not there and right now if you’re able to
you know stop the junk food, all the sugar drinks, you know you have a choice.
Yeah. So we can do this, all right? We will do this. Thank you! All right, mija.
You take care. I will. Okay you say hi to your mom for me. I will.
She just inspired me right now. I just want to get moving. I have to eat
healthier, in moderation. And I’m just so thankful that she shared this with me,
and I’m never gonna forget this day.


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