The Biggest Loser || At Home With Bingo

How long have you guys been living here?
Well my husband was in the construction
business when the economy hit.
Construction was almost the first thing
to really hit really hard. We had to sell
our home and basically we have sold
almost everything that we owned just to
make ends meet. So you know they had
offered to make this into a little
apartment down here and so we ended up
moving in here about a year and a half
ago and it’s been very difficult for all
of us. Moving around really affected me
because I moved away from all my friends
and my house and my home and then like
changing school districts and trying to
make new friends and stuff like that.
It’s really hard. It really I think
affected him and I think that
contributed somewhat to his weight.
Mm-hmm. And he ate out of stress. With
being heavier I do get the insults and I
feel down in my heart it really does
hurt. And I know I can do something about
it but I haven’t. I just want to be a
normal kid
of normal weight that doesn’t get made
fun. There are a lot of nights that we
cried and you know just trying to make
it through our daily lives, it’s really hard.
I was really impressed with Bingo’s
family. With the recession they have
definitely felt the heat from it and
millions of families can relate to this.
But they weren’t gonna let this
recession get the best of them. To me
that is so honorable because you’re just
gonna decide I’m gonna do whatever it
takes to provide for my family.
And now let me ask you how are you being
able to manage buying healthier on the
budget that you’re you’re on right now?
It’s just number one we don’t eat out
nearly like we did. I mean we would eat
fast food all the time. It is hard to not
feel responsible for his eating habits
because we’re the ones who have brought
the food in. We’re supposed to be the
gatekeepers of the home and we failed at
that part. You know now we have this
opportunity to where we can be you know
better role models for him.
You did these little simple things that I’ve learned in just the short time I’ve been here.
It’s like bringing healthier things and
not going to pass food restaurants.
It’s a lifestyle change and I think you
have to look at it as what’s most
important to you and your family? That’s
good that’s, good. That’s a families do–
just find a way to make it work. Bingo
we’ve got a little surprise for you tomorrow.
I hate surprises.
Have you ever been here? Yeah, me and my dad used to come up here and watch some games
sit up and it behind the net at home plate.
Really? Yeah! Look at our sign up there.
Do you see it? Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. Isn’t that cool? Yeah!
We’re at the Harry Grove Stadium,
home of the Frederick Keys.
You know the chances are, if you’re a Baltimore Oriole
you played here in the minor leagues. Did
you know that? Yeah. When I first met
Bingo he said that he wanted to be a
baseball player.
So we’re in his hometown, I wanted to
bring him here and I have a special
surprise for him. I have a surprise for
you. What?
Brandon Erbe the pitcher of the Frederick Keys.
Hey Brandon come on out!
Hey Brandon this is Bingo. Hey nice to
meet you. I hate surprises but
this one’s pretty cool. So you ready to have some fun today? Yeah. All right we’ll we’ve
got an honorary keys Jersey for you.
That’s your name on the back, there you go.
That’s awesome. That’s so cool. Yeah! This
is like a dream come true for me. I have
my own little Keys jersey with my name
on it. It’s what the future holds for me.
Thank you. Yes, sir. Brandon why don’t you
tell him about the injury that you had.
Two years ago I tore my labrum in my
pitching shoulder so I had to go get
surgery, everything’s good to go. Tell him
what happened to you.I was playing
basketball jumped up and I broke my foot
coming down. That’s okay you’ll be healed
up in a little bit and you’ll be back at
it right. Yeah. All right so let’s play ball. Okay let’s do it!
There’s Bingo with a boot on his foot, and he’s been lacking that spark in his eyes,
and I’m just hoping that Brandon’s story
is really going to resonate.
One of the easy rules is you want to cross the horseshoes.
It’s called a four seam
fastball. So like those these two ridges
in your fingers right here you should
feel the seams right in there.
Brandon showed me the two seam, the four
seen, the slider, the curveball, and showed
me everything it’s great. Pretty easy
once you learn. Try one? Yeah let’s try it.
You wanna get on the mound? Yeah. They had
this whole way of speaking to one
another and I’m in the background just
kinda going…cool!
Perfect! You see how it starts up up
here in the by the time I catch it it’s down here.
I love baseball, and my weight really holds me back from running the bases and running to get the ball.
We don’t need much teaching I mean that’s perfect!
I just need to get in
shape and I can do all that fine. Ready?
Nice! Pretty good. The Biggest Loser is
all about getting kids more active how.
I might need to change my career. He goes to
first. And it’s up to us to show kids
that being active can be fun and it
doesn’t need to be like homework.
Coming around second! Do I want Bingo to eat all of his vegetables? Of course I do.
(He’s gonna go right passed third.) But if I can
get Bingo running around a baseball field
and having a really great time…I
will take that over the food any day.
Thanks a lot. You were awesome you were
awesome. You’re great. Thanks a lot.
Coming from him that’s really cool because you
know he’s a pitcher for the Frederick Keys,
and that’s where I want to be. So
it’s really awesome.


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