The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon & Amy’s Game Counter-Factuals

we won’t let him read it for my next question in a world where an officer is our domestic
and pat’s who wins the second world war uganda defendant kenya rises to power on the export of white
house races essential African power block is formed colonizing north Africa and Europe
when board rates helped no one can afford the luxury of a rhino kenya where there’s
you got it right correct my turn in the world we’re a piano is a weapon not a musical instrument
on what this scott joplin play the maple leaf rag to me the INS isn’t it obvious you’re right Michael Jackson hey guys the today we invented it’s called counter
factual sir we possibly alternate world it differs from
ours in one key aspect and then pose questions to each other it’s fun for ages eight to eighty
joining us I I like a good brain teaser to the world you’re a lot this is an easy one in the old world were mankind is ruled by
a giant intelligent be for but food is no longer considered up but the ups he weathered the stands for beaver
that one of the series for playing the game here
I can figure this out but see %uh beekeepers each tree bark the only true but I know that kids can see
this evidence so also said it would incorrect obviously the answer is she’s danish all right in a world will buy a giant deaver mankind builds many day and to ease the beeper
overboard the low-lying city of copenhagen is flooded
thousands died devastated the danes never and that their
names taken straight in how does one make that in this is ridiculous it is making this stuff
up is he always like this one and this is our
own yes you should have been here for the great gender capture the two thousand eight in you bumped the table in the bill


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