The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Resort Commercial You Haven’t Seen

tWitch, I know that
you don’t watch
The Bachelor– the whole thing.
The Bachelorette, The Bachelor,
The Bachelor in Paradise.
You don’t get sucked
into any of it.
I do not.
And when I say
sucked in, I really
mean it because you really–
all of us don’t want to watch,
but we get sucked in.
Because it’s just–
you can’t not watch.
It’s a masterpiece
of a train wreck.
Do y’all watch?
Do you watch?

And not ashamed.
Cheering for it.
This is true now.
You can actually
stay at the resort
where they filmed The
Bachelor in Paradise.
I saw a commercial
for it the other day.
This is the commercial.
If you love reality TV and are
looking for a romantic getaway,
then look no further than
Playa Escondida Resort,
the official hotel at
The Bachelor in Paradise.
When you stay at
our resort, you can
enjoy all the amenities
of your favorite TV show,
like walks on the beach–
Oh God.
She’s crying.
–Signature massages–
–Luxury pools–
–Romantic picnics–
–And whatever this is.
And if this is
going to be drama,
and if she’s going to feel
bad, take the date card.
It’s not worth it to me.
This is [BLEEP] drama.
Playa Escondida Resort.
Yes, that girl was
talking to a raccoon.
She’s talking to a raccoon.

That commercial was 100% fake.


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