The Abandoned Resort in Cayman Brac: Divi Tiara Beach Resort

I’m here at Cayman Brac. Cayman Brac is the
easternmost of the three Cayman Islands.
And it looks like what I’ve discovered is an abandoned resort. I’m going to go check it out.
Parked my car right over here. I’m on the south side of the island, on the western edge.
I think the island is about 12 miles long. This building here … there’s three buildings it looks like …
…. three main buildings. It’s peach
or pink. Looks like some of the structure
… structural damage. Looks like it’s faced
a little of that. I see a board up there in
the middle where one of the balconies maybe
used to be … maybe a piece of concrete fell
off. Looks like some of the stairs have sustained
some damage. Not going to try my luck going
up through the door at the very top. You can
see somebody maybe got a little bit clever
with their spraypaint. Going around the left
side real quick. I’ve got my camera in manual
instead of auto. I want to try to make the
audio sound a little bit crisper. This camera
has a tendency to run the audio a little bit
high. That’s nice. Well, ya know. You can’t
get away from that, even if you come to a
remote island. I am going to be going into
some of the buildings. Just want to check
out what we got here. If you want to see what’s
out here, it’s mainly lots of overgrown grass,
plants and a lot of fallen palm. Looks like
somebody is back in the back there in a boat.
All right, second building. Kind of an orange
look to it. Looks like there’s no way through
here. There might be a way through over here.
There’s a boardwalk. Ooo it’s hot. I’m already
sweating. Put some sunscreen on before I left.
Brought some water with me because I know
it’s going to be a little hot baking under
the sun today. Some sort of electrical room
here. Wow. Really, really pretty, pretty flowers
out here. You got yellow, there’s pink over
here. I see some white, and all that with
the blue building looks really nice. Looks
like some trash on the ground. Coconuts. Jumping
up on this wall. Don’t know what the point
of that was. Some sort of thing to hang under.
Probably used to have leaves on it. Nice little
structure to stand on. You got some red flowers
right here. There are colors all around. Still
growing, just overgrown. Doing this all continuously
so I’m keeping focus as best as possible.
Really, really beautiful flowers and vegetation
out front. Of course, not to be trumped by
the almighty palm tree. Looks like I found
something interesting over here. Looks like
the entrance, but it’s overgrown, so I’m going
to try to find another way in. Ah, perfect.
Storage room. Let’s see if you can see inside.
Not much to see. Looks like this is where
they would hook up cable. I found my way in.
Watching out for wildlife. I’ve seen a few
dead snakes on the road. Wow. Swimming pool,
a little bit overgrown. Before I do that,
let me do a quick overview of what’s around
here, and kind of step around out here. Guest
rooms. Palm trees. Brick walkways. There’s
the ocean, most obviously. Swimming pool.
Apologies for all the zooming. Just want to
make sure everything looks quality. Hinges
are completely rusted. Lots of leaves, flowers,
tons of glass. Sliding door. Some kind of,
uh, guess that’s the, I don’t know what that
is. All right, in here you got the closet.
Let’s check out what’s over here. Outlet.
Wow. Stepped inside. Flowers all over the
floor. I was able to video record in here
after all. There’s me in the dirty mirror,
and this is about the time when a ghost would
show up right there in the mirror, and then
I’d turn and it wouldn’t be there. Lots of
damage over time. Not much to see. This obviously
the shower, glass there. Toilet. Let’s head
on back outside. Now, it looks like there’s
tons of glass that’s just shattered everywhere.
Let’s head over here. Wow. I can see some
people. Going to get down. This is just the
back of the peach building … pink building
and the other one, and just a bunch of palms.
It’s hot hot hot. Jeez. I think that boat’s
going away now. Here’s the swimming pool,
completely overgrown as expected over the
years. This vegetation is, according to the
pool measurements, 6, 7, maybe even 8 or 9
feet high. Still looking out here at the ocean.
Apologies for any noise coming into the microphone
from the wind. Here’s a look at the pool and
the rooms that overlook them. Swimming pool
rules there in the middle. I’ll go over there
in a second. Looks like some offices and then
there’s a larger room over here. Let’s go
check this stuff out, and then let’s go inside
too. This is very cool. Should be pretty simple.
Now I’m in the swimming pool. And you’ve got
these very beautiful dolphin markings put
here when the pool was first constructed.
And all the overgrown grass. I see a Pepsi
can. Lots of coconuts, pipes, tarp and paper.
Let’s head back up. Sandbags. Might be a clue.
Warning: Lifeguard on Duty. No diving. I’m
pretty sure that’s Comic Sans. It’s been a
few days since I’ve used a computer, or any
kind of smart phone. Divi Tiara. Might be
the name of the place. Pool hours 6am to 10pm.
Ahh, broken glass everywhere. This whole window
of broken glass right here. I’m not even going
to try to touch it. That’s what she said.
Stepping inside the office. This is a little
bit odd in that there’s a lot of stuff here
as if people kind of picked up and ran. Found
some sort of photo here. Let me lean it against
something. Looks like we have a date here.
September 9th and 10th, the weekend of 2006.
This is the Cayman New News. Did anything
happen on this date? I don’t know. Let’s see
what else we’ve got here. I’ll try to put
everything back where it was. Looks like a
2006 calendar for Fiberbuilt Umbrellas. Keep
thinking I see something out of the corner
of my eye. There’s a key and a car holding
down a note. Let’s see what this is. Phone
number and name, as if it was written down
the day whatever happened, happened. Although,
I don’t know if a hurricane necessarily did
this, because if the last calendar here is
from 2006 … that doesn’t make much sense.
I don’t think there was a hurricane until
2008. I’ll have to look that up. Here’s a
photo of a guy with a jackhammer going at
the pool from the other side. I think over
here is where we are right now, possibly.
All right, let’s get out of this office. There’s
a phone book and a Heineken can. As we leave
the office, filing cabinets to my right. Sandbags.
Sandbags. Right down below, a remote control.
Looks like that’s a door, but the screen is
blown out. Another office. There’s a lamp.
There’s a drill bit set. Not a lot to see
in there. The blinds are completely ripped
up. They’re still there though. Only one set
of blinds left in this one. Now, this, I’m
pretty sure, is the gift shop. You’ve got
the VISA and Master Card stickers on the door.
It’s a glass door so you can see inside. Hello.
Hello. Nothing left. I don’t really have a
desire to go in here. Let’s see what we’ve
got here. I heard some rustling, so I’m not
going to go in there too far. Don’t see anything.
There’s a glass display case on the right
and a wall on the left. Some water bottles
in here and an old air conditioner. Looks
like this used to be the logo for the place.
A swaying palm tree. We’ve found the lobby.
As you can see, some minor structural damage.
Nothing too bad. And here we go. Just like
the pool sign said: Divi Tiara Beach Resort.
Cayman Brac. Monday’s they had Manager’s Night
with rum punch, snacks and local crafts. Tuesday’s
and Thursday’s they had night dives. Looks
like they had a drawing of the island. We’re
right here in the southwest as I said earlier.
Divi Tiara Beach Resort. And the island goes
all the way up here. Some of the ceiling damage
erased whatever used to be here. This says
beach art with, I can’t read the rest. Something
about beach art. I’ve found the internet.
And that looks like the credit card slot.
They make you pay? Oh, it looks like you get
an internet card. Front desk. Let’s start
here. Keys to all the rooms. And there’s a
listing here. Looks like key numbers corresponding
to rooms, or something. A pool, beach and
towel card. And there’s an old credit card
swiper. And I’m not going to try to move it.
Everything here’s rusted. Welcome to our resort.
Let’s go over here. I’ll come back to the
front desk. Looks like we’ve got two bathrooms
up here at the front. Really beautiful outside
as I said earlier. An ideal location for a
beach resort. Palm trees. And they put in
flowers and everything else here. Really beautiful.
I’m not going to be doing much checking out
of these rooms, because they look like a prime
breeding ground for, yeah I’m not going in
there. Up here on the front desk. Remote control.
A map of the island. Let me blow on it. Didn’t
do much. Someone had to eat. Tennis racket
cases. Taxi log. And there’s a room back there
definitely for phone lines. Let’s go a little
bit behind, because I know some of you are
as curious as I am as to what is in here.
I’m taking this very slow. I don’t want to
disturb anything that might be on the ground
in here. There’s glass everywhere. Glass.
Glass. Glass. Cabinets, some kind of printer,
beer bottles. I thought that was a safe but
it’s not. That’s a cabinet in the middle.
Let’s see what we got here. What kind of files
are these? Ah, it’s for rooms. I guess they
would record if “The Johnsons” were in room
such and such. Let’s see what we got here.
Maintenance request. June 22, 2005. Room 303.
Toilet is not filling up. What does that say?
Looks like Ruel. Ruel got the job done. Look
at that. Look at that. The call came in at
6:15am. Less than two hours later. This guy
got it done at 7:50am. Before breakfast. That’s
good service. What happened to this hotel,
ya know? I don’t know if there’s anything
interesting. Looks like they did a lot of
book keeping by paper, which might not be
a good thing, I don’t know. But as you can
see, they also had a little bit of computing
going on. This looks like the Divi Resort
catalog. Carrying this over here under light
so I can see it just a little bit better.
Looks like I found the right page. Let’s get
in close here. There’s one of the buildings
with picnic tables out front. Beach with a
bunch of signs around it, maybe by the bar
area. Diving. Used to have a fleet of boats.
Says it offers a variety of accomodation levels,
as well as amenities like freshwater pool,
tennis court, conference facility, an award-winning
restaurant, scuba is a priority, fully-equipped
dive shop. Down here on the ground, I’m not
positive but let me pick these up. These look
like *noise*… I just heard something. I
think it’s ok. Meal vouchers. That’s not focused.
Just looks like a piece of paper. Looks like
a sticker, but I can’t tell. Pool, beach and
towel card. I’m not going to take anything
but this. I was in the pool. I guess I need
a card for that, right? Correctable film ribbons.
What’s this for? I remember seeing these a
long time ago. I guess that would be for a
typewriter or something, right? Aha, we’ve
found who works here. General manager, Patty,
Monalisa, Mary, Leanna, Stanley, Debra with
Accounts Receivable … she might have been
in one of those offices we went into. , Accounts
Payable is Laurel. Coconut Boutique, maybe
that’s the… *noise* … I heard something
else. Maybe that’s the shop. Coconut Boutique.
I don’t see anybody here, but I heard more
than one or two little rustles. Ok. There’s
my car. I don’t see anybody else yet. Ooo
it’s bright. Here’s one of the rooms. Some
of the floor is cracked over there. I’m not
going to do much walking around in here. There’s
a tv over there on the floor, lampshades,
shelves. Heading back downstairs. I’m back
outside. Looks like that boat is gone. Over
here is the swimming pool. That first office
is over here. Second office we saw is over
here. Now I want to see what’s in here. Wow.
Looks to be the dining hall. Telephone on
the ground. Some kind of paper. And it
looks like slips for food here in the dining
hall. All gathered here in the corner, stuck,
not able to blow outside with the wind. Looking
back over here, the fan is moving with the
wind. No power. Cash register. As expected,
no money. I’m not sure if those are coffee
beans or what. I’m looking around the ground
and there are little cards showing different
food that used to be served here. As you can
see right here, breakfast menu. You can pause
if you want to read. You can pause if you
want to read. Lots of other stuff around here.
Looks like the chocolate brownies weren’t
enough to keep this place alive, huh? We’ve
found the beach bar. I’m going to head out
the door over here since it looks like the
safest way to get out. Running over here,
beautiful day. Why don’t we take a moment
just to look at that? Very nice colors on
this place are still here on the buildings
you saw behind us and here. And here we’ve
got the beach bar. But first, remember those
tennis racket cases? Here’s the court. Can’t
get in. Nothing out there but a lot of coconuts
and a lot of palm and wood. Really amazing
that this beach bar is this intact. Even if
this place has only been down since 2006.
I don’t know if I mentioned, but it’s April
2013 when I’m making this video. As you can
see, this place is adorned with signs made
by people. And if you look through the resort,
you can find connections, and one of the connections
is that chalkboard we saw inside that said
you can make art, and this is where that art
was placed, and a lot of it looks well-preserved.
I see some dogs over here. I don’t see an
owner though. Three dogs. You’re probably
going to start hearing the wind a lot through
my microphone. I didn’t bring my windscreen.
That probably would have been a good thing,
huh? Let’s see if anything’s left now, inside
the bar here. Door is still intact. Barely
moves. I’ll kick it open. Looks like the coolers
are all empty. Not a trace left. If you’re
going to take something, take the beer. Circling
around here, ah, we’ve got a chair. Over here,
obviously where a tv used to be, left side,
tv as well. Getting a little bit windy. That
looks like the
boat house way over there. Not going to go
over there though. Looks a little bit dull,
maybe overgrown. I got the jist of it. Here’s
a little hut with more signs. Wow. A lot of
people probably used to come here. Kind of
circling around now, don’t know what else
to look at. And I don’t have a beer, but,
I’ll settle for my bottle of water here to
tide me over at the bar.


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