Texas Hold’em Poker – Why & How to play No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

This is the man’s game. This is not for boys,
who wants to have six cards in their hands and make a flush on the end. Texas Hold’em
where you have two cards this is what men are built of. Let’s play Texas Hold’em. [music] As poker has traveled the world during the
last century, it has developed into a varied and dynamic game. Numerous types of games
now circulate kitchen tables and casinos across the globe, each offering its own unique slant
on the basic structure of poker. There are three main families of poker: draw
poker, flop poker, and stud poker. Hold’em and Omaha are both flop games, games where
you get communal cards in the middle which you share. Stud games are different. Stud
games, all the cards you get are your own but some of them are face up. For every player there’s a game to suit. Whether
professional or novice everyone has their favorite version of poker and their reason
for playing it. However there can be little argument about which type of poker currently
wears the crown. I play all sorts of poker but mainly Texas
Hold’em which is the fastest and I think the purest version. I can play other sorts of
poker and in my home game on a Tuesday night which I play with friends we play all sorts
of crazy stuff with wild cards and things just for fun but when I’m being serious about
it and I’m trying to win a tournament or make some money in a cash game its always Texas
Hold’em because I understand it the best. These days I’m playing almost exclusively
Hold’em for the same reason that Willy Sutton use to rob banks because that’s where the
money is. I would like to play multiple games, I would like to play more varied games because
I feel that you can apply poker theory across the board to a lot of games and situations
but right now the predominant games in the area where I live is Hold’em and because of
the exposure of Hold’em on television its becoming the predominant game almost everywhere
and so the money is in Hold’em so I specialize in Hold’em and since I’ve been playing exclusively
Hold’em for a number of years now it probably is my best game although it didn’t use to
be. There’s a lot of people out there who can
the only game that can play no limit Hold’em, and the reason being to come straight of the
street into these tournaments, you know, and the probably of success of no limit Hold’em
and really it’s the only game that they are comfortable with you know. When their playing
pot limit Hold’em, roll your own, stud their not comů they’re not really comfortable.
So that’s probably why. So no limit Hold’em. I mean if I had to drag a, if I had to go
get a drunk of the street and give him some money and he had to win or I was going to
get executed I’d try to teach him no limit Hold’em in a day rather than any other game
because it is a game that you can learn pretty quick.
It’s probably the easiest game to understand and it does lend itself to tournament structure
in that in Hold’em it’s a game of made hands and you have a hand that’s made or you can
make pots very controllable. It’s like dominos right, no one’s gonna be
a consistent winner of dominoes it’s just what you pick up but the thing is with Texas
Hold’em it’s how you play and what you do in a game. This is a game. The power of your
chips. Texas Hold’em no limits, not pot limit, no limits is the man’s game. The many professional tournament players,
no limit Texas Hold’em is the game of choice. Arguably the most exciting version of poker
it encompasses a seemingly endless spectrum of possible playing and betting styles. No limits and limits are very, very different.
Limit is more of a technical game. Um, if you come in with the wrong hands too often,
if you play too loosely all the time you’re going to lose money.
With pot money limit, you can never get people off the pot. Say for argument sake there’s
three hundred chips in the pot alright. I can only bet three hundred right and if this
guy is drawing to a flush he can call the three hundred but if there three hundred in
the pot and I bet three thousand which is no limits, he can’t put three thousand in,
he can’t put all his chips to hit a heart when he’s got a chance of missing it. So the
difference between pot limit and no limit is this is the pressure this is what you want
you want the pressure to say you want to hit your heart stick all your money in. but in
pot limit you can only put three hundred in therefore he can afford to call and then he
can hit his card and if he hits his heart he has a bigů make him pay, you make him
pay to make the card and that’s what no limit is. You almost, you could teach a computer to
play limit poker I think. You could never teach a computer to play no limit Hold’em
because no limit Hold’em, and that’s the game that’s played no limit really is Hold’em,
and that is the game beautiful game that is the game that allows the most expression the
most difference. The game that you can play without ever getting cards where you playing
the other player when you’re playing the your cards and where every time one single slip
mistake can wipe out all you’ve done. So the tension is extraordinary. What’s at stake
at every hand is extraordinary and you have so much freedom to make things happen with
the cards your dealt. The most skillful form is the no limit form
and for that reason I believe it’s a great tournament game. I really enjoy playing that
game in tournaments. But sadly because it’s so skillful it turns out not to be a great
cash game, form of the game. The reason for that is that it is too skillful. Um, weaker
players or new players find it nearly impossible to win. Even for over a night or a week when
they’re playing against much more skillful players in a no limit form of the game. So
limit poker adds more of a luck factor which creates a lot more action. Its also the game that most people are learning
now. Which means that if you are a professional player you maybe look to some of the other
game like Omaha or seven card stud where the skill gap is greater.
Texas holdem may the most popular variation of poker played today but it is by no means
the toughest. If you’re looking for a game that test the players to the very limit of
their skill and concentration, then look no further then Omaha. Four card Omaha is the most skillful because
there’s so much to learn. I’ve played it for year and thought I knew everything and the
next year I realize that I didn’t know anything the year before and it caarries on like that.
It’s a learning process. There’s so many combinations and so many different situations coming up. Omaha is high risk because the nature of the
game is a drawing game so you get a lot of money in the pot very quickly and given that
you only have a very limited stack of chips to play with by its very nature its high risk
cuz any one pot can get everyone’s chips in. But it seems that players today want a game
that’s easy to gasp and offers both skillful and creative styles of play. This may explain
the international success experienced by Texas Hold’em. In a game of Omaha, where you’ve got four
opponents and you’ve got flush and a pair on the table and there’s really little bluffing
you can do somebody’s going to have the best hand and that be the person that bets. Texas
Hold’em seems more creative, more imaginative. There’s more room for maneuver. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and seven card stud
generate little money for casinos when compared to house games like roulette and blackjack.
To seize on the popularity of poker and subsidize the less profitable games, casinos have introduced
house version of poker specifically design to turn the odds back to their favor and produce
a profit such as Caribbean stud and Pachinko. These aren’t really poker. What they are,
they are casino games with a built in casino edge where you’re playing against the house.
Um, you’re not going to beat them, if you were able to beat them the casino would stop
you playing. Um, when you’re playing poker you’re playing against other players, you’re
not playing against the casino itself, there is no house stake. You might play a hourly
fee or there might be a small rate that comes out of the pot to pay the expenses and to
give the casino a small profit but basically you’re playing against the other players at
your table. Um, some people like to play casino games but playing Caribbean stud is just like
playing dice and I wouldn’t recommend it.

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