TERMINATOR: DARK FATE – The Card Game By River Horse

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River Horse Games are back with the officially
licensed Terminator: Dark Fate, The Card Game.
River Horse were previously responsible for
table top games inlcuding Terminator Genisys:
The Miniatures Game, Terminator Genisys: Rise
of the Resistance and Terminator Genisys:
Fall of Skynet.
While Terminator Genisys failed to resonate
with the wider audience; River Horses products
are of high quality, and although we never
tried Rise of the Resistance or Fall of Skynet
– the board games were definitely worth checking
out and if you like painting miniatures that
was a great bonus.
“Terminator Dark Fate, The Card Game” is now
available for pre-order. The official product
description from the River Horse website states:
forces in this cooperative deck building game
where you must choose at every moment whether
to flee or fight. Find a way to destroy the
Terminator before it destroys you!
Terminator Dark Fate is a co-operative deck
building card game in which players work together
to try and defeat the unfeeling Rev-9. Players
will scramble for resources and weapons so
they can fend off the Terminator long enough
to find a way to destroy it. Each time the
Rev-9 finds you marks an important decision:
you must choose whether you will flee or whether
you will fight. Fighting is dangerous, as
it allows the Rev-9 to inflict crippling wounds
on your deck, but if you flee without doing
enough damage, you know that the Rev-9 is
waiting just around the corner.”
Contents includes:
• 182 Fate Cards
• 30 Wound Cards
• 4 Rev-9 Cards
• 4 Character Cards
• 20 Damage Tokens
• Rulebook
River Horse do list a warning on their website
that states: “This listing is a pre-order,
which will be shipped once the product is
released (ETA 2019). This pre-order is for
customers to guarantee a copy directly from
us and it may be cheaper or faster to get
this from a local gaming store or online.”
So if you do want to pre-order the official
Terminator: Dark Fate, The Card Game and you
want it as soon as possible – you might want
to consider where you buy it and make some
of your own enquiries.
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