Teamwork Lesson | Together Power – Abi Stories Episode 3 | Eli Kids Educational Cartoon

Eli Kids Why are you working so late daddy? Well nothing is happening on Wind Island So I have nothing to write about for the
newspaper I think something’s happening now The whole neighborhood is without power Something must have happened to the
Windmill As head reporter for the Wind Island Express I better get over there Me and Teddy should come too Um … It’s a little late and very dark Which is why I should come Someone needs to protect you Good point! What happened? The high winds in the area knocked over the tree onto the power lines We have to get the tree off the
power lines so we can restore energy to the Island Not to fear! I have training for
situations such as this You can’t use the chainsaw! That willl destroy the tree! In school we learned that trees are very limited on Wind Island We must protect each and every one! Very well I’ll try something else Right, here we go! Have no fear! It’s going to work! I think it’s working! It’s not going to work … Using this fallen
branch I will create a lever Based on my calculations, the lever should allow me to push the tree aside OK! I think it’s time to come out of my shell Dad, in school, we learned that when you have a problem Instead of trying to solve it by yourself it’s better to work as a group Yes, you’re right Abi. Maybe you should tell them Excuse me officer Carter,
professor Kobi, Toro You all had great ideas But instead of doing them
separately why don’t you work together? I’m sure you could move the tree But how in blazes would we work together? While you pull the tree from up top, Toro can pull from the bottom Using my power shell And while they’re doing that, I
could use my lever What a good idea, Abi! Working together, brilliant,
absolutely brilliant! Okay, here we go! One, two, three! Do you have something to write about now dad? Thanks to you, I do!

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