Talisman: Batman – Super Villains Edition | Game the Game ITTD Special

(upbeat music)
– Hello everybody and welcome
to International Tabletop Day!
We are here in Geek and Sundry
and we are about to play
Talisman the Batman Edition.
What is the official name of it?
– So, it is Talisman Batman
Super Villains Edition.
– Oh, Talisman Batman
Super Villains Edition!
And with me today are
some familiar faces from
the Geek and Sundry community,
we’ve got Jason Charles Miller,
and Markeia McCarthy,
and we also Ross from the O.P, or the OP.
– The OP.
– The OP!
We’ve got Ross from the OP
here who was our dedicated
games specialist for this game
and we’ll just take a hot second,
before we jump into the gameplay.
To introduce our players today,
starting with you Jason.
– Hi I’m Jason Charles Miller,
host of Starter Kit
here on Geek and Sundry
and I’m excited to be
here today let’s jump in.
I played Talisman years and years ago,
the original with my friends
back when I was in high school.
So to play the Batman Edition,
I’m super excited to just jump right in.
– And which Batman supervillain
are you going to play today?
– I’m gonna play Bane.
– Yes!
– Whoop-whoop!
Perfect, my name’s Trisha Hershberger,
if you don’t know who I am,
I host the video game show
here on Geek and Sundry.
But today it is all about tabletop love,
and Ivan sweet tie by the way,
and also yes, I second
what Ivan said about
check out your local gaming store.
It’s the best place to hang out.
Today I will playing Ms. Harley Quinn,
how you doing Mr. J?
– That’s funny.
I’m Ross Thompson, I’m from the OP
and we’ll be playing Batman
supervillains edition today
and I’m playing as Mr. Freeze.
– Ooh
– Very nice.
Okay I’m Markeia McCarty,
if you have the DC Universal
subscription service
and you know me from DC Daily.
If you know me from here
than you’ve probably seen
me playing Starter Kit.
Or you’ve seen me on
game engine with Trish
or maybe fangirling or ask
your black geek friend.
I like to do a lot of things over here.
So but what I’m doing today at Talisman
I’ve played for the first
time about a month ago
for a friends birthday,
so there was no way I
was missing out on this,
and I am the Joker.
– Ooh.
– That’s a classic villain.
– I know right?
– Classic.
– I love it.
– So the first person to start
is the last person who read a Batman comic
or watched a DC movie or anything, so.
– Ya, that’d be today.
– So essentially in this game
what we’re going to be doing is
we’re playing as the supervillains
and we are trying to break out Arkham
and get to the control room,
and in the control room,
we wanna release all the villains out.
And so Batman’s going
to be trying to stop us,
he’ll be going around the board.
Anytime we roll the die and it
pops up on the Batman symbol
then we’ll get a chance
to then roll with Batman
and do a whole combat base there.
In Talisman what you’re doing is,
you’re working to raise up
your cunning and your strength
so that you can gain more abilities,
and as the stronger you get
the better you’re going to get
as you go closer and closer in
to the control room of Arkham
and then you wanna be able to defeat
all the different things
that come your way.
So we’re gonna wanna
find little guard keys
and posts and key cards that
will let us get in there
and we’re gonna have fake
coins and Talisman coins
and all kinds of things and
items that we get along the way,
to help raise your skills up.
– And now I know we have some
pretty competitive players at this table.
So just to clarify the
win condition of this game
is to get to the security
control room in the center?
– Yes, and once do that
in the control room,
Batman’s going to appear
and you’re in a final battle with Batman
and then who ever pulls
that off is gonna be crazy
he’s going to be supper strong,
so we’re gonna have to make
sure that we’re getting
that we’re getting that
point and do it up.
– Okay, if so if Markeia
goes first, what does she do?
– Here’s your die, and you’re
starting on the morgue.
Everybody has their preset
bit, you’re gonna roll
and we’re gonna get to it.
– Okay, since I’m on the morgue right now,
do I do any of the…
– Nope, you’re just going to start there
and you’re going to roll away.
– Alright.
– You’ve got a five.
– Oh, darn.
I meant to, has my turn started?
Can I play a feat?
– I’m cool with it if you guys are.
– Yeah!
Okay, so play at the start
of my turn before you move.
Keeping in mind that Joker has
a lot of really cool things
about him but with this I
begin the game with two feats
and during the game I’m
gonna have at least one
so I’m going to play this one,
cause then I will
immediately get another one.
So I’m calling the guards
at the start of my turn.
I’m placing this card
on any space on the first or second floor,
not already occupied by a character
and it remains for three complete round.
After which it will be
placed on the discard pile.
So simply the guards will be there,
so any character landing on that space
loses a health immediately.
– Cool, so you can mark it
with this little counter too.
– Cool.
So let’s see where we all are.
Likelihood is that one of you
will roll a three or a four
so yeah, I’m gonna ahead
and put it on the bathroom.
– Guards in the bathroom!
– Put that there, and there we go!
– I will draw another feat
cause after I use one I get one back.
– Nice.
– And now I will move my five.
– Cool.
– Put me over there on
the open cell please.
– There we go.
– I gotcha.
– Boom boom, and encounter one, ready?
– Let’s do it.
– There you go.
– Encounter one.
Okay, Commissioner Gordan enemy hero,
Commissioner Gordon is
investigating this area.
He will remain here until he is defeated.
He has a strength of seven.
– Wow!
– So do you have to fight him right now?
– Let’s see.
– So she could choose to evade,
if she has a way to evade,
but if not they got to fight it out.
– Oh goodness this might
not go well for me at all.
– Did you say strength seven?
– Yeah.
– He works out.
You’re right it’s jacked commission.
– I know!
This is like Endgame commissioner G.
Ya he will remain here
until he’s defeated.
I don’t have anything right here that,
so I guess I gotta roll off with him.
– Cool.
Jason you wanna (mumbles)?
– Sure.
– Is that how another person rolls?
– Ya.
– Ya it’s just easier,
and one of my things with Joker
is that I can use my cunning
instead of my strength.
His cunning is four, I’m
definitely going to use that.
– Okay, cool.
– Let’s see what I have to be.
– Alright, ooh an eleven.
– So ya four plus the strengths seven.
So I would need a six
to even tie right now.
– Go!
(excited shouting)
– The Joker is a maniacal genius,
so as a tie does that mean I…
– You got it, yeah yeah yeah.
– I took out Commissioner G!
– I can have that card back.
– So you defeat him,
and you keep it instead
of him staying there?
– Ya.
– Okay great, awesome.
– Yup you’re gonna keep that
and then once you get five then
you can choose to boost up.
– Great, so I’m three points
away from boosting up,
probably his cunning.
– That was an amazing first turn.
– Cool.
– And then we’re going this way right?
– Okay, perfect.
– Okay, and I watched a
Christian Bale movie last night,
so maybe that sort of counts of Batman.
Here we go, six.
And I can go either direction?
– Ya.
– Okay, so one of the corners.
– One of the corners, you got
the supply closet down here,
and if you were to go here
it’d be a corrupt guard,
will sell you equipment.
You can get a med-kit or
provide you with medication
and then it has different kind
of things that you can get.
So with two coins you can get a helmet,
two coins you get a baseball bat,
three coins you can get a lock pick,
four you could get a riot shield,
or three a riot shield,
four you could get a bullet proof vest
or there’s all kinds
of things you can buy,
so that’s pretty cool.
– Right now I only have one coin.
– So you probably don’t
have a lot of things,
you can’t buy anything for one.
– Well you could also do medication.
– Ya.
– Ya, you know what let’s go there.
By the way I realized I
started in the kitchen,
because Bane needs a lot of protein.
– He does.
– So let’s move there
and I’ll get some
medication for a rainy day.
– So you’re gonna roll one die,
and what’d you get?
– I got a four.
– Oh, you become righteous,
is your alignment righteous?
– My righteous is
indifferent at the moment.
– Well now I’m righteous!
I feel in charge, alright.
– Very nice!
– Alright, I’m gonna try to
reclaim this, here we go.
A two, and I also start on the morgue
so I can either go to the guard
post, or the supply cabin.
I think I would not like to fight Batman
right now this early in the game.
So I am also going to go the supply closet
and also do some medication
cause I only have one coin as well.
– Sounds good.
– So I roll again for that?
– Yup.
– Okay, and a four.
– You become righteous.
– Wow!
Harley Quinn is no
longer chaotic everyone.
– I know,
maybe you were spending some
time at poison ivy and…
– Yeah I guess so!
Okay, we’ll see what happens
when Harley and Joker meet up again
that should be interesting.
– I got a five, I’ll
just come down this way
I’ll go to the open cell.
– Alright, let’s see this encounter.
– He’s got a Lazarus Pit,
so I can place four fate
tokens here when revealed.
You may return one token
to the supply per visit,
gain one strength.
So when all fate tokens have
been returned to the supply,
discard the Lazarus Pit.
– Nice!
– For this things, I auto get one right?
Is that what it said?
You may return one token
to the supply per visit
to gain one strength.
So yeah, I think I’m gonna get one,
and then we’ll just put that there.
So I, did I read that right?
– Let’s see.
– You may return one token
to the supply per visit
to gain one strength when off,
or have been returned to the supply.
– Yeah, so I’ll get one, there’s four here
I’ll pick it up and
then gain one strength,
and they’re gonna hang out
there so we can mark it too
with the little symbol.
Well it’s right by the
board, we’ll be good there.
– Okay.
– Cool.
And I’m good.
– So that’s just a land on an open cell,
gain a strength’s base now.
– Yeah there’s a Lazarus
Pit hanging out there.
– Yeah I don’t know if you
get to keep the fate token.
– No no, you gotta put
it back in the supply,
yeah yeah yeah.
It’s just marking it so we know.
– I was reeling and dealing in my head.
– I know I was like here to
get more of those coins right?
– I know.
– I’m good to go, boom.
– Yeah.
– Check.
– Ooh that was farther that I thought.
– Okay, yeah just go ahead and…
– Open cell?
– Yeah, might as well.
– And another encounter.
– Alright.
– Let’s see what the…
Oh I gotta remember to start doing these.
Okay Jervis Tetch.
– Okay, so we got the Mad Hatter here.
Lurks in this space for
the rest of the game.
If you land here, roll one die.
It is…
Oh he is not a cool guy
– What does he do after you roll that die?
– Depending on what happens with the die,
I could become deranged, lose a health,
gain a strength, gain
a cunning, gain a feat.
I’ll replenish my fate
up to my fate value.
– Ooh.
– All depending on what you roll.
So, but he is there for
the rest of the game,
which is a shame, cause he’s four points.
– Ooh!
I become deranged for three turns.
– So is he on that space now?
– Yeah, he’s there for
the rest of the game.
– Okay.
– So…
If I had known, but I did not.
Okay, so now I’m deranged,
which is kind of like becoming
a toad in original Talisman.
So I have to leave all my
objects, followers, and coins
on the space where I became deranged.
So Jokers poor, so there’s that.
While you’re deranged, I have
one strength, one cunning,
move one space per turn, no die roll.
I retain my life, I retain my fate.
I can’t add additional
strength or cunnings,
I can’t perform or gain feats,
though I may keep the ones I had.
When I return to normal my
character will be as before
minus objects, followers, bribe money,
or any health lost while deranged.
So I assume that one coin is up for grabs
for whoever wants to actually
try to land on that space.
– Unless you go back and pick it up after.
– Unless I go back and pick it up.
So for three turns that is me.
– Alright!
– Wander around crazy.
– Okay.
– I expect nothing less from Joker.
– I have four, so I
either have Batman or…
– Or you got the…
– Destroyed room.
– I’m going to the destroyed room.
– Alright.
– And it’s two encounters.
– Is it…
It’s not a…
– Right.
– Yeah it has two.
– Oh okay, I thought it
was like second level.
– Alright, let’s see what happens.
One, the penguins umbrella.
You may always have one feat,
if you’re cunning allows,
gain a feat each time
you cast your last feat.
So that’s great.
– That’s great.
– Does my cunning allow?
– So what’s your cunning right now?
– My cunning is two.
– So you can do, you get a
first item at cunning three.
– Okay, so…
– Just hold on to it.
– The other one is loot bag object.
The loot bag can carry an
extra four objects for you,
if you loose the loot bag
leave any surplus objects
of your choice in the space you are in.
– Nice.
– I got two nice little items here.
– That was a way better
choice than Batman.
– Yeah I would say so.
– Alright, I am up, and I got a four
and I am also not choosing Batman,
so I am going to go to the same room
that Bane is currently in,
and I would not like to fight Bane,
I would like to instead do the encounter.
– Sounds good.
– Okay, so I got Dr. Leslie Thompkins.
Dr. Thompkins has set up here
for the rest of the game,
she will heal up to two health per visit
for any character landing
here free of charge.
– Well that’s wonderful.
– Very neutral.
– And then I got an object,
but it is the exact object I already have
because I started the game with it.
So I got another baseball bat,
which gives me plus one strength
in combat which is great.
I don’t think that Harley
can do a wield, can she?
– I don’t think so, no no.
– Cause it’s like a two handed weapon.
– So hopefully I’ll come across something
that’s like trade a weapon
or sacrifice a weapon for something.
– You can just put it on
the space, that’ll work.
– Alright, so that is
the end of Harley’s move.
– There we go, and now
Mr. Freeze is up again.
A five.
One, two, three…
Oh is that still Batman?
– Yeah.
– Nope!
– That’s a nope, yup.
– One, two, three, four,
I’ll go the kitchen
can you get there for me?
– Yeah.
– Thank you, and what do we got there?
– Okay, you’re gonna roll a die
and we’re gonna see what happens to you.
– Okay, ready?
– Yes.
– Here we go!
– Three.
– Oh, okay so you have to
bribe a cook to feed you,
so you lose one coin.
– Okay, well Mr.Freeze has money.
– You have so much money!
– I know.
– He was rich though, wasn’t he?
– Yeah, he was a doctor
kinda scientist dude.
– Yeah he’s got some money.
– And we’re good, boom boom.
– Okay perfect!
Back to Markeia.
– Alright so I can’t do a die roll
because Joker is scrawling
on the wall and going like,
the bats!
The bat, the bat!
And just stumbles over into.
– What is that?
– Can you choose, or?
Oh you either the exam room or an office.
– Can you tell me what I’d
be getting involved with?
– Sure God, you’d be a psychiatrist
where you might become deranged again,
or you can visit the doctor.
– Double deranged!
– Visit the doctor,
pharmacist, or psychiatrist.
Doctor heal up to two health
at the cost of one coin each.
Pharmacist discard any
number of objects you have
and gain one coin for each,
and then the psychiatrist
is total randomness.
– Total randomness?
– Deranged, lose strength,
lose cunning, gain cunning,
gain strength, gain feat.
– But you can’t gain those
things while you’re deranged.
– Yeah I can’t really gain
anything while I do so.
Oh, but you know I’ll keep that in mind
when I actually have my mind back.
So I’ll go the other way, to the office.
Oh, I still encounter things?
Oh no!
– I think so, right?
– I didn’t realize I
still encounter things
otherwise I would’ve taken that roll.
That’s fine, so I actually
have a pretty easy person,
it’s an inmate and a patient.
Looks like they have a…
– Two?
– Yeah.
– Two cunning.
– Two cunning, so I guess I
just have to do a roll off
against the two cunning patient.
– Okay, once I get anything
more than a one I guess.
– What’s Jokers starting cunning?
– Well right now, it says I’m deranged,
I wonder if that affects his cunning.
– Yeah you’re a one.
– Yeah I’m a one on cunning,
so this versus two one cunning.
– Okay.
– So let’s see.
– Should I roll off?
– Go for it!
– Okay.
Oohh, sorry!
– Anything less than that Jason,
anything less than that
would have been great.
Why did I do the less one?
– And Batman moves?
Or no because this was an encounter role.
– Correct.
– Okay, so yeah, I did
not win that at all.
So I would lose one of my health
so now I have three health.
– And then he’ll hang
out on the main office.
– You gotta go visit Dr.
Leslie Thompkins over there
or I guess just the exam
room and take a chance.
– Okay.
– Okay, yeah back to you.
– Six again!
Alright, let’s see.
So I can either go to the
corridor or the morgue.
Let’s see, hmmm.
Is that sort of a game of chance?
– It’ a…
– Yeah you roll two dice,
and then if you’re righteous, ooh wow.
Where does evil lose one health
in different replenish fate
up to your fate value.
Chaotic evil, either replenish
up to your fate value
or for free, or search the
morgue by rolling one die
and then if you roll that
then you can win a forwards ignored,
at a five you gain one health,
and then at six you gain one feat.
– I’m currently righteous
so I probably don’t wanna go there.
– Probably not.
– Alright then I will go,
I will take my chances
in the corridor.
Actually no here’s the bathroom.
– Oh well look at that.
– I’m gonna fight that guard.
– Get it.
– Okay, so, well you
can’t fight the guard.
Any character landing on
the space loses a health.
– Either way I’m screwed,
because since I’m righteous.
– But you are farther away
from Batman over there.
– You know what, yeah.
I’ll lose a health to
stay away from Batman.
– And then somewhere you hear Joker
cackling in the background.
– Now is the guard still there?
– It should be, when it
comes back to my turn,
then that should be the end of the three.
– I think so.
– Okay.
Oh, he was only there for three?
– Yes.
– Okay, gotcha.
– And then he go bye bye.
– Ya that’s first round.
– But I mean,
don’t you guys think Bane
could take out a guard?
– Maybe there we’re a swarm of guards.
(group talking over each other)
– Alright, so six, I am also righteous.
So I don’t want to go to the morgue,
or one, two, three, four, five, six.
Man, Bane and I…
(group talking over each other)
I split from Joker
and decided to have a new
person to hang out with.
So I’m the same way with the guard,
I mean they’re gonna lose the health there
or lose that health there, right?
– Yeah.
– Stinker!
Well let’s go ahead and
get far away from Batman
and head to the bathroom,
and I will lose a health.
– Here we go.
– Your turn Ross.
– Reed is up, here we go.
(excited shouting)
– So Batman.
– He moves one and does
something, correct?
– Yes.
– So then I’ll roll for Batman now.
Right, and he’s gonna move.
– Does he only move one?
– No, I move one and then
which I’ll just move,
we do Batman first.
So, one.
So he’s just gonna go dun dun dun dun dun,
he’s in the office now.
He’s gonna fight Micheal Scott,
and then I’ll move to the open cell,
and I’ll do an encounter,
and we’ve got ooh, the ventriloquist,
and Scarface, the stranger.
So roll one die and
place the ventriloquist
and Scarface at the place here
and then he will give the
first character to visit him
a security card if available
and then vanish into the discard pile.
So we have those right over there,
those are pretty cool.
– That’s really cool,
you definitely want that.
– To get into the final control room.
Three, he’s gonna go to the dark room.
Which I believe is here.
– Okay, great.
– Yeah, so he’ll be on the dark room.
– With a security card.
– Yeah
– So the first person that gets there.
– Okay.
– That’s it.
– Now you got a round
two of being deranged.
– Great so, yeah round
two of being deranged,
and the guards have no longer been called
since the security break
for them lunch break.
So that can go in the discard pile.
Right, so yeah Joker has at this point
found the straight jacket,
he wasn’t in one,
he put it on because it
felt comfortable for him
and he feels nice and warm now.
So he is going to, well…
So this is his last
round of being deranged?
– I think its three.
– So this is the second round.
– Yeah.
– Okay, you know what?
I’m gonna, he didn’t learn,
he’s gonna go right back
onto the Jervis Tetch one,
so just because I don’t know
what that encounters gonna be,
then at least at know that.
– Okay!
– Roll.
– So does that take the
place of the encounter
in the open cell then?
– Yeah.
– Okay.
Six, what’s six?
– Six, replenish fate
up to your fate value.
– Alright, you’re already at three.
– Yay nothing bad happened!
– Yay!
– That’s good
Okay my turn, five.
– Do I get to pick up my coin again?
Cause it just says I can’t do
strength and cunning points,
but it doesn’t say anything about coins.
– For deranged, I don’t think you can.
– Okay.
– I’m gonna go to this corridor
and choose an encounter.
– Ooh, let’s see what would’ve been.
– Nice a utility belt, add
plus one to your strength.
– Awesome.
– Great.
– So I guess I’ll just…
Do I keep that?
– You keep it and you mark it on your…
– Great, yup.
I feel in charge, alright.
– Okay, my roll, and I got a six.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
I’m gonna believe that’s
Dr. Leslie Thompkins
I’m gonna go there and heal a bit.
– Okay.
– Do it.
– So does she heal beyond
what my starting health was?
– Only starting, you can’t go past that.
– Only up to your starting.
– Heal up to two health.
– Okay, great.
So I’m gonna heal for one health then
because that’s what I was down
and that is then end of my turn.
– There you go!
– But Mr. Freeze at the start of your turn
I wanna play a feat,
play on another character
at the start of their turn.
This character takes
their turn move as normal,
except I decide which direction they move.
– Ooh!
– Okay Harley I see how it is.
– Puppet mascot.
– Four.
– So which way is he moving?
– Away from the security guard.
– Okay, so that’d be that way then.
So one, two, three, four into the corridor
and on that I find a
baseball bat, I’ll take it.
I mean they like baseball
in Arkham apparently, right?
– They have a team.
– That’s great, now do I
discard or keep this feat.
– Yes, you discard.
– Okay great.
Do we have a discard pile underneath?
– Great.
– There we go, we’re done.
– I’m up.
– Oh that’s right that was…
Oh okay, so at the end of
his last turn of delirium
Joker has somehow bedazzled
the straight jacket, you know,
and has found like a little Walkman
and is going around playing prince.
– I love it, prince Batman.
– Yeah so, yes doing bat dance.
So yeah, no he’s not gonna fight.
I guess I’ll take my chance with the…
– The exam room?
– I guess so.
– So you get options here, right?
– Yeah I have options there
from what I can remember.
– The pharmacist or the psychiatrist.
– The pharmacist was something
that’d I’d have to spend money on.
– I think that was down
in the supply closet even.
– Was it the dodger?
It just says heal up two health
the cost of one coin each,
the pharmacist discard any
number of objects you have
and gain one coin for each.
– Okay well then the Joker
goes to the doctors office
and starts banging on the door,
not realizing he’s actually
banging on the inside
of the supply closet door
because I can’t do anything.
– Because you’re deranged.
– Yes, perfect.
– Alright, Bane is up three.
One, two, three.
Well you know, I do need to heal.
– What’re you at?
– So I’m just down one but you know,
might as well, and then perhaps I can…
Let’s see, I think what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna go here
and with the pharmacist,
discard any number of objects you have
and gain one coin for each.
So what I could do is,
how many with this loot bag,
how many items are we allowed to…
– So there you could have four.
– Right, but without the
loot bag, how many items?
– Just four.
– So this gives me eight,
alright, you know what?
I’m going to pay a coin,
oh wait can I visit two at one,
or I can only do one at a time.
Alright, well then I’m just gonna,
then I’m gonna pay a coin
to be healed back up.
– Okay.
– Great.
– So coin there you go,
and now at least I’m
back up to full health.
– You’re getting some more venom right?
– Right
– Alrighty, two two!
– Ah stinker!
I am going to go to the,
oh wow I don’t really have money
to buy anything at the supply closet.
– You can roll a die and try.
– Medication stuff, yeah.
– Yeah, or you can take
your chance at an encounter
in the office.
– What do you get with the medication?
What are the roll chances?
Well you can become chaotic,
be completely ignored,
become righteous, gain one
cunning or gain one feat.
– Oh I’m gonna go for that!
Let’s see our chances the supply close
even though I’m close to Batman
and I’m running a risk here,
but I’m gonna go for it.
– Let’s see what you get.
– I rolled a two what does that mean?
– Two, you are completely ignored.
– Okay, that’s what happens then!
End of my turn.
(exited shouting)
(exited shouting)
– One, two, three, four
– Oh wait okay.
– Four, one, two, three, four
– Close call.
– Very close call.
– That’s so funny and, I’ll
just move to the bathroom
cause that’s a hotspot
in Arkham apparently,
and we’ve got a…
Red Hood!
Okay the Red Hood will remain
here for the rest of the game
roll one die to partner him
with the following results.
So on one ignored, on a two gain one fate,
on a three gain on coin,
on a four gain one feat,
on a five gain one health and on a six
move to any space in the same region.
– Wow I like the Red Hood.
– That’s super cool right?
– And it’s a friend.
– He’s so iffy.
– Get a two, so he’s a
gain one fate kind of guy,
which is great.
– Very nice.
– You know what?
Lets put this little two marker there
that way we can remember where it is.
– And so he keeps that same
one when you roll again.
– Yeah.
– Also everyone, you land
there you get a fate.
– Yeah that way we just mark it
so that now we know what the number was.
– Cool.
– And then I’ll gain a fate right, so.
– Cool, very nice.
– Mr. Freeze is…
– He’s rolling in dough!
– I know, look at him with all that stuff.
– Lots of good stuff.
– Lots of ice.
– So now Joker has a, he shook it off.
You know, but he’s still
gonna keep the jacket
because its fly, so that’s just happening.
It’s purple so.
So but he’s also a bit of a pick pocket,
so I’m gonna use this feat
at the start of my turn
before I move, I’m gonna
take one object of my choice
or one coin from any character,
so can you pass me that loot bag please?
– Ooh
– Okay, yeah no problem.
– Wow.
– And then I draw another feat.
– Nice.
– I’m gonna remember this.
– Hey Joker’s got so many enemies.
– You have a thing that
let’s you draw feat
every time you get rid of a feat right?
– Yes absolutely.
– Is that your character ability?
– I gain a feat each
time I use my last feat.
– Awesome.
– Cool.
(group talking over each other)
– Yeah that was just a first.
– Hey Joker’s got layers.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– Now he’s just looking at this feat.
– Okay, that’s gonna be fun.
– And alright, let’s see where Joker goes.
– Five.
– Three, four, five,
so the corridor or the open cell.
– I like the idea of
the corridor over here
trying to get to Dr.
Leslie Thompkins myself.
– Yeah.
– Oh wait, that does put
me really close to Batman.
Oh, we’ll see how that works out.
– And you get one encounter please.
– There you go.
– So, oh yay!
Bribe money, so exchange
immediately for one coin
and then place this card
on the discard pile.
– There you go here’s your one coin.
– So yeah.
– That was great.
– I guess Joker had lost one shoe
so then took off the other shoe
and found that there was a coin in there
so now he’s go some money.
– Just saving it for later.
– Doing a little happy dance.
– Alright, Bane is due
for some good stuff.
– Oh no!
– Sup Harley.
– Yeah.
– So do I roll for Batman?
– Yeah yeah yeah.
(group shouting)
– So which way do you want him
to go, open cell or corridor?
– Bring him right there to the open cell.
– Okay, and which way are you moving?
– And then I’m gonna move…
– I know.
– You know what?
I’m gonna take my chances
with Jervis Tetch,
– Yeah.
– And I’m gonna pick up that coin.
– I will remember this.
– Yes, get that money.
– You took my loot bag.
– It was my lucky coin,
I stole it from Two-Face
– And now let’s see what happens.
Roll high.
Five, gain one feat!
– Nice
– Right there buddy.
– Gain one feat yeah, perfect.
– Good for you.
– Ooh, this is a good one.
I don’t play it right now, right?
– No you hang on to it.
Alright, a four for me
which is not the two I was looking for.
I don’t necessarily wanna go
back to Dr. Leslie Thompkins
cause that’s a kind of a waste.
One, two, three, four.
My other option is the guard post.
If you’re crossing to the
second floor, do not draw a card
and ignore any card already on this space.
Instead you must first defeat
a guard with a strength nine.
Do not fight the guard when
crossing back to the first floor.
Well my strength is currently with my bat.
My strength is currently a four.
So I would need to roll a five or a six.
– Are you trying to cross
into the second level?
– That’s what I’m saying,
if I land there and I wanted to do that,
I’d have to roll a five or a six.
That being said,
I do have three fate if I wanted
to like re-roll like crazy,
but I don’t know if I’m
strong enough right now
to really survive much
on the second level.
So I don’t know if
that’s the smartest move.
One, two, three, four.
Can I go to the guard post
and just do an encounter?
– Yeah.
– Okay great, then I’m gonna do that.
– Cool.
One, two, three, four.
– Okay, encounter one.
Inmate, enemy patient.
An inmate is roaming around this area,
he will remain here until he’s defeated.
Do I fight him then?
– Oh yeah.
– Okay perfect, so he looks
like he has a cunning of one.
So I have to fight with cunning then?
Or do I get to choose?
It says when I attack another character
I may choose cunning instead of strength,
but that’s another
player character, right?
Okay great.
Cool, so it is a cunning fight.
I have a cunning three,
he has a cunning one, Jason.
Oh, you’re gonna roll it?
Take it away Ross.
Ooh, so its a four total.
– Right.
– And then I’m gonna roll.
– Go for it Harley!
(group talking over each other)
– Alright, so I win and I get that inmate
which has three points at the bottom.
So I have that now and
that is the end of my turn.
– Cool, we’re up.
– Boom boom boom.
Two, three, four.
I’m gonna go fight the inmate.
– Yeah!
– Let’s do it up.
– You’re at a two cunning,
I have four cunning.
– Great great.
– I didn’t say.
– Jason’s got it, six.
– No it’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll
take it, I’ll see how it is.
– Four or better
– Sounds great, sounds great.
– Are you gonna use fate to re-roll?
– I’m totally gonna use
a fate and re-roll that.
Here we go.
– You just need a four or better.
– No!
– Batman got me, so I will…
– Are you gonna use another fate?
– No.
– Or you can only do it once.
– You can only do it one time.
– I’ll be at three health
now so we’ll be good.
– Wow, okay.
Alright, and it is back to the Joker.
– Ah indeed, oh okay.
So this point Joker is, you know,
he’s figuring out his life
choices and everything.
So depending on what this role is
he might go toward the bat.
A five.
– Ooh.
– Yay!
– Yeah, yeah.
– One, two, three, four, yeah.
– So Markeia has the option
to get the security card.
The Joker stumbles towards the bat.
– He’s like bats, bat, bat.
– And runs into the ventriloquist Scarface
scares him, they run out of the room
and drop a security card.
So now I can go to…
– The next level.
– I can enter the
control room at any time,
well once I’m at the second level.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– That’s great, well done.
And that’s the end of
that character right?
– Yeah they’ve run off.
– Off to find her
ventriloquist dummy somewhere,
to put on her lap.
– Alright, onto Bane.
– Bane, it’s my turn.
– You got a four, which
direction are you gonna move in?
– Either way Bat’s far away,
I’m going to go to the open
cell and have an encounter.
– Ooh.
– The doctor, if you are righteous evil,
you gain one health.
If you’re a chaotic evil
you lose one health.
There is no indifferent,
there is no effective
(mumbles) indifferent.
Well I’m righteous indifferent, I guess.
– You were indifferent
but then you were in…
– Now I’m righteous evil.
– Yeah.
– Okay, then I gain one health,
but I’m at max health.
– Well there you go.
– Okay, alright.
– You’re just rocking it.
– Doing it.
Alright I’m gonna hopefully
get away from the Bat.
I rolled a three,
which means I will land
on the same space as Bane.
Unless I choose to fight the Batman,
which I do not currently wanna do.
– Well he’s only a seven.
– Says Joker.
– Is he only a seven right now?
Fighting with the guard post
is harder to defeat than Batman
at this early stage of the game,
but one, two, three,
now I do have a character ability
that I can take a follower from
a character that I land on,
but you currently have no followers Bane,
so that doesn’t help me out.
Now if I decided to fight another player,
what would be the benefit of that?
– So you could take a coin,
if you win, you could
take an item from then,
or coin from them.
Then they would lose one health.
– Okay, I’m not gonna do that,
I think I’m just gonna do the encounter.
– Bane and I are still quite friendly.
– Somewhere Joker growls.
– Alright, I do deadshot.
Deadshot will grant one
of the following requests
to the first righteous evil
character to land on this space,
and then will vanish to the discard pile.
Gain one feat, coin, strength,
cunning, health, or fate,
or teleport to any other
space in this region.
Now do Bane and I count as
being able to land on him
or you’d have to land on him again.
– Well you drew him.
– I drew him, I am
righteous evil currently
so I get to just request
whichever of these things I want?
– Yeah.
– Ooh.
– That’s pretty amazing.
I would like to gain one strength.
– Okay.
– I believe, so that’s what I’m gonna do.
This encounter is discarded,
and I go up a strength, that’s brilliant.
– Excellent.
– Perfect, thank you Deadshot.
– Ya they’re good right?
– Yeah they’re helping each other out.
– It almost feels like a
cooperative game in some respect.
– For now.
– Yes, we’re all being
very nice right now.
– Two.
– A two.
– I will…
– Boiler room, there’s some
things happening in there.
– I can choose not to roll a die
in the boiler room if I want.
Which is pretty cool, I can freeze it.
– Oh that cool.
– Yeah.
– I think that’s awesome.
– Which is good, I think I’m
gonna go to the exam room.
– Do it!
– Let’s do it up.
– Who are you gonna see at the exam room?
– So we’ve got, what
are our options again?
– We’ve got the psychiatrist, the doctor,
and the pharmacist.
– And what can I buy?
(group talking over each other)
– This is Mr. Money Bags over here.
– So the doctor will heal up to two health
at the cost of one coin each.
The pharmacist, you can
discard any object you have
to gian a coin for each,
and then the psychiatrist
is a crazy game of chance.
– Let’s do that.
– Okay.
– The psychiatrist.
(group talking over each other)
– Ooh
– A four.
– You gain one cunning.
– Great!
– Awesome.
– Very nice.
– Good move.
– Yay!
– Alright.
– Okay so Joker feels
like the Bat is nearby
and is like, hmmm this might be the time,
if I get a three I’m going for Batman.
– Ooh, so close.
– So instead I will heal up my health.
– Nice.
– Great, with Leslie, perfect.
– Yeah, awesome.
– Now if we fight Batman now,
he comes back later regardless, right?
– Yeah.
– This is just like a temporary…
– Is he banished from the first floor,
and is only on the second?
– No, what happens, if you
defeat Batman in combat,
you can, then you roll a die,
and when you roll that die
you could either gain a fate coin,
a money coin, a health,
a strength, a cunning,
or a feat.
– Okay.
– Great.
– And right now his strength is seven.
– He’s a strength seven and cunning seven.
– So when does he move
to the second floor?
Or is it just when all of
us are on the second floor?
– So we can, Batman can move
in between any of the floors.
– Ooh, he’s just coming for us.
– Yeah.
– He’s our boogie man.
– Totally, but anytime, once
we get to the security room
that’s when he’ll immediately
just goes (growling).
– Alright.
– Two, so I’m either going to…
It’s an encounter or an encounter,
so I’ll choose an
encounter in the corridor.
– Great.
– And there’s your card.
– Thank you, sir.
– Ooh, bribe money!
Exchange immediately for one coin
and then place this on the discard pile.
– There you go.
– Get some bribe money.
– You got it.
– Thank you very much.
– Uh-huh.
Alright, Harley’s roll.
Harley gets a five,
so I can go one, two, three,
four, five, to the exam room,
or one, two, three, four,
five, to the morgue.
– I’m currently righteous evil
so the morgue would make lose one health,
so let’s go on to that exam room,
and for one coin, what
can I purchase there?
– For one coin you can purchase a health.
– Okay, I don’t wanna do that.
– For…
– Can I see the psychiatrist?
– You can absolutely see the psychiatrist.
– I would love to do that.
– Roll for crazy.
– Roll high.
– Roll for crazy indeed right?
– Six!
– Aye.
– Wow nice.
– You gain one feat.
– I gain one feat, fantastic.
Oh nope, I’m right over here.
– That’s a fate.
– Even better, and then
that is the end of my turn.
– There you go.
– Freeze is up now, here we go.
– Ooh
– You can go to the kitchen or the chapel.
What does the chapel do?
– If your chaotic evil you lose on health,
indifferent you heal up to
your starting health value
at the cost of one coin each.
– Righteous evil,
either heal up to your
starting health value for free,
or search the chapel by rolling one die
and potentially gain
one health and one feat.
– Well lets go to the chapel.
– Okay.
– And I am righteous evil,
and I got injured earlier,
so I’m gonna heal back up to four.
– Heal for free.
– Boom boom boom boom.
– Very nice.
– Good for you.
– Markeia?
– I really wanna fight Batman.
– Yeah.
– So…
– Ugh man.
– Let me get a five.
– Ooh, so close!
– So close!
– Darn it.
Well Joker doesn’t really have money,
so that’s not gonna help him out much.
You know what?
We’ll try going for medication here,
looks like that’s fun,
fun times, fun rolls.
– Mhm.
– Hopefully I could get another
feat, that would be great.
– Four.
– Four, oh no!
He became righteous.
– Ooh that’s scary.
– Ugh.
– Okay, so yeah, so Joker,
I don’t know, Joker’s been
getting notes from Harley Quinn
detailing out that evil is
a lawful type of a thing
it’s its own system and Joker’s like,
you’re right Harley it is.
– I wanna read this comic
where Harley and Joker
are lawful evil.
– I would love to read that.
– It’s really litigious,
they’re always like in legal battles.
– They’ve got a code that
they scratched down on a wall.
– Yeah.
– It’s perfect.
– Alright here we go.
– Someone roll a one cause
I wanna fight Batman.
– Yeah someones there.
– Chapel or exam room.
– You are currently righteous,
so you stand to gain from the chapel.
– You know what?
I’m all healed,
but I’m just gonna go to
the chapel and chill out.
– You can search the
chapel by rolling a dice.
– Okay, let’s search.
Because there’s no disadvantage.
– No disadvantage, if
you roll a one to four,
one to four ignored.
– Put me in the cooler.
– Okay so ignored.
– Okay fair enough.
– You didn’t discover anything
when searching the chapel.
– Alright, I didn’t
lose anything this turn
which is always good.
– Totally.
Okay, Harley’s roll.
One, two, three, four,
into the boiler room.
What happens in that boiler room?
– Which one here?
Oh okay, you were attacked
by an inmate with a cunning,
oh you roll,
so you were attacked by an
inmate with a cunning of four,
two to three you hide
from the passing guard
and you lose your next turn.
Four to five, safe no effect.
Six, a fellow inmate leads you out
and you gain one strength.
– So there’s the possibility
to gain a strength,
but only on a six, everything else is…
– Well you could fight the
cunning of four inmate.
So one of the things we were,
once you get up to five on
either a cunning or a strength
on their ability you could
raise that strength there.
So with guarding with your seven,
we actually needed to raise
up your strength by one.
– Oh, okay.
– Yeah, it wasn’t the
number at the bottom,
I didn’t realize that’s
how we were doing…
– I will take that.
– Yeah yeah yeah, so.
– You had that cunning one right now,
so if you were to fight that guy there
and do the cunning of
four, that’d give you five.
Which you could raise
up one of your skills.
– Oh, interesting.
– Cause yeah, cause I
had a strength of two
and he was two points so therefore,
it raises my strength by one.
– It’s not the bottom number
it’s the number that they have on there.
– Oh, okay.
So once you defeat someone they
kind of like join your team?
They become a follower?
– That’s a credit you’ve earned, right?
So that’s one cunning you’ve got
and once you get up to five
you can spend that to raise
up one of your ability.
– Okay, so I would like to
go to the boiler room then.
– That’s seems to be the way to go
cause we want to get stronger
to be able to get to the guard post.
– Great.
– Okay, and I guess I’ll, I just roll
and see what happens?
– Yeah.
– Alright, wooh.
I got a six!
So I gain one strength, great.
– You can add up two.
– Okay, so I can add two more.
– Well when have the seven,
so that’s five is one strength
and then you’ve got athletic two,
that you can just hold on to
until there’s more strength.
– So I fight somebody else
that has three strength
and I go up one.
– Mhm.
– Okay, I understand, thank you.
– So do the points in the
lower corner hold any value?
– They do but not for what we’re doing.
– Not for what we’re
doing, great, perfect.
Okay, so that is the end of my turn.
Harley with her baseball bat,
just one of them, the other
one’s just in waiting,
but with her baseball bat
it is now at a strength six.
So watch out, Harley’s pretty strong.
Moving on to Mr.Freeze,
speaking of pretty strong.
– Oh!
– Markeia might get her wish.
– Let’s see what happens, ready?
– Yeah let’s do it.
– Awh.
– Okay, it’s a six.
– Joker like sees Batman going
away like noo, noo come back.
– Noo!
– Wow.
– Why do you hurt me so?
– I admire jokers ambition.
– Me too, I’m gonna not fight Batman
and hop over into the bathroom.
– Okay.
– Encounter one, bribe money.
– You get a coin.
– I won’t freeze you guard
and give me some some money.
There we go.
– Alright Joker what’s your play?
– Okay well Joker’s pouting now,
because I had that chance
at Batman and he flew away.
So depending on what he
rolls he’s gonna go away.
– Hey.
– Corridor or office?
– Either one’s one encounter.
– I know, so either way it’s
kinda gonna be the same thing.
Let’s go where the action is,
we’ll go over there to the office.
– Okay.
– Here’s your encounter card.
– And…
Okay, so Joker went into the office
and he had a tantrum and he’s
just throwing away everything
and he knocks over a desk
and find some guard’s keys.
– Nice.
– Oh my goodness!
– On your turn, instead
of your normal move
you may discard the guards keys
to move to the second floor
space directly opposite
the one you are in.
– Wow, so you’ve got the security card
and the guard’s keys right now.
– If I literally roll the right way
I could go straight to the security room.
– Right?
– But then I fight a 12/12 Batman.
– Yeah.
– Straight to 12/12 Batman,
even Joker’s not that crazy.
– Is he?
– Who knows?
– I mean that’d be…
– It’s super.
– Good to go.
– Yeah yeah, my movements are done
there’s nothing else that can be done.
– Alright, four.
One, two, three, four.
The morgue, which is not
good for righteous or,
let’s fight this inmate over here.
– Do it!
– C’mon.
– Punch him in the face.
– Wanna be the inmate?
– Yes, sure, so the inmate has two cunning
– Right, plus two you gotta beat…
– Yes!
– Ooh, nice!
Jason rolled a six so that
was a smashing success.
– Alright, and now I keep him
as like for points, right?
– Yep.
– Okay, killer.
– And now just to kind
of re-hit on this point,
because that inmate has two cunning,
if Jason has a role where he
has to use cunning he can…
– No, so what’ll happen
is once Jason gets five…
– Oh, then he can increase.
– Five cunning or five of these points
down here at the bottom.
– Five cunning.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– Then can you only increase cunning?
Or you can increase any ability you want.
– It’s cunning.
– Only cunning, great.
Alright, beautiful, beautiful.
Alright, onto Harley’s turn,
Harley is right next to Batman,
but she just rolled a six so
one, two, three, four, five, six,
the morgue is bad for righteous or
one, two, three, four, five, six,
and I can go over there to,
let’s see, the Red Hood!
Red hood is a friend, let’s
go visit the Red Hood!
– Red hood is a great friend.
– And now…
– Roll a die.
– Or no, he gets it automatically.
– So two is get a…
– A feat or a fate.
– Did you roll for it?
– No, he stays with a two.
– No, we just use that for,
we just use that as a placeholder.
– Oh, is it always roll?
I thought it was he gained that ability.
– So we rolled when he first came out
and I think he keeps that ability.
– Yeah that’s why I
marked it with the two.
– Oh, I thought that
was just a placeholder.
– Ya ya, no, I was like oh,
I’ll just mark it with a two.
– So it’s gain one feat or fate?
– Yeah it’s gain one fate.
– Fate.
Okay great, gaining one fate
thank you so much Red
Hood, have a great day.
Nice to see ya.
– Moving on to Mr. Freeze now.
– Yeah Mr. Freeze now.
– Boom boom boom (mumbles)
I’ll do the roll up.
A five.
One, two, three, four, five,
or we’ve got a one,
two, three, four, five.
How are you doing Bane, doing good?
– Whoahh.
– What’s your cunning at?
– My cunning is only at two.
– Let this happen.
– Oh, Mr. Freeze is gonna
walk right over there to Bane.
– Oh my.
– Here we go.
– Was he safe before battle?
– Oh, I know right.
Oh man.
– Ice, ice to see you.
– I love it, there we
go it’s already a thing.
– Or we could go with the old YouTube,
I challenge you to a rap off.
– You ever see that video?
That they take the clip from
the Batman movie that Bane’s in
and they have him freestyle rap
in the middle of the football field.
– Oh they should cut that
with the Arnold
Schwarzenegger, Mr. Freeze.
– They should.
– And that would be a whole rap battle.
– Yeah, a great showing.
So I guess we’re fighting, we’re fighting
alright here we go.
– So we’re fighting with cunning.
– Okay.
– And I got a cunning of five.
– Big disadvantage for me.
– Ooh
– Oh!
– Oh!
– Whoa, two sixes were rolled,
but you had the better cunning
in your stats, correct?
– Yes I did.
– There you go, Mr. Freeze takes it.
– I lose a health and what else do I have?
– And I’m gonna take one of your coins,
one of your gold coins there.
– Oh, you can’t take an object?
– Oh I could but…
– Sorry.
– I don’t even…
– Cause I was like,
I was planning battles over in my head
but I was going for objects.
– Markeia’s cut for it,
I’m just showing that Mr.
Freeze is got what’s up.
– This is how the rich get richer.
– Yeah yeah yeah
– Right here.
– Alright, alright.
– Oh yes, yes.
– So Joker’s stumbling around,
he has these guard keys in
his hand and everything,
and he’s really thinking about
going to the second floor,
but not when there’s three encounters
waiting for that one space.
– It’s right there yeah,
yeah it’s pretty frightening.
– Ya I think it’s gonna
have to be a different space
for Joker to be like, yeaahh I’ll do it.
So, five.
Either the dark room or the boiler room.
– What’s the deal with the boiler room?
– It’s sort of a game of chance,
you can be attacked by an inmate,
you can hide and lose a turn,
or you can possibly gain a
strength or just be safe.
– Okay, what’s the cunning of the inmate?
– Cunning is four.
– Cunning four.
– Yeah.
– Okay.
I’ll chance that one then.
Cause this one’s a strength of four
and Joker’s not so hot on strength.
– Alright, I’ll roll for
the inmate, so right here.
– No more sixes from you.
– Alright, let’s see…
– All right.
– Thank you.
– So six total.
– Okay, so his cunning is four,
so just get a two or better
which you did, congratulations.
– So I just defeated
somebody with four cunning.
– Yup, and you have…
– So that gives me…
– So you literally have
four cunning credits
just kinda hanging out right now.
– Alright.
– Yeah.
– So I’ll just grab a little
– Sure.
– Batarang that says four on it
so if I defeat somebody with one cunning,
then my cunning goes up.
– Yup.
– Great.
– Awesome.
– Correct.
– Bane’s turn again, let’s see.
Five, one, two, three four, five, or,
– Bathroom
– So bathroom or corridor.
– Okay.
– I’m feeling bold,
let’s go to the bathroom.
– There you go.
– It may happen.
– Very bold.
– I needed to relieve myself.
– Lincoln March, he’s a stranger.
– Ooh
– Ooh
– Lincoln March is
looking for a clever ally
to help him defeat Batman.
He will grant his aid
to the first character
with a cunning of four
or more to land here.
That player may choose
one of the following:
feat, coin, strength,
cunning, health, or fate,
and that is not me
because my cunning is two.
– Like all of the cunning
people are just like ooh.
– Yeah, right?
It’s like ooh.
– Ooh
– I’m the Bane from
– Let’s be roll a three
– Batman and Robin, not the Bane from…
– Okay, so Harley is up, rolling a six.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
don’t need to see Leslie Thompkins,
one, two, three, four, five, six,
I’m gonna go to that boiler room again,
Do I wanna fight Joker?
– I would recommend it.
– Well these feat so I don’t watch.
– I wouldn’t recommend it,
but Harley you do you.
– That loot bag does look cool
that loot bag does look cool,
but I’m not in need of it of right now,
and nobody currently has any
followers on the board, right?
– Nope.
– Just making sure.
So no, I’m gonna deal with
the boiler room I think.
I had luck there before so
we’ll see if happens again.
Let me make a roll,
and I got a six!
– Wow!
– Wow!
– You gain a strength
– Again.
– You’re kicking ass.
– Boom, Harley has a
strength seven with the bat.
So yeah, don’t mess with Harley.
– Yeah, here we go.
I’m gonna one, two, three,
four, five, six, for the office
or, one, two, three, four,
five, six, for the guard post.
Strength nine,
I don’t think I’m ready
for strength nine just yet.
So we’re gonna go the other way around.
So one, two, three, four, five, six,
to the office, two mark there.
– Office it is, one encounter.
– Awesome and the encounter
is, The Riddler Cane.
Legendary object, so add plus one strength
and a plus one cunning.
– Wow.
– Very cool.
– That’s great, I guess I’ll just do that.
– That’s a great legendary object.
– Right?
– How many, out of curiosity,
do you know how many legendary objects
there are in this game?
– There are a good amount.
– Oh good!
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– I’m just sitting here with
two regular objects, so.
Should a legendary happen to pop up.
– Well, he just had…
– Now everyone’s gonna
wanna fight Mr. Freeze.
– I know right?
– Bring it on, bring it on.
– Well depends,
he’s all the way on the
other side of the board so.
– Oh, what’s the second
floor look like there,
or the common room, can
you what’s that say?
– Right here?
– Yeah.
– Any enemy that you fight here,
add two to their attack rolls.
– Oh, and then you would…
– And you would need to
draw an encounter two card.
– An encounter two, ooh.
Okay unfortunately Joker
was rolling around in, ahhh!
Wait, yes it’s what I wanted.
– It’s a three?
– I want the dude that
likes cunning people.
Lincoln March.
– Which is not me, too bad I killed him.
– Again, Lincoln March is
looking for a clever ally.
He will grant his aid
to the first characters,
so that’s you, with a
cunning of four or more.
– Indeed.
– Which you have, you can
choose on of the following:
feat, coins, strength,
cunning, health, or fate.
– Ooh, that’s actually very very though.
But you know what?
Since Joker fights with his cunning,
instead of taking a fate, I’m
gonna go for the cunning, so.
– Nice.
– One cunning and then Lincoln
March is now off the board.
– There you go, put it in
the discard, boom boom boom.
– Great.
– Good move.
– Nice.
– Okay.
– Okay.
– Bane, here we go, two.
– Do you wanna fight Batman?
– Do you wanna fight Bat,
I was gonna say the same thing.
– Do wanna fight Batman?
– Yes.
– Ooh!
– Yes!
– Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
– Fighting Batman.
– Alright, I’m fighting Batman,
it looks good, it looks epic.
– Do you wanna roll?
(group talking over each other)
– But I’m just gonna go for it.
– What are you fighting,
strength or cunning?
– I’m gonna have to go for strength.
– Okay.
– Okay, and I’m rolling for Batman.
So Batman got a three
plus seven is a ten total.
– I got a seven total.
– Oh,
– So the Batman wins, and
what does that mean for Bane?
– So you’re gonna lose one life.
– One life, okay.
– Okay.
– Yup.
– And that’s it?
– You lose one health, oh and that’s it.
– But Joker respects that you did that so,
he won’t try to take a coin away from you
from the coin that you picked up.
– Alright, moving on to Harley’s turn.
Roll in a two, I can go to the chapel
and try my righteous evil
chance to gain health
which I don’t need, or gain a feat
which could be cool.
Or, I could use two in the office.
I think I’m gonna go to the office.
Yeah I’m gonna go the the
office and get encounter one
so could you move me to that office?
Yup, roll in two,
and Arkham Asylum security clearance.
Security key card found, legendary object.
You may only enter the control room
at the top of Arkham Asylum tower
if you have a security key card.
So I put this here trade it for,
oh oh I guess it’s the same thing.
– That’s buyable so…
– Okay.
– Oh, okay.
– Great, perfect.
Thank you that was a
lucky trip to the office.
– Yeah.
– Moving on to Mr. Freeze.
– Mr. Freeze is up,
I wanna grab some of
these down here and, one!
– The Batman moves!
– Uh oh, here we go, Batman’s
gonna go five, I tried.
– Exam room or…
– Oh we’ll come this way.
– You’re gonna come this way?
– Oh yeah, but wait for me.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– Okay, into the morgue.
– I’ve got a, oh wait I had to add one.
– Yup.
– So I’m gonna go to
the corridor that way.
– Okay.
– Corridor, thank you.
– One encounter.
– Yeah.
– I got you.
– Cool, and we’ve got a lock pick.
– Look at you!
– So its a plus one cunning in combat,
and it’s a add one combat,
and if you are in the office,
if you are in a office or dark room,
you may use the lock pick
to pass to the second floor.
– That is so cool!
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– Here we go.
– That’s great.
– Joker?
– Okay great, what’s the
one right across from Joker?
He’s basically just trying
to find the best way
to get to the second floor.
– That is the narrow passage,
strength and cunning derived from objects,
and legendary objects do
not count in this space.
Nor may you use legendary
objects or feats.
– Oh so no feats used?
– Ya,
so you’re pretty much just
dealing with your base stats
if you are in the narrow passing
and you have one encounter
that you would do there.
– Well let’s see if he rolls a three
to go for Batman.
– A five.
– One, two, three, four,
five, I guess go to the office
– You can fight Harley.
– What object she got, Harley?
– Oh, I have two baseball bats
and each one gives you plus one in combat
plus one to your strength.
– Yeah Joker uses his cunning
so that means nothing to me,
so I’ll just take the regular encounter.
– So we’re friends again?
– Well he’s kind of ignoring
you off in the corner
but he’s like looking out.
– But Mr. J.
– No, you hung out with Bane.
What about me Harley, what about me?
And then while he’s,
oh, oh okay, venom
tubes, legendary object.
when used it will increase
your strength by two
until the end of the turn.
Once you have drunk it,
place it on the discard pile.
– Alright
– Very cool
– So while he’s raving
about Bane, Harley goes,
well I took this, I stole this from him.
– Yup.
– Phew.
– Foiled.
– He’s like, it’ll do Harley, it’ll do.
– Wow.
– Alright, that’s awesome, great to have.
Alright, you are up Bane.
– Okay, I got all the dice
over here don’t I, that sucks.
– Die hoarders.
– Next done die hoarders.
Okay, corridor or, what happened
to the guard post there?
– If you’re crossing to the second floor,
oh this is where you get to fight someone
who’s strength nine to try
to get to the second floor.
– Yeah that’s not happening, for Bane.
So we’ll go for the…
– You’re getting pretty close.
– What’s your strength?
– Five, not bad.
– Now my strength is five.
– Not bad, well.
– That puts me at a four disadvantage.
– Yeah.
– But you’re getting there.
– Okay, instead you’re
going to the corridor?
– Alright, thanks.
– Alright.
– We go to the corridor, maybe
something good will happen.
– Maybe.
– Officer, enemy police officer.
A police officers patrolling this area,
he will remain here until he is defeated.
He’s got a strength of one.
– Oh you can do this,
I’ll roll for this guy.
– Yeah do it.
– Alright.
– Yeah.
– Yes.
– So Markeia rolled a one so
definite defeat right there.
– Yeah.
– Okay, now I’ve got a
two and three, right?
– You’ve got a one
strength and two cunning.
– Oh, what about these guys down here?
– We’re not using.
– Oh we don’t keep those,
okay then nevermind.
– I have nothing, ignore me.
– We can edit that out, this isn’t live?
– Alright, here we go
moving on, Harley’s turn,
and I rolled a four.
One, two, three, four,
I can go to the chapel.
One, two, three, four, I
can go visit Red Hood again.
Red Hood is a great hit,
but I think I’m getting brave enough
to maybe fight the security
guard at the guard post.
– Go for it.
– So I think I’m gonna go
the other way to the chapel,
and roll to see if I can gain one health
or one feat over there.
Let’s see, I got a five
which is gain one health,
but I’m at full health
so doesn’t really matter.
Moving onto your turn Mr. Freeze.
– There you go, cool.
Let’s see if I can find
a dark room or an office.
– Four.
– One, two, three, four.
– Open cell over here.
– Jarvis Tetch
– Open cell on both sides.
– Oh let’s go that way
let’s have fun with Jarvis.
– Alright, go for it.
– Alright, roll a die right?
– Roll a die.
– Yeah, let’s see what happens.
– Six, that’s actually good.
– Replenish fate up to your fate value.
– Oh, I already have max
that, what’s bad for him?
Is there anything crazy bad?
– Oh yeah, you could become deranged.
– He made me deranged!
– You’re glad you knew
that after the fact.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– Well I could use a fate.
– Actually, he actually, he gives more,
he’s got more positive
thing than negative.
– Does he?
– That’s cool.
– Oh I guess he just didn’t like Joker.
– It was a good test, it was a good test.
– But now I’m wondering if I
get a one, I’ll try it again.
Oh watch, I’d get deranged again.
– Right?
– A six, where you going Joker?
– Three, four, five
six, oh the guard post.
– The guard post, that’s fight
someone with a strength nine.
– But I know, I can just go up any time,
can you tell me what the
common room is right there.
– Sure, any enemies that you fight here,
add two to their attack rolls.
– Same thing, huh.
– Ooh
– Gosh.
– Level two is a little more…
– It’s a little bit intense,
and right now Joker’s cool,
but he’s like the lower powered.
So I’m gonna go to the
office after this encounter,
Joker’s gonna start making
his way to the second floor.
– Yeah!
– Nice, I like it.
– Do it!
– Over to the office over there.
– But not for this corridor,
cause you lose one health if you…
– Man.
– That’s terrible.
– Oh, okay!
Time for battle!
Black Mask, enemy patient.
Black Mask is watching over this area.
He will remain here until he is defeated,
he has a four cunning.
So I have a five cunning.
– Get it!
– So.
– I’m rolling for Black Mask.
– Boom.
– Alright, let’s see how this goes.
So I rolled a two, so you’re
beating a total of six.
– I rolled a three, I had a five, so eight
– You got it.
– Yay!
– Okay, so he had four cunning,
I have four cunning from
that other that I did.
So five,
so I have three left over.
– And you could increase your stat!
– I’m increasing my cunning up to six.
– Great.
– And, great so I still
have two strength left over
and three cunning, for in the future.
– Yeah.
– Good round from Joker, Joker
gives himself a high-five,
and does a little flippy.
– Whoop whoop!
– Alright.
– He totally defeated Black
Mask too, so it’d be good.
– It makes sense.
– And we got a two.
Open cell or Jar, I’m gonna
try my chances with Jarvis.
– Nice.
– Here we again.
– What are you gonna roll?
– I’m gonna roll high.
– A three.
– Three, I gain one strength.
– Nice!
– Nice!
– That’s what I need.
– So we’re all ready to
take on Batman, right?
(group mumbling)
– We are certainly getting
there, alright Harley’s roll,
she gets a one.
– Oh.
– Batman is moving.
– I’m gonna roll for Batman.
– Three.
– Batman is moving three,
and I want Batman to get
far far away from me.
So one, two, three, over to open cell.
I get to move one, I’m going
to move into the bathroom,
and take one encounter.
I got another security key
card, legendary object.
– You may only enter the control room.
– Alright.
– So is there at any point
where I can give one of these away?
Or if someone defeats me in
battle they could take one.
– If they defeat you they take one away,
or if you become deranged
they would drop where you are.
– Oh, got it.
Okay great, that is the end of my turn.
– There we go.
– Onto Mr. Freeze.
– Four, so one, two, three,
four, to the corridor.
Or one, two, three, four to the open cell.
Let’s go to the open cell.
– Okay.
– Nice.
Is that one you can use your lock pick in?
– It’s not but I’m getting
a little bit closer
towards some of these dark
rooms and stuff like that.
Which is kind of what I want to go for.
The encounter we’ve got is a…
Open vent.
– Okay.
– So the open vent will remain here
for the rest of the game.
You may pass through if you wish,
roll one die to determine
where you crawl through to.
Interesting, here we go.
– Okay.
– Let’s see where the vent goes.
Six, the security door.
– Is that where you wanted to go?
– Let’s find out, where is that at?
– Is it in the second level?
– Yeah, the security door is.
– Look at that.
– So will that always
lead to the security?
– That is always there now,
it will always lead to the security door.
– Oh it isn’t a roll,
roll each time kind of a deal?
– I think it was a roll once,
and that’s were it will go,
unless I read that wrong.
– You know it doesn’t really..
– It doesn’t specify.
– It’s not really sure.
– Do we wanna just have it
just go to the security door?
– It says a, you’re in here
for the rest of the game.
You may pass through, roll one dice,
oh no, it’s gonna be just you
roll at and see where it goes.
– You roll when you get there.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– So for you, it goes
to the security door.
– Let’s do it.
– Yes, second level!
(cheers and applause)
– First villain to pass
into the second level,
and what happens there
in the security room?
– Going up!
Is what it says there.
So if you are crossing to the third floor,
what’s not me yet, though it’s tempting.
So if you are crossing to the third floor,
do not draw a card,
instead you must first use
cunning to pick the lock
or strength to force it open
and then choose the ability you are using
to roll with two die.
So when we get to that point essentially,
that’s what we’ll be breaking in
and then each, when we get
to this middle one here,
our roll will only work
for half of the roll.
– Got it.
– So cause it’s gonna become
much more boom boom boom,
and we’re gonna follow all
the arrows as we go around
– Got it.
– But we’re not there just yet.
So the other one says,
what’s it say Markeia?
– If the total is equal to or
less than your chosen ability,
you move to the tower entrance.
If it’s higher than you
remain there and you lose one
from that ability.
– Ooh.
– So a little switcheroo.
– Be very,
be very sure you wanna
go to the third level.
– So I’m not gonna do that just yet,
but what I am gonna do the
encounter that’s right there.
Oh that’s right I’m making
space so I can draw it, right?
– I wanna know how bad this is.
– It’s gonna be bad.
– Is it?
– I’m already expecting
this to get wrecked,
and see what happens
here, an encounter two
you’ve got a SWAT officer
of a strength of two.
– Not bad.
– Not bad at all.
– You lucked out.
– I think I’m built this
up in my head too much.
– So the SWAT officer
is patrolling the area,
she will remain here
until she is defeated,
I’ll fight her.
– Okay.
– Cool.
– Yeah, I’ll be you SWAT officer.
So I rolled a five, so it’s a
seven total to be of strength.
– Cool, and I’m at a strength of four.
– Okay, so you need a three or better.
– Five.
– Wow.
– Yay, you did it.
– Cool, so that’s my
first person I’ve defeated
so we’ll do that there
and we’re good to go.
– Excellent
– Great job Mr. Freeze!
– Yeah, you did it!
– You’re a cool cat.
– Okay, so I don’t wanna lose one health,
so he can’t go that way.
– Maybe get a two and
he goes sees Red Hood.
– Nope, not happening.
– Nope.
– One, two, three, four, five, Jervis.
One, two, three, four,
five, regular corridor.
– You know what?
– I guess let’s go Jervis.
– (mumbles)
– What you got over there Bane?
– Oh I don’t have anything.
Nah, there’s nothing.
– You got anything
that’ll raise my cunning?
Cause that’s all I’m
interested in right now.
– Nah, nothing.
– Wow.
– What’s your cunning level again?
– Two.
– Two?
– Trust me, I’ve got nothing
that raises your cunning.
– I’m fighting Bane!
– It’s happening.
– Oh!
– Alright.
– Oh, you’re cunning fighting me?
– I’m cunning fighting you.
(group talking over each other)
– Wow.
– Because Joker has been
holding these venom tubes
in his hand and thinking about Bane,
and thinking about his coin
and thinking about Harley’s been spending
so much time with him.
– Wow.
– So, have to…
It’s a total Joker move,
this is a character thing.
Alright so I have cunning of six
and I rolled a three so that’d be nine.
– I’m defeated.
– I was rooting for you man.
– Thanks.
– Ya, sorry.
– If it helps any his is
blood lust is now satisfied.
– But what objects do
you have because I…
– You can take a look.
– Going for an object.
– You’re probably gonna want
that umbrella I’m guessing,
it’s pretty good.
– Yeah, because it deals with cunning.
– Yup.
– There we go.
– Okay.
– You get penguins umbrella.
– And then you lose one health?
– Yes I do.
– Alright.
– Which I’m gonna need to
maybe visit the doctor soon.
– You’re pretty close by,
to both the chapel and the exam room.
– Well and maybe that heals you for free.
So, here we go.
– Two.
– Ahh so close.
I will go to this open cell here.
– Okay.
– Give me an encounter card.
Thank you, straight jacket.
You can not use feats,
no feats will affect you.
– Ooh.
– Interesting.
Legendary object, okay.
Haven’t been using feats yet.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– I’m all strength, so.
– I just rolled a six.
– Very nice.
– One, two, three, four, five, six,
I could fight Batman in the open cell,
or one, two, three, four, five, six,
I could go with Jervis.
Now just correct me if I’m wrong,
if I defeat Batman,
I get to pick increase stat
of your choice essentially?
– You would need to roll a die.
– Oh, you roll a die to see what happens.
– Then you could gain a
fate, a coin, a health,
a strength, a cunning, or a feat.
– You know what?
Hareley’s gonna go fight the Batman
– Yeah
– Yes!
– Yeah so put me over
there in the open cell.
– Boom boom.
– We’re gonna battle it out,
we’re battling with strength.
– I’ll roll for Batman.
– Okay great.
– Excellent.
Batman and Harley both have a seven,
so it’s really just a roll off.
– Batman got a one, and Harley got a four.
So Harley defeat Batman in level one.
– Although, although, yeah.
It’s not gonna be a defeat,
because Joker’s playing intervene.
So actually the fight is a stand still.
– It’s always a stand still,
I can re-roll or anything?
– No.
– Wow.
– Okay.
Well Joker, you are forever
for now my mortal enemy.
– Now we’re all cool.
– Guys everybody else, Joker
has partnered with Batman
wanna let everybody know,
totally let Batman off the hook.
– Ben, because of his legendary object
that says I get a feat
every time that I use one
and because I have the thing that says
that I always get a feat, I get two feats.
– Yeah.
– Wow.
– And yeah, Joker’s got a power play here.
– Indeed, yup.
– I was rooting for you.
– Thank you.
Well I actually won, but
Joker stole my victory.
– Okay, Mr. Freeze now, right?
– Mr. Freeze.
– A one, and we got Batman.
So Batman’s gonna go five.
– Batman moves five.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– Now question, If you wanted
to go to the guard post
to fight the nine security guard,
do you have to defeat Batman first?
– Batman is there, so
you’d have to fight Batman.
– Okay
– Wow.
– Now I get my one space move,
we’ve got the corrupt guard.
So for one penalty either pay one coin
or lose a health, and then
there’s an infirmary there
and it says doctor, heal up
to your starting health value
at the cost of one coin each.
If you have two, have the medic or EMT
Oh, if you have the medic or EMT,
heal up to two health for free.
I don’t have either of those,
so I think what I’m gonna do
is just go to the corrupt guard
and then I’ve got money,
so I’ll just pay him off.
– Okay.
– There we go.
– Paying that corrupt guard, onto Joker.
– Makes sense.
– Joker you’re up.
– Yeah,
I’m sorry what is the moving
to the second level right there
cause he’s still twirling
these guards keys.
– Oh right, that is the…
– You’re good.
– Doncar minefeld cone,
must be a mob boss.
– Yeah.
– Oh yeah.
– Roll one die to accept a job,
take one, you take one
health from character,
two you defeat one enemy,
three deliver one follower,
four deliver a legendary object,
five deliver three coins,
six deliver two coins.
– Ooh.
– Big ol’ game of chance
where you pretty much lose everything.
– Yeah, I might actually lose,
but I get to choose a legendary object
and there’s one that I don’t need, so.
– You’re gonna do that?
– Yeah, I mean it’s about time
to go to the second floor,
since Batman won’t come and attack.
– Well you roll though,
you’ve got to roll first.
– Oh, I mean like that sounded like,
since I don’t have any followers
and Joker’s broke, it’s
like literally the only one
that would be that bad.
(group talking over each other)
– Okay, so you’re using
your keys and moving on in?
– I’m using the keys.
– Alright.
– So do these go bye bye or do I…
– Yes, so just put them
off to the side there
just in case they come up.
– Alright so rolling low is better?
– Maybe.
– You know what, we’ll
just we’ll figure this out.
(group talking over each other)
– Deliver one legendary object.
– Alright, so do the
venom tubes go bye bye?
Do I get anything?
– Nope, you just get to live I guess.
– Alright.
– Yeah
– It was a nice little time.
– Maybe I’ll get my tubes back one day.
– So sad.
– Because everybody’s all cool
and clearing now he’s like,
you know what, I don’t need this.
And he tosses it over.
– Look (mumbles) he’s
sees it, he looks up.
– Curse you!
Alright, here we go.
– Alright.
– Two, Jervis or an encounter.
I’m going back to Jervis
cause he’s better than worse.
– You got strength last time.
– Yeah let’s see what happens this time.
Please don’t derange me.
Four, gain one cunning.
– Great, there you go.
– Lord knows I need that.
– That’s amazing.
– Okay, and that’s all for me.
– Okay, Harley’s turn, roll in a six.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
I am going to go to the bathroom
and take the one encounter card.
– You know everybody
should every now and again.
– You know that’s some vague
words in too many movies.
– Alright, I got bribe money
so I exchange this
immediately for one coin.
– Nice.
– Great.
– That’s very helpful.
– Okay, that is the end of my turn.
– Okay, Mr. Freeze is up,
we’ll grab some of these
dice too, just to help clear.
– I know we love decorating
the board with dice.
– Boom, I got a two, I can go to, also use
– To the bathroom?
– Or I can go back to that infirmary
which I wanna avoid so let’s
go to the bathroom here,
and we have the level two encounter.
– I see it, ooh.
– I got a legendary object,
which is the Joker’s lapel flower,
which adds two cunning.
– I thought we were all
cool, now we’re not all cool.
– No ones been cool with you
since you helped out Batman.
– Joker thinks everybody’s cool with him.
– So that puts me at eight cunning now.
– Whoa.
– Wow.
– Thank you Joker.
– What do I have to get that?
– Is Mr. Freeze now the most
cunning villain on the board?
– Yes.
– Definitely the richest,
with the most re-rolls
and the most cunning.
– Wow.
– Ice to meet you all, it’s all good.
– Interesting that you
chose that character,
knowing the game better than all of us.
– That’s true!
– Alright, Joker’s up.
– See what we got, oh wait.
– Got any feats you wanna use?
– Well, you know there’s a change of plans
that’s gonna happen.
– Joker doesn’t like that Red Hood
is just helping people
out indiscriminately
and he’s no longer on that level anyway.
So, he is going to remove
any face up encounter card from the board,
so he let’s Batman know
what Red Hood is doing
and Red Hood gets chased away.
– Cause Joker’s BFF with
Batman right now, yeah.
– So.
– And you get another feat.
– Yeah yeah yeah, there you go.
– Actually, I gain a feat
each time I cast my last feat
so I get two feats.
– Wow.
– Alright, Joker’s a feat machine.
– Now are those in your hand or are those?
– These are, this is just
telling that I have two strength
and that I have three cunning.
Like those are just beat people.
– But those two feats there,
are those still being used, or?
– I will use them.
Yeah, I begin the game with two feats,
so I’ve never been less than one feat.
– Sounds good.
– Is there a max amount of
feat you can hold at a time?
– Well it’s based of cunning.
– Well right now my cunning is six.
– Yeah, yeah she’s good.
– So she can hold up to six feats.
– Cool.
– It’s like a three plus, so she’s.
– Oh, really good.
Okay great.
– Does anyone have any followers?
Asking for no particular reason.
– Nobody has followers.
– I know that, my character ability,
like Joker’s character
ability to get an extra feat,
my character ability is to take followers,
but none have appeared in this game yet.
– Alright, so let’s see
what Joker’s gonna be doing
on the second floor.
– Two, blind spot, or.
– Or prison yard.
– Was the prison yard all that?
– A riot breaks out among the inmates.
Roll on die for your self,
and one of each of your followers,
if one or a two is rolled for
yourself, lose one health.
If one is rolled for a
follower, it is killed.
– Oh wow.
– Oh, okay well that
seems pretty light weight,
so let’s go to blind spot.
– Nice, it’d be a two encounter card too.
– Might as well see what he’s…
– Yeah yeah yeah, let’s
see what happens there.
– The objects are so much
better on level two though.
– Okay let’s see if
there’s anything that…
– Okay.
Okay, oh no, fear toxin event,
there is a gas leak of
fear toxin in this region,
all character in this regions,
which means the second floor.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– Must lose one health.
– Oh.
– Wow.
– That’s horrible.
– Yeah that’s really…
Yeah, Joker laughs
himself, laughs so hard,
that it just like literally
he’s just coughing up blood a little bit,
and he’s like that’s funny,
but he looses a health.
And then the other is storage closet,
a nearby storage closet
has been left unlocked,
and a clever inmate has set up a market,
on each visit may buy available
objects at these prices.
Well he has one coin, a bat, a helmet,
a patrol schedule, a riot
shield, loot bag, and keys.
What is a patrol schedule?
– I know.
– I don’t, I don’t have that here.
Oh wait wait, you do not lose a health
in the patrol corridors,
that is something specific.
– Well there’s been a couple
one’s that have kept up,
where they’ve been like
hey there’s patrolled
corridors there, yeah so.
– Well he’s…
– I think he’s gonna buy something.
– I’m just trying to figure out what…
– So a helmet is if you are
defeated in strength combat,
and just lose a health, roll one die
if you roll a six the helmet protected you
and you did not lose that health,
though you still lost the combat.
– That’s not horrible.
– Yeah that doesn’t sound bad.
I think we’ll go ahead and buy the helmet.
– Cool.
– Yeah, feels like a
good thing to do, yeah.
And that coin was burning a
hole in Joker’s pocket, so.
– Yeah yeah yeah, he’s
not a money kind of guy.
– Oh wait, does this go…
– What does it say,
does it say stay there?
A nearby storage, on
each visit you may buy.
So that will stay there,
so if we want what we can do is
we can mark it with one
of these things, right?
– Sure.
– Just grab the one there, yeah yeah.
– Perfect.
– So you don’t have to
do the two encounters
if you do the storage closet?
– I think you can do either or.
– Excellent, not bad.
– Okay.
– Not bad at all.
– Bane.
– Bane, here we go.
Two, corridor or bathroom,
let’s go to the corridor.
– I will take an encounter card.
– Alright.
– Let’s see, ahh bribe money, boom.
– Remember in the begging of
this game when I was like,
this is like a cooperative game.
– Yeah, no it’s been Joker just do it up.
– Most definitely not, so unfortunately
this is all the time we have
for Talisman Batman Super
Villain edition today,
but I don’t know about you guys,
I feel like if we had to look
at this pretty objectively
I would vote Joker the
winner so far in our game.
But anything could happen.
– Anything could happen,
let’s take this into
the hall and finish it.
– I think we’re absolutely
going to do that
because it’s Tabletop Day,
so Jason, Markeia, and Ross
thank you so much for joining us today.
Where can people find you Markeia?
– Yeah, so if you have DC
Universe subscription service
you can see me on DC Daily,
Monday through Friday.
But normally Twitter and
Instagram @MarkeiaMcCarty.
M, a, r, k, e, i,a, m, c, c, a, r, t ,y.
– And Ross, if you could just tell people
where they can find this
game, when it’s coming out.
– Yeah so this game is
Batman Super Villain Edition
which I was talking about earlier,
it will be available in
stores, in game stores locally
and things like that and
so you can find it on,
it’ll be out in June, July,
so it’s very very soon here
which is kind of fun
and DC’s celebrating
their 88th anniversary
for Batman this year,
which is very fun that we get to do this,
and so you can find out
more information, for us
from Usaopoly and The OP on social media,
or theop.games (mumbles)
– Awesome, and thank you
again for joining us.
– Glad to be here, it’s great.
My name’s Trisha Hershberger
and you can find me on all the socials
@thatgrltrish, with no I in the girl,
or on YouTube or Twitch/trishahershberger
and on game engine every Tuesday at 4 PM
right here on
twitch.tv/geekandsundry, and Jason?
– And I’m Jason Charles Miller
and you could just throw
that in your Google search
and you’ll find all of
my socials that way.
– And it’s right there on screen.
Awesome, well again thank you
so much for joining us today,
this game has been super
fun, thank you again Ross.
(upbeat music)


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