Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls Review with Sam Healey

[Music] people’s welcome back to another review with yours truly Sam Keely today we’re taking a look at this big fellow right here sword & Sworcery in mortal Souls it’s been put out by Ares games it’s a new dungeon crawl that you might think wow that’s such a crowded market and I would agree with you a very crowded market as far as dungeon crawls are concerned so my first question is why another one does it have much to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack or is it just another run-of-the-mill type thing well let’s get down to the table hopefully I’ll be able to help you iron at least some of those questions out and we’ll come back at the end with my final thought [Music] now as I said earlier it is pretty much a dungeon crawl where the heroes that are over here in the entrance are going to work their way through the dungeon and then ultimately have a final showdown of some kind we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen because it’s dependent upon these different event cards when they come up in these other little waypoints that will have other types of triggers inside the Book of Secrets that will change the game in some way to shape or form or throw a curveball at you or a number of different things that are there now during the course of the turn heroes will act and then enemies will act and that course continues and then there is also an event deck which will have certain things that govern the play for example the top card of the event deck which actually starts in play is this thing called Knight and basically what this means is that it is nighttime and every attack that the heroes levy against the enemies will be minus one hit during the night time and then as we go through the event deck we’re going to hit a time where it becomes day and then there are no special rules applied to the scenario at that point but we have to get there first now another cool thing about this is these are these shadow tokens now these shadow tokens are where enemies are but you don’t know what kind of enemy is there and some of them could be innocent bystanders that are just going to run away when you hit them so well not when you actually hit them when you get to that spot we would we don’t want to hit innocent bystanders that’s bad now the soul Jim here is one of the things that differentiates I think this game from other dungeon crawl games and it’s really a pretty cool leveling up mechanism as you can see it’s a thing where you can simply turn the dial and level up that way so this is considered your soul rank so everybody starts soul rank one and then after a few rounds or so you might be able to upgrade up to soul rank two and what this does is it basically change your basic characteristics or your character here is your health how many combat actions you can carry out how many regular actions you can carry out and how many powers you’re able to have with you and then there if there’s an asterisk by the number here then that’s how many talents that you can have there as well so at the beginning of the game for guard here the Dwarven cleric has six health he can carry out one combat action per per turn and then he can also carry out one regular action per turn and he has one extra power starting off the game if you look down at hero’s Thor Thor there’s hero card here you have his basic ability and he says once per round target hero can we roll up to one diaper soul rank divided by two and it never goes down below one so he can roll he can reroll one die per turn and then down here he can carry three things in his backpack he needs to roll a star icon on the die in order to save against time saving throw and he can move three this tells you that he is a faith-based character other characters will have other things for example Icarus here is a strength-based then you also have a dexterity based right here denoted by the D that’s up here and then there’s also some that are M and those are magic based characters now his one special ability that he was able to take is blessed and it says until time phase target hero gains +1 attack or +1 defense and this denotes what soul ranked he has to be and then this denotes a refreshing time that has to happen if you turn the card over you’ll notice that there’s one hourglass up here to here three here and four over here so basically what would happen here is if he ever used this ability he would turn it over and then rotate it to wherever the number of our glasses is that’s shown on this side so at level one soul rank one he’s only basically turning it over to show that he’s used it and then during the time face he’ll flip it right back over at this icon up here means but when he gets down to soul rank 4 then it’s going to cost 2 so every time he uses this where he would get attack +1 and defend +1 he would flip it over and then rotate it this way and then on the next time phase he would be able to rotate it here and then flip it back over so it just to denote that you can’t use these powerful things every single turn so if thora gar is the one that goes first well he will be able to carry out a number of different things first of all he can move and so he will move from this base 1 and then he’ll perform a free action of opening up an open door and then he can continue to move so he has a movement of 3 based upon this and so he can move 1 2 and then once he moves there these shadow icons since they are in line of sight and line of sight is determined by these little X’s that are in each box so you take a straight line and draw it from here to here as long as it doesn’t go in through any obstacles or anything like that there is line of sight between this Square and this Square and so at this point you would turn these over and figure out what these shadows were one of them was an innocent bystander and it just goes away but the other one is an enemy so then we have to go over to the enemy deck and figure out what kind of enemy is so it is a mid-level gremlin so now we come over and we look at the different cards that are available to us for the enemies and those enemies are such like this green level are the weakest level version of that then there are blue and then there are also red we drew a blue one and as you can see here it it says the different ranges so if he is in a zone with somebody he’s going to attack with his claws if he is 1 2 or 3 spaces away he will move to engage and then if he’s able to attack with this claws and then at 4 range he’ll attack with a stone and then move one area and then this is a special thing for an encounter deck and all that kind of stuff and then there are some special actions that he would do down here and then these are his actual quote-unquote weapons his claws he’s going to roll two red dice and they are going to negate one of the targets armor and then the stone basically causes to damage he doesn’t have to roll for he’s basically just thrown a rock at you now on top of that it tells you what kind of character it is so it is a dexterity based character and he is going to attack the person who has the most gold whenever he is in the case so this is the weapon of upper tore the the target of opportunity the person he’s going to go after and so forth and so on so we would take this blue guy right here and replace that token with it and now there is a blue guy here he’s ready 1 2 Thor guard is going to move one more and then he’s going to use his 1 combat action to attack now one more thing that we need to do before we actually go through combat here with Oregon is wonder stand that the gremlin here that was drawn does have an enemy power so we would need to come to the enemy power deck and flip it over and then basically it just gives a little bit of a special ability that this guy will use so this one says all sword attacks inflict +1 damage and bash so we would simply put that underneath him like this denoting that he has that special ability so as we begin going here the Thor guard is going to be attacking this gremlin here and so Thor boar is going to use his first of all he does have this ability where he can reroll one die up to once personal rank divided by two which is one right now and he is going to be using his battle hammer in the attack now the battle hammer here says that he rolls two red dice and two blue dice and the range is zero which means that he can only use this in an area in what she is residing so he can’t attack it range with the battle hammers basically what it’s saying here down here are the different effects if he rolls for example a lightning bolt then he’ll be able to KO the opponent which is simply just knocking them down it’s not knocking them completely out of the game here if you rolls two lightning bolts he gets +2 attack or if he chooses he can also do bash or he can he can do batch instead of the +2 attack so that’s what he would do first he would roll two reds and two blues like so and and see what happens here so the different icons that are on the board on the dice these are the attack icons the hit icons rather and then these are different icons that are used for different things for example he does use a star for saving but this isn’t a save and then this is just a block or shield so Thor guard receives or did one two three points of damage he didn’t roll any lightning bolts so there isn’t anything special going on there so he does three points of damage and then remember that night time says that we are going to be doing one less damage so that takes that away so he basically did two points of damage the gremlin has four health so we would take two hearts and put it on him like this right here and he has taken two damage now he does have a special ability where it says here spines if this enemy suffers damage attack all heroes in its area with two hit with two hits that he doesn’t have to roll for so Thor guard is going to be get hit is going to hit back with that now he does have two defense dice and he has one natural armor based on his studded leather and so he’s going to roll to blue dice as a defense against those spines that are being that are against him so he didn’t get any defense but he did get a lightning bolt here and if you look down here lightning bolt is +1 defense so his natural plus the +1 blocks both of those hits so that’s the end of that combat round now after the hero has taken all of his actions it would be time for the next hero to go but before that we have to have the enemies take a turn during a bad heroes activation and so since there are enemies in play we have to turn over an encounter card and so we turn this over and it says that we need to activate three enemies shuffle the encounter deck with this discard pile and then discard this card all right so there is no discard pile so we don’t reach uh ‘fl anything but I do have to activate three enemies which there are only one but he does get to activate and so now we look at the gremlins card and when he is in zero range when he’s in the same he would attack with claws now first he would look to see if there is any people that he’s looking for within eyeshot there’s no line of sight to any of the other characters yet so this is the only guy he sees he’s going to attack him and he’s going to tack with his claws which means that he’s going to roll two red dice and then he’s going to subtract one armor from his regular armor so he’s going to roll the attack and Wow that hurt so that is three damage on Thor grrrrrr and now Thor gore is going to look at his armor this is negated because the claws go through it but he does get two blue dice and so he’s going to roll the two blue dice in defense and he did get one shield he didn’t get any lightning bolts though so the guy does due to damage to Thor grrrrrr which does kind of hurt but again on top of that not that bad in retrospect so Thor gur does take two points of damage he does have six so he’s kind of hurting but that bad leg on with his short bow is going to move one and two and then he’s going to target this blue guy right here with his short bow now his short bow gives him one automatic hit but he rolls one blue dice on top of that any lightning bolts will cause another hit and so forth and so on so leg on is going to target this little blue guy right there and he rolls one hit and he also has an automatic hit with the short bow here so that’s two on the blue guy here and again he has this spines ability it all heroes in the area suffer two hits so with with aura guard here he’s going to roll two blue dice and defense one gets soaked up with that and then the other one gets soaked up with this so he doesn’t actually take any damage Icarus has three blue dice so he has one save and then one natural armor he blocks both of them as well and then that is the end of leg ons turn now we have to draw another encounter card for him and this one says Dark Ritual all magic enemies activate otherwise each enemy recharge one and heal to hit points per axe so that simply means that this gremlin here will heal two these two would also heal if they had any damage on them but that’s not good but also not that bad either just means we’re gonna have to keep plugging away at this guy as we continue on at this point we would come to the event phase now the event phase is is pretty simple we look at the event deck and if there is an unrevealed card we would flip it over and place it on top but if there is a revealed card we simply move it over to the end and that’s all that happens on the event phase now this is a game ending part of the game here because if all of these get turned over before we reach the end the conclusion of the scenario that we have lost the scenario but notice that this card did not get flipped over yet the top card just got moved over here now the next event phase since there’s an unrevealed card here it would flip over and we would carry out whatever it says on that card but since we just moved it over here we’re good to go at this point we go back to our time phase where these things would flip back over so that they can be used again or if you had to rotate it like this they would rotate up and so forth and so on but they would flip over like this any other conditions that were not critical conditions that stay on the on the person those would be lifted and then we simply go back to carrying out another round also whenever you reach these different things they’re called waypoints you would flip them over based upon what’s shown in the storybook here for each Waypoint for example we turn it over and well let’s just say it since when I – you’re going to play through it we turn it over waypoint for we would turn into the book of secrets over here and read a story element from the Book of Secrets that adds a little bit of definition to it alright whenever these events turn over we would do the same thing for example story event one would go here story event two you would go to this paragraph and read that paragraph so again based upon the story book here it says the quest has failed if the last event card is discarded or all heroes are ghost souls see paragraph 1 – 13 so ghost soul enters into another thing here you have two sides to your hero card here you have the regular hero card then you have a ghost soul which gives you some things that you can use and it also gives you a movement value and all of that kind of stuff so let’s say that llegas legand died right here he becomes a ghost soul and he has to move back to this spawn point before he can become alive again and move back through the dungeon so there is that respawn thing that is also in the game that some of the other dungeon crawlers don’t actually have so that’s basically it for gameplay I don’t want to give away too much for the introductory scenario because I do want you to pretty much have some surprises going into that but generally speaking these doors or doors that are always open the square doors are ones that are locked and have to be bashed open this is a place where you can go and perform a search action this is another spawning area that is activated once somebody enters this room this is another way point that will trigger something else in the Book of Secrets so there’s just a lot of different things in this that I really do enjoy let’s get to my final thoughts so that is that for sword-and-sorcery I hope that I gave you a good enough of an idea a basic idea of how the game plays and how each round will pretty much come about there is a lot more to this game that I actually showed you even all of the pieces that are out here that I still have a couple of baggies in the box here that I didn’t need to use to show this scenario so you get a lot more than what I actually showed you now there are also a lot of books that come with this game as well you get the storybook which is basically your scenario manual that tells you all of the different things of the scenarios how to win them how to set them up you also have the rule book which is pretty hefty but at the same time it’s also filled with illustrations and pictures and diagrams and all this kind of stuff with a lot of icons that are used as well to help you make those connections as you’re reading through the book and then you see them elsewhere you’ll see the connection so I think this is actually a pretty well-done book although I think it’s a bit verbose but I mean that’s neither here nor there kind of because I like all the pictures and diagrams and and things that they also have within it so a pretty decent rule book as well the player aid that comes with the game is also good provides you on this side with the very basic game sequence and some of the main things that pop up a lot and then on the other side you also have some referee a reference sheet that pretty much just gives you a reminder of all the different things that are in the game that you’ll be able to do also has the icons as well so again there’s that pictorial evidence that’s there and then the Book of Secrets this is probably the coolest part of the of the game for me I just like the story driven aspect of the different scenarios and again I don’t want to open this and show you it because that would be spoiler if ik so I don’t want to do that to you another thing that I like a lot about it were these custom dice the custom dice first of all I like the fact that they’re 10-sided dice and they’re not sixes or something some other kind of weird thing I just like 10-sided dice and I also like how each die face has a different configuration of symbols on them so you might roll a bunch of lightning bolts or you might roll a bunch of hits or you might roll one hit one lightning bolt and so forth and so on I also like how each character has a different symbol that they’re trying to roll during a saves which provides for all these different symbols that are on the die so these custom dice are really really neat I already kind of said this in a throw a punch lunch segment but I wish they would have included more dice though that is kind of a gripe because it only comes with four blue and four red and really you have the game that plays up to possibly six players so eight dice between six players you’re going to be passing those puppies around a lot I would have thought they could have at least included one more set but they are making them available they’re just extra charge the models are also pretty cool they do suffer a bit from the bhindi I mean that’s a scimitar that’s supposed to be curved but ECAR is here as you can see he’s got that wing of a of a sword here that’s just kind of it can be fixed with warm water and a little bit of patience and TLC but you kind of get what I’m saying but other than that the models are really neat I think they would be fun to paint you don’t have to paint them because they’re all color coded as far is what kind of enemies are which and that type of thing so if you do try to paint them you’ll have to take care to make sure that okay this is a red enemy something on him needs to be read or you you leave the base red or something to that effect whatever you’d have to do the rest of the components the tiles that make up the playing surface are of durable stock they’re not warping or anything like that and I’ve had this game of since origins and I’ve had it in my trunk I’ve had it you know just laying out in a convention hall at dice terrorcon so it’s had its moments to start warping if it were to warp and it has not yet so that’s I think a good thing a very positive note these these tiles are made well and they’ll be durable for you as well I like how each of the different enemies are going to be a little bit of a different feel sure the green gremlins are going to be pretty much the same time thing all the time you have those guys but some of the blue gremlins err will have extra powers to them and and that goes to be true with all of the different ones there’s orc warriors and orc shaman and there are rogues that’s what these guys are which are actually humans that are just you know out for nefarious actions and that type of stuff so there’s also master enemies that I didn’t even get to show you here because there’s so much to the game but the master enemies there’s certain ways that you can fight them and and they’re a lot more powerful and and so forth and so on but there’s three different levels of each kind of character gremlins orcs rogues and then the master guys so each of the smaller dudes have three different levels green blue and red red being the strongest green being the weakest on top of that as we’re talking about the enemies I love how the game makes you pass those guys around as they come into play each person each different person will get to control one kind of enemy that seriously cuts down on the down time because up one person’s turn can take a while but if you are controlling the enemies they’re fighting you’re engaged in the game and I like that a lot because one of the things that that a lot of dungeon crawlers really suffer from is downtime and so they’ve actually tried to answer that downtime question in this dungeon crawl and I think they did a pretty good job of it as well it has a campaign feel to it where you can carry the things from one scenario into another I think there’s a lot of good stuff in this and I’m really excited about carrying this on I had two we’re actually going to have to go back and play the introductory scenario again because I can’t remember how each of our characters ended but I’m playing this with my family and they really do enjoy it and that’s another plus for me because it provides enough a difficulty and well I guess that’s the right word for it it provides enough difficulty where I’m interested but it’s also simple enough to where the rest of my family can enjoy it a little because they don’t usually enjoy difficult very complex games but I usually I kind of do from time to time so it has enough to keep me interested and them interested at the same time so with all that being said I think this is a this is a gym it’s a really fun game to play if you haven’t I always say try before you buy so if you haven’t had the chance to try it first please try to find a way to do that we have this on the hot games table at die stark on and I saw it being played more than once so there is that maybe they’ll be at conventions definitely seek them out try to get a demo in and see what you think but from me this is getting to thumbs way up I really enjoy sword and sorcery this is probably going to be one of my dungeon crawlers to go to from here on out so with all that being said see you guys on the fifth [Music] you [Music]


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