– Bob Casino – “Det mest fredligaste nätcasinot i världen”

we are here with Bob Casino hi peace and love to everybody my name is Michael and I’m part of Bob casino group what casino is a very interesting concept yes tell me more about this just bulb and the bulb lifestyle Bob lifestyle is a bit chilled you are relaxed and during the games you would do first thing is a respect and second feel is love how was this whole concept and him initiated we were thinking that many people in the world love to relax in their way and we’re thinking why not and the Bob we loved his music we got nothing compared with Molly but rusta music is a thing you know Jah Rastafari I would say do you have free spins or do you just like give out joints to new players what’s the deal first of all when you register you got ten three spins no deposit required after it you got special first deposit bonus and after it some dedicated bonus just for you sweet special and unique just opening this year in July and growing like that because this is the most peaceful and respectful casino in the world what and promotions do you have in general I mean christmas is coming up do you have something yes every day every day from 1st of December when you log into Bob casino there will be special prizes for you also the tournaments we have a VIP program and also like when you win that we’ve draws a super fast and you get the money within one hour so it’s very quick is there something else you’d like to tell us about Bob for the players who don’t have an account with you yet just open the account we’ll take care of you no stress no pressure just enjoyable time there well thank you very much for the interview peace out peace out dancing dancing again high-five thank you guys

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