SUSTAINABILITY IN THAILAND: Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi Island | (Sustainable Earth Ep. 1)

Thailand has been on my list for a long time,
and I finally had the opportunity to visit.
After spending my 1-year anniversary in the
Maldives with Karl and a week exploring Sri
Lanka with my mom, I finally hopped on a plane
and flew from Sri Lanka to Thailand for a
solo journey, starting with a speed boat ride
from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands.
Ok guys we have arrived to the island, we
just got off our boat and we’re taking another
little boat to the island.
I checked into Zeavola Resort which won the
World’s Most Sustainable Boutique Hotel
back in 2014.
Thank you.
Guys I’m so excited to be here, Thailand has
literally been like a dream of mine for awhile
now so I’m super excited to be here.
I actually found this hotel, this resort Zeavola
through a website called Green Pearls.
So a lot of you guys know I’ve been on this
quest for awhile now to be a more responsible,
more eco-friendly traveler.
And this website basically has a whole list
of like sustainable eco-friendly hotels so
it makes my search a lot easier.
So that’s how I found this place.
So super excited to be staying at like a fully
vetted sustainable hotel for the next couple
of days on the Phi Phi Islands.
I am a very bad listener.
Like when they gave me the tour of my room,
they told me to keep this closed to not let
mosquitoes in and as you can see I have not
been following their advice so I probably
already let about 50 mosquitoes in and as
you can see I’m messy A. That’s just how i
It was really pretty when I first walked in
I think my dad had one of these when I was
a kid.
It basically zaps mosquitoes.
Alright super cute.
Look at the little sink.
I love this.
It’s nice.
And of course my favorite, the outdoor shower.
You guys know I love outdoor showers.
Yessss, yes outdoor shower for the win.
Super excited about this.
Alright there you have it, that’s a tour of
my little beach view villa?
I guess you could call it.
Yeah beach view villa.
Maybe I’m making that up.
It’s really cute though.
I’m going to hop in that outdoor shower and
freshen up because I’ve been on planes and
in airports for like the past day and as you
can see I still didn’t close this so I just
really hope I don’t get bit up tonight.
After showering I spent the rest of the evening
I got a massage and toured their jungle villa
suite (pool villa) which is hands down where
I’d stay next time when I bring Karl with
It’s super private and those rainforest views
are awesome.
The next day was all about exploring.
I did the Maya Adventure Tour where I was
able to really get a feel of the beauty of
the nearby lagoons and uninhabited islands.
Alright so we are disembarking.
We are officially in Maya Bay.
I’ve seen many pictures of this place and
now I’m here.
Okay so just a quick tip, if you want to come
here, make sure you get here super early,
because it get more crowded the later you
get here.
So we actually got here around 8:30 which
was a pretty good time.
I was actually able to take a picture without
people in the background.
My hair is like bananas right now.
I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re about
to go snorkeling so I’m actually going to
switch to the goPro.
Although my time here was short, it was nice
to know there are places in Thailand that
make sustainability a priority.
Some of Zeavola’s sustainable practices
Heavily investing in energy conservation,
sourcing and treating water from local wells
and rainwater which they then use to water
their jungle garden, compost production, nature
conservation and daily cleanups,, coral reef
protection initiatives, first aid assistance
for birds, extensive recycling, and supporting
the local community.
So if you ever plan to visit the Phi Phi Islands
in Thailand, be sure to support this green
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