Support the Million Waves Project With Bingo in Anacortes, WA

Hi, I’m Chris Moriarity, one of the founders
of the Million Waves Project.
The Million Waves Project started about a
year ago, and we had a pretty simple goal:
you know, we wanted to find a way to take
all of the plastic in the oceans and turn
it into something useful.
What we wound up doing was creating prosthetics
for kids and adults all over the world.
One of the first partners that we actually
had in this journey was the Swinomish Casino
here outside of Anacortes, and we’ve actually
teamed up for an event on April 6.
We’re going to invite you to come and join
us for a bingo party.
Tickets are $15, and for that $15 you get
10 games.
It wouldn’t be very much fun if you didn’t
get to win some cool prizes.
You get to win everything from tickets to
Disney Land, artwork, nights at the Lodge
— there’s so much that’s going to happen
that night, you’re not going to want to
miss it.
All the net proceeds do go to the Million
Waves Project.
We’ve got a pretty lofty goal.
You know, what started as a pretty small project,
with the goal of helping just one person,
has gone not only statewide, nationwide, and
So we actually want to build a small manufacturing
facility here in Anacortes.
So, all of the net proceeds that do come from
the event are going to go toward this cause.
We can’t wait to see you there, and to get
your tickets, just go to,
and you can certainly visit and learn more
about the project at

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