Superhero Strip Poker Ft. Candice Patton

Today we’re betting
on superheroes.
Let’s talk about that!
( music playing )
Good Mythical Morning!
Today we’ve got a super,
supa, supa–
– Supa. Supa.
– Supa. Supa.
– Supa. Supa.
– Supa, supa.
– Supa.
– Supa show!
– It’s gonna be great.
– Yeah.
Rhett and I are gonna
guess a mystery object
– Mike and Alex have destroyed.
– Yes.
Also Rhett is gonna
expose the secret
all redheads are hiding.
Hmm, but first,
speaking of exposing,
we have a very exciting
superhero game to play.
Yep, strip poker
with superheroes
but don’t get
your hopes up too high.
We’re striping away
our normal boring clothes
and exposing our superhero
identities underneath.
So, no actual nudity.
It’s time to play…
We have a very special
guest today.
My family hangs out
with her
every Tuesday night
8/7 central on The CW.
She’s Iris West
from “The Flash.”
It’s Candice Patton!
– What up? What up?
– ( cheering )
– Welcome to the show, Candice!
– Thanks for having me.
– We all look amazing!
– Yeah!
Gosh, I’ve never looked better,
Well, now on on a recent
episode of The Flash
you got super suited up.
How was that?
It was amazing.
Strapped on some leather–
– No spoilers!
– Oh!
I mean, that’s not a spoiler.
That’s what superheroes do.
They wear leather.
– That’s just a good time.
– Yep.
Just a normal Saturday night
for you.
And you’re actually
wearing a super suit
– underneath all these clothes
right now, aren’t you?
– I am.
As are we, Rhett.
And here’s what
we’re gonna do.
We are gonna face off
in a game of strip poker
to slowly reveal
our super alter egos,
which explains
why we have these layers
and look like we just entered
the Witness Protection Program.
This would be kind of
a giveaway– I don’t think–
– I am not a witness.
– This is not how they advise
the Witness Protection people
to dress.
This is how
I’m gonna dress.
When you remove
enough clothes
for you identity
to be revealed,
you are eliminated
and in honor of “The Flash”
television show,
one of our favorites,
losers will have to eat
flash-fried mystery meat
from the Good
Mythical kitchen.
Now if you’ve
never played poker,
don’t worry.
Just enjoy
watching us
take our clothes off.
All right, let’s ante up
and get going.
And I say this should
be the gloves, because I–
– Yes.
– The ante is a force bet
for those of you
new to poker.
That means that every round
there’s gonna be something
that we have
to throw in there.
Now I’m gonna cut these cards.
They have been shuffled.
You can’t get more cards.
This is your hand.
– This is the hand that you have
– Whoo, boy!
What a hand it is!
Candice, because you are
left of the dealer,
– Yep, I go first.
– you go first.
– In terms of betting.
– Terms of betting.
I will–
What you going for there?
– Sunglasses?
– Yep.
– Is that it?
– I can bet more?
– Yeah.
– What do you mean?
Like– Oh!
– Okay, yeah.
– Oh!
– Sunglasses–
– Oh, dang.
Well, you got a big hand, huh?
– I just feel good. I feel–
– She’s feeling good already.
Feel like a lady!
– And belt.
– Okay, sunglasses and belt.
– Yep.
– Okay, in order to stay in this
and beat you,
I gotta see
your sunglasses
and belt–
– It is hard with the–
– Gloves.
And then I’m gonna–
What’s it called?
– Stay.
– Well, you’re just calling.
– I’m calling.
– I just– I’m feeling so lucky.
– Are you?
– I’m feeling so lucky,
I’m gonna call your belt
and your sunglasses
and I’m going to…
throw my hat in there,
– which is jewelry for you.
– Okay.
– You don’t have a hat,
you have jewelry.
– Okay.
Fine. I’m not–
I’m not folding this early.
– Jewelry.
– There you go.
All right,
so I’m staying in this.
all the bets are in.
All right, guys,
let’s read ’em and weep.
– Rhett, you first.
– You definitely lost.
– I have three kings.
– What?
I got–
I’ve got your fourth king.
Can I help you out
and we go halfsies?
– What you got?
– Whatcha got there?
I really just lost.
– Oh, wow!
– I thought that
this was gonna–
Yeah, well,
usually it would.
But you guys just lost, guys.
All right, we’re removing
gloves first.
Here comes a glove.
– See that glove.
– Titillating.
See what I got here.
– Sunglasses.
– Now.
– And belts, guys.
– I am keeping these
for later because
these are awesome.
I’ve revealed my mask and so–
– Where’s your mask?
– Some heroes don’t need masks!
Link: Oh!
You just make a different face?
– Yeah!
– Is that it?
It’s a smolder.
It’s a CW smolder.
All right, Candice,
you’re the dealer now.
You can decide
what the ante is and–
Oh! Oh right,
I do that first.
Those purple hands
of hers.
That gives us a clue.
– She’s a purple suited–
– Purple speedster.
– Jacket.
– Rhett: Ooh, we’re–
– Oh!
– Ooh, jacket.
– Big item.
– Go big or go home.
– Is that too soon?
– No.
I just feel good about it, guys.
– Give us some cards.
– All right, here we go.
All right,
here we go.
– Hmm.
– Hmm.
Link, you’re up first.
( purring )
( purring )
I’m going…
shoe time.
– Shoe time?
– Sexy shoe time.
– And I’m going–
– String bet, huh?
– Sock time.
– Shoes and socks.
‘Cause once the shoes come off
the socks are quick to follow.
– Nope.
– I’ll call.
I’m calling your shoes
and your socks.
No raise.
I will– Shoes and socks.
You’re looking
at the back of my cards?
– Maybe that’s my superpower.
– Oh, snap!
Spoiler alert.
I’m gonna call.
Okay, so you’re just calling
shoes and socks.
– Yeah.
– Okay. Reveal your cards.
– Why don’t you go first.
– I just have an ace.
Almost a straight.
That’s not just any ace.
That is the–
That is the highest ranking
single card in the deck.
– Don’t dog yourself, bro.
– Just an ace.
I don’t believe
that’s gonna win.
But that didn’t do me any good
last round.
– Just remember that.
– What you got?
I’ve got…
– a pair of jacks.
– Whoa!
Two jacks.
You know what?
You should be proud
– of those two jacks.
– I’m very proud.
What’s coming?
What’s coming next, Link?
You guys should
hang out more often
but I’ll be over here
with my straight!
– No!
– I don’t know
how I got a straight!
I was like how is that
even freaking possible?
– I never thought we’d see hands
like this.
– Did you shuffle the cards?
– What is going on?
– Okay.
– Well, I know one thing is–
– You invite me to your show…
– Talking my jacket off.
– you treat me like garbage.
All right.
– Bow chicka bow wow.
– Okay, the jacket’s coming off,
but the scarves are
staying on.
– All right, easy there.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– Jacket’s off.
– Shoes and socks.
– Shoes and socks.
Is that leopard?
What? Cheetah.
Link: Nice socks
you got there, Rhett.
Super nice.
What do you think
about my yellow?
Ooh, yellow foot.
Is that it?
Are we smelling anything?
Is that what’s happening?
– Yeah, we’re smelling
some stuff.
– Not on me, but–
– Jesus.
– Relax.
Got that.
Stripping is a lot harder
than it looks.
I mean, people should be–
– It’s a good honest job.
– Ya know.
All right, I have shuffled
numerous times.
– And the ante is a scarf, kids.
– All right.
All right, let’s see
what we got.
Mmm! Mmm!
– Rhett’s over there Mmming.
– What are you Mmming about?
– I almost looked at your cards.
– You did. I saw that.
– Did you see me?
– I saw you lookin’.
– I saw two of ’em.
– Wow!
– You did?
– Yep.
I’m gonna use it
to my advantage.
I don’t remember
what they are, though.
Yeah, don’t worry.
Him seeing the cards will–
No impact on his strategy
– Okay.
– Those are pretty cards.
I’m feeling like a man that
wants to take his pants off.
I mean, make you
take your pants off.
All right, yeah.
– All right, yeah, she says.
– Okay.
You know what?
I’m feeling like a man
who doesn’t wanna
take his pants off.
– So I’m– I’m gonna see.
– Okay.
– We’re stopping there.
– Yeah, right there.
Okay, I think
I’m pretty sure–
– I’ve got a 10.
I have nothing.
– Rhett: Oh, wow!
Wow! What do you have?
I have a king,
almost a flush.
I have a pair and an ace.
– Oh, whoa!
– I finally win.
But it doesn’t matter.
– She wins with a pair.
– Yeah.
She wins with a pair
and that means you guys win
’cause I’m about
to take my pants off.
That means
that you guys win
because I’m about
to take my scarf off.
Oh. How do I–
How do I get my scarf off?
Even though I haven’t had
to take my belt yet,
– I believe that is part
of this.
– Oh, my goodness!
Welcome to “Good Mythical
Morning,” everybody!
My shoes have to go back on
after I take my pants off.
Sounds like a personal problem.
– Oh, there he is.
– Look.
Don’t look that way!
How super is that?
I’m glad you’re wearing
your swim trunks, Rhett.
♪ All right, here we go
It’s a zip fly ♪
Couldn’t get too super.
Oh, my God.
♪ Gettin’ awkward
for Candice ♪
♪ I apologize ♪
♪ Trying to make it sexy
but it’s very difficult ♪
Oh, yeah.
All right, sit down, Neal.
– Sit down.
– There’s more.
– Oh, God.
– All right.
– The game continues.
– Yes, it does.
It’s getting a little weird now
because we got a bunch
of different chips.
We don’t all have
the same chips.
So I’m just gonna throw an ante
of my gloves in.
I know you don’t have that
so you guys can pick something.
Gloves are kinda
like socks.
– I would say scarf is
in that same realm.
– Yeah.
– Okay. I’ll deal here.
– Same realm.
Can I have another one?
All righty.
Big dollars.
– Whoo!
– Hmm.
No whammies.
( howls )
Why don’t I believe you?
– All right, Candice…
– Feeling like wait–
– first bet’s on you.
– Okay.
So I will bet my pants.
pants on the board.
Hmm, that is a meaningful bet.
I have no pants on.
Just a reminder.
You have a jacket, though.
I do have a jacket,
which is kind of–
That’s commensurate,
– That’s commensurate.
– Yeah.
I have a hat
which is not commensurate,
but that’s what I’ve got.
But I’m going
to raise, y’all!
– The shirt.
– Well, hold on now.
Before you like take
your finger off
of that thing–
– The chest.
– Who went–
Shirt is what reveals
the whole thing.
– So, you’re betting
the whole shabang.
– Yeah.
That’s basically
going all in.
– I’m confident.
– Oh.
– Now we could fold.
– Yeah.
– ‘Cause I’m not confident,
– Now we could just fold.
but– I don’t believe him
– You’re calling his bluff?
– I’m calling his bluff.
She’s not confident,
so she’s calling your bluff.
What are you doing?
I don’t know what it feels
like to be confident.
So, here’s my shirt.
Wow, that’s a lot.
Let’s have it.
Okay, I’m betting on
a pair of queens!
– Pair of queens. Dang it.
– Oh, no!
– I’ve got a pair of nines.
– I have a pair of threes.
– Whoo!
– Oh!
All right,
let’s reveal ourselves.
Oh, no!
– Scarf.
– All right, scarf goes.
What have we got here?
My lady pants.
Lady pants.
I feel like–
– I’ll look away. Oh, okay.
– Stretch.
– She’s stretching.
– Here we go.
( grunting )
Oh, yeah!
– Who are you?
– I’m Super Rice.
– Super Rice?
– Super Rice!
– Wow, Super Rice!
– Once just a girl from Texas
whose favorite food was rice
until strange electromagnetic
lightening storm
caused her to get hit
by a falling branch
and when she woke up she was
fused with rice-like powers,
indestructible, remoldable,
and a great companion
to any meal.
– Yes!
– Wow!
– Super Rice.
– Rice is my favorite food!
Well, hmm.
Let’s see who I am!
I’m so excited,
I can’t wait for this.
Oh, easy with those buttons!
Wow! Who is–
It is I,
Peanut Butter Man.
Half normal man, half
biohazardous peanut butter.
After an unfortunate
snack time mistake
in a top secret lab,
I squirt peanut butter
from a place– Don’t ask.
– All right!
– Okay.
– He squirts peanut butter.
– That’s my favorite food.
– Rice, peanut butter…
– Okay.
– I technically won…
– and the winner.
– but you gotta find out
who I am.
– We gotta know.
– Oh!
– Oh, throwing the chair back?
Hat, the goggles.
The jacket.
I’ve been found out!
I am Bean Boy!
The plucky sidekick to all
delicious Mexican meals
and blessed with the ability
to telekinetically control
all the beans
within a 100 mile radius.
– Beans!
– Beans!
You just wait till I get a hold
of your beans.
– Don’t make that gesture.
– Okay, losers.
Here’s your mystery meat.
– Mystery–
– Eat up!
– Flash-fried–
– Losers.
– Enjoy your mystery meat.
– Congratulations.
Oh, it’s pretty good!
– Oh.
– It’s horrible. What is it?
Woman: It’s pork brain.
– Sorry.
– For you.
We didn’t give her pork brain.
What’d we give her?
I don’t know,
but it’s really good.
– I think it’s a chicken nugget.
– At least it’s fried.
Candice, thank you so much
for coming here
and playing this game
with us.
Of course catch her
on “The Flash,”
Tuesdays 8/7 central
on The CW.
And click through to see what
Mike and Alex have horrifically
destroyed this time.

Rhett:Warning, the contents
of this shirt are hot

because you’re going
to look hot as heck
when you put this shirt on.

Get it at


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