Suomicasino TV: LeoVegas @ Sigma 2016

hello everyone and welcome to Sigma 2016 my name is Alicia and I’m thrilled to be here with you today now as you know here at swamy casino we love a great deal that’s exactly why we’re here we’re here to get the best deals for you my best bonuses but we’re also here to do some interviews with your favorite casinos awesome tricky questions get to know the news before anyone else so shall we yeah let’s go so dear Mom and here we are at the lower Vegas premier suites it looks lovely how are you today very good welcome nice to have you here thank you very much and you’ve chosen a very beautiful place to set up your your stand why is that we wanted to take it a level higher so we took the presidential suite in order to have our meetings and it has been a great success so tell us about Leo Vegas why did you why did you choose the name legis why a lion well first of all I wasn’t the one picking the name nevertheless our founders came up with this brilliant name because it combines two amazing things which is a lion which is a very mighty animal and vegas which is obviously the place for for the best entertainment in the world and combining those two elements broadly Oh Vegas in life and it’s a mazing place for players to experience the Vegas feeling so to say on the mobile Allah Vegas prides itself with being the number one mobile casino around now dear mom tell us why is this well first of all we pride ourselves and being the leader of mobile gaming and we have done that since the beginning of our time so to say we do that by combining the fastest gameplay days on the planet at the moment it always will be and having said that we do have also the widest slot selection as well as live casino and we have edited sports book this year to our product range which has been a great success for the players who might not for some reason yet have an account with you why should they open one it is the greatest gaming experience on the mobile it is the fastest casino live live casino and sports stays at the moment okay well thank you very much for the interview Nemo thank you thanks

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