Suomicasino TV: 7Red @ Sigma 2016

hello everyone and welcome to Sigma 2016 my name is Alicia and I’m thrilled to be here with you today now as you know here at swamy casino we love a great deal that’s exactly why we’re here we’re here to get the best deals for you my best bonuses but we’re also here to do some interviews with your favorite casinos awesome tricky questions to get to know the news before anyone else so shall we yeah let’s go here we are with Oscar from seven red how are you today very well thanks great sear that tell us about seven red why shouldn’t a play your open an account at your casino at some Arab we always try to maximize the gaming experience and we do this by offering the best terms on the market and to make sure our bonus system is as easy and and of good value as possible therefore we have no wagering requirements on all of our bonuses which is a unique selling point absolutely that’s what we want to hear right no wagering requirements for bonuses tell us a bit a bit more about your campaigns do you have some cool campaigns coming up like a standard campaign we run and not at seven red but at our latest release or latest launch brand Vegas casino com we are giving away a free trip to Vegas every month which is an excellent opportunity to deposit you get a ticket for every 100 euros plan and a chance to go to the real deal the capital of gaming and it’s been working really well and a lot of happy players has been enjoying vegas the last couple of months amazing sign me up sign up okay thank you very much for the interview thank you

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