Summerlin – The Pueblo Village

Have you ever heard of The Pueblo’s in
Summerlin? Well that’s what we’re talking
about today and we’re starting right now!
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my Summerlin series where I will be
introducing you different villages in
the Summerlin community. Summerlin has
roughly about 17 different villages. I
did a video on our first village “The
Hills” which was one of the original
villages of Summerlin and now I’m doing
The Pueblo’s. So I’m gonna go in order of
when each of these villages were
developed, so now we’re in the pueblos
and that’s the second village that was
developed in I think it started
commencing in 1993 and a lot of the
homes are built in the 93-97 timeframe.
And there are about 17 different little
neighborhoods inside The Pueblo’s.
To name a few, is the Sedona community,
Santa Fe, Tamarisk, Bonita Canyon Plateau,
Hermosa, just to name a few off the top
of my head.
I can’t remember them all. This community has a
lot of single-family and multi-family
homes, where there’s apartments, condos,
townhouses, plus houses. So, this beautiful
community has a lot of amenities to it.
It has two churches, Elizabeth Ann Seton
Church and then a Lutheran Church.
There’s three schools here,
Richard H Bryan elementary school, The
Meadows private school, and then the
Elizabeth Ann Seton private school Catholic
school as well. I have lived in this
community in the past for seven years.
Really loved it, we lived in the little
subdivision called Sedona. It’s a great
community to raise your family. The
really neat feature about this community
is that there are actually two parks
with a basketball court, picnic areas,
and the ravine, which I did a tour of the
ravine which is really cool. A huge
walking trail that people come on as you
see, people like to walk their dogs here.
Just an overall a really great
community. So enough about why I love
this community I’m going to actually
give you a tour of the two parks and the
churches and the schools and everything
that it has to offer. So stick around,
let’s go check it out.
Developed in 1992, The Pueblo is one of
the original villages in Summerlin and
is part at the Summerlin North Community
Association. The Pueblo is a five hundred
and sixty-eight acre mixed-use
residential village within the Summerlin
master plan community.
It features distinctive Pueblo style
architecture, single and multi-family
neighborhoods including condos, townhomes,
single-family homes and semi custom
homes. Many residents have peaceful
Greenbelt views. The Summerlin North HOA
is only $50 a month, which is pretty
awesome considering all the amenities you
get for living in this wonderful master
plan community. Since it is part of
Summerlin, you have access to all of the
Summerlin amenities, like the trails pool,
the Summerlin library and so much more.
Homes in the Pueblo are bounded by Lake
Mead Boulevard to the North, Rampart Road
to the West, Vegas Drive to the South and
Buffalo Drive to the East.
The Pueblo Trail is a 3.7
mile trail. This hidden trail is one of
the most beautifully landscaped in all
of Las Vegas. It is heavily used and
populated by all manner of wildlife.
Despite how nice it is, it is not very
crowded. Most usage is by walkers, many
with dogs and runners. I wouldn’t
recommend it for serious bicycle usage
due to the high number of pedestrians
and the short length, unless you don’t
mind going slowly. This is one of the
best places in the city to be with your
The Pueblo Park is a 62-acre linear park
following a wash from the mountains,
which features a native desert garden,
two children’s play areas, eight foot
wide multi-use paths, four foot wide
jogging paths, bathrooms, basketball court,
open play areas and an exercise station.
The Pueblo Park at Summerlin in Las
Vegas, Nevada is located at 7663 Lake
Mead Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada
89128 and the entrance to
The Pueblo Park is off of Lake Mead
Boulevard, just west of Buffalo Drive.
Residents have called the park “Las Vegas
is best kept secret.” Easy access to one
of Las Vegas’s best parks is just one
of the many reasons why people look for
real estate in The Pueblo’s.
As mentioned earlier, there are two
houses of worship in The Pueblo. Saint
Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church and
Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Here is Richard H. Bryan elementary
school, which is from kindergarten
through fifth grade. And I’ve said in
other videos both my kids attended this
elementary school and they absolutely
loved it. So what did you think of The
It’s a beautiful village here in Summerlin,
that has a lot of amenities for you and
your family. The schools, the churches and
most of all the ravines and walking
trails. I mean the, the feeling you have
when you walk those trails is un-
believable, I mean it’s just absolutely
gorgeous to walk those trails,
especially on a beautiful spring day
like it is today with everything just
blooming. Everything being green, the
birds are out, the bunnies are out, the
squirrels are out, so it’s just very
beautiful community not only to live but
also to enjoy. If you liked this video be
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one. And this beautiful community has a
lot of amenities not only does it have,
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