[Sub][Remind 8] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Welcome to Capital!!

Today’s the big day.
Maybe I got up a little too early.
No, Halloween celebrates the resurrection!
And so Capital will be resurrected, too!
Make hay while the sun shines!
The early bird gets the worm!
Wait, is Halloween
the one about the resurrection?
Fall Halloween Festival
I wonder if Shinemon is up.
The shutters are open!
And it’s clean in front of the shop.
It looks like he’s psyched for this
and getting ready.
Wake up, Sleepyhead Cinnamon!
This is no time for napping!
Actually, I woke up too
early this morning, and…
Don’t sleep!
Mark! Get this sleepyhead into the shower!
At once!
Tatsuya! Prepare to open the shop!
Come to think of it, where’s my dumb brother?
I haven’t seen him yet.
He’s supposed to wear the
Li’l Valkerion costume, right?
Where could he be?
Remind 8
Welcome to Capital!!
All right. The cleaning’s done.
You sure it’s okay for the manager
to wear an outfit like this?
A manager is the one who runs the shop.
Verily, it is natural for you
to wear the garb of a magistrate.
I… I think it suits you.
In fact…
It suits you too well,
Moron Magistrate Cinnamon!
“Moron” was uncalled for!
Rive sure is late…
Verily, he should arrive shortly.
Let’s get started without him.
It’s been a while for Capital!
Let’s do our best not to let down the customers!
…is open!
It’s really open?
So cute!
N-No, I’m really not!
Maybe I do have what it takes to be an idol.
Shindou, let’s get to work.
You guys came?!
N-Nitta, is that you?!
Halloween or not, that outfit’s too much!
So who reopened the shop?
The current manager is yours truly!
The current manager is yours truly!
Your face’s enough of a joke already!
No, it’s true!
Capital’s actually open!
It’s been so long!
How about this?!
I fear it raises the level of stupidity.
It’s best to make it obvious!
Verily, it is quite obvious now.
The units depicted on the cards
are inhabitants of the planet Cray.
The planet Cray?
A planet somewhere in the cosmos.
Like Earth, it has many countries,
with organizations called clans,
all constantly competing with each other.
Huh, so that’s the setting?
…Cray might actually exist!
When you fight, there are moments
when the Cray units feel so close to you.
I’ll get to meet them someday!
That’s the feeling I have!
Anyway, it’s very important
to have that strong of an imagination.
All right, I’ll imagine it next time!
Fall Halloween Festival
Those are the contest cookies, huh?
Let’s hope they’re edible this time.
You tell me!
Excuse me.
Sorry, but…
Hello? Are you okay in there?
Please don’t change in the restroom.
We have a customer who’s not in costume!
Now he is!
Thank you so much!
It was nothing. All part of
the job of being a manager.
Shinemon, a customer over there
wants to be taught how to play.
Where’s Mark?
Teaching another customer.
Well, first you stand your cards,
and then draw one card from your deck.
Hello, Card Capital.
Shinemon, the shopping district chairman
wants to see you right away.
It sounds important.
Right away?!
Darn it! If only Master were here right now!
Two Masters?!
Who’re you calling “Master”?!
I’m starving, yo.
Oh, it’s just you two…
Matching costumes?
It was a coincidence!
Well, anyway, good timing.
Would you look after the beginners?
Huh? But we’re customers–
Huh? But we’re customers–
B-Begging’s not going to work, either.
I’m in heaven!
Sorry it took so long! You wanted to see me?
Opening the card shop like you did
has been a very great help.
A festival just isn’t lively
without young people there.
I wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you.
Oh, you’re welcome…
Thank you!
…is all he wanted?!
The suit’s going to waste!
And we spent good money to have it made…
Blockhead big brother!
Shinemon, what was that about?
Please don’t ask!
We need to get ready for the tournament.
Okay, we’re all here.
Eh? What has happened to the cookies?
Huh? I set them down over here…
Our cookies…
S-Sorry, yo…
I can’t take this guy anywhere.
It’s our fault for setting them
where customers could see.
But what are we going to do?
No need to worry.
While I may have mixed up
sugar and laundry detergent yesterday…
Today’s mistake was excess amounts!
Thanks to that, I have enough
leftover cookies at home for a bake sale!
Well done!
But there’s no time…
Verily, it is my turn.
You may leave this errand to me!
I’ll help out any way I can, yo.
In that case…
…would you wear the Li’l Valkerion costume?
Are you okay?!
You’re too weak.
Nah, this thing’s really heavy, yo.
The Vanguard tournament is about to begin!
Did someone say, “Vanguard tournament”?
Starting the Vanguard tournament without me…
…is unforgivable!
Li’l Valkerion…
…stood up!
Who are you?!
It’s me!
Why were you hiding in there?!
I wasn’t hiding!
I got to Capital early this morning,
but Shinemon was asleep on his feet.
So I put on the Li’l Valkerion suit,
intending to scare him…
…but it looks like the joke was on me.
So you mean to participate
in the Vanguard tournament?
Naturally! I’m a Cardfighter!
You’re one of the sponsors, Bro!
Shinemon’s the sponsor.
You promised to wear the Li’l Valkerion costume!
And I did!
Now I’m just a regular customer.
So let me have my fun, Manager!
Verily, the cookies have arrived!
All right! Let’s do this!
Halloween Vanguard Tournament In Progress!
And now, we’re going to hold
a Vanguard tournament!
Halloween Vanguard Tournament In Progress!
And now, we’re going to hold
a Vanguard tournament!
Is everybody ready?
Ready… Go!
Stand up, Vanguard!
All right! I won!
Congratulations! Here you go.
I’m starvin’, yo.
I lost.
I lost.
I lost.
Verily, come and get me!
I hear you’re Shinemon’s “master”?
Show me how good you are.
This is how good I am.
And now, I’ll announce the top three!
Nanami Gonomi, 20 wins!
Ninja Master, 25 wins!
Rive Shindou, 25 wins!
My dumbbell big brother is so childish!
When it comes to Vanguard, I’m always serious!
What now, Manager?
Will you let the tournament end
with us at an equal number of wins?
Since you’re tied for first,
we’ll have a final match!
This is gonna be great!
Stand up, Vanguard!
Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu!
Evil Stealth Dragon, Ushimitsumaru!
I ride!
Full Moon Muscle!
I wanted to play, too…
No, I’m the manager!
There are other things for me to do.
Excuse me…
May I help you?
Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu!
Evil Stealth Dragon, Kurogiri!
I ride!
Star-fighter, Silver Fist!
Clay-doll Mechanic! Silver Fist!
I’m gonna let you have it!
Drive check!
Front trigger! +20,000 power!
Why 20,000?
When Silver Fist is there,
a front trigger’s power is increased.
Damage check!
Critical trigger!
I give all of the effects to my Vanguard!
Once more! Attack!
Ninja Art, Guarding Jutsu!
Verily, it is my turn!
Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu!
Evil Stealth Dragon, Zangetsu!
Rally to me, Kurogiri!
Ninja Art, Summoning Jutsu! Evil Decoy Token!
A second Calling Jutsu!
Rally to me, Kurogiri!
Stealth Beast, Chigasumi!
In addition, by my power…
Evil Decoy Token!
Three Evil Decoy Token units?!
I have long desired to ask you something.
Ask me what?
First he sends his rear-guard
Silver Fist to the Drop Zone?
When Esuka Hibino
first arrived to acquire Capital,
why did you not oppose her, Rive?
Verily, have you no affection for Capital?!
Chigasumi, once again!
Have I no affection for Capital?
Don’t ask me foolish questions!
I ride!
Fusing Striker!
It’s time, Fusing Striker! Silver Fist!
Let’s go!
Drive check!
I got a front trigger!
Another front trigger?!
Fusing Striker also increases
the power of front triggers.
Which means…
They’re +25,000. He’s done for, yo.
Clay-doll Mechanic! Silver Fist! Go for it!
Fusing Striker! You too!
Ninja Art, Intercept Jutsu!
If you have affection for it, then why?
Isn’t there someone who has
even more affection for this place?
Isn’t there someone who has
even more affection for this place?
If you go straight here,
you’ll reach an intersection.
Turn left there…
Um, at the intersection…
I’ll lead you there.
It’s this way. Let’s go.
Thank you, young man!
My pleasure.
An idiot who says he’s gonna manage the place,
even though he’s just
a third-year high school brat.
Ninja Art, Riding Jutsu!
Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo!
Imaginary Gift, Protect II!
Verily, you shall now experience my Token Jutsu!
Take this!
Drive check!
Critical trigger!
Zangetsu and Kurogiri attack
your rear-guard Fusing Striker!
Then it is your duty to support Shinemon.
That’s for him to decide!
I ride!
Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon!
Imaginary Gift, Accel I!
Accel Circle opened!
I call God Hand there!
And then, I call Fusing Striker!
Not again!
His front triggers keep getting more powerful!
Here we go!
Its skill activates!
An extra critical, along with triple drive!
Perfect Guard Jutsu!
Stealth Beast, Mijingakure!
Blocked it, huh? But…
Drive check!
Front trigger!
Front trigger!
A double front trigger?!
+60,000 power to the front row?!
That’s too much!
Such… tremendous… power…
What happened?!
Verily, I have lost.
The winner of the
Halloween Vanguard Tournament…
…is Rive Shindou!
Do what you’d like to do.
I look forward to seeing it.
Master Rive…
Well, I’ve gotta get to work.
Rive was really curious about
how many wins Mark had.
He kept asking me.
He adjusted the quantity of his own wins
so that he might have a final match against me?!
Well, it did help to liven the place up.
Thank you, Master!
Having a rough time yourself, Manager?
Though perhaps I owe you my gratitude.
Excuse me, but… who are you?
A swimsuit!
But why?!
You’re Esuka Hibino!
How do you know?!
There’s no one else like that.
After all, you’ve worked so hard
to make my Capital a success.
To be continued.
The 30-second card intro segment!
Today’s featured card
is Rive’s ace in the hole,
Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon!
Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon
Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon!
It’s a unit that increases
front-trigger power by +10,000!
Fighting Fist Dragon, God Hand Dragon
It’s a unit that increases
front-trigger power by +10,000!
By discarding a card from your hand,
you can perform an extra drive,
which makes it easier
to draw another front trigger!
And if your opponent’s Vanguard is
grade 3 or higher, you get an extra critical!
It’s a unit with dynamic skills,
just perfect for Rive!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”!
Yo, so they said I’m in charge
of the preview comments this time,
but I’m starvin’ and dunno what to say.
At times like this, give them an intro.
An intro…?
So I had this fight the other day.
My first hand had all grade-3 units.
I kept one and changed the rest,
but they were all grade 3s, too.
Then the first card I drew was also a grade 3.
Remind 9
Valkerion’s Tears
Then the first card I drew was also a grade 3.
All I could do was laugh, yo.
Remind 9
Valkerion’s Tears
That’s an incident, not intro!
Remind 9
Valkerion’s Tears
Remind 9
Valkerion’s Tears


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