[Sub][Remind 14] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – Card or Life

How mortifying. Verily, I have lost. The one he’s looking at… …is me! Mark
Ruga Nice fighting, Mark. In this form, I am Ninja Master. I’ll be sure to avenge you, Mark. How long are you gonna run from me?! Get over here, Rive Shindou! Th-This is a surprise! Ruga Kaizu of Team Dragon’s Vanity
has beaten Ninja Master, and now breaks etiquette
by picking his next opponent! Team Capital has somehow managed
to survive this far, but at last, the time has come for Rive Shindou,
the Board Grappler, to– Huh? Rive Shindou? Where is Rive Shindou? In the restroom? Mr. Shindou? Mr. Rive Shindou? You’re not getting away, Rive! What’s between Master and that Ruga guy? Hey, you! Boy! Are you part of the traveling duo
that’s been wreaking havoc around here? Are you the strongest fighters in this town? And if we are? Obviously, I’ll fight you! Why’re you searching for strong fighters? So I can… So we can prove we’re the strongest! The strength of imagination! That’s the strength of Vanguard! Don’t get dominated by
your opponent’s imagination! Rewrite that imagination! Remind 14
Card or Life It’s time for the third match
of the Esu Cup finals, so… Rive Shindou! Ruga Kaizu!
Please return to the arena immediately! What a farce! Wait, you two are members
of Team Dragon’s Vanity! I, Yuichirou Kanzaki, will use this time
to explain fully the history of those two. Thank you very much… So, uh, you’ve known Ruga Kaizu for that long? Nothing of the sort.
Don’t lump me together with that idiot. But in this world,
everyone has heard the rumors. Ruga Kaizu, Master Commander of the Field,
and Rive Shindou, the Board Grappler, used to be known as the Traveling
Vanguard Fighters, the strongest duo around. Th-the strongest? God Hand Dragon attacks! 6… damage… More precisely, they were
searching for “the strongest.” It was during the
Vanguard Warring States Period. Local powerhouses
held control across the country. And those two defeated them all,
one after another. The rumors about them reached
as far as Hawaii, where I was at the time. They both probably dreamed
of unifying the Vanguard world. However, only one can stand at the top. Who was the stronger, Ruga Kaizu
or Rive Shindou? They just had to know. They entered the Vanguard National Tournament,
promising to face each other at the finals. But Rive Shindou never
showed up at the tournament. He had run away! It wasn’t just that tournament. Rive Shindou never again
appeared in the Vanguard limelight… …until now. No! Master would never have done that! How did you know? Verily, you have hidden
inside Li’l Valkerion before… I saw through your
Ninja Art, Li’l Valkerion Jutsu. It’s just as you said. I wasn’t hiding that other time. But you were hiding this time? It’s not true, is it, Master? Did you run away because
you didn’t want to lose? Is that what Ruga said? No. But it’s true that you two were friends? Your friend challenged you
to a fight… and you ran away. I don’t blame you for assuming that. Explain to them the reason why you did it! The reason… I know the reason why. That’s what makes it unforgivable. I thought I could fight in your place, Master… …but I can’t. I came this far just so
I could fight Esuka once more. If she was to disappear all of a sudden… I have faith that you’re not someone who
runs away because he’s going to lose, Master. So, please… prove it to me. If you were to beat me, it’d certainly show
that you didn’t run off because you were afraid. The third match of the
Esu Cup finals is about to begin! First to attack is Ruga Kaizu
of Team Dragon’s Vanity. Second to attack is
Rive Shindou of Team Capital. It’s the Master Commander of the Field
versus the Board Grappler! This is a match not to be missed! Master… You still use Aqua Force? I like the kind of fight
where you exchange blows head-on. Your Nova Grappler is the same way. Stand up, Vanguard! I heard you had a kid. Yeah. A 3-month-old boy. Living the dream with your wife and child, huh? Seriously?! You’re getting married, Rive?! She has kind of a weak constitution. So I’ve decided to stay by her side from now on. We swore to stand together
at the summit of Vanguard! All this time, we’ve been disregarding
run-of-the-mill happiness to achieve that! We discard everything and live for Vanguard. We belong on the planet Cray,
not in boring reality! I don’t think I can live like that. Wait! Fight me before you go! Which of us is– I ride! Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass! Here I come! Coral Assault! Go, Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos! 2 damage. He pays no attention to the rear-guards,
but just keeps attacking the Vanguard. Verily, that’s what he did
when giving me a drubbing. I ride Fusing Striker! Its skill activates! Using that skill, he can examine his deck
and add God Hand Dragon to his hand. After this, Rive Shindou will definitely
be able to ride the grade 3 God Hand Dragon! Just what I was waiting for. What? God Hand Dragon is your strongest unit. Unless I crush it, I won’t be able say I’ve won. So come for me! Strikers, get into formation! Shoot! Rive did three attacks in a row, huh? They all hit! Now Ruga has 4 damage! It’s Ruga Kaizu’s turn! At your Master Commander’s order, awaken from the depths,
in order to end everything… I ride Last Card, Revonn! As its name indicates, Revonn is the last card. None can remain standing
in the face of this unit! Imaginary Gift, Accel II! Accel Circle unleashed! I call Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass! I call Blue Wave Shield General, Yorgos! I’ll rest this to activate Revonn’s skill. My opponent’s Vanguard gets -5000 power! Rive Shindou’s Vanguard has lost power! The Accel Circle has been unleashed,
and there are now four units in the front row! So he means to clinch it here? Here comes his raging rapid-fire attack. Let’s attack together, Galleass!
Foivos! Coral Assault! Yes, my Vanguard! Get over here, Cannon Ball! You’re mine! I’m not done yet. Last Card, Revonn’s skill activates! With its second skill,
if there are five or more resting units, Revonn gets +15000 power
and an extra drive. Also, he can now restand Galleass and Foivos. First check. Second check. Front trigger. Third check. Heal trigger! Ruga got a front trigger and a heal trigger! But what about Rive’s damage check?! No trigger. Next, Galleass attacks your Vanguard! No guard. Whoa, a draw trigger! And Rive has 5 damage! Ruga can still attack with Foivos this turn! So Dumbro might be… Foivos… …attacks your rear-guard, Fusing Striker! No guard. Ruga Kaizu’s turn is over. But what happened there? Up to now, he’s only attacked the Vanguard,
but this time he attacked a rear-guard. Rive Shindou drew a front trigger
and draw trigger for his damage checks, so his Vanguard is at +20,000. Taking out his rear-guard
is the natural strategy. Nah, Ruga wants to fight Rive’s strongest unit,
God Hand Dragon, as a friend. But Rive Shindou has 5 damage. With that heal trigger, Ruga Kaizu
healed 1 damage point, so he has 3 damage. It’s your turn. You’re gonna ride God Hand Dragon, aren’t you? Then I’ll prove it to you. I’ve staked my entire life on Vanguard. I’ll prove that it’s stronger than
the half-baked happiness you chose! Stand and draw! Its fists are like gods, and its standing technique
is the strongest on planet Cray… I ride Fighting Fist Dragon,
God Hand Dragon! I get an Imaginary Gift, Accel II! Accel Circle unleashed! Go, Burstraizer! I’m next! Here I come, Ruga! Emerald Shield, Paschal! First check. Second check. Front trigger! Third check. Heal trigger! Kaizu had a perfect guard! God Hand Dragon’s attack fails! Fusing Striker attacks your Vanguard! No guard. The turn is over. Rive Shindou dealt just 1 damage,
but since he got a heal trigger, that makes them tied at 4 damage! This fight is heating up! Heating up? Look at the huge difference between us! Stand and draw! I ride Revonn again! Imaginary Gift, Accel II! I call Light Signals Penguin Soldier!
Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios! Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos! Due to Revonn’s skill, once again
God Hand Dragon loses 5000 power! Now, Beragios! 5 damage! And with Revonn’s skill, it gets +15,000 power! Plus an extra drive.
Verily, that’s what he said before. On top of that, when there’s
a grade 3 in the Soul… …it gets an extra critical, yo. Revonn attacks your Vanguard! Its skill activates! Next, Foivos stands! I guard with Wall Boy and Cannon Ball. You intend to block it? Triple drive! First check. Second check. Third check. He drew a critical trigger! I give all of the effects to Foivos! Foivos attacks with 24,000 power
and an extra critical! I guard with Wall Boy! What?! Ruga… you abandoned everything but Vanguard. That’s why you’re strong, you claim. But I lost something important to me, too. What?! We’re on Rive Shindou’s fourth turn! Why are you dragging your feet?! Ruga! It was fun, wasn’t it? Traveling around together… Vanguard was all I thought about back then. I had a grand dream. It’ll never come back. Is that what you’re saying you lost? God Hand Dragon attacks your Vanguard! Its skill activates! It gets an extra drive and critical! Report! Blue Wave Shield General,
Yorgos! Battleship Intelligence! All together, those three units
have a total guard of 37,000! Will God Hand Dragon’s attack fail?!
It’ll be a fateful drive check! Right now, God Hand Dragon has triple drive! No trigger. Yet you still claim we’re the same? I don’t think we’re the same. However, we’ve both lost something
and gained something in our lives. That’s not enough to
decide which of us is stronger! A front trigger! All of the front row units get +20,000! But the guard still stands! What about the third and final check?! Meaning, we don’t know which of us will win? That’s what makes Vanguard so interesting. Yeah! A double front trigger! Incredible! God Hand Dragon has 52,000 power! On top of that, with its skill,
it gets an extra critical! It’s over! Kaizu has 6 damage… …and the winner of the third match
is Rive Shindou of Team Capital! Then I might win next time. You still want to fight? Yeah. Get your wife’s permission. In other words, however you choose to live,
there are strengths, and the right thing… If you’re weak, you’ll lose. Weakness is a sin. I, Yuichirou Kanzaki,
will show you true strength. Bro! Master, you really are my master! I’ll do the next one. Let me do it! Yeah, sure. Still… …that guy’s strong. The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card is Ruga’s
ace in the hole, Last Card, Revonn! Last Card, Revonn
Today’s featured card is Ruga’s
ace in the hole, Last Card, Revonn! Today’s featured card is Ruga’s
ace in the hole, Last Card, Revonn! Resting one of your own rear-guards will
make your opponent’s Vanguard lose 5000 power! And if five of your units are at rest,
this unit gets +15,000 power and an extra drive! On top of that, by meeting the conditions,
you’ll also gain an extra critical! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard! I see. You want me, Yuichirou Kanzaki,
to host this preview? Very well. All right! On the next episode of
Cardfight!! Vanguard… …I will take Shinemon Nitta apart,
piece by piece, and– That’s a spoiler! That’s how previews are! Nope! The previews for this show are
absurd drivel, potsticker trivia, exercises… Or like, “Ride this channel next week, too!”? I’ve been wondering this,
but, just how old are you? We both look completely retro! Remind 15
Image Transformed!!
We both look completely retro! Good point.
Remind 15
Image Transformed!! Right?!
Good point.
Remind 15
Image Transformed!!


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