Stuck in Crazy Hotel and ESCAPING IT!

– [Karina] Hey guys, it’s Karina
and today we’re back inside some more Roblox, and today we are going
to be escaping the hotel. So we are stuck inside this hotel. It’s pretty nice actually,
I don’t know why we want to escape, but we do. Hey dude, what are you doing to my room, and why is there a laser door here? I’d like to know please. The manager has gone mad and locked us all in the hotel let’s find
a way out to escape. Maybe, yeah I think that’s a good idea why we should escape. I mean it’s pretty nice, we could live here for our entire life. I mean we have a nice balcony, can we just jump off the balcony? We’ll get a rope. Take the blanket, go outside,
and make our way down. How do I exit? Do I go through here? Oh I do over there. Wait, why is there a
laser door, but you need a keycard to go through here. That’s weird. We need a keycard to go to my bathroom, what is this place? Oh that’s nice. Okay let’s turn it off. Turn it off. Why won’t it turn my water off? It turned off then it turned on. Oh no, wait, does it do it itself? I think it does it itself. Yeah okay that’s good. Just touch this button to open the vent. Oh that was cool. We’re going up our ladder, our hanger for our towels. We’re going to go through the vents. Oh yeah! Why do we have lava underneath this hotel? I’m sorry but that’s just
a little bit crazy for me. I’m going to jump over these,
and make sure we don’t fall in I’m going to get across over here. He can’t go through the elevator? No! We have to take the fire exit I think. Why can’t we just go down? Oh yeah because we’d die. Oh so there’s air vents
here, can we go through them? No I don’t think we can. We can just run right through them because they’re disappearing. Right before us. Subscribe to Dennis!
Totally not sponsored. How are we going to get down from here? I know this place is pretty high up. Oh we can drain the water out, and go down over here! What is this place? Oh my god girl, you
fell through the holes! I feel so bad for her. She’s going to fall inside this goop! It’s going to be nasty, and she might die. But it’s toxic so she
probably is going to die. And why do we have this
underneath the entire hotel? It’s so deep. How long did it take to make
this just to not get out of the hotel, you can’t
even just lock the doors. Put bars in front of all the windows. I just died. I fell into the green goop. Your girl fell. Rest in piece! You will
always be remembered. All right, let’s jump across here. Checkpoint. They’re breaking! This is not stable. I mean it’s not stable
at all because it’s – No! It’s not stable at all because it’s literally flying in the air! How’s that possible? We have to go through it all again. Wait am I going the wrong way?
Yeah I’m going the wrong way. Oh no, this one is gone! No, I couldn’t make it in
time because it disappeared by the time I got there. All right we gotta go fast. Yeah did it all right! Now to go through these lasers. No! I died on the laser. Yeah I did it, all right
where do we go from here? Go on this thing I think. I’m going to jump on these. I have to get all the way down. No! I did not make it. I need to go all the way back. Jump! Yeah, we’re doing it! Yeah we did it y’all. All right now we’re going
inside this radioactive machine. I’m not sure it’s very safe
but it’s our only exit. Oh my god, this is an entire
lava thing inside here. Let’s jump over these rocks. These convenient little rocks. If they don’t want us to
escape, why did they put rocks? Because rocks will just make
it easier for us to escape. Maybe they want us to escape but they want us to not
escape at the same time. How do you do that? I can’t do it. I suck at Roblox obbies. Oh I wanted to jump on her head. No! Help me I’ll be stuck here forever. I can never escape. I’ll be stuck in this lava place forever. How did she do it? Oh I did it now okay. All right let’s go back up. Not back up because we
were never here before. We’re going up. So now we got these lavas. They’re not going all the way
down for some reason though. So we’re going to jump
over these lavas again. Those are going up and down. Okay that’s crazy. All right there we go. Let’s go up here. Don’t know where this leads to, we’re just going up a random ladder. Oh we’re out on the top okay that’s good. We’re going to go climb up
this ladder, going this – Don’t step on that but
I just stepped on it. Oh wow. All right, let’s go again! I fell again. Alright c’mon we can do this! I literally just fell through
there, let’s go again. Seriously? Why? C’mon we got it we
gotta escape this hotel. Alright, c’mon we’re doing
it oh my god we’re doing it. We’re doing it! That felt good for half a second
there and then I just died. Why do we have to die? We’re doing it! What kind
of dark magics is this? No and I died again! I’m stuck on stage thirteen. Thirteen is an unlucky number. But it’s my lucky number. Everyone says it’s unlucky
so I think it’s lucky. And it’s letting me down. Why is this stage so difficult? It shouldn’t be this
hard, why is it so hard? Why? Someone help me. Yes! I did it all right don’t fail now. Not until you reach the next checkpoint. Alright come on it’s a new number door. Why would you put a door there if you don’t want us to escape? That’s make it – oh. I got murdered by a smiley face. That’s not pretty is it? Hello. Oh it just fell on top of me. Alright it’s cool. Come on we can do this. Oh that nearly fell on me again. No! Come on. No! I went too far. Alright come on. No I died again! Why do I have to do this? Why do I have to go through this? Alright come on. Boom I did it finally oh
my gosh it feels so good. I’m going to get up here, oh my god there’s more lava down there. What’s with the lava? There’s
a lot of it down here. If they don’t want us to escape why did they put these
convenient little steps here? So we can escape! But they don’t want us to escape. That jump is hard. Yes! Okay checkpoint. Alright come on. Yeah we did it first try! Let’s go down the elevator, okay I have to press the button first. It’s coming. We’re on the fifth floor. Hello. We got some elevator music going. Are we going down? Oh gosh. The elevator broke oh
gosh we have to go up. We’re going back up. To level five. We ain’t leaving you level
five we love you so much. Alright come on. We gotta get back up come on! Come on, come on, come on. We’re not going down. How high do we gotta go? Alright we’re back. This is a vent now. Wait how do you get to level five, where’s the exit, where’s the hole. Because this is a vent. I don’t know where level five is. Where we came from but whatever. Oh we’re over here now. We are in the abandoned part of the hotel, this door leads to the room of doom. Why do you have a room of
doom in your hotel what? All right but we’re going through, because there’s obviously
not another place to go. Wait a minute. We’re in someone’s mouth. Let me out I want to leave I want out! I want out! Now I bathe in the saliva, gross. Doesn’t a throat go down
instead of just right through? But whatever you know,
whatever, you do you. We gotta jump on these little things, I don’t think these are
actually in your mouth. I think it would be a pin if
you had tallies in your mouth. You definitely don’t have
this green goop in your mouth. You definitely don’t have
a door that needs a card. Why do you have stones in your throat? Okay this is just getting weird. Why do we have stones in our throat? Well in this man’s throat. Dude you need to get some
surgery to get these stones out of your mouth because I don’t think they’re
supposed to be there. We’re going to jump on these
disgusting little things. Going to go on the rocks. Yes I did it. All right come on we’re doing it. No! I was at the last jump I was so close. Come on all right I’m
going to get back there. Then we’re going to do great. No! I died again. This is so difficult and tricky. Come on we gotta do this. No! I died again. What’s with me dying, why
do I have to die like this? Why do I have to die this way? No! I pressed the jump
button but it did not work. We’ve gotta do this. No! We’re dying. We’re gonna die in someone’s insides. It’s so gross, just gross. No, we died again. Yes oh my gosh we finally made it! No and I died right after. This level’s getting – Can I just skip this level please? We get a jet pack I mean that’s fun. Super jump or grapple
gun that could be fun. I’m going to get the grappling gun. Let’s get the grapple gun. Yeah we got the grapple gun. Oh my god, oh where am I going? What is this place? Is that a complete the obby? Oh my god where did I go. Let’s reset okay. We want to go back. What’s this? More games, I don’t want more games. We’re going to use it when
we get closer to that wall. We’ve gotta make this jump. Yeah we made it. Where am I? Where did I go oh my gosh. Skip a stage! I want
to skip a stage please. This is what I want, skip a stage yeah. Yeah we got skip a stage,
we’re gonna skip a stage, we’re gonna skip it. Wait how did we get here? How did we get here? Oh we went through that vent. But I didn’t go through
because I skipped the stage. I skip a stage. I skipped a stage. Can I just grapple hook all the way there? I think I can I’m going to try it. Take me there. Oh yes, move now. Oh my god it’s just going up. Go over there. Yeah we’re meant to go up here I think. Right? Yeah. Oh my gosh it’s a victory. We have to get through the wall. How do we get through? Can we just go? Okay I was wondering
how we could go through. Yay we’re here. We get the jump pad, we get the speed pad. Oh my god we are insane. Oh we can go again? I don’t want to go again. Take me home. Oh oops I died. I want to get my jump pad
and my speed pad again, and I’m going to go flying. I want my pink shadow path. Oh no I’m stuck. Where am I going? I’m going back. All right we’re going back. Oh no I’m stuck again, my head’s stuck. That’s not good. Okay we’re going, we’re going. We’re gonna go back. No I’m stuck again. Come on come on turn the radio on Saturday night and it
won’t be long come on! Okay so we climbed up here before. No I died. All right but I guess
that is it for this video. I hoped you liked it if you
did, smash that like button and I’ll see you guys
next time, good. Bye!

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