Strategies for Blackjack : The Odds for the Game of Blackjack

Hi this is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series of clips we are going to be
talking about basic 21 strategies, the game
is more commonly known as blackjack. In this
individual clip I want to talk about the odds
that you are going to find while playing blackjack.
The first thing you want to realize is that
on any single two card hand your odds are
only 42% in your favor that you would when
money. It is only statistically over a large
number of hands those odds begin to change.
Now over a large number of hands the odds
are only 49 ½% in your favor of winning money
statistically over a large number of hands.
So looking at it that way the house always
has about half % advantage over the standard
skilled pair. Now the house is greatly effected
by the rules of the house but some strategies
can swing the odds in the players favor. Such
as card counting. They can swing the odds
as much as a 1/2% to 1 ½ % over the house
which gives the skilled player a great advantage
and the ability to actually make money at
a 21 table.

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