Strangers Play Monopoly with Real Money

The question is “Would you like to contribute to the prize pool? If so, please do it now.”
I’m willing to contribute. I’ll put up to another $750. I’ll make it $1,000.
Are you kidding?
You’re serious?
[upbeat jazz music]
Jessica: I feel like this is the Hunger Games
D’Andre: Hey! yeah.. This is important, here we go!
My name is D’Andre Coates and I work at University of Southern California, so USC and I work in Residence Life Student Affairs
My name is Aneesh. I work at a healthcare start-up as a medical scribe trainer
Oh my god, this is real money too. [laughs]
I’m Jess Lizama I’m a YouTuber and blogger, I’ve been doing it since before YouTube was a thing. Since 2009, so, OG YouTube in the house!
My name is Mike Makabi, I’m in real estate and marketing. I love what I do. I’m very good at what I do and, uh, that’s my calling in life. I found it, I guess I’m blessed for that.
Oh, doubles!
That’s chance.
So how much would you chop off a limb for?
Forty million dollars.
They may not- they may go with someone else.
What, was that just a shot in the dark?
Well because that means that I’d be able to get that limb prosthetically put back on and I also would have peace of mind because I did this for no less than forty million dollars.
Your worth? Okay
I’m gonna go and say forty-two million.
I would say a hundred million because, I’m a strong girl. My legs are strong; whoever’s getting this left leg – squat for days.
Yeah, I would never chop off any limb for any amount of money. I would however chop off any body part for someone I loved.
Oh that’s a conce… cop-out. I would’ve done the same thing!
That’s a less realistic answer than I expected.
Read the question!
What was the most financially desperate time of your life? How did you deal with it?
Oh, there were so many! I was a teen mom, single mom. You apparently cannot sleep in a Walmart parking lot in a car with your baby. So that was me and uh
I’m still here! So it’s all good but uh, yeah good stories.
In college there was one semester where I could not afford to go back. I like, applied for a shit ton of scholarships, and I got one.
I’m really fortunate to have grown up in a well-off family. My parents did a lot of the hard work; them being immigrants and the fact that my parents are incredibly supportive. I have not encountered that yet.
Good for you.
And I hope I don’t but, yeah, I’m really blessed.
When I was a kid, we had, uh, we were upper-middle class and then my dad went bankrupt. I moved to America at fifteen and a half by myself living on my grandmother’s floor and my father moved to Africa.
And so he was trying to send money and I remember talking to my dad and I said, “Papa, what’s up? Where’s the money? We gotta pay the rent.”
He said, “I don’t know. I’m sorry.” And then you realize,
Oh shit!
No, not “oh shit.”
The fight-or-flight kind of happens and that’s when your persona as a human;
your resilience comes out, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Super super great.
Come on! Oh, I gotta pay you? Damn it I have to pay you, Okay. I’ll gladly pay you
Oh man all that money you’ve been rackin
I love paying rent! (sarcasm)
“Can money solve the world’s problems?” Hells to the no!
I disagree with that whole-heartedly. Yes it can. – I don’t think so. – Why do you disagree?
I just do, I think money cannot fix anything.
In a capitalistic society, such as we have, I feel like money equals power and so like if you don’t have it, I think you don’t have a say in the room in a lot of ways
And so I think it can’t fix things holistically, but it can change status which I think changes things
I’m gonna stick to it fixes problems to a certain point.
I agree with that statement better.
It’s like to a certain point like, you know, the more money you have the more financially secure you are blah blah blah – Options – and your happiness you have more options, but then after a point
You know, your happiness, I believe, plateaus after you make a certain amount of money. The more money you make, that doesn’t have any correlation or anything.
Money is not gonna make you happier; not to begin with and not at the end of it. What’s the answer, the original question which is “does money”.
Yes, it solves many many problems. There are certain problems that cannot be solved with money, but 80% of your day-to-day issues revolve around money.
Money solves some problems, but doesn’t solve everything is what we’re saying.
Yeah! But, it solves a lot.
It gives you the resources and potential [Did I go? Oh, It’s your turn] but it’s not the end-all-be-all
Answer this question or pay $100 to the bank if you don’t answer this question. “How much do you make?”
In my previous job I made 20 an hour.
I make 47k. (a year)
I paid $100.
I had a lot of brand deals last year I made-
If I won two hundred and fifty free dollars, -which I probably will because I’m gonna beat everybody.
I’ve been into solo traveling recently so I’d probably take that 250 bucks, get an airfare ticket.
I have tried to be better with saving, um, so 250 doesn’t sound like a whole lot at the moment but I think if I got it I try to save some of it
I’m probably gonna spread the wealth and give my portions to everybody else or invite everybody to a nice meal
That’s probably what I’m gonna do with that money if I win.
If I won $250 today I would donate it to my favorite nonprofit organization, which is The Thirst Project so I’m gonna win it for them
Oh, rent $8
– Go for it.
– Thank you
This is very different with real money, this is like changing how I deal with this. It’s harder to give you that.
The question is “Would you like to contribute to the prize pool? If so, please do it now.”
So this would be going to one of you if we won.
Mine’s for charity.
What, it’s like charity of your own pocket or like…?
No, no, The Thirst Project
I’m willing to contribute, but I don’t have cash… here.
But I’m good for it. I’ll put up to another $750 I’ll make it $1,000.
Are you kidding? – No. – You’re serious? – Yeah. – So whoever wins you’re just gonna venmo them $750
Gladly, yes. – Seriously? – 100%
You’re gonna shake on it?
– You wanna, you wanna shake on that?
– Yeah shake on it, shake on it.
– Third hand, shake on it.
– Shake on it.
– Make sure he’s not crossing [He did] his fingers behind his back.
Yeah, no I think it might be the liquid courage talking
“Is capitalism good?”
I don’t think it’s perfect. But I don’t think there is a perfect system. You’ll never please everybody
I do think because I’ve been inbred and like born into a capitalistic system…
… I’m programmed to think my worth and value is attributed to like how much I have or how much I can spend on this thing
And so I don’t love that
That’s what capitalism means to you in your head?
I don’t think of it that way, it’s so funny
I think of it as, uh, I create my destiny and there’s no cap to my ability that you want to attain that and that you can attain that.
I also agree I feel like you create your own destiny and we’re…
Until you don’t though.
Yeah, that’s true. But then that’s your choice. Don’t you think?
I think we don’t always have a choice in a lot of ways so like we can’t control where we’re born, or who we’re born to
Um, and so I think the whole bootstrap pulling yourself up from your bootstraps, some people don’t have a boot to pull their straps up with
But do you think some people lack motivation to change their circumstances?
So you use the analogy of you were a teen mom and like you work and you fought, you did all these things….
I know other teen moms who also I know personally
Did they have support from their families?
Yeah, so I think they had support from their families
Right, I didn’t I was kicked out.
So yeah, so they had support [So I didn’t] from their families and still didn’t, still didn’t make it
Oh and they still didn’t make it
Like are struggling right now
So those people gave up and they…
No, no so I’m saying they’re still fighting but their circumstances aren’t changing…
And that’s not anything that they’re doing
You’ve gotta stop, I have to stop you
If you keep doing the same thing
So that’s on you, right?
So if you’re a single mother, with four children and you get help from your family, but you still aren’t your circumstances aren’t changing you’re telling me that that’s their fault
Oh, you’re so lucky! Community chest!
Was that? Thank you, Do I get this?
– No, sweetheart
– Damn [You only get that…] I keep, I want this!! I’m gonna get this
“Roll the dice. The highest roller may dare the others to do anything. To get out of the dare pay a hundred and twenty-five dollars to the bank.”
– I see you.
– eight.
– Alright.
– So the dare is…
– Eleven.
So I dare you to tell everyone your- how much you make
It’s millions and millions of dollars. [Exact number] That was a good answer. [Exact number] The honest truth is I don’t even know.
– Really? – I don’t know exactly how much I make, I know it’s millions of dollars
Okay, I dare you to… throw all of your money up in the air
How much is it, declare it!
89 bucks, okay
That was beautiful! [Good job buddy] Now make sure you pick it all up so that you don’t lose any money
Yeah, no shit
You owe her $400 or $450
Alright. Here we go. So I’m gonna have to pay you the rest.
No, you’re supposed to mortgage a house or a property, that’s how you lose. This is the beginning of your downfall.
Looks like it is
I’m gonna mortgage Water Works.
-Mike: How much is that?
“What’s something money can’t buy?”
Even though I said that earlier you can’t buy time, it helps.
Money can’t buy you love
It can’t buy you happiness, which we’ve already said so
Which, any of these things could be
That’s right
No whammies
I knew that was gonna happen
Oh no, you put it out there that’s what happens. When you even think the thought the universe is like “boom I’ll give it to you”
Listen, there’s a book “Law of Attraction” you can’t think it!
You can’t even put it out there you can’t even like; you have to make it free parking
Connecticut I think is the $600 one
In his defense though, I did like say that multiple times in my mind and I still haven’t gotten very far
But did you really believe it
I did
Six, are you kidding me?
Oh, you got it, good job!
Told you you believed it. You truly believed it. I asked you, “Did you truly believe it?” and you said yes.
Boom baby, I fucking told you, I told you
It’s true, it’s absolutely true
“Did your parents or guardians influence how you think about money or success?”
Because they kicked me out I had to make it happen and I think you when you’re put in a situation, again with the fight-or-flight I would hope most people would fight
And that’s what I did and I think that’s what made me the person I am today
Had they given me every, all the resources I needed to be, ok, I don’t know that I would be this person, I don’t know.
What do you mean? You definitely would not be this person. I’m telling you this. You’d be a completely different version.
– Maybe I would… I don’t know.
You’re- You’re very very very driven. And you’re also the- the tenacity that you have, originally in your personality. I can tell you are a tenacious person
But I think 100%, without even knowing you for too long, you are who you are because you suffered and you did what you did to get to this point.
Yeah he’s right, you’re absolutely fucking right
Can I just say one thing which is like, you know, all three of you I feel like you know I feel like clearly struggled a lot more…
You know, than I have and like that’s something that I can’t relate to and usually I used to feel bad just because like that’s how it can make you feel.
And I think now in the last couple of years I’ve come to the realization that you know, just because you may have not had those type of struggles like financially, you shouldn’t feel bad.
No, you should not.
You know, you have those like moments where you like re-epiphanize, I don’t even know if that’s a word but like that’s, like I’ve had a re-epiphany on that even though I’ve realized like a while ago that I shouldn’t feel bad
Good for you.
439! Can someone remember that for me?
$918 in cash
Wait, wait, even with all your properties
No I haven’t counted the properties.
Yeah, see
How much you got?
Uhh 509
Good job! Good game!
That was fun! Although I won, I have a better idea
You guys choose because I was gonna give all the money between all of you
Or you could just give all the money to her for her charity. Take the 250 and start there then I’ll add to the pot.
$250 baby
It’s all going to what charity?
Thirst Project
Wait I gotta add the other uhh
Michael was generous he’s counting it up, $750 (venmo) to equal $1000 dollars going to Thirst Project
We just gave 40 people clean drinking water for life, we just gave 40 people clean drinking water for life. [For life?] That’s huge.


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