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hi welcome to watch it played my name is Rodney Smith in this video we’re going to learn the two to five player game stockpile designed by Seth Van Orden and Brett Sobel and published by navigates the prices of stocks are climbing and falling but you know a little something the other investors don’t use that to your advantage to buy stocks about to rise in value or dump junk that’s about to bottom out the only problem the other investors are holding onto some secrets as well so join me at the table and let’s learn how to play to set up put the double-sided board on the table with this side face up that’s marked with the word standard here at the top then place the round marker on the calendar space that matches the number of players we’re setting up for a three player game in this video so I’ll place the marker right here now place a stock ticker on the spaces of the board showing a darkened circle this sets the beginning value of each of the six different types of stocks that you’ll find listed here also sort and place the currency cards in an area nearby known as the bank during this video I’m going to keep the bank off screen but I did want to point out that this is not paper money instead it’s a thick card stock with a glossy finish these are the company and forecast cards which you can distinguish by their backs shuffle them separately placing them face down beside the board now of each player collect a player portfolio bidding token of matching color and $20,000 from the bank from the cards with this back find one copy of each different type of stock then shuffle these and randomly deal one to each player you may look at the one you receive but keep it a secret from the other players and storage facedown on the left side of your player portfolio shuffle any undealt stocks back into this the market deck and place it facedown nearby now give the first player token to the player who paid the most for their previous meal and that’s the setup in stockpile players will be attempting to acquire stocks at good prices but then selling them at even higher ones with each player at the table knowing a little something about what’s going to happen in the market that round the game is played over a series of rounds in each round is broken into six phases starting with the information phase here each player is dealt one company and forecast card now you can look at your own but don’t show the other players this is tells you what’s going to happen to the value of one of the stocks at the end of the round for example I’ve just learned that bottom line Bank is going to go down in value by $2,000 now place one company and one forecast card face up into these spaces giving everyone at the table some insight into another chance it’s gonna happen at the end of the round here we see American automotive is gonna have a big boost going up by for any remaining cards are left here facedown now it’s the supply phase first deal one card from the market deck face up into a number of stockpiles equal to the number of players each stockpile is located under one of these calculators since we have three players we’ve flipped three cards and have created three stockpiles in this game these two will not be used now each player is dealt two cards which they’ll keep secret from the other players and these will now be used to fill up the stockpiles further starting with the first player and then going clockwise around the table each will assign their two dealt cards to the available stockpiles but one must be played facedown and the other face-up both can go into the same pile or you can split them up between two different ones just make sure the cards are played so that people can see how many are in each group so as an example let me show you what I have in my hand I have American automotive and bottom line Bank now I know that this stock is about to go through the roof because of the public information here I don’t really want the other players to know that I have this or that it’s even available so I’m gonna play this one facedown into a stockpile that maybe I’ll try to get later in the game bottom line Bank because of my insider information I know is about to decrease in value so I don’t mind that this is the card I have to play face-up because well if someone buys this stock it’s gonna go down in value anyway once all of the players have placed the two cards they were dealt it’s time for the demand phase here players will attempt to collect one of the stockpiles for themselves starting with the first player they put their bidding token on an open space of any bidding track which are these numbered spaces found on the calculators at the top of the stockpile you wish to bid for for example if I place my marker he I’m saying I’m willing to spend $6,000 to gain this collection of cards some of which I know the value of and others I don’t I know this epic electric is currently worth $5,000 and the next card here that’s facedown well I put that into the stockpile and I know it’s an American automotive one which is currently worth $5,000 but is projected to go up to 9,000 so just between those two stocks that’s a value of $14,000 but another player put this card into the stockpile and I have no idea what it is or what potential value it could be still I believe at $6,000 if I can get this it’s gonna be quite a deal just keep in mind you may not place your bidding marker on a value you cannot pay from the funds you currently have keeping in mind how much money you have is always public knowledge at the start of the game I only have $20,000 so I could not bid for example 25,000 I’ll keep it here on the 6 after the first player is gone you continue in clockwise order with each player making a bid although you can never bid under a value someone has already placed on a stockpile you can outbid them by placing on a higher value any player who is outbid takes back their token and holds on to it until everyone has had a chance to bid once during the phase now in clockwise order players who were outbid may replay their tokens again which again could result in a player being outbid and collecting their token in the same way you’ll continue replacing rebid tokens until finally everyone has bid on an uncontested stockpile you can even bid 0 as the yellow player is going to do and get quite a deal on this one now players pay the amount of their bid back to the bank collecting any change as required along with their bidding token and the cards in their stockpile you look at but do not have to reveal any of the facedown cards unless as I have here you have some trading fees these you showed that the other players revealing an amount that you must immediately pay in this case $3,000 this you pay right away back to the bank which I’ll do now and then the trading fee card itself is placed in a discard pile beside the market deck keep in mind sometimes trading fees will be face up in a stockpile so you know you’re gonna have to pay them but you don’t have to factor this in when thinking about what you can bid based on how much money you have left for example if I only had one thousand dollars left to spend I could still bid $1,000 for this stockpile if no one else when this thousand dollars returning it to the bank collect my bidding token and take these stocks anytime you can’t fully pay the trading fees you instead put them face up in front of yourself as a reminder and then at the moment you have enough money to pay them off you immediately do so and then discard them as usual in your stockpile you may also have gained some action cards and there’s two different types the stock boom and the stock bust but either way don’t reveal in the actions you have until required in the action phase which is next in turn order each player uses all action cards they have putting them in the discard pile in this case only the yellow player has an action card so they’ll use it now to resolve a boom you pick any stock and increase its value by two when resolving a bust pick any stock and reduce its value by two once an action has been resolved it is then placed in the market discard pile after all actions have been resolved any players who have stocks remaining in their hand should then place them face down the left side of their player board all of the cards here represent the investments you have in the companies of the game so ideally you’d like to see the value of those companies you’ve collected increase over the course of the game the stocks in your portfolio are kept secret from the other players but you are free to look at them yourself at any time so we’ve seen that stocks can go up and down in value but what happens when a stock’s value increases beyond what appears to be the limit of 10 well at that moment the stock is said to have split players with stock of that type in this case the purple one known as leading laboratories immediately reveal any they have on the left side of their portfolio in this case the yellow player has two of them and then you move them to this right side known as the split stock portfolio stocks here are worth double the listed value on the main board when a stock splits you move its marker back to the value that has an octagon boarder and then continue counting from there so as we have here if leading laboratories was that a value of 10 and there was a stock boom which would move it to spaces you first move it one space resolved the stock split and move the marker to the value 6 and then move the second space here to end it at a value of 7 remember the yellow player had 2 of these leading laboratory stocks that were moved to the split stock side of their portfolio these are now each worth double their value so instead of being worth seven thousand each they’re now each worth 14,000 in the yellow player or any player for that matter was to gain a new leading laboratory stock this would then be put as normal on the left side of their portfolio and this stock would only be worth what is shown currently within the marker so 7,000 in this case but what happens if the stock rises in value and splits again well now each player reveals any of that stock that they have on the split side of their portfolio in this case as we know the yellow player has two of them and for each they reveal they will gain $10,000 from the bank so $20,000 in this case then players immediately reveal any of that stock that they have on the left side and as before that stock is then moved to the right side if a stock value would ever drop lower than one it goes bankrupt immediately all players must now discard all of their stock from that company even those found in their split portfolio the stock’s value is then immediately set to its initial value even if it had more spaces that it should have moved after the action phase is now the selling phase in turn order each player may sell any number of the stocks in their portfolio discarding them and gaining from the bank its current value as shown on the board if you sell stock from your split portfolio you take double its values so again leaving laboratories would give the player $14,000 if they sold it or you can gain its normal value and then simply move the stock from the split side over to the regular one in this case I would probably want to sell one of my stocks in particular the bottom line Bank because I know it’s going to decrease in value at the end of this round so I want to sell it now while it’s still worth a little bit more so I would discard this and gain the $5,000 now it is the movement phase-in turn order players reveal their company and forecast cards and adjust the stock values as indicated in this case bottom line Bank is going down by two leading laboratories is going up by one and Stanford steel is going down by three then you adjust the stock listed here by its revealed amount and flip over these facedown cards in pairs also adjusting their values so cosmic computers will go up in value by two but if a company is paired with this forecast instead of its value changing dividends are paid out each player now receives $2,000 from the bank for each of this stock they are holding and choose to reveal from their portfolio but any stocks of that type they reveal from the split side of their portfolio will instead gain them $4,000 each now you might be wondering why wouldn’t a player reveal stocks they are holding in order to get a payout in dividends well at the end of the game you’ll get additional money for having the most stock in a company so you may choose not to reveal some or all that you were holding foregoing some dividends to prevent others from knowing exactly what you have after the movement phase the round is over if the round marker is not currently on the last space of the round track move it one space to the right past the first player token to the next player in clockwise order and begin a new round otherwise if the marker had been here at the end of the round the game is over at the end of the game players reveal how many shares of stock they own in each of the six companies but be sure to keep the stocks from the left side of your portfolio separate from those on the right side because you still need to know which ones are split and which ones are regular now go through all of the companies one by one and for each player that has the most stock in a particular company they will gain an additional $10,000 keep in mind that each split stock counts as two so for American automotive I have one two three four five in that stock and if that was more than anyone else I would gain an additional $10,000 anytime there’s a tie for the most of a stock then all of the tied players receive $5,000 instead so in this 3 player game if all of the players had exactly two stocks of cosmic computer they would all receive $5,000 now everyone sells all the stocks in their portfolio for the current market value remembering that the split stocks are worth double what is currently showing the player with the most money is the winner now if there’s a tie the tied players can agree to either share the victory or perhaps have a rematch and what I’ve shown you here is the basic way of playing stockpile but there are a couple of expansions included in the box let’s take a look at how those work right now the first expansion is the other side of the game board which is labeled here at the top as advanced and although the stocks all have the same starting values of 5 as before the tracks themselves are quite different some are shorter some are longer and sometimes the values instead of going one two three four actually jump one three five seven however you resolve splits and bankruptcies just as before also the Stanford steel company is unique because any time this marker would land on or go past a space that shows a dollar symbol while increasing in value those spaces pay $1000 in dividends per stock revealed by each player and 2,000 per split stock revealed there’s also an investor expansion using these cards at the start of the game deal two of them to each of the players they look at privately and choose one to keep returning the unused ones to the box your investor provides you with a new starting money value in place of the usual 20,000 and they also have an ability that you’ll find explained in the rule book for example crazy Kramer can move the value of a single stock up or down by one during the action phase know that abilities that occur during the action phase can be resolved before or after any action cards that player also has to use and that’s everything you need to know to play stockpile now there are some special rules for a two-player game but I’ll put those in the description of this video if you’d like to check that out otherwise if you have any questions about anything that you saw here don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below and I’ll gladly answer them as soon as I get a chance but until the next episode thanks for watching


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