STEVE MAXWELL – HOTEL WORKOUT – Part 1/2 | London Real

What can I tell you about Steve Maxwell
Well besides being an American fitness guru author
Physical educator breathing coach and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt. He’s also one of my most favorite guys in the whole world
For 65 years of age he has a twinkle in his eye like a 25 year old
And that’s because Steve travels the world teaching
Teaching people how to move how to breathe and had a thing
Steve travels with less than 10 kilograms on his back
only the bare essentials
And he has no home. He’s a no man
Once a year. He comes by and tapes an episode of London real
And on the same day I’d book him an appointment for one year in the future
We’ve been doing this for three years in a row
Except this time Steve sent me a video and wanted to do something different
Hi, Brian
Hey, I had a great idea for the podcast I
Want to show you my hotel. We’ll work out. I am a master
Some people how they can stay in shame anywhere anytime on the road on vacation or whatever
It doesn’t matter. There’s no excuses X’s up stinks
So I put my training clothes on and I’m off or a new kind of adventure with Steve
Once upon a time Steve had the American dream the wife the kids the big house of business
But he walked away from all
His martial arts pedigree is ridiculous
He wrestled in college was a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt in the 80s
He trained with the Gracie family before the UFC was even created
Steve is a ton of fun and has amazing ideas and that’s why I always have him back on one for me
On the train with Steve Maxell in his hotel room. I think he’s gonna beat the living crap out of me
Pretty fancy steve maxwell
Waiting for Brian rose London real
super excited gonna share my
hotel workout secrets how to stay fit anywhere any place any time
It’s an amazing thing
Brian has no idea how effective this workout is
Awesome to see a man great seeing you – great seeing you man
Wow, you’re in your workout kit ready to go what am I doing here?
I’m supposed to be in a three-piece suit sitting in the leather chairs having a conversation with you at London real studios
But you tell me to come here to your hotel room. What’s going on well?
I want to share with you my workout secrets. Okay now
I make my living online with clients right and many times they report to me
Oh Steve I got off my diet I got off my program because I was traveling I was in holiday
I was in business. I gained 5 6 pounds I say
No excuse
Exercise takes no vacation diet takes no vacation so a lot of people are mystified that
We become so gym dependent right that we forget that hey man all you need is your body
I guess you want to show me how you can train in and a little space like this ok?
And you’re the guy that basically you travel the world so you’re kytravels alone, man. You wouldn’t believe it
I was in China for two weeks Shanghai and Beijing
Went to Moscow it was in Moscow for about two weeks went from Moscow to where did I go my god? I?
Forget sometimes I went to Ireland and now I’m here I leave from here to Sarajevo and Bosnia then to New York
So I’m living in hotels right so you’re living this reality
And I’m living it right as opposed to some guy who’s fixed in one location who’s got a gym you’re living in this reality
You’re about to show me exactly know as a former gym owner
I ain’t nothing against gyms right, but I tell you most gyms
I don’t like too distracting the music alone is enough to drive it crazy
You know your your your looking at the pretty girls in the treadmill when you should be
Concentrating your pull-ups or whatever too easy to get distracted
The other thing too. I think a lot of the equipment is is it’s just not well designed
I’d rather just use my bodyweight the best equipment God could possibly give you, but I had another
Thing I want to show you too
There’s a man ages you have to take more and more care of your body
You need to really really start to do what I call health promoting activities. It’s activity
Where you are trying to keep your doing anti-aging type techniques part of it is a shake on?
Part of it is the Russian Slovak health system. You know this is the fourth time
We’ve had you on London real and and the reason I always have Steve back because first of all he’s an OG
Right which in prison is what they call the original gangsters
I mean look this guy was training with the Gracie’s before the UFC even started
You know black belt in jujitsu decorate their other garage. They were in the garage. This is like what late 80s Early 90s
Yeah, yeah, and you know been there done that wrestled wrestle in the army as well right yeah
You know you’ve trained Joe Rogan you travel the world and so when Steve talks I listen
First of all and you always have these really interesting perspectives, and he’s literally on the move
He travels the world with 10 kgs of stuff
We’re gonna get into that later too and every time I talk to you. I realize it’s not really about fitness
it’s about all aspects of your life your biology the mentality so I think we’re gonna touch on that stuff today and
your health is
precious you know you I
Know many people that would give up everything they don’t just to buy back their their health and once lost
It’s really hard to gain back, so I’m all yours all right. You know. What did he got planned for me well
Let’s start with that good morning from the start morning, which yeah ok a big fan of sleep as well
So I’ll wake up in the morning. Yeah, and
I’ll reach over. I’ll get my iPhone, and I’ll measure my resting pulse right I don’t get any money for this
But this is called insta heart rate. Yeah, okay, are we monitor? This is something? Yeah?
It’s probably a million of them. There’s the little light I stick my little finger on there
And then it starts to count okay if it’s a fiver beats more than my average
Let’s say my average is 46 yeah, and I would wake up and it’s like near fifty right or 51
I’m not gonna work out because I’m gonna be active right, but I’m not gonna really train, so it shows that you’ve over trained
I’m Robert red
Okay as I’ve never used this the other one is the cns C in the C and s tap test okay?
And what you do is you put it down and this is my right hand this measures
How well your nervous system has recovered okay reaction time yeah, and so here
I’ll turn it this way so the camera can see and
You tap the index finger
And you’re trying to go as fast as your fast as you can okay?
How long’s the timing for all right, and then I can say
Okay, and then you do the left hand and I’ll just do okay. Yeah. Hey judge differ
Sir my left is a little bit better because I got arthritis in the ring
So what this is doing is measuring all right and safe
And then I can go and I can look at the little chart graph both hands
You do this every morning, so you’re tracking. Yeah, so I’m tracking okay?
There’s the graph so I’m down just a little I’ve been a little tired
But you can see like when I’m not recovered as opposed to when I am recovered okay, all right
So those two will tell you if you’re recovered well well
And and what about the old adage of just trained anyways tough it out well
That’s a good way to get over trained or start to burn yourself out or get injured now when I say not training
I’m still doing something okay. I’m gonna go out, and I’m gonna walk. I’ll do breathing. I’ll do joint mobility
I’m just not training hard. Okay. Do you call this active rest not? I’m a fighters call yeah. I call like active recovery
Some people call it non-exercise activity
Okay, because I don’t count anything as exercise except for strength training
That’s the only true exercise okay, running is an activity okay. You get so you get some. It’s an activity. It’s a sport
It’s fun
It’s a hobby, but it’s not exercise you get exercise benefit, but it doesn’t constitute the five point definition of lectures
Okay, interesting so for me. It tells me should I do any strength training or shouldn’t I do?
strength training okay, and if I do
non-exercise activity
How strenuous should I go all right so?
First thing I do is I’m vigorous head michelle’s and you just very vigorously massage the scalp in the hand and you try to move
The scalp this keeps the oil flowing and keeps the hair really nice and lustrous of course
I cut my hair very short, but you have hair still you know yeah, I had plenty no you too
And I could grow older yet, but it’s just easier to travel with it so is this perfect for not for hair loss
Or is this for what is this for everything everything just to keep the hair loss Tristan, okay?
Yeah, and keep it there as well and keep it there as well and also notice how awake you feel feel better already
Yeah, it’s it’s just a way to kind of waking up the body and then right here above the eyes
There’s a little hole you can fill the depression you feel that oh, yeah. This is this is Chi Kong. Yeah, okay?
Chi, Kong is a it’s a it’s a stimulation point for eyes
And you just push and then take your knuckle and then trace the eyebrow out and back and then
under and back in eight times I used to wear glasses and
I was so nearsighted if like if I was looking at your camera, man. I wouldn’t even his face would be a bar, okay and
Every year, I was getting thicker and thicker lens heavier prescription. I was thinking Jesus Christ
oh, I’m gonna go blind right so I
Picked up this book called take off your glasses and see I literally took the glasses and threw him in the trash as as
The book just get them off the glasses we’re becoming a crotch, and then eyes improved a lot now
I’m still a little nearsighted, but man. I’m telling you I can drive. That’s without glasses
I could never do that before okay, so that that was the little R thing, then I do some yoga, okay, and you look up
To the eyebrows in doubt and you go ten times up and down
Yeah, so you’re looking up through eyebrows yeah, and then you look down. Okay, you’re not moving your head
No, okay, the tens days you want to move your head right and what you’re doing is you’re working on those those eyeball muscles
right you got muscles in your eyes that become shortened and weak and
Then you get a side-to-side. You look side to side, and I just do an arbitrary ten
Sometimes they go more, and then you do clockwise circles okay clockwise
So this is nothing when the oh one ever thinks about right working eyeballs never
but I’ll tell their muscles like you’re anything else yeah, and then you reverse like I say I
Are you ten and?
I go nice and slow and it’s like doing joint mobility for their eyes okay, and then you can hold
Like a writing like something like something
Okay, whole food napkin right yes that made with recycled and then I’ll hold and then I’ll bring the slowly to the eye
And keep it in focus. I’ve forced it to stay in focus. Okay, so you okay?
I got you, and I’ll even go smaller print than this so oh it is just some little print
Yeah, just average how whole foods, but yeah
See training your eye to your yeah. I stay focused I forces to stay focused I force it to stay focused okay

Oh my I thought my eye doctor
Says, this is what he said that the lens in your eye is like your fingernails in your hair
And it’s constantly growing and as you get to the 40s that can no longer push that thing and your muscles are weak
That’s what he says well read the book take off. Well the guy was also an eye doctor
Who used to routinely perform eye surgeries and says everything I learned in medical school is?
Nonsense and I know the more I want she’s guys. It’s it’s a racket. You can spend a lot of money
And I came back a year later. He’s like. Yep. You need a whole new prescription. Yeah, really
Yeah, I didn’t cost me and I was like man. You know you see something. I’m basically 40
I read the book first okay 40 in my eyes is harder all right
You can get it right to the point where it goes out of focus, but don’t go
Yeah, some forcing my eyes to stay focused and I would recommend even something smaller print than that okay
You’re really forced to okay
Well, you know I’ve noticed in the last few years that I have glasses
And I use them kind of at night with the computer and so it’d be nice to my mother
I beg quite a few hours myself so next you know I don’t have glasses anymore know
Me I’m serious mr.. Miyagi okay, healing energy breath, I gotta say Karate Kid look I didn’t invent any of stuff. Okay you
Skeptics out there. I like said where’s the double-blind studies, you ain’t gonna see any cuz there’s gonna pay for a study like that
It’s gonna put all the optometrist out of business all I know is what worked for me all right now
You palm the eyes, this is what you do when you’re working like on the computer for hours
You just need to just kind of rest the eyes okay, and energize them a little bit. I’m telling you right now
I went from thick coke bottle lenses to not needing any glasses at all
You know it’s weird Steven because we grew up in America, and it’s very westernized
And we’re taught that all these things work this way and when you start getting exposed to some of these quote-unquote eastern ideas
Your initial reaction is to reject them. Yeah, of course
I you know I mean it’s naturally and violently reject them violently like oh no that can’t be
But I’m telling you I’ve always had an open mind. I thought well what the hell it takes just a couple
minutes to do this thing what if it does work right and after reading the book I became a real believer
Interesting I found that the more I my opened myself up to things like
meditation and you know
visualization and even the stuff that manTech was talking about like I went into that episode thinking there’s no way I want to talk about
Massaging my organs or my sexual organs or anything, but the more I look into this there’s stuff there. I’m Johnny man
I’ve talked to many many elderly Chinese guys
You know I met this guy that was damn near 90 years old. He got moved like a kid. You know it was like
He’s doing something right and it’s almost like Americans, and I love America. I don’t live there anymore you live around the world
it’s almost like America is going the opposite direction or
lethargic worst diet
Bad mentality or there’s now the fattest nation on earth
Well the more I speak with people like you and everybody else that comes through the show the more
I am thinking that this is the way forward and not this this other way of thinking and it takes time and it takes dedication
Right you can’t be a lazy ass and expect your health to be good
You got to really take it take you know all right, so do this types of vomiting here
You gotta you I take risk mine doesn’t have to exactly be this. I’m only sharing what I do
What works for me, but everything I’m showing I didn’t invent. I learned it from some dude. That was like you know 80s 90s
Oh, okay, hearing okay? Hearing yes, so we did is
Really big in my family
First you start with the lobes
And you just kind of gently by the way they just don’t want you to take a look at Steve’s ears
This comes from wrestling this is
Very rational you ever see a guy walking down the street with cauliflower ears
Be nice to him
Because he’s probably put in more Matt time than you have put in say a college education in some countries
There’s a Badge of Courage right anyway you start here and pull and then you start to massage the ear all on the outside
You know you’ve heard of foot reflexology
Yeah, and well you have ear reflexology to all the pressure points that working in the body and say you get good vigorous massage, okay?
You think and then these two bones back here behind, you know right you massage vigorously with the thumbs, okay?
Then the next step is you cover the ear and form like a seal and you use index fingers
And you drum right here on this bone, and it should sound like a boom boom like this. Yeah, so watch me first okay?
It’s called drums of heaven drums of heaven
Okay, okay, so 36 of those all right, so that’s the ears and now digestion okay, all right?
So you’re gonna click your teeth all 36 times
There was 36 for me. I’ve noticed keep the slob in the mouth, okay
It’s almost like you’re stimulating saliva before it’s called juice of jade and it was
The the dowas are very much into Slava as being very good for digestion like an electro now you’re gonna
Take your tongue. You may get very tired and fatigued. I’m gonna trace the outside of your teeth 36 times clockwise and counterclockwise
And keep the slob in there don’t slow
Then there I was away
Whore huh you burning because the tongue is wet
You could spend a whole day doing this routine mm-hmm
Now place the tongue keep the swap so having them behind the front teeth and
Swallow when the tongue push together and make noise
And to all the Salafis on
And the taoist masters believes this is incredibly good for the digestion process said that justin starts in the mouth also
It’s really good
gum stimulation, okay
The slava is very alkalizing you know for a sitting sitting mouth and things like that there’s another reason
Why isn’t really really important to breathe through the nose and nothing the mouth, okay?
You really help dental health quite a bit by?
Okay, all right now. You know is it a little stuffy right? Yeah, so now you’re gonna exhale
yeah, and normal exhale, and then hold the breath while pinching the nose and covering the mouth and
Then when you feel strong roots to breathe
Inhale through the nose again
Nice huh
You just go to the point where you feel like you want to breathe doesn’t have to be a real wall
And notice how it opened up
so it opened up because I had exhaled through it now it held it opens up because you’re producing nitric oxide in the
Linings of the nasal passages you produce enough, okay, which really helps open up all your blood vessels in your whole body
And why did it produce it then just there well it just stimulates the production then oh it’s always there
That’s why you always want to breathe through your nose because you miss the benefits of nitric oxide when you inhale through the mouth
Okay, night your oxide opens the blood vessels dilate and helps blood flow so I know so sometimes like if it’s still clogged
I’ll do the the old the old
Over one side and
I’ll force it. I’ll just keep breathing time. What’s the point of that single nasal breathing?
Are you’re just opening up one block side, okay? You know the idea is just I block it
Okay, so I do realize that a lot of the listeners
They’re busy. Family guys careers. You know so I place a big premium of my health because I’m a health and fitness
Lecturer and also I work for myself. I have a lot of time
You know I don’t go to a nine-to-five job, so I do understand, but if you just did just this eye ear
thing maintenance yeah you you could go a long way to
Improving your basic health okay the other thing. I’ll do then is a thyroid massage, okay
I’ll take and hold my hand behind my neck here. Yeah, tuck my head, and I hold the no annex no
Other side and that’s what the thyroid is thought
There’s a lot of this massaging of the organs that that is an Eastern thing
Oh, yeah, very easy you see people walking down the street with a little slappers tapping. You know okay, then I cap
And then stick your tongue out and cross your eyes
Called hungry line is a yoga technique, but it’s also dowser, and Chi Chi you see it in all the Asian
Okay, hungry lion enclosure eyes it
Looks pretty weird can almost like a Maori tribal right no when the buyers are doing how it is the Hakka?
What’s this doing
Also stimulated digestion and working the thyroid bringing notice the blood a great way to get rid of sore throat
Yeah, if you start to get a little sore throat sometimes right you know so it’s all helping the immune system
Okay, you know and there’s many many other tapping drills
I don’t know I can get into the whole thing, but this is a good basic
But there’s a good basic route takes about 10 minutes, and then when I’m in bed
Massage the upper abdomen
clockwise and then cross counterclockwise either side of the belly button and then push down and
Then without getting too, too, too. Well without getting too graphic
Yeah, yeah, you know you you you massage the penis between your hands 50 times 50 times 50
And then you take the spermatic cords on either side of the is the base of the penis and you rub back and forth
You’ll feel these two cords
They’re like little tubes, and then you shove the balls over to one side and hold with the penis
And then you rob 36 and then both balls 36
Okay, all right, then you take each testicle and twist 50 times
Okay, and then you cup the testicles
But the penis sticking through all right 36 times lower abdomen and then switch 36 times counterclockwise, okay?
And then you breathe
By the way when you’re doing this this cause the GR exercise you’re pulling up in the muscles of the base of the pelvis
The the muscles that would prevent urine flow right or prevent
or the toilet excuse me your caucus okay, and then
You lie and then you image from the perineum
Energy going up the spine. Okay. Is the top of the head down to the front and back okay, young men are always?
you know
Losing their vital energy putting it on so you’re learning to seal that energy in okay
And it’s interesting the Dow is actually have an ejaculation short. Yeah, well, yeah, and I read about this
Yeah, so guys my age a healthy guy
I should that’s right well every every a
Healthy guy by every ten days already nice right and for people that don’t understand. How your essence could be there
I mean, what do you say to that you know what it’s not for you
You know if you don’t get it. You know get it. You know. I’m not trying to convince anyone. I’m just sharing people with people
Though I think I’m moving pretty goddamn good for
65 year old I’m certainly no prude. I’ve certainly had my share of
You know sex in my day right, so I’m not anti sexual. I’m just saying that as you get older you need to preserve
Your your youth in your by tality
You just can’t be you know going on spoon it and all these things the only investment really is just a time
Commitment yeah, you know which I have maybe you don’t but you just have to look at you know
You know what your priorities are in life for me at my age now
The health is their priority because you can start to feel things starting to slip away
You know yeah, and of course we’re all going to die
Yeah, you know
But I would like to be able to go into that death gracefully without suffering without spending ten twenty years
On a walker or wheelchair, and and you know I’m just just dying a very slow pain
I would like to be able to go like Jack LaLanne my Ellery Gracie right today
You just go and just one day
You don’t get up, buddy
Active until then and I would argue that people do have the time and when people tell me I’m too busy to meditate
I’m like you don’t have 20 minutes in
The morning of the night in your bed where you can sit up and do it and for these things you’ve got time to check
Your iPhone you got time to be on Facebook, but you don’t have time to like massage your vital organs
You know I just talked to a young girl in China
Right and she was telling me that she’s so addicted to her
I found that she is ashamed of the time she spends in social media
And and she’s because I was telling her she needs to get a morning routine says follow what your people have done for you know
Countless countless centuries and besides what guy doesn’t like to play with his balls in this?
It’s the original the original play the original PlayStation. Yeah the original joystick
You can’t take it as far as you want to
Know it’s just about
Keeping the organs healthy, okay, alright, so that’s a good breakdown of all these different massage techniques well see if it works
You know you might think I’m crazy
But I’m telling you I’ve seen guys a lot older than me that are just unbelievably spry and fit
I think I’m going to stick with the advice from from these older
venerable gentlemen yeah because I see what’s going on with that are they an
Anomaly, or they may be a freak
Mate but I’ve just seen too many do not believe it
Alright, so that’s the general routine
I actually do that in bed all that stuff before that embeds all the massaging all
Even though I took a long time to videotape because we’re talking and I can get through that thing pretty quick 15 20 minutes
Okay, all right, and it’s every day every single
And if you skip it you start to probably feel it or you just don’t anymore
I just don’t I just it’s just not worth skipping. Yeah. I actually I woke up really late had a flight
I skipped it, but then I was on the plane doing my eyes. You know
Obviously not massaging my balls
But you know I was juicing teeth clicking the tongue on this early flight so a lot of stuff you can do
Incognito people don’t even know what you’re doing
Even all right now good. What’s next next is I’m going to show you
The continuation stuff that you would do in the bathroom, okay, all right so war journey in here, okay?
All right you got a few devices here. Yeah, this is a tongue scraper. It’s a better tongue
Yeah, you you wouldn’t believe the waste products that build up in the tongue overnight, okay, and you just basically stick the tongue out
And spray hangs hoarse rinse right now the tongue is pretty clean, okay?
You wouldn’t believe the mucus and all the waste stuff that you pull off
And there’s a lot of you know capillaries and the tongue so you
absorb that stuff if you get up and
Just start drinking your coffee or run downstairs and eat right away you want to get rid of that out of the okay?
So just one one or two yeah one or two scrape okay, and then I?
Travel with I use a baking soda toothpaste. These are little
Pellets is many different truth bases, but I’ll just take one of these little pellets stick it in my mouth and chew it up
Thank You soda yeah, it’s baking soda a little baking soda
And then I used a little sonic toothbrush you can hear it. Those are nice and
Boy, you’re really good for getting the plaque
but I like it cause it’s so small two speeds really massage the gums and the teeth okay and
and no fluorides or other there’s just natural baking soda, and then the next is the neti pot and
Kind of phallic ooh, you got some crazy devices
I’ve seen this before and you fill this with warm water right up to the second one and how do you know?
it’s warm you you
Take and put on your form so it’s not too
Hot you get it, and then you take a spoonful of sea salt, which I get from Whole Foods
And you just mix it in there, and then you take one end and pour literally through one nostril
And then you see there’s like the halfway point right there right and then you
Do the other side so it goes up?
One nostril up into the nose of cavity and comes out the other nose, and it comes out the other and there you go, so
Good for opening up the nose helping
You breathe a little bit better washes away any debris if you are certain to get like a little head cold a little
Sinus infection the warm saline solution is very gentle sounds horrible right yeah
Like my the only experience I ever had of getting water in my nose was when I was a kid swimming
And that was incredibly painful and uncomfortable
So when someone first told me about this is that are you crazy and then I try this is wow this is really nice
I’ve tried
It’s really nice and gentle and it’s warm and it can really I mean it can really cut back on those cold symptoms
I really can you can do this a couple of times during cold flu season and it’s a preventative
So really really good ok that’s every morning. Yeah, every morning, and then I
Wow, the water is in the head sometimes it gets trapped. I have a little
Scout massager, and I’ll just bend over the sink and just really give my head a really good going-over
Similar to what you were doing in the morning yeah, you’re on him
But when you massage the head vigorously sometimes trapped water in the sinuses
but the neti pot will
Run out and I’ll usually do it over the bathtub and just get my head way down and then any extra water will run out
Okay, and then
The last phase of the oral stuff is
This is coconut oil with fennel. I’ll take a mouthful and oil is called oil pulling
You swish the oil from side to side okay great for oral health many of my clients
As you know I do online personal training and health promotions with people
They just had tremendous results. I’ve had some people doing this for a number of years
They said their oral health and the dental health has never been better
Gums teeth everything just perfect working order some people do this instead of brushing teeth some people do I I?
Recommend that you scrape you still brush your teeth. I believe you should floss okay
You know on a daily basis. I didn’t say I have a leg little toothpick things that I
I like it better than thread okay. You know it’s a little special toothpick. The brushes are was the little brushes
Okay a brush and then I’ll oil pool for 20 minutes because what I counted minutes 20 minutes just wishing that
I’ll just walk around doing other stuff. Okay, wow I’m oil swishing right the next thing
I brought I bought you a little present Brian. Thank you
This is
Unused I took the tags off. That’s yours. It’s a natural bristle brush, okay, and I I do?
Skin brushing okay, and I first read about this when I was younger. It’s called Swedish dry brush massage
Okay a couple different variations one is you brush the skin dry because think of it this way
the integumentary system
Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the skin is so important?
one third of all waste does be is eliminated through sweat your you know it’s a it’s a
It’s a self sealing protective
Mechanism to keep keep bad stuff out
It’s just really important to keep the skin, and we don’t maintain. We don’t mean you know
people will slab you know oils and sunscreens and all that kind of stuff, okay, but
Brushing the skin, I mean people brush their pets
Horses horses dogs cats
You know we we have some hair on our body micro, but you know
the the small circular
Brushes okay really really important all right, and it really good for improving circulation
getting rid of
Lymphatic you know lymph return to the body. I’ve been doing this since I’ve been young okay
There is some
Some people say you should be very careful this in the face, but you know I shave
Like every other day or so, but so I will brush the the the face a little bit
But gently and the neck okay, and you start with the soles of the feet okay, and then you work your way up the leg
We’re gonna do this little circuit. Yeah, you want to do it now. Yeah, let’s do it, man. Okay. Let’s do it, okay?
Let’s go. Let’s get some more room out here. Yeah
Got a speedo underneath there so
The boxers sound good. Yeah, we’re good
Show Europe I think if you only had one health promotion
Let’s say forget to I massage everything else if you just brush the skin every day
We’re gonna do some skin brushing here folks real talk with Steve man Yeah, right
London real
So natural natural bristle brush
You don’t want to have harsh bristles okay, natural bristles there should be some what of course somewhat firm
Good and once again the skin system is the biggest organ in the body and the idea is to always go towards the heart
Okay, so you start with the soles of the feet?
In a circular motion right circular motions, and then you start to work towards the knees
I’ll go back and hit the ankles then come back up
that’s little circles and
Any rough spots or dry patches you give a little extra touch up the IT band
And through you know you’re working all these Olymp nodes. You know get the circulation back
It’s not just about the skin and of course you know
I normally I’d be naked I do the butt and that you’ll it’s the testicles and get up underneath okay
And then you go to the other side you put the bottom of the feet to start off with you know yeah
And then you start to wear those nice, yeah, good, any is vigorous it’s supposed to be vigorous
And it makes the skin really lustrous and soft and smooth and
It keeps it youthful okay?
Now that we did the legs right and in the butt next you start with your fingernails and your hands
And you just keep working up towards the heart
the back of your arm
And I’ll do this just before getting into the shower, okay
And then I’ll go to the other side okay
Square into the skin and this is time-honored I mean the
Fans the Swedes the Danes the Germans even the Russians have their versions
The Japanese with the loofahs, and how they do in the baths. Yeah, yeah, so I mean
skin then and then the neck
Once again watch the little easy so yeah, you don’t want to injure the skin, okay?
traps I usually do my forehead and
doing it dry was this your idea, but no no this is the
Traditional sweet dry dry before you go in the bath before you go to the shower now
There’s another version where you shower then do it. Okay? You can scrub in the shower, but I like to do it dry and then
Okay, and then pecs okay, yeah
and then abdominals
Working. I’ll usually work down to the groin. Okay. Don’t wanna get too graphic
If it was really London really would just you know take the shorts off
Okay, you cannot get rid of body fat by rubbing or massaging or that that’s however not my my Rover
Said that you can smooth that out
Okay, you can actually take fat cells like what they called Depot fat and kind of smooth it and and and because you can actually
Manipulate the connective fascial tissue right so they can help okay. They have after this
One is do things either. I just take a cold cloth like a washcloth or a towel
And I just wash myself off okay, and then I’ll go out and train
run or do spider-man crawls or something okay skip rope
Do calisthenics okay, or I’ll go into the shower and take an ice-cold shower. I’m like cold showers, okay?
I don’t use the wim HOF, but I do use the burst breathing
By the way, I want your oil squishing this whole time
Oh really, especially while you’re doing this in the oil yeah
And then I wipe off with the cold cloth cause then just wash every part of my body a lot of times
I’ll shave okay. That’s tick tick you know is making the the time go by for the swishing. I’ll make my bed
The the staff wasn’t here. I always make my own bed as a ritual okay, because I believe a messy disorganized
room and
Belongings is it disorganized mine, so it’s like a little morning ritual, okay?
I just I just straighten everything up even before the hotel staff get here make sure everything’s put away
I didn’t do it just for you guys. It’s just the way. I am okay guys it gets my mind organized and
By that time the oil is just you know I was getting pretty close to the good 20 minutes
Did the military teach you a lot of these base? Yeah, okay?
I’m sure but then it’s probably still in your character upstairs this always part of my nature
You know even before I I always made my own bed
Even as a little kid okay, my mother had my brother and I we we did stuff
You know we had to help around the house. We made our own beds. You know we
Washed the dishes. Yeah, she took care of clothes
But we did a lot of stuff around the house mowed the lawn you know okay way to start the day alright
It’s good for kids to have these responsibilities and learn how to be responsible for themselves we had pets
So we’re responsible for cleaning their cages
And care the animals so look at me. I can’t stop scrubbing okay feels pretty
Stimulating great. It does keep so you do get like
Old dead skin cells and thing right some of its microscopic. It’s not even visible to the naked
Eye, okay, and so like I said you take a washcloth, and then you just wash off rub it really well
Okay a cold cloth and just I like to vigorously and then I wanted to show you the tower
The Russian sauna me I pull it out here bring the towel out. Yeah, bring them, okay, so
After the cold well during the cold shower
I’m very bigoted affirmations. Yeah, I think that you can kind of mold your body with your mind, and I’ll
rub myself in the freezing cold water
I’ll say things like vise grip yeah, like Oh
Dan Hodge they remember the famous wrestler yeah any hunting vice-grip he could break a pair of pliers with his hands. Okay, really like a
Doug blue bar whatever that he’s like Merritt lately yeah, these are
These are early American
Folk style wrestlers, I stopped by forms. You know while you’re rubbing baseball biceps all right horseshoe triceps
You know let’s say you’re affirming back to your mother’s coconut. Del toys gladiator pecs super 8 pack Bruce Lee definition
You know wrestler neck man relax grit God hips massage great. God hips and thighs
You know you make little funny little affirmation
Okay, that’s good censor your body right, but you know as you get to my age
you start to rapidly lose that muscle mass and then
Russian sauna masters showed me how to use the towel so after the cold shower and
By the way if you don’t have time to do the dry brush and all this you can just take the shower and then
Your normal shower then turn the water ice cold, and then just finish the last 30 seconds to a minute
You don’t have to stand there like wim HOF air you just okay?
I just get a good taper and then come out of there
And then you start to really work the neck and the head vigorously
Back and forth and the shoulders you know and then you you you you work your torso this way and worth the Torsen in this
Way and then work the torso this way, and then you work. It across almost like you’re shining series
You know from the front really vigorously working towards your heart
But and it should be a really coarse towel like not soft like this Hotel sapphire now
And then you get the towel between your legs
And you start to vigorously give yourself a cup make it almost like like a shoeshine guy
and then
So it’s another way of keeping the skin
And you do this on top of the brush right under this browser brush. I’ll run short in time
Maybe I’ll just do this. Okay. You know feet, and you know the whole thing okay, and then wow you’re ready man
Okay, you just pumped up. You’re ready for an episode of London real, right?
And why the cold shower?
I just like the the the vigorous the vigorous of the it’s very stimulating to the skin as though the
cold water therapies have been used forever right you don’t have to be a
Masochist about it and stay in there for like 20 30 minutes if we’re not trying to be the Iceman okay
Right and I make sure. I don’t panic breathe. Okay. I I will use the burst breathing
Okay, yeah, just be some breathing later. Oh
diaphragmatic okay, no longs no
Holding your breath right? Oh, that’s just
Very similar to Hickson Gracie breathing yeah, so in so I
Keep all this and it keeps you calm and sometimes oh
It’s amazing you know the cold water doesn’t feel all that cold, but yeah, just a minute
90 seconds there’s no, okay, okay, but I do like to rub myself too, and how does this routine finish?
Is this are you then done now? Yeah? I’m gone. You’re done with the physical body mental body maintenance
Well some cool thing would have taken you
37 minutes maybe 40 minutes for you for me, I’ll have a
Water, okay a cup of coffee or two I like my coffee, okay?
Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with a little coffee as long as he’s don’t abuse it right you know and uh?
Working my iPad for a few minutes, and then like clockwork right at 9:00 o’clock but boom. I’m out the door and I’ll walk
Do breathing work or train okay?
Depends on what is going on with the body and my recovery okay?
I’ll come back, and I’ll have my breakfast okay, and I don’t eat my breakfast until usually pretty late in the day like noon or
Somewhere between 10:00 in there depending on what time I get up if I get up at 4:00
It’s gonna be different than if I get up at 6:00. Okay, so you know I try to push it back, okay?
God I hate to use the term intermittent fasting
But if basically is an aerobatic principle where you don’t load a body with a lot of
with a
Digestive burden having a big breakfast. Yeah your your body is very
Busy getting rid of metabolic waste from from the the day before
So you don’t want to load it with this big digestive burden of a heavy
Breakfast yeah, I agree, so I’ll usually eat pretty light okay
You know usually you know it just depends what I’ve done if I worked out. I’ll have a protein based meal
Okay, if I didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll have a starch-based meal okay. Yeah, all right and so and sometimes
I’ll have three meals a day a lot of times. I only have two right now
I’m on the two meal a day plan here in London. Okay, so I had a little something before you guys can okay and
After you guys leave. I’ll probably have like a protein
Meal probably chicken or something Oh, actually she already has it for me. I have actually eggs
I’m gonna have eggs in the salad okay nice all right, so
Now you’re gonna show me now
It’s time to work it to work out all right
So we would have done this whole thing we would a dry brush
And then we would have worked out as opposed our I would have figured a little time a little cock
You know I mean. I’m just showing the morning routine a little out of order. Oh good. You know it’s good
sometimes like if
I’m really hard pressed for time. I’m a train and then do this stuff afterwards. Okay gosh
There’s nothing carved in stone. It’s just you know I have my schedule because once again
I’m not working for the man anymore. Yeah, that’s good. I can work. My and you too
You work for yourself you set your own schedule. Yeah, we still have a schedule, but yeah
Yes, I mean. I still have my schedule. Yeah, that’s it’s pretty open. Yeah, okay?
Yeah, so all right, so it’s gonna train. Do I get to put my clothes back?
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Real smooth turnaround
Remember we we don’t care about how many arrests
We just want to make this muscles turn right on back down as you begin to fail you’re gonna start to panic
I want you to really control your breathing there you go. That’s it right about here because we don’t want on look
We want our muscles to give out
It’s a whole different whole different
Reason for training whole different goals the goal here is momentary muscle fatigue
Easy easy easy easy stay there stay there stay there stay there push as hard as you can from five four three
two and I look nice job

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