Spooky Spooky Halloween Card Game for Kids!

Spooky Spooky Halloween Card Game
by Maple Leaf Publishing.
Hey guys, it’s me. Marty Moose!
In this tutorial video
I will show you how to use these cards in your class.
The main game is based on a traditional Japanese card game called Daifugo
However, as you will see in this video,
you can use these cards to play many other games.
As well as any traditional card game.
Are you ready to get started?
Let’s go!
The object of this game is to be the first player to use up all your cards.
I could explain the rules to you
but it might just be easier to watch us play.
Anyways, let’s start by dealing out all the cards to the players.
Next, you have to decide who will go first.
You can either choose the player to your left
or allow the children to decide by playing rock, pape, scissors.
It’s up to you.
Once, the player has been picked
He or she can begin by laying down a card.
It’s always best to start with a small card.
The next player will lay down a card with a larger number.
A bat is scarier than a spider.
A bat is scarier than a spider, good.
You continue playing until nobody can lay down a card.
The last player that lays down a card
can begin the next round.
A skeleton is scarier than a vampire.
The Marty Moose card is wild
and it can be any card in the game.
Therefore, it is always the strongest.
Black cat.
A scarecrow is scarier than a black cat.
A mummy is scarier than a scarecrow.
Players can pass anytime.
Even if the player has cards that could be played.
…scarier than a mummy.
A monster is scarier than a skeleton.
If the leader starts with a pair,
only pairs may be played on top of it.
If three of a kind is lead,
only three of a kind can be played.
Pirates are scarier.
There’s two, so ghosts.
Ghosts are scarier.
As for language,
for very young children they can simply say the name
of the character when playing their cards.
For children that are able,
they should say a something is scarier.
A something is scarier than a something.
If multiple cards are played,
they can say somethings are scarier than somethings.
Teachers should feel free to make the game as easy
or as difficult as they like
depending on the abilities of the kids.
Simply remove two colors and the wild cards
and have yourself a game of concentration.
It’s a mummy.
It’s a mummy. OK, one more time.
One more time.
What is it? It’s a…please say the words.
It’s a monster.
It’s a monster, wow!
One more time.
Go Fish
Or in Japanese it’s called Babanuki
OK, you’re turn.
Do you have a ghost?
Do you have a ghost?
No, I don’t.
OK, so you take a card.
You’re turn.
Do you have a black cat?
Yes, I do.
Do you have a ghost?
Yes, I do.
You’re turn.
Do you have a witch?
Ah, yes I do.
Do you have a ghost?
No, I don’t.
Do you have a skeleton?
Group Solitaire
Or in Japanese it’s called Shichinanabe.
Simply deal out all the cards
and have all the children that have sevens
put them in the middle.
…we can put the six or eight, right?
and you can use the wild.
Children take turns
putting down their cards that follow the order.
If they don’t have a card that follows the order,
they can pass.
They can also use the wild card
in place of any cards they don’t have.
Providing that they have the next card
that follows the sequence.
Okay, wild.
And you have to have the…what about the five?
Okay, good job.
Who has the six?
Who has the green six?
Okay, do you want the wild card?
No, ok.
You’re turn.
You’re turn, yes.
A mummy.
Ok, you’re turn.
Play continues until all the children have used their cards.
The child who finishes last is the loser.
As you can see,
there are many ways to use this card game.
There are many other games that I haven’t shown.
And please feel free to make your own.
Anyways, thank you so much for watching.
and be sure to check out the other three games
in this series.
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Thanks for watching!

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