Special Delivery at the Pretend Toy Hotel of Shopkins Mini Packs

– [Announcer] This video
is sponsored by Moose Toys.
– Hey Addie, check out my Miss Pressie.
– Looks great, Mia.
What do you think of Lippy Lips?
– Perfection.
– Come in.
– Hi Addie and Mia.
Sorry to interrupt your coloring,
but it looks like you
have a couple of packages
from the toy scientist.
– (Together) Oh, thanks Bellhop, Jason.
– Not a problem.
I’ll see you girls later.
I need to go help Miss Lucy
check in some guests into the Toy Hotel.
Bye now.
– Oh, these must be the toy
scientist’s latest creations.
– You’re probably right.
I can’t wait to see all that toys that she
worked up in the science lab.
– [Together] Whoa.
– This is Shopkin’s
Pick n’ Pack Small Mart.
It has two exclusive Shopkins.
– [Mia] And two Mini Packs.
– Let’s get it open, Mia.
– [Together] Whoa.
– This looks awesome.
– This is the perfect place
for our Shoppies to shop.
– Yeah they could do the shopping cart
or carry around basket.
– And look, the display shelf
already has two Mini Packs on it.
I wonder what Shopkins are inside.
– And look, there’s so much shelf space
to put additional Shopkins.
– Mia let’s open the Mini Packs now.
– What’s inside, Addie?
Oh my goodness, so adorable.
It’s a Cake Pop.
– [Addie] And it has a
medallion on the back.
– The toy scientist must have put it there
to celebrate season 10.
– Now let’s see what’s
inside my Mini Pack.
It’s in a can labeled Perfect Peaches.
Can’t wait to see what’s inside.
(gasps) Adorable.
– [Mia] They look so
cute on display shelf.
– They do, but let’s check
out the register now.
Look they sell hot food here.
– [Mia] And it looks like it spins around.
– [Addie] And look, when
you unload your groceries
you can put them up on
the counter right here.
You two look darling there.
– [Mia] I think this is
to separate the orders.
See it moves.
– Yeah and I’ve got a Shopkins Shoppies,
one could be shopping and
one could be checking out.
– Yeah she could be standing here
and scanning all the items.
– [Addie] Scan, and in the bag.
And scan, and in the bag.
– Look there’s even a loyalty card.
It’ll give the Shoppies good deals.
I’ll scan it right here.
– And when we’re done shopping,
we can turn this and they
could take their bag.
– And look, I didn’t notice there was a
freezer section Addie.
I bet they keep ice cream in there.
– They had all sorts of cold Shopkins.
Plus there’s a place for
magazines at the top.
– Well the toy scientist gets an A plus
for this toy invention.
– For sure.
It would be nice to have some new Shopkins
and Shoppie dolls to use with it though.
– I bet those are in the other
boxes from the toy scientist.
– You’re right let’s open them.
– It’s empty.
– The toy scientist wouldn’t
mail us empty boxes.
– Ugh, somebody must be behind this.
– [Together] Mad scientist, Jason.
(evil laughter)
– It looks like the
toy scientist is having
way too much fun creating this
Shopkins season 10, Sandy.
She’s made Shopkins
Mini Pack Shopper Packs.
Absolutely adorable.
Then there’s all these
Shopkins Shoppies dolls.
Too cute for words.
And we can forget these.
Shopkins Mini Pack Surprise Packs.
They look like they’re
in real store packaging.
Its a shame I couldn’t
get my hands on that
Shopkins Small Mart.
I’ll have to find a way to get it.
Once I have the mall I could surely
recreate the mall in my mad science lab.
(evil laughter)
– Yes.
The consistency is just perfect.
– Hi toy scientist.
– Hi girls.
I see you got my new Shopkins packages.
– Well we got three packages,
but two of them were empty.
– Oh no.
So it looks like you didn’t
get the Shopkins Mini Packs
or the Shopkins Shoppie dolls?
– No we didn’t Toy Scientist, Lucy.
And we think Mad Scientist
Jason is to blame.
(angry grunt)
– You’re probably right.
But you know what, don’t fret too much.
I saved the formulas and we can
recreate them pretty easily.
– But what about Mad Scientist Jason?
– We’ll deal with him later.
– I’m just glad we could recreate them.
We really wanna have some Shopkins in the
Shopkins Shoppie Store Small Mart.
– Wonderful, which do
you wanna create first?
The Shopkins Shoppies or the Mini Packs?
– Lets start with the Shoppies dolls.
– Sounds like a plan.
Let’s get your lab gear on
and I’ll get you two started.
– We’re ready.
– Ready to be toy scientists.
– Wonderful.
The solution for creating
the Shopkins Shoppie dolls
consisted of the light blue solution,
the dark blue solution,
and the lime green solution.
– Light blue.
Dark blue.
And lime green.
– Okay what were the colors again?
Oh yeah, dark blue.
Hm, what was next?
Oh yes, lava red.
And I think, purple.
Yup this is right.
Shoppies here we come.
– Now all you have to do is put them into
the toy creation machine
and enter code 8873.
– Now for my solution.
(futuristic machine)
Here goes nothing.
These Shoppies look amazing.
– I’m so glad you like them.
I wanted to make them extra special
since Shopkins is entering
their tenth season.
That’s kind of a big deal.
– For sure.
We’ve been collecting
Shopkins since season one.
I’m gonna make mine now.
Hm what was that code again?
Oh yes, 7006.
(futuristic machine)
Can’t wait, can’t wait.
(angry grunt)
What happened?
– You must of done something wrong, Mia.
But don’t worry, I’ll share mine with you.
– Okay.
Thanks, Addie.
– Okay, Mia.
You could have Summer
Peaches and Lolita Pops.
– [Mia] They’re adorable.
– And that means I got
Jascenta and Pommie.
They are super cute.
– Alright girls, enjoy
your Shopkins Shoppies.
– Okay I can’t wait any longer.
Lets get them open.
These are so adorable.
Pommie is a big softie at heart.
I love the color of her hair.
And she has her Shopkins
BFF Pammy Pom-Pom.
– She’s adorable, but
check out Lolita Pops.
She’s known for candy
swirls and quirky curls.
– Who’s her Shopkins BFF Mia?
– Libby Lolly Jar.
She’s a jar of lollipops.
– Love it, now check out Jacenta.
She’s heaven sent and sensational.
And her Shopkins BFF is Peyton Perfume.
Isn’t she adorable?
– Tots.
But check out Summer Peaches.
Life is just peachy for her.
And check out how cute
her Shopkins BFF is.
It’s Sweetie Le Peach.
– So what do you girls think so far
of your Shopkins Shoppies dolls?
– I love them.
– Totally.
– I’m so glad to hear that.
I thought you girls would just adore them.
– I think we’re ready for
some Shopkins now though.
– Yeah then I could play with playset,
Shoppies, and the Shopkins.
– Perfect.
I packaged this seasons
Shopkins in miniature versions
of life-size supermarket items.
Like tiny milk cartons and
mini detergent bottles.
You’re gonna love them.
– I’m sure we will.
– To make them you’ll need my
top secret hot pink solution
which should be on that
back shelf over there.
– I see red, yellow,
blue, green and purple,
but I don’t see the hot pink.
Uh oh.
Was this the hot pink solution?
– Oh dear I must be all out then.
– Uh oh, this is a tragedy.
What will we do?
– Well just a minute.
You girls are staying
at the Toy Hotel, right?
– Yes.
– Well Chef Pierre is a master at
whipping up new toys in his kitchen,
perhaps you could take him my formula
and he could use it to create a recipe
for my season 10 Shopkins.
– It’s worth a shot.
– Okay, good luck girls.
Let me know how it goes.
– Hm, hm, hm, okay.
Let’s see, let’s see.
– Please.
– Interesting, mm-hmm.
– Well Chef Pierre, what do you think?
– Can you make the Shopkins Mini Packs?
– Yeah can you follow the
toy scientist’s formula?
– Huh-huh, well…
I think it could be done, with your help.
You will be my chef apprentices today.
Time to get the proper attire
on and let’s get started.
– Yes.
– Now that you two look
like proper Parisian chefs,
let’s get cooking.
– Look at all these
colorful ingredients, Addie.
– Yes the Shopkins they
are a sugary-sweet.
That is why we have to use all sorts of
different colored sugars.
– So which ones do we need, Chef Pierre?
– These particular Shopkins
Mini Packs call for
a hot pink sugar, a
tantalizing teal sugar,
then fantastic blue sugar.
But they must be in equal proportions.
– Okay, hot pink sugar.
Tantalizing teal is next.
And fantastic blue.
– First hot pink.
Oh, I like that red color.
This will be pretty.
And I think fantastic orange is next.
Hm, I think I like all of the colors.
These two.
And this green.
– Now mix, mix, mix,
and pretty soon, voila.
We will have the finest
Shopkins Mini Packs.
– Stir, stir, stir.
Stir, stir, stir.
It worked.
Look at all these Shopkins Mini Packs.
– Magnificent work my chef apprentice.
– I can’t wait for mine.
I got twigs.
It didn’t work again.
(angry grunt)
– Ah, you musta not followed
the directions precisely.
Precision is key in cooking.
– Don’t worry Mia, I’ll share with you.
– Okay, thanks Addie.
Okay Addie, which one
do you wanna open first?
– Let’s open the Mini Packs Shopper Packs.
There’s eight Shopkins
and eight Mini Packs.
– And it says some of
our favorite Shopkins.
From seasons one to three are back.
– How cool let’s open them.
– It looks like they went
to the grocery store, Addie.
I have fresh fruit and takeout.
And even some yummy ice cream.
And they all have Shopkins hiding inside.
– So fun.
Check out my Mini Packs, Mia.
I have crisp vegetables and butter.
Plus a cake mix and
bath and beauty product.
– And looks there’s two Shopkins
and two Mini Packs hidden inside of here.
– Time to open the Mini Packs.
Handy homewares.
It’s Blow-Anne.
And she’s a special edition.
– And I got a ultra rare Candy Kiss.
– She’s adorable, Mia.
Now we’ll open a bakery item.
It’s Wishes.
Time for some tasty spread.
– Oh my goodness, Honey’s a rare.
Super exciting.
– Time for bath and beauty.
What did I get, what did I get?
Its Suds.
And there’s her medallion.
The toy scientist put
those on season 10’s.
– And here’s Ma Kettle.
She’s a special edition, Addie.
– So cool, Mia.
I just opened the last of mine.
And I got Rockin’ Broc.
She’s a rare from the fruit
and vegetable collection.
– And it’s time to move
on to the surprise packs.
– Sweet treats.
Can’t wait to see what’s inside.
It’s Candy Apple.
– And I’m gonna open happy heels.
Its Jennifer Rain, a rare.
Perfect for a rainy day.
– And in the sweets selection,
I got Minnie Mintie.
– I wonder what’s inside
this cold and creamy.
Its Ice Cream Dream.
She’s a common.
– I love how these look like
real supermarket items, Mia.
– For sure.
– [Addie] Dairy fresh.
Haha, it’s name is Chee Zee.
Breakfast cereal.
What fun Shopkins inside?
It’s Corny Cob.
I got a little breakfast
cereal and then it looks like
I got a little cereal in it.
It’s Breaky Crunch and he’s a common.
Shopkins season 10 is
the best season ever.
– Totally.
– Aa-ha, there’s the Shopkins Small Mart.
Once I get my hand on that,
I’ll be able to recreate
Shopkins season 10.
And next comes world domination.
(evil laughing)
Small Mart here I come.
– So Mia what’s your favorite
Shopkins you opened so far?
– I think it’s Melanie Pips.
– I like that one too.
– Ah, nothing but a spic and span kitchen.
– Ah, you do not belong in my kitchen.
Out, out, or I will come
after you with my spatula.
– (yells) Don’t get me
with your spatula again.
– [Together] Mad Scientist Jason.
– Get out of here Mad Scientist Jason.
– Yeah nice try.
– [Together] But we won this time.
– Oh Summer Peaces wants a taco for dinner
so she’s gonna grab a taco off the shelf.
– Lolita Pops has a full shopping cart.
– She sure does.
Oh, she’s having some popsicles too.
– Who’s next in line to check out?
– Oh, me.
– Oh it’s me.
– Oo Pommie’s checking out,
what is she getting today?
– [Addie] She’s got all
sorts of pretty Shopkins.
– [Mia] Lolita Pops wants a donut too.
– [Addie] Alright your
items are all scanned.
Let me put them in the bag
for ya and come over here.
That’s one full shopping bag.
– Summer Peaches wants something
from the freezer section.
Does she want cold and creamy
ice cream or frosty favorites?
I think she’ll go with the
frosty favorites, mm-mm.
– Lolita Pops is gonna
take a hand bag today.
– [Toy Scientist] Alright
and I think we’re gonna have
some hot food today, what’s in here?
Oh a delicious hot dog.
Looks yummy.
Excuse me, Jacinta, but
how much is frankfurter?
– [Addie] That will be two dollars.
– I’ll take it.
– Lolita Pops wants Rockin’ Broc.
– Oh I definitely wanna
buy this one, and this one,
and this one too.
Thank you so much for all your help today.
– Its okay.
– I can’t wait to take
all my groceries home.
– Alright.
– Woo.
– Buh-bye.
– Bye.

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