Space Race the Card Game Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for space race the card game which is he really rocks solid card combo chain extravaganza you know it’s wonderfully thematic history really comes alive it’s really solidly designed and I mean it’s it’s a lot of fun I mean you only have seven rounds you’re only gonna do seven actions over the course of the game but if you can string together the right action so that you make certain ones strong and then you can get really big strong combo chain payoffs that are very very satisfying and you know there’s a lot of different ways you can go whether you’re trying to bulk up your lab whether you’re really chasing after discoveries whether you’re just you know increasing the overall strength of your agency there’s lots of different ways to score points and it’s very very tense right up to the end and now in some ways it’s very very hard not to be reminded of race for the galaxy which of course is another um card game set in outer space where every turn you play a card that determines what you’re gonna get to do and every turn you are very very concerned about what everybody else played now in this game it doesn’t necessary have the piggy backing off of it instead it really emphasizes the race because if you and I both play the same card or the same action it’s because we are in a race to get some particular car that came out that is so awesome we both want it so much and so a big big part of the game is trying to second-guess your opponents not so you can piggyback off them so that you can beat them or figure out if you can’t meet them well where are you gonna go instead or I mean will you have a fallback position because the notion that the the cards are drafting for you as a player have control and you have secret knowledge of what’s coming out that is such a cool clever little system that right okay well I really want to get that you know that particular leader but I think my opponent does too uh-huh and there’s nothing else out there propaganda so I’ll seat a couple of other propagandas in there so that I know that if you know we both want it really bad and you know if he get it first oh I’ll just take this other one instead but in the meantime I’ve got him so scared he ends up paying his most expensive propaganda card and I get one that’s almost as good that I see in the deck oh it’s for almost nothing the game is we full of fun doublethink moments like that and then that combined with really very very cool engine building card chain mechanisms that are really cleanly designed I just love this notion that oh yeah when I play the card I have done a purple action I get to activate all the purple actions I can do them in any order so sometimes that matters as you saw Jim was really leveraging Richard Branson nice thing was gonna dub tail that nicely into Jerry Amon the famous rocket scientist I guess I it really really nice and what ends up happening is over the course the game you end up telling this crazy alternate universe race to space where Neil Armstrong was a Russian cosmonaut who is the first man to walk on Mars funded by Richard Branson you know um and I just love that kind of stuff that you know you get all these interesting mix and match things and it’s just a blast it looks really nice I love the graphics time they going for here although speaking of that there is there is one thing that kind of didn’t sit well it really bothered Jim my wife I mean it bothered her so much that I don’t know if I’m be able to get her to play this game again because we both agreed it was a really really clever game but the choice for iconography is interesting this is almost kind of another parallel to race for the galaxy the iconography for this game is well in Jen’s in my opinion it is pretty counterintuitive and essentially I talked to the designer about this he said no you what we’ve done hundreds of blind play tests and everybody’s had no problem with it you guys are the first who really fought back or you know I’m you know kind of stumbled on this iconography and I’m like well maybe it’s just us then but Jen found this iconography so Byzantine and so difficult to grok when she was already trying to keep track of so many other balancing beams this is the actually I want to do but I want to get that card because it can buff up this other action I’ll do in a following turn but I’ve only got one more chance to do that other action will I be able to have a reason to do that there’s already so much to think about to also have to remember what the little Wi-Fi symbol looks like and which of the ones that let me put cards in the my lab as opposed to the ones that let me put them in my agency as opposed to the ones that let me put them in my hand um you know I don’t know again I talked to the designer he said nope actually most people have no problem with the iconography at all maybe I just did a bad job teaching it to Jen but I’ll be honest I mean I stumbled with even as I was playing this run-through off-camera you couldn’t see I was constantly checking these icons cuz I just can’t remember them it’s impossible at least Jen I have found to keep them straight and it would have been so easy there’s it well I talked to the designer I give him my suggestion for what the icon layout should be he said they did decide that they thought about that one they dismissed it because it was gonna have to UM long story short that I got a say at this point is really my only complaint about space race and if it wasn’t for that I could see personally this game replacing race for the galaxy for me because I love the quick playtime you know just the the 7/10 fast rounds and then it’s over you know I love the the card draft that player-controlled seeding of the card draft is just so clever and the you know the tension of all please don’t let that one I need to keep that secret don’t let that be the secret that comes out there are so many cool moments and then when we both play our cards you’re not going for that are you oh please tell me you’re not going for that you’re totally going for the other thing I know that the tension is palpable in this game um and you always have to have a back-up plan because often things will not go your way but even still at the end when it all comes and you’re telling up your final scoring and you see the story of your agency and what the big milestones that you created and they you know the famous people and the famous missions and all that you pulled off its just absolutely lovely and that’s it folks that is space race the card game now you have any questions comments concerns as always please let me know other why I again you can hit the eye from the top right clone the screen to go the Kickstarter page and learn a little bit more about the game and otherwise that’s it thanks for watching talk to you later soul


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