Space Race the Card Game Extended Gameplay

hey everybody welcome back to that space race let’s keep carding it up okay so start in the second round and Jen is still devastated that her secret plans for Cape Canaveral well yo she put the idea out there in the universe and somehow I found out about it now it’s public knowledge and here’s why Jen’s worried this is an awesome awesome card now don’t get on these cards each of them over six this is only worth four but no matter what you do every round for the rest game this card is gonna give you some kind of benefit and here’s the real problem so Jen can say well I still want it bad no problem ah you know because remember Jen has the tiebreaker card so if she just plays her six then hey she’s going for a six she’ll get to grab it first but here’s the problem if at the same time I play my six my technology would be six plus two thanks to Valentina and I would get a total of eight which means I could grab it and then Jen with you know Jen knows that there’s no more technology she knows what these are cuz she put them out there she knows if I get it for her she’ll get nothing she’ll do nothing for this entire turn and that would be devastating so the question is can Jen afford to take that risk she wants this bad but now that’s public knowledge she knows I’m stronger I’ve got the upper hand but am I gonna go for it I might just try to go for these because this is six points in here this is a huge deal to just have that those points sitting around waiting ah alright well I’ll tell you what I am gonna go for that because Cape Canaveral who doesn’t want Cape Canaveral in the early days of their space program right so my only question is am I gonna go for it with my one my three or my six and again if I want to guaranteed get it I better go with my six cuz then I’m actually at an eight I’m unbeatable but if I go with my three then I’m three plus two is a five Jen could beat me with her six you know what I don’t want to mess around so I’m gonna take this I put it facedown my old one slides up and so that I’ve locked in what my Mission Control plan is for this decade we’re gonna go oh this decade we’re going to build scape Canaveral and you can notice that every but at the table can see what I played in the past everybody knows I don’t have my level six propaganda card anymore over the course the game my previous exploits are going to be easy for everyone to see so everybody later in the game you try think wait okay can I play a level one propaganda because you look around the table and oh my gosh everybody’s used the high level propaganda so I can go for a lot you know that kind of thing anyway so I’ve locked in mine gen has to lock in hers and I think she has to say goodbye to Cape Canaveral which is heartbreaking but again at least she does get one benefit which if she knows I’m going for this she could go for something low and chances are get it without any interference like taking um you know doing a breakthrough to grab one of these six pointers now she can play this level one anyway um I see and you know Nollywood this letter get a breakthrough which is gonna be worth six points but well I should say I say where six points at the end of the game whoever has the most the majority breakthroughs that have to do with manned space exploration will get six points for manned space exploration whoever has the most for searching the Stars will get that if there is a tie between players then the tied players both get the six points and therefore in a two-player game if there’s a tie functionally nobody gets any points so does Jen wanna go ahead and you know just play her really low-level breakthrough card knowing that she won’t really get any kind of well she can assume I’m going for that cuz how could I not which means she can pick those and then the other one stays out and maybe Jen could get it next round by playing a level six breakthrough and she could just go hard for getting breakthroughs and collecting a lot of points that way the other thing if she uses her loli level one breakthrough card you can put four cards facedown from the deck into the universe and you can look these cards so that and now this is the I I should say my prototype didn’t have the symbol for bureaucracy so this is me scribbling um by hand the bureaucracy symbol it’s like a little arrow circle thing so this means Jen will have knowledge of four cards for the third round and I will not so Jen could go for that or or she could go for another space program because remember Jen is now set up if she does another purple action she’ll get another space program which is you know these are nice and she’ll get to do her action of taking this space program from her lab which she’ll have to put in her lab hole but that’s the problem see Jen would have to get this into her lab during the level 3 space program means that she doesn’t get a chance to get it into her lab first she needs to get this into her lab that’s what Cape Canaveral is all about cuz it has all the lab but options oh man Jen is so bummed about this so she could just take a risk and go for it but she’s got a sneaking suspicion I’m gonna go for it and there and therefore she wastes her entire turn so what is he gonna do instead does she just go on ahead and snag one of these breakthroughs you know make lemonade out of lemons does she get another one of these I mean if she gets this one this card is worth three points and for every additional purple action Rox I’m sorry no it’s longer too because these don’t count so this is worth two points and she gets additional purple things inner-agency it’ll become more and more points over the course of the game or does she go for this which means in a future turn if she uses the propaganda action she will get one additional action of being able to put something randomly in her lab now Jen knows that she has put to propaganda cards – very nice leader cards in so those are gonna be available if Jan just goes on hand doesn’t know the purple action so she gets this and then on the third round does a propaganda action get one of these she would get access to this action so you know the knock-on effects are huge but you know what I think at this point ginger is gonna take it simple and she’s just gonna go to love one breakthrough all right so Jen’s made her choice I’ve made my choice now the rest of the universe is revealed and Jen already knew it it’s a couple of leaders Richard Branson and Jerry Owen aiming sorry I don’t know how to say your name Jerry sure you’re very famous an important man in the history of space travel although all it says is scientist I’m sure he’s a very influential scientists aha I mean there’s a picture of him he must be a smart guy and now everybody reels what they’re doing and as predicted I’m so predictable I went for the level six tech I’m gonna get Cape Canaveral because there’s no way Jen can beat me and Jen knew that so she just went on ahead and decided to do a breakthrough so once again we do these in order first of all propaganda nobody did any propaganda so these just gonna sit here technology I did technology which means I get to do all my technology actions I’ll start by doing my ad technology to my so I I now have eight points there’s four years four more points and hey look at this I just added another thing Cape Canaveral so I’ve activated that now I’ll activate this and I it’s plus two so I get to draw two cards and add them to my hand so what did I just draw I drew Cosmodrome and a secret propaganda Steve a project that’s awesome that’s very very cool okay so and that’s it I’ve done all of the blue ie technology actions I can do because I did a technology okay so then we move on and did anybody do space programs no did anybody do to break through yes they did Jen did so she gets to take one I see if she could take either one she had one in her hand didn’t she all right so it’s a third Wow if Jen could get majorities in three of the four that well that’d be pretty big deal let’s just go on ahead and say Jen is uh has developed the opportunity to leave the solar system which is gonna be a breakthrough for her that’s gonna be six points now it does nothing else for for the rest of the game it’s just worth six points if she has the majority in in the stars and now so that’s it we both on our actions we once again look around oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait I forgot remember Valentina has a special power all plus minus plus minus and star powers are one card stronger so I did this add two cards but it’s really add three so I added another card to my hand now cards in your hand at the end of the game or worth nothing you want to get them either into your lab where they’re each worth one point or you want to get them into your agency which is where they can do all kinds of stuff so now I jen has a bureaucracy she can put four cards facedown from the deck into the universe one two three four so Jen is gonna know what’s coming up in the next round I don’t get to know but Jen knows that there’s Sputnik two Vladimir remic Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon he is an excellent leader and Verner von brausen and aerospace engineer with age sort of checkered past so Jen knows all of these cards are going to be available in round three so there’s gonna be a lot of opportunity for propaganda and yeah if there was only one tech Jen would have liked to know it if there was another one of these coming out Jen would like to know it anyway so Jen does have some knowledge all right now the first player marker comes back over to me for the third round and everybody has the opportunity to put more stuff out into the universe I don’t think Jen is going to do that at this point is she oh no I don’t think she is I don’t think she is yeah and am i well I could see her you know mag I’d love to get a cosmodrome in to play as well and again now right now if there’s only one tech and I’m the only person who knows a tech is coming out that’d be really good for me but the thing is there’s four other cards here and I have no idea what this stuff is so me adding another thing to the pot well the nice thing is only one of these five cards you get rid of ield and so maybe Jen will have no idea that I’m trying to slip this in I would love to slip in a secret project as well oh my gosh I’ve got two secret projects these are really awesome because these basically once you get a secret project built anytime you want during the what he called I can’t remember at the the bureaucracy phase in you turn you can take the secret project back and put any card into play so that’s a very powerful thing to these gives you all that flexibility I mean they don’t do anything for you unless you use them but it just gives you the flexibility when you have the perfect card in your hand you get to get it into your agency because it was a secret project all along which is just an awesome little bit of thematic I love it all right now on the flip side I would like to get cards out that would kind of double down I’m strong in propaganda I’m very strong in technology and I’m kind of strong in the other two as well so I need to be think about what do I want to do next turn man this is just four points but my other question is there’s only one breakthrough left Jen grabbed one am I gonna try to grab this other breakthrough here’s the thing though and yo hmm yes in fact I’m thinking I’m gonna try god so to breakthrough because on my next turn if I play a level 6 breakthrough it’ll be 6 plus 1 it’ll really be a level seven breakthrough and Jen can’t beat that because the best you can do is a six so I’m guaranteed to be able to get this breakthrough next turn although again I’m just burning through all my really high power cards and Jen isn’t so that means Jen’s gonna be able to have first dibs on stuff later in the game hmm yeah let’s see here oh now I don’t think Jen’s gonna put anything else in because I mean she’s already she already has a lot of knowledge about what’s coming she doesn’t need to have more this is a lot of propaganda and one of those you know more just keeps doubling down on purple and you know does because she’s done one purple program action she could do two more she would be able to activate this twice which is do it which is basically could add stuff to labs and you know and this could actually chain combo into multiples if she gets a little bit lucky so she knows that’s coming she knows Neil is coming Neil is really great because he helps you doing technology actions every time you do technology actual you get to draw two cards every time you do a discovery action you get to take a discovery action also from your hand or from your lab now that’s nice for Jen because Jen does have a discovery action in her hand if she could recruit Neil Armstrong and then later on do a discovery action and grab one from on the universe she’d also be able to get one from her hand into play as well so this is a really nice future combo card for her and I need you thinking about right but no actually Jen’s really kind of interacted to Richard Branson here um because he has a permanent power well yes yes he has permanent power of just putting three cards into your lab every turn and a one-time thing of drawing three more cards you know flexing his muscle whenever a discovery card gets revealed in the universe though this becomes available again so you can do multiple times because he gets so excited about the discovery this becomes real so he can put even more of his own personal money and say he’s a really cool character I love all the thematic stuff of these characters the thing is you know he’s a leader you can only have one active leader in your agency at one time Jenna would like to get the other one but she knows if I go for it so Jen knows if I’m gonna go for that she pretty much has you know carte blanche to grab any of these other things hmm I see here does that mean maybe she does want to slip something and maybe she wants to slip in another a little bit of tech that one’s not cold it’s it’s nice if it’s another purple and then she gets this purple that gets more points for every purple she’s got hmm what does Jen want to do next turn well Jen would like to do is get a space program into her lab so that she can use the Mars rover and get it played for free that’s the thing Richard Branson lets her take cards the little minus symbol means take him from your hand and put them in your lab so Jen really wants to get Richard Branson next turn so um so she’s already planning and here’s the thing she is hoping that she’ll be able to do it with her level one propaganda I’m seeing me doing this right now but Jen’s already planning what she’s gonna do next turn because she thinks I’m gonna go for this thing okay anyway that’s that’s were later we’re getting ahead of right so I’m still trying to think if I’m then sitting around – am I gonna put any of these things in here now here’s another thing – if I have I can only have a hand of seven if I get over seven I have to start putting in the newer I’m not going to I would love to get this but if I put this out now on a tournament I’m planning on giving this that means Jen could get this I don’t want to take it I want to get this as well so I want to soup up everything even more so I’m not gonna add anything to the universe jen has added four things to the universe through her special breakthrough power or discovery power she did and now we’re gonna go on to Round three I’m the first player and Jen she’s already figured out what she’s doing and I’ve already showed you how and why and me I want to get that breakthrough before she grabs it but see that’s a thing Jen knows and I know that she can’t get this so that means I shouldn’t go for it now because I can always get it later because as long as I got this six breakthrough I will always be able to beat her going for it so because I know that I should wait on that and get something else would be really valuable to me so let’s let’s flip the script a little bit let’s um oops I know the addition of my cards my hand so I could get another propaganda card although there’s a downside to that either one of these propaganda cards our leaders if I get another leader I will either have to put Valentina in my lab and downgrade her from 4 points to 1 points or I’d have to put one of these in my lab so propaganda is not that exciting right now because if I want to keep Valentina active all I’m gonna get out of these guys is a point by putting them in my lap because you can only have one active leader at a time so do I want to go for propaganda nice thing is if I went for propaganda with a level 1 as a bonus in addition to getting a propaganda card I would be able to reclaim one of my old cars by replacing it with one of the cards I’m not planning on playing this game so I could get my level 6 tech or propaganda back so that would be cool or well I wish I knew what these were oh wait in fact wait man I do because remember one of these got chosen randomly that happens and it was so I also know that Neil Armstrong who’s ready to make take one small step for man is out there for me as well and now again if I got him and replace Valentina he’s only worth well he’s only worth 2 points instead of 4 like her but he’s got two really cool special powers and if I’m planning on waiting until later to get the breakthrough then he would also let me get a breakthrough from my hand in my lab but I don’t have any breakthroughs in my hand or my lab so his special power isn’t that great although his other power lets me draw more cards maybe I could draw more cards find a breakthrough get it in my hand and then use that mmm all right so doesn’t want any of these do I want either of these space program so they haven’t gotten any space programs yet if I do a the purple action to get space programs I will also get to either draw two cards because a member of Valentin’s powerup draw two cards or lab two cards I see here Jerry if I get him as a new leader he isn’t worth any points of his special power is every time you do a red action you get to take one card any card you want from the universe and add it to your lab that could be very powerful if you if you do read actions you basically every time you do a read action you get an extra point but you also get to take one of these cards out put it in your lab and then maybe later on get it from your lab into your agency so that’s what he’s all about but again I don’t want to give up Valentina she is too cool for school you know what I think I think I will go on ahead and get that breakthrough but I am so confident that Jen Jen’s been seeing that I’ve been playing sixes she knows when I go in I go heavy so Jen I don’t think she’s actually gonna try and go for that which means I’ll try to get a breakthrough with the one I’ll be a little bit um a little bit risky because I’m gonna assume she’s so scared away by my force of power I’ve used in the last two decades that she’s not even gonna try to go for it so that’s it folks we’re ready to go the new stuff gets revealed and hey it’s Sputnik and two more that’s a lot of leaders there’s a lot of potential leaders here okay and um you know and still no technology one discovery and I reveal that I’m going for that breakthrough with a lowly level one and it’s gonna work out cuz Jen went for a lowly level one on propaganda so everybody comes out does OK and now Jen’s kicking herself if she had made a go of that she could have gone for this with her three or six she would have snagged that six points but how could she know what I was gonna do alrighty so we do propaganda first that means Jen on her little list of things to do she can only do one thing which is claim a propaganda card but she’s gonna go on ahead and claim Sir Richard add him and now look at that Jen has another yellow action she can do right away now again I should say if there were other people who did propaganda Jen would do one they would do one I would do general do her second they would do her second but as it is Jen just gonna go straight ahead she immediately gets to take three cards and put them in her lab and remember she very much wanted to do that so she’s putting this I see oh wow why is that there she’s putting wax she’s she only has three cards look like she’ll put all three of these cards in her lap now they’re face up so everybody knows what they are so Jen chieh scores repo and jen has a one-time-use she could use Richard Branson Sousa playing right here it’s a one-time use and you cover up the one-time use with like another card in your agency so you can so you can’t see anymore so Jen immediately gets to draw three cards so she’s basically got three points for free Richard himself was worth one point she just scored three and I mean she didn’t have to give up any cards she’s got more that they’re gonna go another discovery it’s an alien life it’s an it’s an earthlike exoplanet the search for the SETI oh wow Jen could get that as well all right anyway so Jen has finished with her propaganda and I mean now the nice thing is whenever another discovery a part appears in universe Jen will unlock Richards moneybags again so if Jen puts this in the universe and remember she’d be the only one who knows it’s coming if she puts this in the universe Richard will pay her some cash so that’s a potential opportunity as well and also Jen now has a leader okay so that is that and now what are we gonna do so we’ve done all our acts oh I know Jen just did her propaganda action now um nobody is doing technology nobody’s doing space program I’m doing breakthroughs and hi I’d like to have the first man in space who came from Cape Canaveral but it was a woman it was Valencia Tereshkova who was yo member of NASA in this alternate history and she is the first person in space hooray okay and that’s gonna be six points for me as long as I keep the majority on manned space flights and I also get to do one bonus here although remember it’s two because a Valentina’s special power there this all this is kind of a bummer I didn’t think about this this little wife I saw it no it’s good this Wi-Fi symbol means take a card from the universe and add it to your lab but because of Valentina I get to do that twice so I can take any two of these cards and add them to my lab thereby basically getting two additional points so I got six and I really I got eight points off of this turn so that’s pretty nice which cards do I want to take out a circulation and put in my lab um I’ll show you here do I have any cards in my hand that would let they have the beaker action that would let me move them from my lap if I get Viking one built that means I can get a technology out of my lab and put it in my agency but there are no technology cards so if there’s a technology card I would totally do that but there are not oh but here’s the other problem as soon as I do this I’m covering up oh wait oh wait oh wait I’m sorry dürer dire the last turn I did this so I already covered up that action I can’t do any more of these unless I uncover all these actions I can’t do a bones action sorry yeah I got a little carried away there okay Cape Canaveral is nice but not quite that nice I misspoke earlier when I said you get to use it now of course there are opportunities that come up that lets you uncover things so I could use its power again but right now I’ve used it up I cannot use it again so I’m not grabbing anything from the universe to put in my lab derp sorry about that so I but I’ve gotten six points and we’re done and now is there any bureaucracy hey we both have bureaucracy I’ve got the first layer so I do mine first I can put four cards facedown into the universe just like Jen did last turn and I’ll have some advanced knowledge oh there’s some text space shuttle the okb-1 research facility Stephan Hawking Stephen Hawking and a lunar rover okay so those are coming and Jen can exchange one of her previously played control cards with a nun played one so I think Jen she can’t get back prop again it has to be previously Jen could get back her level and breakthrough or her level and space program hmm now then which of these does she want to get back if more Brittany you know I think she wants get back this level in space program but she has to replace it with something so she has to take something from her command deck and put it Anne’s place which of these is she never gonna do you know I think there’s been very little tech in this game I think I think Jonel dumped this level 3 tech so hold on to her level 1 in her level 6 in case so Jen did that with some propaganda she switched things around and now she could do another space program which also gives her more control over her hand and her again all right so that will be both done our bureaucracy and now once again we can add more cards I don’t thing I’m gonna add any because yes I wasn’t the one I really wanted to add yeah I would like to get a secret project out I’m gonna add a secret project and Jen she is gonna add this discovery because it’s gonna open up mr. Branson’s moneybags okay so we both added a little bit and once again there’s so many that we don’t have to add any from the deck we shuffle them up and one of them is gonna get revealed and Jen is hoping if she gets screwed again and reveals her secret plan like happened at the end of the first round well she’ll know that the universe is conspiring against her or there are some pretty nasty spies within her organization so and it is revealed come on you guys saw me shuffle that that really really sucks this comes out Jen reveals because Branston comes out and now that I know this is out here I still have my level six I will be able to snag that Jen didn’t want me to know that that was coming I can’t believe that there was a one oh one two three four five there was a one in six chance of that happening so Jen just got royally boned again because Jen could play her six she even gets the tiebreaker but it doesn’t matter because if I play my six I get a seven and I snagged that thing oh I cannot believe that she is so pissed off about that all right well yeah I guess uh you know sometimes the luck does not go your way in the space race alright so that was it for on three we’re gonna go on to Round four once again each of us have to choose in secret what we’re gonna do I’m not gonna mess around I can’t believe that fell into my lap now I have no idea if wait I do know because I saw most of these so I know Jen put this here so you better believe she will I know she wants it I’m gonna do a level six breakthrough I’m not gonna mess around with I’m totally gonna snag that Jen knows I’m gonna do that so there’s no point hurt because so that’ll be six plus one is seven there’s no way her six because she hasn’t upgraded her ability at all so well at least again she’ll try to make lemonade out of lemons cuz she knows I’m going that that means everything else is fair game for her so what does she want to do instead oh I can’t believe that though that is so redonkulous okay well Jim would like to get this power used to get on this Apollo program into play although it’s only two points it’s not that exciting does she have any purple cards in her hand no yes she does so there’s a good chance she would get to do a bonus action off of that ah she knows she can’t get that she knows I’m gonna do it does she want to get another leader no this is she has no idea what else is coming she knows a bunch of stuff is coming um well yeah she could go on head to do propaganda to recruit another leader after first using all of Richard Branson’s powers and because you can do these in any order and then she heard another leader and she’s used him pretty well so I think yeah I think Jen’s gonna do some more propaganda and get another leader since she just got screwed by space fate all right but okay which of these leaders does she like this one’s worth four points which is better than Branson’s one point no I’m sorry no this is worth two points see Valentina is awesome so this is two points this is two point system say I’ll give her a special power Wow she’s just kind of floundering around let’s see if she’s got three cards in her lab if she keeps Branson around and doesn’t replace him and uses him a few more times to get more cards into her lap because that’s what he’s really good at he can you know he can get three more cards in the lab and then draw three more if she eventually gets Jerry here Jerry’s point value at the end of the game is equal to the number of cards in her lab so basically that means every card in her lab would be worth two points instead of one but she wouldn’t want to get Terry right away because then she’d replaced round so she wants to keep prancing around and use him to mort’s know she could use him one more time to activate him and then um the last time yes she could use him one more time then and then replace him with Jerry so that’s a good use of her last two propaganda cards as a nice right because she has another propaganda card doesn’t she where to go there’s where’s your level three propaganda card I seem to have misplaced it but she hasn’t played it yet oh no oh yeah okay yeah so that’s just who thinks she was gonna do that so she could do that get all this stuff get use out of him and I’m recruit some it’s not interesting thing is she could still keep branson out and recruit somebody else and just put them into the lab ultimately planning on jerry because everybody she puts in her lab is worth two points so that’s kind of cool yeah look let’s just go that’s what she’s gonna do all right everybody’s done it’s everybody reveals what they’re doing no surprise I’m just burning through all my super powerful cards Jen does another propaganda and we reveal they hey there’s more space missions here’s some here’s some tech and oh my gosh all these all this propaganda we can do it’s crazy okay a lot of propaganda available and and to tech so the universe is full of stuff now and now this is interesting so Jen got the propaganda just assuming she was gonna grab somebody to throw her it but a secret project so I remember I put that in I think Jim says you know what I’m gonna snag that secret project yeah baby yeah baby yeah so Jen is gonna do propaganda first of all she will grab the secret project which gives her another mobility themed look around you don’t need to keep your discoveries in line with everything else you know that you can just kind of put them off somewhere if you’re in now space like I am because they don’t adapt no function yeah all their only function is set collection theme the game so gingers got a secret project which means she can put anything she wants from her hand into play just like that and that means she did a propaganda without having to give up Richard Branson so and once again I did alright so now so go on ahead and oh no what the hell right no she’ll do this action first which is draw three more cards one two three one two three because you do many order and now for last one she will add three of her five cards to her lab I see here um I guess I’ll put another omission because they all that means yes potentially you that twice if she uses and uncovers and uses again o else if she want to put in her lab no she’s gonna keep this in play because when she uses her secret project to get the JPL labs out then that’ll just be four points for her melee so she’s basically scored four points off of that and given her an immediate Molokai yeah so you’ll see this happen in a minute so she’s put one she can put two more um let’s see she’s not putting that in covert ops I haven’t actually played this one this is a propaganda action so she could get it without having to do a propaganda action immediately this symbol means do it as soon as you play it do a this means she could put up to four she could draw or put into her hand or put into her lab up to four cards and then put this card into her lap so it’s a one-time thing so this card is potentially a five-point card if Jen uses it to play it but currently she’s planning on using a secret project to get this four point card this is a five point card as well cuz it’s also it’s four points at the end of the game plus it gives her two special powers it makes you more powerful purple it makes this more attractive because she’s got one two three purple cards and if any more breakthroughs come out she would become stronger and breakthroughs than me or does she want to get this into play which would let her immediately put four much you only have three so she wouldn’t be able to use this to his full effect which you want to be able to put this into play with her secret project which is worth three points and is worth three points and it makes her stronger for propaganda but she’s pretty much done with propaganda oh but this also counts as a wild card discovery so this is a potential six pointer this is the one Jen Jen secret a project he’s gonna be area 51 that’s the one she’s gonna put into play and so she’s already put one she’s got put the other ones out I don’t know she will put this one in this one all right so Jen basically just scored three points um by using Branson’s power to get all those into her labs she’s got a lot of stuff in her lab which is making recruiting Jerry all the more um interesting for her Jerry’s useless to me because I don’t have anything in my lab all right and so she use that power so you her one-time power drawn more cards she’s gotten so jen is done that was propaganda now it’s my turn again I’m doing a breakthrough which means I’m just snagging this nothing particularly fancy and although that’s 12 points sitting right there and I whoops I’ve already covered up Cape Canaveral so I can’t do right so that’s it so I just scored 12 points really simple that was it and now we are right so we’re in the round so once again I’ll be the first player and once again we can choose to dump stuff into the universe but you know what there’s so much stuff in the universe already although do I want any of these things there’s what would be the best thing for me because we’ve done four we’re gonna do three more rounds you can see I can see the four cards Janis played she can see the four cards I’ve played we’ve each got three more rounds to play I’m in the lead on Discovery’s Jin’s definitely made up for that with a really strong lab I’ve got one two three four Jen’s got four points I’ve got one two three four five six seven eight points so I’ve just got more my agency’s more prestigious Jen’s lab is more prestigious I’m a little bit ahead but at this point it’s still anybody’s game I gotta decide what am I gonna dump into the universe Jen nationally um oh wait oh wait no no oh hold on a second I forgot we are going to do bureaucracy I am gonna use my secret project to exchange a card in my hand for this one and boom I have just put out area 51 which area 51 increases my diploma my propaganda but it’s a wild card so now I have just equalized Oh Jen has just equalized my lead on the discoveries cuz Jen can pick this to be any discovery she wants because she’s got area 51 and right and you know if she wants another propaganda I remember she wants Geri pretty bad cuz of a gigantic lab so she can be pretty confident she’s gonna be able to get him in the future now that means Jen has one card left in her hand is she gonna put this back out here well no here’s the problem if she puts this back out here this becomes a secret project she’d love to grab but the problem with grabbing that is that would be her final propaganda grab and she won’t be able to get very so I don’t think it benefits her to put this out because it just means it’s something I’ll be able to get Jen’s not gonna add anything I don’t think I’m gonna add anything since nobody’s adding anything universe adds something and only one of them do we know what it is it’s another breakthrough oh my gosh this game it has a crazy amount of breakthroughs so now we are ready to go on to the next round yeah and oh wow this is a problem oh and my light Branson was done he just got revealed he’s ready to throw more money into the ring again because another breakthrough came out for gin Wow and gin can totally snag that breakthrough cuz all I’ve got left is my level 3 breakthrough which is a four gen plate gen hasn’t you Jim could play her Jane you play her six and boom she’s got it Jenna’s gonna wow just like that you better believe Jen she could be really involved in not even bother putting a face down she just putting face up she’s gonna grab that breakthrough and I’m like oh my gosh I can’t believe that what am I gonna do I know Jen’s gonna do it there’s no way I’m gonna snag that which means I got first dibs on everything else and so I gotta start planning with my remaining cards what is it that I want to do in this space race that’s it folks I think I’m gonna stop right there because we have a pretty good idea of what the game is like to play we’ve we we’re on our fifth we have fifth sixth and seventh round and at the end of the game the way scoring works is well like I said you count up the total prestige of your agency plus any little bonus points like something like this has you get 6 points for every discover eight through you have the majority in and you get one point for every card in your lab right now uh-huh gents finally caught a break she’s gonna finally get a breakthrough and all of her secrets were in astray it’s anybody’s game but if you’d like to hear some final thoughts now you can hit the little I in the top rack on the screen in five four three two one


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