Slapjack Rematch with Kevin Hart

-Kevin and I are about to face
off in a game of “Slapjack.”
It works like blackjack…
-…but at the end
of each round,
the winner gets to slap
the loser across the face
with a giant prosthetic hand.
-Yeah, that’s it right here.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Yes. Yeah.
-Now, Kevin, we have played
this game before.
You — And I won.
-Yeah, you did.
-But why —
why did you want a rematch?
-You know
why I wanted the rematch.
I wanted the rematch because you
gave me a white hand last time.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Now, I’m very serious.
I’m not playing around.
-I know. I know.
-You invited me
to play the game.
-And I get here,
and you gave me
a giant white hand.
[ Light laughter ]
Not only was it disrespectful,
but it wasn’t fair.
[ Laughter ]
So I said — I said,
“Let’s play it again…”
-“…but give me
a black hand…”
-Okay, yeah.
-“…so my powers can be real.”
You took my —
You took my powers away.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Black man with a white hand.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Can’t no black man
with a white hand…
-White hand.
-…slap good, no.
Come on. Are you ready?
-Yeah, I’m ready!
-I hope you’re ready.
-Yep, here we go.
-‘Cause I got a little thing
called a black hand.
[ Laughter ]
All right.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
-[ Chuckles ]
-[ Chuckling ] Oh!
[ Laughs ]
-All right, all right,
all right.
-[ Chuckles ]
-Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
Oh, my goodness!
-You know what?
Stop it. Stop it.
[ Laughter ]
Stop it.
Oh, come on.
-I know what it is!
-All right. I got…
[ Light laughter ]
I got 20 here.
-I know what you have, Jimmy.
I know what you got.
-No, no.
I’m not — I’m not hitting.
I’d like to stay.
-I got to hit
’cause I can’t beat 20.
So I have to take a hit
for the sake of the game.
And I want to make this clear —
if this was Vegas,
I would — I would —
I would stick, but…
-Dude, maybe the next one
is 3 and you’ll —
Maybe the next one’s 3,
and you’ll win.
[ Laughs ]
-Stop it. Stop it.
-Come on.
-Stop it.
-Face card.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on.
[ Cheers and applause continue ]
-Oh! This is rigged.
That is so rigged.
-Hey. Hey.
-Hey, quick question, Jimmy.
-What’s up?
-What did the black hand say
to the white face?
[ Light laughter ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Trombone plays sad notes ]
Yeah. Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-You put a little mustard
on that.
-Oh, my God.
-My face is red.
Can we see that in slow-mo?
-Let me see it.
-[ In slow motion ] Slap!
[ Laughter ]
-That was a little whiplash
at the end of that one.
This is ridiculous.
-I wasn’t as strong last time.
-I’m gonna —
I’m gonna burn one,
’cause I don’t trust this deck.
-I don’t want to —
that seems, like, crazy to me.
I’ll burn two.
-What? You — Don’t cheat.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
What do I do?
What do I do?
-You give —
You give me one up first.
-Oh, you there you go.
-All right.
-There you go.
-And now you give yourself down.
Now I give you up?
-Now me, up.
-Ooh, ooh.
[ Light laughter ]
And you go up.
You go up.
-Ooh, ooh, ooh!
[ Laughter ]
All right.
Are you gonna hit?
-No. I got 20.
-Okay, okay.
I’m gonna hit.
I got 13.
Oh, man.
[ Light laughter ]
All right. 19.
-That’s — That’s 19.
Come on, man.
[ Drum roll ]
-Come on.
-Come on, man.
-Deuce, come on, 2.
-I’m gonna knock your head off.
[ Laughter ]
-Oh, my goodness!
[ Trombone plays sad notes ]
What — Is it talking to you?
-What did you say?
-What did you say?
[ Light laughter ]
Oh, that’s what this is about.
-[ Chuckling ] Oh, my gosh.
-You say my Seinfeld impression
was better?
[ Laughter ]
Come on, man, seriously.
Just brace yourself.
All right.
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, you are the champ.
-So good.
-Kevin Hart, everybody!
[ Cheers and applause ]


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