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[Music] has this been City and today we are playing a special format no-limit hold’em Showtime so we’re playing for Tailored Smith stakes I just played this format for two or three hours heads up high stakes so I’m a bit exhausted already but I definitely wanted to record a session so I might do a second second session where we also yeah where will also play high stakes but the action was really where I only got a few heads up tables and I think for video it’s like I really want to bring you closer to the purpose of the Showtime format which is seeing the whole cards and adapting to that properly heads up you only see you don’t see so many showdowns and yeah the thing is that it’s not really necessary to make such huge adjustment of course you see what your opponent is holding but besides that there’s nothing really yeah that is so completely different to the normal no limit hold’em heads up so that’s why I opted just to write a usual session and now afterwards to have some 6 6 max 5 max for max let’s see if I get a second table maybe zoom 500 but you know 1k was not really running so here we race there 13 is out there tens and nines are almost all life and you also really need to adjust your preferred ranges according to which cards already out there so that’s why I also checked back talking sixes because I can’t make a set anymore so in case cards like I I will play very often flops where I have 0% equities and because I can’t make a set anymore if the sixes would have been live I would have raised for sure also two spades out there – diamonds or my hand where you dropped heavily same see here even though it’s just 3x but let’s say down any Queens or deuces blocked it would be really a consideration to make the call because very very very likely that you’re gonna hit a pair if there are eight cards out there or folded that are not poking you out a science unit here I go into three bit for value it’s thin but big blind force button he would call suited aces and if he forward six first you did that’s also a reasonable outcome I don’t know if why we I think it’s only yeah I can only play eight big blinds max pakka fives easy open race good to know that there aren’t any fives blocked 73 same should be here not a good hand to defend seven three already out there there’s a three out there so very unlikely they’re gonna make trips um it’s also gonna fold here usually I would call it when I know if three is out that blocks my open and straight draws a force out there that blocks my two pair and trip outs yes Queen eight Wow yeah I think it’s just too close they when you already know King I shoot it ASIS and really blocked so I’m just gonna give it up here the king is out there that blocks my aunt in case he has four so yeah so as you can see you really need to adjust to and really pay attention to the cards that are dead and I think it’s very interesting card but I’m just gonna give it up I think I will have some showdown value yeah you really need to pay attention and also it’s very interesting because you can get a read about people’s open race frequencies and strategies which hands their foot against three bats which hence they call and you can really specify your opponent’s preferred ranges which is great and then you can make a really heavy adjustments ASIC few basics you didn’t even though there’s an ace already out there you can also take it as an opportunity say okay well they’re sorry neighs very unlikely that my button has an ace so if he has like ace fall off you just might go ahead and go nuts hearts are very very life I will peel once even though the bed is rather big go to bed to turn here so he’s opening checked and off from under the gun let’s call it none all of it short time if he checks again I will certainly bet here against his ace Queen today’s Kings yeah easy for it it would also be very interesting if there would be a format where you also see the hand your opponent have if you won the pot that would create some very crazy dynamics because you always see what he had and everything you tyrant see you if you get bluffed or got a 3x can shoot it here short-handed I said off close open race but things should be borderline from cut off there is an ace no space block that’s awesome Queens are our life would be really nasty if like button has king queen smallness is five um I mean you should like it over Lea just probably gonna go bet and we also block ace Queen and Queen Jack so I will bet turn and River now we also black ace ten which some of the off suited comments you might defend with knowledge is betting twice against his pairs I think it’s the way to go don’t need it to make it that big he can have also like some a six diamonds which he Piet’s once okay a queen Jack yeah that’s reasonable gonna see what the flop here and they all had crap they swerve off just going to open race 9 4 suit it depends what Smolin has one force out to space I really odd if this Bates would be life I probably would have called let’s close all nines alive but one for two spades out doesn’t make it such an appealing call it’s not such a great hand like these weaker hands I certainly want to call when they want one force out it’s fine but this huge should be live that’s it another table also annoying to know that there’s already nine folded so we’ll probably also just fold it preflop here so it feels like playing a little bit like six or eight card oh ma hey have to consider all the cards that your opponent have you pulling staff and it also creates a very interesting made a game between your opponents because they see what do you have I don’t see it 97 so sacks of eight blocks a few of our straight outs but it’s very interesting look six seven but yeah there’s still two really heads that have us beat even against the big bet the seven might be dirty out and it’s already out and yeah six might be really dirty yard so not gonna stick around with that hand any longer so yeah why you guys are watching maybe you can pick up some reads I mean I won’t be able since I have to explain a lot of stuff like every single hand that is going to be folded by my opponents but yeah maybe you’re gonna pick up some reads and then you can think about how we would adjust and how you would play against importantly I try to pick up as much as possible so also here Queen six off they fold six cards which is not going to interfere with my hand okay now to eighth seventh one Queen we can do and to play a bit of heads up all the time being barely getting any action here probably go to bluff catch the river a few bets now we can really bit ourself against 8 X + 5 X not so big should be a river card where you should have a higher betting frequency than checking frequency simply because it’s not one of the greatest runoff for my range well it’s safe for my barrier range I snap for bets I usually perceive that as a little bit weaker it can definitely some no brainer in gets like Queens jack stands ace king but I think with aces and Kings we would very often tank and consider his options or with Kings and it can also be very quickly just a random a standoff or king Adolph and so is check off Indian theory and hats up if he three better face forward it’s a very easy peel against the four bit anyway I got the wise outpolling kid forward 100% I want to just see what he had six five yeah I think it’s okay to bluff kitsch he’s opening 3x so going to see what small getting some very from Jackson’s tenants making him floats up a lot of six outers okay limping wouldn’t be the worst hand raising against with with 7475 seated I think much better um kingi executed since to spate sorry out there would be great hand two to three bet I’m just gonna call yeah I guess I’m in race we’ve got to be drawing that very often but the price is just too good don’t really see any for equity to be honest uh Nestle some stockpile of and we can make them Ford these hands on their industries as well I know we got a bit of short on value kind of sucks here that the fives are out there yeah I’m just gonna call you can have a bunch of shit here so sizing sucks a bit though King five yeah a small five I hear River value bet turn turn the bulb down object in suit it you know one thing is already out there but jigsaw life so far I kicked it off not race I thought I had thought I’m kind of short time heads up if he the bots are really nice for us so very important if you run like shit and you just constantly have to deal with those those ports let’s say you’re in position and you have strong hands Broadway hands it’s no good pairs the board’s always come like this then you definitely just want to keep cool and try to lose the minimum and Kingston five so all life still probably too weak um feel like you would sit on a bunch of 6a decks I mean six is also possible but you can have Queen five three seven eight I don’t think you afford those hands so I feel jabs I would hit my life I would probably just stop the recording and puke but we should never be super person mistake and yet Queen seven yeah which i think is like from history can raise the flop frequently as well but I think he played it totally fine going to check back here get who the 403 bit Jack’s also really interested what do you think about that format it’s definitely to see that PokerStars really tries to invent new formats and Wow and that’s good to know that I really would like to make it a to Street hand so we have to because our hand is riester on the fob I try to go for a check race maybe should just bet because you can’t really have a six unit or a 65 sueded which would be a reasonable hand to bed with so but his bets which is great so we raise doesn’t really matter sizing actually something like this I mean I still want to give him the feeling that yeah flush draw that’s fluid sweet so I mean Queen three suitors for sure a bit a bit too optimistic preflop yeah as played once he bets the flop yeah even calling kinda sucks but in his shoes since I can just go with a lot of hands for check race check job you should probably just give it up I’m depending what the small Inn has if he’s not having a 75 for club I would probably three bet but he’s doing the job for me I open in King five off here just because no King or five is blocked makes my hand much stronger got a race to 540 I think it’s a good race to attack is a good hand to take a slim he instead min for bets I’m in three words so yeah hopefully sweet flop gonna check the King nine here probably if we bet any gems we have to call but I think our hand just has too much equity to check and you can have worse or definitely a bet here you can have like a random third flush draw few jabs and also protect overhead not sure what he’s sitting on feels like tread basis with Aysen spades raise diamonds he’s not really wrapping a lot it’s not really wrapping a lot could be random pocket jacks like we have much better Bluff catchers to recreations on the table so just unfortunate unwrought these spots and I hear that many times and a lot of questions well if what’s Kington off how did he in those sports where they play against crazy opponents just if you I really tried to keep it said but I didn’t beat anything so I just fought what maybe because the tenants out yeah makes sense I think the food is good Zulu’s call but tenants and sexes are life so far and he seems a bit a bit all happy and a bit more a bit weaker than the average player so King for su that depends what he fought against the min race if he has a club king or four black hearts that’s great usually I would food but I think it’s it’s really it really makes a difference if 32 cards out there and the good thing is I don’t give information to the blinds because I’m not 40 it’s also great strategy I look 40 so you can’t see what I or they have yeah I think especially at the beginning where people really careers and nobody really has a perfect strategy and everybody is just you know trying to make adjustments based on the experience based on their knowledge that they have gathered so far and I think there’s a lot of room to exploit opponents to that will do a lot of mistakes and of course a lot of fun players we just want to try it out give it a shot there’s also another faction right they always see okay what the powerpoints forward and it’s much more enjoyable much more exciting than the normal format probably a hand I’m going to bluff of it with okay yeah and I’m just going to fall I think for weigh 5 for 18 Queen off and huge pots with a really awkward stack the Padres yes a head we don’t want to play squeeze King 5 student and it’s interesting yeah I had a feeling that she’s probably quite loose in the spot I don’t mind it I think it Jack doesn’t really change much and I feel like yes more often we go seven no we have so I’m going for a very very thin buy a bit on the turn simply because the way UK is Queen squid three suited hand earlier I expect him to have hands in this range which he like that’s definitely big mistake I mean there are two diamonds out there so I mean either she’s just bad the flop it’s very just a default preflop if you want to play those garbage hands we really want to make sure that your suits on a blog or your pears and the three is blog do two diamonds are blocked it’s just for it it’s like statistically you’re not going to hit often enough something where you can proceed and you’re going to end up being on these kind of bore textures and you have less equity less outs and based on my observers this game so far I think you can actually make a ton of money by just staying patient and yeah really play good hands preflop that alive paying attention to the hands that afford it and even if you have nice looking hand but the suits are blocked the pair’s are block just stay away from it what happened here eventine fall off I would have probably fall into the shoes because I put five three he does and sometimes you know you flop like dudes three five so he flopped an open ended which is very very unlikely now Wow I mean he was really fast playing his boat I think again I’m going to bet in the travel value I’m not gonna get too greedy still has a bunch of a decks how he puts it to us that looks really strong he was betting small playing rather trapeze so far right ten six nine seven eight three eight six and we’re blocking six which is like one of the hands he can do it with fourteen seven these are the hands he can do it with I think everything’s strong I would have race earlier yeah didn’t really make sense what he was trying to said to say there ten nine I mean the thing is when is that is plan like when he perceives us that we value bat very thin and our range is very very weak but the problem is that you’re not representing a lot and based on how you played the hands earlier with the King five if you take that into consideration and that’s why I always say pay attention to the smallest details because they can reveal a lot of leaks about your opponents I have here a heads up table so in case there are more pairs joining I’m gonna bring that table where as well definitely going to 3bet well this is really nasty you can consider understand the 3bet um I don’t know anything about him but I will probably just start spitting few jumps I do expect them to fought a lot of a space jack is queen on the flop we can see forward yeah now we just lean back and see what happens here you might be on the trap it’s clean and off I’m gonna take him as a bigger fun player another hats a tailor and the first thing I always also advise to people you don’t eat of course theory is important strategy is important yakking 5:05 Kings live Speights life fortunately still not hitting the board um if you feel like you’re playing break even and you don’t really know where to exploit your opponent’s and the very first thing you can always do not gonna start I would start betting here with clubs if I start no betting every Czech accent King X and I might be it slightly over bluffing and play less fewer tables and really pay attention like you might ask yourself well burn I don’t know where and how to start and the thing is though that sometimes you you will see you will recognize patterns no aces no kings block so I’m just gonna give up here gonna see bet smaller can you see that finding the three bed worth and here just give up that’s really nasty we blocked the diamonds though I feel like him you might have someone flush draws and I saw some that flushes but we’re block ace Jack Queen Jack Jack ten I think it’s a fine an to check John worth he might bed forward some some Eastern offs and East nine students and yeah he doesn’t but I think we definitely want to jam our ace kings and aces and kings and against the sizing because it off goes check check and he also might have the ISTEP might not bet for it but I ace for h3 ace deuce you might have died if not like it’s not like that we only have plus here right we have ace king aces kings flushes and if it’s like jacks and queens with the diamond Ariz ever has to check jam with because I’m not really having like super heavily off suited combos which I’m flooding more often so for my range it makes the most sense to to check gem some of these combos we block ace Jack which is one of the strongest Bluff catchers especially a chick and diamonds so I think it’s a fine play yeah a sentence a probably how is Rangers design one of the mandatory Bluff catchers in suit like we’re going to car yeah we’re not really hitting the boards that’s fine oops so yeah and so we’re first thing has reduced the amount of tables you play try really to pay attention what what kind of sizings are your opponent using when they have certain hand strength certain hand values timing tells sizing tells everything and try to to adjust according to that like don’t overage us and go completely nuts on that but in certain situations it’s very viable like as you just saw with my papa takes usually I would forward because I have way way better Bluff catchers but all things considered just make stuff why did I race 962 it I’m completely retarded I don’t know like especially you if there’s already not succeeded out there very easy forward or limp going that you called the river I think kind of sucks though it’s a minor nature call and I feel like people totally on a bluffing these spots it’s like seven eight and all these kind of hands would probably Bluff already earlier just stupid open race very stupid open race double got shot it’s going to start betting here also rather big he’s capping his range heavily also here it’s very interesting to see um and on the second table where I play heads up um I really like to mix it in sometimes because I think it works really really well in certain spots where people just are heavily capped and of course like I also represent very very little so an Iowa bet that the river three times pot and he tanks in 14-7 and it’s a great read you can pick up on like I mean if he bets any aids like we can probably know that he bets alone that’s a weird race here if he bets yeah interesting line I think it’s fine oh but this table also bricked so no more heads-up anymore gonna start betting here with an open and straight roll butts of equity against king 8th King 79 type of hands Queen Jack Queen turn yet is she I plan to make a spinning goal session but yeah since they recently released this format I thought it would be better to to make a session Showtime poker and then later ported time it’s been a go session yeah we have a bit of shot away against 2 6 3 X Wow I’m not sure what he’s waiting waiting for like he can’t Nick a bluff catch with two pairs 5 X Queens Queen what can you have Queen 3 or whatever like this hand is just way too strong to to check hard with I’m probably gonna jam the turn my head is really strong right now and if you have somebody has a King Jack what Kings then so it’d be but there will be a lot of nasty turns and they will have like Queen Jack Jack nine ace Jack which they will for sure cause I’ve got forward flash drawers that’s also totally totally fine and I don’t really think they keep bluffing on that poor texture so often so here it’s really important to protect our hand getting it in yeah I named from King Queen Alice I mean the board has to be really really clean ran out I mean even a small bag with this with the jack and two nines he has some outs the king queen guy has with Kings like so even there we put it like 20% 25% equity okay here one like there – Jack’s out there so yeah this is something I should have considered because they there aren’t really any boats possible oh I just saw it I just saw that they’re only two chicks out there so it’s very unlike that they have ace Jack Jack’s yeah well that makes the handbag even more interesting it’s five going to forward with the five already being dead this guy seems a bit bullet wired and since he was betting the nines I feel like he’s betting frequencies way to hide in every single spot like if he bets mines here three we’re just he likes to bet so usually I would bet myself here theory always but when I see that somebody’s just betting so much I want to take advice I’m also going to admit make it so big I want to give him the incentive to yeah afford equity okay exactly like this if I would have bet just called and maybe forward to try and if I Jam so I wanted to give him a lot of room to yeah hang himself and of course then I’d play would have been just better and probably big and jammed bet flop and jam turn but I just felt like this guy’s way too like likes to bet and I also don’t want to just check Jam you might have folded a three even though like sometimes you know the thing is sometimes it will happen that you race you called the Chinese and nine you Jam yes cui jack or flash or whatever that happens but in the long run they will often enough to do these kind of mistakes and the would pay off to not play tricky I mean it has nothing to do with paint tricky just trying to adjust accordingly wait patiently and then just hit very hard and try to exploit your opponent’s as much as possible he’s react saying that’s which search is very interesting so of course we have to adjust sois defending tighter okay let’s finish this head here because the tables are breaking yeah we were just four handed going to check you should be very careful not bed every single is hi mixing it up otherwise you bet everything is hi you apparently gun too and he has no I’m in race range as well maybe he thought he’s in the small Matt the very first hand thus he was barely raising bigger he limps know what happened here yeah you pay someone okay yeah I’m gonna race big like I think it doesn’t matter for him if he has like four five see that he just posted the blind you were like whatever Wow okay the ninth alive kind of sucks that because now it’s much more likely that they he has seventh or eighth if let’s say yes Cree Jack and this guy is King 10 or something or let’s say King three off I would have probably call it or let say I yeah I really don’t want the Aces of Kings block because I think very likely does it with a very often does it with Ace King not with aces kings so if you know those has an Ace or King oh it would be horrible and no 17/8 so something like Jack ten Queen Jack ten like these cards what if these cards would have been blocked I would have called more often or let’s say I would have really considered calling because tens Jack’s queens Ace King out the range I am putting you on yeah oh praise no heart no King no three blocked each I would open 95 student better seven five that’s great for okay even better okay I’m gonna wrap it up here I hope you guys really enjoyed and you were able to pick up something and also to implement it in your game if you guys have any questions let me know in the comments don’t forget to join our discord and then next time I will probably open race it really depends if I get some action running some high stakes Showtime poker or a spin and go session so stay tuned guys see you next time ciao


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