Shiny Dice – Messatsu [Eng sub] (Intro Mixtape The Dark Side) “Akuma Tribute”

Yo The level is high, click on “Start” I will entertain the homies That is Akuma SF, here is a Shakunetsu Hadoken, And the combo! will be served on the spot from the sky or underground One hit, hadoken, special, K.O, the round is over My soul is dark, fire is in my vein My strike is fatal, (I’m) spitting it on the snare In the street fights, I’m not into posing (for photos) My shadow scares the hell out of you. Messatsu, Game Over! I went in seclusion on an island to keep away from all the streets I no longer sympathize with people, I’m a cold-blooded murderer Shakunetsu Hadoken set aflame If this sounds more like fiction, ask Gouken Like a monster in the fight, feel me! Shin Gouki, and if it gets darker call me Oni The light of evil blinded you, like a flame pouring from inside me. Purple Energy, welcome the The Dark Side Messatsu


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