‘She Needs to Check Her Attitude’ | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

All right, everybody.
How’s everybody doing tonight? – ( cheering )
– Welcome to the Eliphino! Come on in! ( scattered cheers ) How you doing?
Thank you. John:
Thank you. How can I help you?
These are our menus. What can I get for you? Two Diablos?
That one’s my favorite. Okay, so I got
four bartenders. This room should be served
in about ten minutes. – Right? Okay.
– No pressure, right? The girls are gonna take
fabulous care of you. If you guys need anything, let me know,
and I’ll do the best I can. – ( bleep )
– Too much. I can tell you
that’s wrong right there. – I know.
– First one’s wrong. – ( bleep )
– ( bleep ) it up. Derrick, is that right?
Are those two right? Martini’s stirred.
Two wrong. Who has a drink? What happened to all these
drinks they’ve been making? Did none of them go out? So not one drink
has crossed the bar yet. Derrick:
Come on, hustle, hustle,
hustle, hustle, hustle. Guys, hurry up!
Two, three, four at time. You make them
one at a time, Leelee,
we’ll be here for weeks. – It’s killing me.
– Yeah. – We need another–
– Oh, my God. I can’t. Derrick? – Angie’s the best bartender
in the room.
– Yeah, she is. – She’s killing it.
– She’s actually
a great bartender. She’s killing it.
I did not expect that. – Actually expected Leelee
to be better, but–
– No. – She’s by far
the best bartender.
– Yeah, she’s– Ordered our first drink,
it was great. Ordered a second one. Dude, it was not good.
It was pure tequila. ( chuckles ) So, eventually, one of y’all
will get your drinks. ( laughs ) Eventually. They were very friendly,
but they’re really unorganized, because they asked
a simple question
of what would I like, they offered me
a certain drink, and they gave me something
completely different. This is another two, come on. So how many
did you make in here? – I made one at a time.
– So, what’s the point of putting out
four glasses then? Well, I was taught
to measure one at a time. Well, can you add–
Can you add? – Yes, I can.
– Make me two. Just gonna be
short every time. I can’t get it doubled up.
I don’t even care. What is this? – Mint Julep.
– Mint Julep. That color’s completely off.
Those are wrong. – All right.
– Come on, now. We’re dumping out more
than half our drinks. Derrick, again.
Not right again, is it? – They will never get served!
– You’re pulling short. – This is another two.
– Jon: Dump ’em out. – This is another–
– What? What? I can tell you by the color
right now, this is not good. – I tasted it. It’s terrible.
– Oh, my– ( bleep ) This whole side is just
doing what they have to do. This side is just
failing completely. And these are the people
that are here the most. Leelee should be the leader. She’s one of the weakest links
back there. Fact of the matter is,
John never trained them and now he’s paying
a price for it. Listen to me,
you do not pour a cocktail
into the metal cup. You pour a cocktail
into the glass cup. – Okay.
– Into the glass, – out of the metal, okay?
– Okay. – Okay.
– I’m done. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I don’t really give
a ( bleep ), honestly. I’m not doing that. – John?
– Yes, sir. She needs to check
her attitude. She doesn’t like the fact
that I think she stinks! – I didn’t say a word.
– Do the best we can. – I didn’t say anything.
– Do the best we can. And don’t smile at her, ’cause
this is your freaking life! And if you’re banking on her,
you’re gonna fail! – ( bleep )
– You get it? – John: I got it.
– ( bleep ). John, she can go home tonight. Send her home.
Leelee goes home. No reason for her to be here. ( bleeping ) Why did Leelee just crash
and burn like that?


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