SEOUL NIGHTLIFE | CRAZY Night Club in South Korea

What’s up guys?
Welcome back to Vagabrothers
Right now it’s Friday night in Seoul,
South Korea.
It’s time to party. We’re here in Itaewon
a cool international neighborhood,
and we’re starting the night off with
some craft beers.
Then we’re going to grab some food
and hit a nightclub.
Are you coming with us? Let’s go
This neighborhood of Itaewon
It has a lot of foreigners.
You have the U.S. military base here.
and there’s been historically a lot of
foreigners living here.
It’s also the area that’s kind of
like a craft beer valley
There’s a number of Korean breweries
that are in this area, and they’re all
doing pretty good stuff.
Let’s check out some beers.
My name is Sangjun Lee
I’m the manager of Made In Pongdang.
We sell craft beers.
Many people know what is craft beer.
Many people know what is ale, IPA.
pale ale, IPA.
imperial stout
Yeah. It’s a kind of culture.
All right, boys.
It’s the last night in Seoul
What has been the highlight so far?
I don’t know.
I feel like we’ve seen
so many different faces of the
same city. The first night with the
DoStuff girls, we went to a really
traditional market and ate super traditional food.
Not to mention the fact that we were
at the DMZ, which is like a total
different universe.
It’s been kind of a crazy
multi faceted trip.
It’s a good trip,
and it’s been super enjoyable.
First time in Korea? What do you think?
This place is awesome.
The street photography was probably
one of my favorite things
But the best unique thing was
seeing these guys on stage,
inspiring a whole crowd of young
people from a different country.
It’s really funny because
on one hand, it’s almost impossible to
take them seriously, but at the same time,
when I look at it, they’re legitimately
impressive, inspiring individuals that
have accomplished a lot.
They’re my friends. It’s really cool
to see what they’ve done.
It’s good. You’re good. I’ve known Carlos
I’ve known this guy right here
since I was fourteen years old,
and Carlos has been one of my
best friends through out my entire life.
I’m happy to have you on here, Bro.
And thank you for that.
And the MBN-Y Forum, thank you for
bringing us out here
We really enjoyed it,
and for giving us the opportunity to speak
to the next generation of young South Koreans.
Hopefully, we’ve encouraged them to follow their dreams.
Here’s to tonight, boys.
That place was awesome
If you guys ever come to Seoul,
you should check it out,
grab a beer. We’re going to get some
tacos because Korean tacos
are a thing and need to be done.
Next stop tonight is a place called
Vatos Urban Tacos.
It’s a Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant.
Korean tacos originated in Los Angeles
in Koreatown where
Korean immigrant populations
butted up against Latinos, and
the Korean taco was born.
This place looks pretty awesome,
just from taking a little peep inside.
We’re going to get some dinner, and
then we’re going to head to the night clubs
So stay tuned.
I don’t know if you can hear us over
the Shakira, but what do we got, Bro?
We have the quenessential, global food
Korean tacos, carnitas, carne asada,
gobi short rib and tempura shrimp.
It’s good. Cheers, guys.
Global culture has been coming under
a lot of heat, lately.
But you’ve got to say,
Koreans living next to Mexicans
in L.A. produce beautiful things like this.
Although there’s something to be said
about keeping things authentic and
original, there’s a lot to be said about
mixing the best of two cultures,
and that is what we have right here.
We are riding the underground here
in Seoul, South Korea for the first time
all week.
Hopefully, there’re signs in English.
We’re going to Gangnam, which is south
of the river.
It’s where the business district is and
also a lot of clubs.
The crazy thing: the subways here
in Seoul are also doubling as
nuclear bomb shelters because the
threat from North Korea is very real.
Hence the reason to party a little bit.
It could be the fact that it’s
late at night on a Friday,
but everyone down here
in the subway right now is young.
Honestly, I don’t see one person who
is over 30 years old.
We just got out of the subway,
and we’re going to a nightclub called,
The View.
Meeting up with Xander
and Haeppy from
WeFancy the dudes we shot the
collaboration with.
We’ll see.
It’s been a wild night, extremely fun, but
ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed
that video, you know what to do:
give it a thumbs-up, share it with
your friends, subscribe, and turn on
notifications, if you haven’t already.
In the meantime, stay curious, keep
exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the
road, most specifically in the DMZ, the
border between North and South Korea.
All right. Peace.


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