Selling Off the Strip as Sports Betting Spreads!

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Interesting news coming out of Sin City where
there are rumors of a massive sell-off on
the Las Vegas Strip,
but first, this week’s big story.
Sports betting is spreading across America
faster than herpes at a Charlie Sheen party.
Right now seventeen states have regulated
the activity and more are on the way…
and that has translated in to
big profits for some.
British bookmaker William Hill was smart enough
to get a foothold in America long before the
Supreme Court’s sports betting decision just
over a year ago.
They opened their first book in Nevada way
back in 2012 and now they’re reaping the rewards.
The company is live in seven states and could
hit $1 billion in profits just in the first
half of this year!
Plus, with more states opening up for sports
betting regulation…
and the company’s plans for expansion
soon nearly half of their income could be
coming from America.
Meanwhile, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Iowa
and Oklahoma have all been making headlines
recently as they push toward regulation of
sports wagering,
and now you can add a couple
more states to that growing list.
Talks about legalizing the industry have now
started in Connecticut, where of course, any
regulation would have to come via Tribal gaming
interests to avoid potential conflict.
Tribal gaming also plays a key role in Arizona
where the topic has emerged recently, but
the tribes there don’t even seem interested
in sports betting at this point.
Nevertheless, the governor seems confident
that it will get done at some point…
he just doesn’t know when.
Maybe 2021 ?
2022 ???
Since so many of you are interested in sports
betting, and since things are moving so quickly,
we recently published an article on our website
about every state where sports betting is
currently regulated, or
where it soon will be.
You can find that article by following the
direct link that we placed for you below this
video in the descriptive area.
Now recently, Eldorado Resorts purchased
Caesars Entertainment for just north of $8.5 billion…
Perhaps you heard about this.
Now Eldorado says they may be forced to sell some
of Caesars properties due to antitrust concerns.
Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, the Flamingo, the
Linq, Bally’s, Paris and Planet Hollywood…
all strip casinos…
and all could be up for sale next year.
And then came this rumor from MGM!
Reports say that they are shopping their Bellagio
and MGM Grand properties, and if true that
means that nine casinos…
a full 20% of the Vegas Strip…
could soon be on the market!
I wonder if they’d take a check?
You know, I’d just have to post date it…
Don’t cash it till Friday…
This show will self-destruct in five seconds…

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